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Slave Weekend
by Clayton

Cherie and I have been married for over six years. She is now 45, but is petite and blonde and easily passes as mid-thirties. She has traded her sexual favors to me for trips, clothes and cash since we started dating, and it has been a game we have both enjoyed. We also wager on a variety of things with her body as her bet, but it has only been the last two years that we have included other people in our games. When she lost a series of wagers to me recently I found out how submissive she can be. Losing the first bet cost her a blowjob; second bet doubled the first and third bet doubled again. Losing a fourth time cost her an evening as a sex slave. Losing five times in a row changed her to a sex slave for a weekend. This is how we spent that weekend.

On Friday morning I gave Cherie a bag and a list of instructions. I told her she was completely mine from 6 p.m. Friday to 6 p.m. Sunday, and during those hours she was to follow the instructions I gave her without hesitation or protest.

At 6 p.m. Friday evening Cherie came into our living room naked and knelt submissively before me. I let her wait for several minutes before informing her that she was to give me a blowjob and then change into the outfit I had purchased for her. I also told her she was to be ready to leave the house by 7:30 that night. I came in her mouth and watched her swallow it all.

At 7:30 Cherie presented herself to me for my inspection. As ordered, she had her hair in a ponytail held by a black bow. She also wore a strapless black lace corset and stockings. A silver miniskirt and matching silver 4" heels completed the outfit. I told her to bend over and I inserted a mini vibrator in her pussy, then had her put on black lace panties to hold the vibrator in place. In the car I gave her a blindfold and instructed her to wear it until I told her to remove it.

We drove to a high-priced waterfront hotel and I escorted her inside the main lobby and up the elevator. On the eighth floor we proceeded down the hall to the suite where five men were waiting.

I brought Cherie into the middle of the room and told the men to find seats. Then I told them that Cherie was my sex slave for the weekend and that it pleased me to share her with all of them. Cherie loved oral sex, and she was there to please all of them as often as they wished. I asked that they understand that she would also fetch drinks or snacks as needed but was not to talk without permission from me. I also said that before she started giving blowjobs, Cherie had several things to show them. I then told Cherie to do a slow striptease with her skirt and show the men what she had hidden in her pussy.

For a minute she wavered, undecided as to what she would do, then she began to move her hips and sway. Her skirt came off and Cherie danced a minute before starting to remove her panties. Once her panties were off Cherie bent over and removed the vibrator. I had her hold it above her head so everyone could see it, then told her to return it to her pussy. I also handed her the panties and told her to put them on again.

The men drew straws to decide the order in which Cherie would perform on them, and I took a moment to tell Cherie that only after she had given the first round of blowjobs would I remove her blindfold. I then led Cherie to a corner, gave her a pillow to kneel on, and asked who was first. I told the men that Cherie was to let them cum on her face or boobs or in her mouth. I also had a tape of Cherie playing with her toys that I would play on the VCR while she was busy.

If you have never seen your wife give another man a blowjob it is quite an erotic treat. And seeing her on the VCR taking a 9-inch dildo slowly into her pussy is also exciting. I almost laughed as I watched Cherie wrap her lips around the first mans' prick while he tried to split his attention between her masturbation on the TV and her sucking on his cock. In no time he had cum in her mouth. Cherie allowed some of his cum to leak out the side of her mouth and dribble down her cheek.

The next three guys were also unable to split their attention and Cherie had each spray her boobs and chin with cum in a few short minutes. The last man had Cherie unzip his pants and pull his prick from his pants. He had a long cock, at least 8-1/2 inches, that curved upward at the end. Cherie licked and kissed the end of his cock and finally took the end into her mouth. She sucked and licked him for at least ten minutes before he let loose a torrent of cum on her face. At least six times he shot a long string of cum onto her face and chin. He coated her boobs with his cum and then stuck his prick into her mouth so she could suck up the rest of his load.

I asked the men to give Cherie a round of applause for her efforts, then told Cherie to remove her blindfold. Cherie did and was surprised to find that the oldest man in the group was barely thirty. I told Cherie to go clean herself in the bathroom and to return in ten minutes with her makeup refreshed.

In ten minutes Cherie came back into the room and again knelt in front of me. I asked the men if they wanted to see Cherie fuck herself with a 10-inch dildo. We covered the coffee table with blankets and a sheet from the beds and I told Cherie to fetch her biggest dildo from the toy bag. I announced that Cherie's panties were for sale to the highest bidder, and that as she had no other panties she would have to remain naked for the rest of the time if they were purchased. The high bid was $35. The winner removed her panties and then stuck his fingers into her pussy to remove the mini vibrator.

Cherie laid down on the coffee table and rubbed her pussy lips with the dildo. After a few slow passes across her pussy, Cherie brought the dildo to her lips and licked the entire length. She put the end of the dildo in her mouth and moistened it, then placed it in her pussy. She worked the dildo in and out of her pussy slowly and then with increasing speed. The men watched her intently as she plunged the long dildo into her pussy again and again. Finally she arched her back and lifted her heels as her first orgasm hit her. I let her cum and then stopped her. I asked if anyone thought Cherie should be allowed to cum twice before everyone else. The men voted that Cherie should be allowed to cum again, so I offered the right to bring her to orgasm with fingers or the dildo for $20. Two guys paid $20, so I told Cherie she was going to be able to cum two more times.

The first man had Cherie hold her legs up so he could use one hand on the dildo and the other on her clit. She had a major orgasm in just under three minutes. The second man had Cherie assume the doggy position and he used two fingers in her pussy from behind to bring her to another climax. While she was in the doggy position he had her fold down the cups on her corset so her boobs hung down and bounced back and forth as he worked his fingers in and out of her pussy. Cherie had her third orgasm of the evening just before 10:30.

I then offered anyone interested a chance to lick Cheries' pussy for $20. Everyone wanted to lick her pussy. To ensure that Cherie was "earning" her attention, I told Cherie she would have to suck someone while her pussy was licked. I also told her she was not to cum until after the man in her mouth had cum. Failure to have the man cum first would cost Cherie an hour with a butt plug. Cherie outlasted each man so she did not have to endure the butt plug.

I again told Cherie to go clean herself in the bathroom and return in ten minutes with her makeup refreshed. In ten minutes Cherie came back into the room dressed in only a pair of thigh highs and her heels. I waited until she again knelt in front of me, then asked the men what they wanted to have Cherie do next. They decided on lap dances. There were several music channels on the TV and one had a slow, bluesy style of music. Cherie proceeded to dance from man to man, spreading her legs or bending over to allow each man to rub her body.

When all of the men again had erections, I told Cherie to rub oil on her chest and use her boobs to make each of them cum. After much experimentation Cherie found that it was easiest on her to have the men straddle her chest while she held their pricks between her boobs. As each man had his orgasm, his cum splattered her face and chest.

About 3 a.m. Cherie was covered in cum and too tired to continue. The men had each cum at least three times, two had cum four times, and I had cum twice. I really am not sure how many orgasms Cherie had that evening. We arrived home just before 4 a.m. and I fucked Cherie before I allowed her to sleep. The next day Cherie wore only thigh-highs and heels around the house, and I had her suck me twice before 6 p.m.


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