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Swingers Wanted
by Peter Hunglow

My wife, Amy, and I have been married for about a year and a half. We recently decided that it would be fun to join the "swingers' community". Both Amy and I are bisexual and enjoy sex with other people, but we have never had sex with someone else while the other was present. So we decided to put an ad on the Internet looking for swinger couples. We found several sites where we could post our ad and decided to write it. The ad read as follows: Hot bisexual couple looking to join the swinger community. Looks are moderately important as we both work out to keep in shape, race is of no importance at all. She is a 19-year-old brunette bombshell, 5'4" and about 115 pounds on her heavy days. He is a 24-year-old dark tanned stud in all senses of the word, 5'8" and about 165 pounds of masculine muscle. If interested please respond to the email address posted above. Within a few hours we had our first response and since they were from this area we decided to meet. The following story is the actual events that took place (with a few extra details added in a couple of places just for spice). For privacy reasons, only the names have been changed.

The response read: We are responding to your ad in the personals section labeled "swingers wanted". Amber, my wife, and I (my name is Sean) are interested in joining the swinger community as well. Both my wife and I work out regularly and are in great shape. Amber is a 5'3" brunette as well and weighs around 120 pounds. I am 5'10" and weigh 175 pounds and it is all muscle as well. We are both bisexuals, so we are open to most everything. Oh, one last thing you should know, we are an interracial couple as I am black and she is white (really dark tan though), hope this is not a problem. Please write back with your response to the email address listed above this message. I responded, almost immediately, telling them that the interracial thing was not a problem but instead, I seen it as a bonus because my wife had said she has always wanted to have sex with a black man. After exchanging emails for a few days we finally decided on a meeting place. Amy and I were so excited, we were finally going to have the foursome we've always wanted.

We decided to meet at a popular restaurant for dinner. Amy and I arrived a few minutes early to insure a table. Shortly after being seated we noticed an interracial couple walk through the entrance. My wife said "I hope that is them, they are so hot and extremely sexy".

Sure enough, the waiter seated them at our table. We introduced ourselves then ordered drinks and our meals. Before our drinks arrived my wife and Amber excused themselves to "freshen up" in the restroom. As the blue-eyed, shoulder length haired, 18 year old went to stand up, she slightly spread her legs and lifted her skirt as if by accident (but I knew better), I noticed her shaved pussy which had a little patch of shortly trimmed hair about an inch above her lips. She winked as she adjusted her skirt and walked away with my wife.

While Amber and my wife were gone, Sean and I talked and discovered that neither of us couples had ever done anything like this before. We both decided we wanted to go for it if our wives did. After about ten minutes, the girls returned with really big smiles and sat back down. (I later found out Amber told Amy she was instantly attracted to her and hoped she was as well, which my wife assured her she was by stepping into the stall with her, kissing her deeply, and rubbing her clit with her fingers.) We asked them if they wanted to go for it and they both said simultaneously "Hell yes, can we leave now?" We all decided to hurry up and eat as anticipation was building, which was obvious by both Sean and my hard-ons.

Sean and I decided to ride in my car while Amber and Amy took Sean's. We drove to the nearest hotel where I walked in to get us a room. I told the lady behind the counter I would like a room somewhere in the back where there was no rooms around it rented out for the night. She handed me key number 202. I paid her in advance, left an extra ten dollars and told her to put it toward the movies I was going to watch.

She said "Sir, all movies are free except for the for the X-rated ones and they are five dollars each."

I said, "I'll be watching two" as I walked out the door.

I got back into my car and told Sean it was room number 202. As the ladies followed us around to the back of the hotel, Sean said, "That's funny, 20n2, fits, huh?"

We all got out of the cars and walked up to our room. As we entered the room we noticed that there were two queen-sized beds. I thought to myself, the lady behind the counter must have known what we were going to be doing.

After we all got in the room, Amber suggested we take a shower. She said it would help us relax. My wife said that her and Amber would take one together and then Sean and I could take one. I don't know if the shower helped me relax, but, after seeing Sean's 10-inch hard-on, it definitely made me extremely horny. While drying off, I heard moaning coming from the room. I didn't know if the girls had turned on a porno or if it was one of them making all the noise. As I entered the room, I noticed it was both. The television was tuned to an all girl porno and my wife was eating Amber's pussy.

Sean entered the room right behind me and said, "Damn, couldn't wait huh?" Amy just looked up and smiled and went back to licking Amber's pussy.

Between watching the porno and the girls, which had moved into the 69 position, I was extremely horny and couldn't wait anymore. I got on my knees between Sean's legs and put the head of his black cock in my mouth and begun to slowly suck on it. His cock was so huge, I felt my lips start to stretch as I kept putting more and more of it in my mouth with each stroke of my head. Finally, as he was about to cum, I slammed my head all the way forward taking all ten inches of his black dick down my throat. He exploded filling my throat and mouth with his cum. I had to keep swallowing as he kept shooting more and more into my mouth.

After what seemed like gallons of semen slid down my throat, he relaxed and sat down on the bed. I turned to look at the girls who were just sitting and watching me. Amber told me it was my turn to cum and suggested we swap partners, as she knew just how to do it. I moved over to the bed she was on as my wife got on the bed with Sean. I laid back to watch two girls finger fucking on the television as Amber crawled between my legs and began to slowly lick the head of my dick. It felt so damn good I thought I would explode instantly, but I withstood the temptation. Then with one swift move she slammed all eight inches of my cock down her throat and began to stroke her head from the tip of my prick all the way down to the base causing my cock to go down her throat with every stroke. I couldn't hold back anymore so I released a massive load of sperm down her throat and she swallowed every last drop, just as I had done.

The second porno came on, showing some white girl getting fucked by a massive cock in the ass while her girlfriend was taking two cocks at once. Amber said that it looked nice.

I asked "Which one, the ass fucking or the double penetration?"

She replied "Both."

Then she straddled my cock, which was hard again, sat down on it and started rocking back and forth. She was rubbing her clit as she rode me and within minutes she was having an earth-shattering orgasm causing her pussy to tighten up. It felt as if she was about to crimp my dick in half. After she came down from her orgasm and quit screaming, I heard screams coming from the other bed. I looked over to notice Sean sliding his cock in to my wife's ass. She was screaming at the top of her lungs as he kept sliding more of his meat into her. After getting all ten inches buried into her ass, he began to stroke it in and out like a piston.

I rolled Amber on to her stomach and then she got up on her hands and knees as I lubed up my cock with some of lubrication that was on the nightstand. I got into position and lined up the head of my cock with Amber's anal opening. She said she had never done it in the ass before, so I told her to stick her face into the pillow because it was going to hurt like hell. As she put her face into the pillow, I slammed all eight inches of my cock into her ass. Her whole body tensed up as I reached full depth. I began to stroke in and out of her as she removed her face from the pillow and cried tears of pleasure while I kept fucking her ass. I continued to pound away at her ass while Sean did the same to my wife. Within a few minutes I heard my wife start moaning and then have another orgasm. After she finished cumming, Amber asked her to sit on her face so she could eat her pussy while Sean and I fucked her at the same time.

I laid on my back, Amber laid on top of me on her back with my cock in her ass, Amy sat on her face, then Sean straddled my legs, spread his wife's and put them on his shoulders. As Sean put his cock inside Amber's pussy, I felt her asshole tighten up. She started moaning loudly even with my wife's pussy acting as a muffle. Sean and I alternated stokes so when I was all the way in, he was almost out and vise versa. After about ten minutes of us fucking her like this she began to quiver and spasm then both holes tightened up as she was cumming. After she quit cumming and relaxed, Sean removed his dick, my wife stood up from her face, and finally Amber got off of me.

We all just laid on the bed together to catch our breaths and to watch the rest of the porno.

Sean, Amber, and I thought the night was ending when my wife asked "Well, are you two going to cum again or what, and besides I haven't got my double penetration yet."

Amber told both of us to fuck her while she watched. So, Sean laid on his back and Amy faced him straddling his body while she sat down on his cock. I told my wife to lean forward. I then put plenty of lubrication on my cock and spread some on Amy's ass letting it run down to her cunt. I was about to stick my dick in her ass when I remembered a fantasy my wife had told me about. And with that, I got into position and slammed my cock all the way forward causing her pussy to stretch as far as it could possible stretch. Now my wife had two hard dicks in her cunt at the same time, just as she had fantasized about. She started screaming as Sean and I began to fuck her at the same time. We both fucked her as hard and fast as we could. This was going to be a fucking she would never forget.

She started having multiple orgasms, one right after another, causing her pussy to tighten up even more. Then she said she was getting light headed. As Sean and I started shooting our loads deep inside her pussy, she passed out. We got off of her, went to take a shower, and get ready to go. As we started to walk away, we heard her waking up and then we noticed Amber was sucking our cum from her pussy.

After both of us couples showered and got dressed, we exchanged our phone numbers and told one another to call if they ever wanted to do it again. We all left the room and headed toward our cars.

As they drove off, I noticed Amber calling someone on her cell phone. Amy and I talked all the way home. She told me it was the best night she has ever had in her entire life and couldn't wait to do it again. She said she would like to do it with a new couple every weekend, and after getting to know at least ten couples we should invite all of them over for an orgy. When we got home, we checked our answering machine. It said "you have one new message", we then checked our email and found that we had one message. In the subject line it read: RESPONDING TO YOUR AD.


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