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by Xander


2376. World peace has become a reality. After centuries of no good, bloody as hell wars, people finally demanded peace on a global scale. Ending the killing and carnage. And they got it. But only to be replaced by another kind of conflict.

In order to end the Time of Violence. World leaders launched a bold and aggressive plan. From the beginning of man first agitations, sex before, during and after conflict had been a reoccurring incident.

In the beginning of the 2100's, rape had become and everyday incident. People started to get used to it. Everybody did it, even though global laws clearly stated it illegal. Every man and woman had some kind of history of unwanted pregnancy. And finally leaders took the final step towards Final Solution.

It was believed by many, that the dominating feeling a rapist got. Man or Woman. Was the reason for the violence and agitation in the world. That sex was the root to all evil. It was believed that the primal state sex put it's users in was dangerous.

Around 2155 sex was banned and labeled illegal. Pregnancy could only be allowed after the subject had gone through a series of thorough tests. Mental as well as physical. But in order to even be allowed to take the test, the subject had to produce a guaranty of likvidicity. Making at least 350.000,- Eacu or 300.000,- Pad. Only the super rich made that kind of money, which automatically singled out the more questionable subjects. Only passing the test allowed artificial fertilization.

Needless to say there were an enormous uprising through out the world, after the passing of, what would be known as, the Final Solution.

But all aggression against the Final solution was viciously brought to an end by G.D.A. (Global Defence Agency). G.D Agents were know for their brutality, and they were the only ones who were allowed to kill law breaking civilians. Most did so, any chance they got. A L.B'er meant a person willing to sacrifice the community. Few have had a G.D Agent on his/hers tail and been able to tell about it after.

Because of G.D.A the uprising was brought down globally in only 6 months. Hundred of thousand registered kills. Millions missing. Their clock stopped only for speaking their mind.

Today, some 250 years later only one resistance remain. SexLib. A small group of people, constantly hunted by G.D.A, who believe that people should be free, as they were in the 20th century. The only ones who still believe that free will is not only a shadow of the past.

Chapter 1

Trey Parker put on his shades and smiled coldly. Another day, and another downfall of an LB (LawBreaker). He checked his sidekicks. Agent 336 to his right, and the rookie agent 9010 on his left. 9010 seemed a little nervous, but that was perfectly understandable considering he had only been in the service for three weeks.

336 on the other hand was a legend among G.D Agents. She was well known for her efficiency and was feared by many. She had no trace of emotion on her face.

It was an unwritten law that agents never knew each others true names. Names only complicated things in the agency.

Trey Parker, agent 205, took a big breath of the Parisian air. The capital of Euasia always smelled good in the spring time. 205 closed his eyes and prepared himself for some action.

"Let's get this done." 336 drew her guns and nodded. 205 looked at 9010. "336 runs point. You cover our backs." 9010 nodded and sighed deeply. "Let's do this."

336 ran to the door and kicked it in. No shots came, so she proceeded inside. She gave the clear sign and 205 ran up to her. "Nothing. There is no signs of activity." 336's voice was cold as ice. 205 just nodded and motioned her to proceed. 9010 came up from behind, acting like an ass. 336 shot him a cold killer glance which stopped him dead.

205 checked his motion detector. Nothing. The sweep was over quickly. Motion detectors showed nothing. There were no sound at all. Only a lot of boxes in the rooms.

336 asked. "Wasn't the informant real." 205 nodded. "Yes, an undercover agent." 336 sighed. "I think they bailed." Well obvious Trey thought. I would to, if I knew you were on my tail.

9010 was going through the content of the boxes. "Holy shit." He muttered. 205 placed himself behind the rookie. "What is it? What have you found?" 9010 took out an almost ancient DVD, showing explicit sexual activity on the cover.

"Is this what they called porn?" 9010 looked like a little kid trying something new. Sweat was breaking out on his forehead. 336 nodded. "Yeah. Disgusting isn't it?" 9010 nodded frantically.

"Just bag it, and let's get out of here." 205 pressed his transmitter. "GDA 205 requesting clean up." He got the acknowledgement and motion the others to follow.

"C'mon, let's get some lunch."

The clean up crew arrived as they left the building. An officer came up to them. "Agent 205 & Agent 336." They nodded. "Your presence is needed at HQ." 205 looked at 336 and said. "Well, that was that lunch." She smiled weakly and trotted of towards their car. He stopped 9010 as he was about to follow. "You stay here and learn. It's good for you." 9010 didn't look like he wanted to, but 205 didn't care. We all had to go through it.

205 settled in the seat. Wondering what the grand man wanted this time.

"Outstanding work agents." The grand man leaned over his desk, closely looking at 205 and 336. His eyes showed a merciless coldness that even made 336 uncomfortable. "I need you to go through SexLib evidence." 205 cleared his throat. "Yes Sir. But if I may. Why us?" The grand man shot him an icy look. "Because you are qualified. More affectable subjects might not be able to provide a objective evaluation." The voice was like broken glass and it made 205 swallow hard.

"Sir. Which nature of evidence require our evaluation?" 336 stood erect and unblinking. The grand man leaned back in his chair and folded his arms over his chest. "DVD footage."

Ancient recording methods, developed in the 20th century. Used for both live action features and documentaries. Also in the 20th a large variety of sexual explicit movies were recorded in this format.

This was standard GDA schooling. But 205 had never viewed anything before. It had always been more experienced agents who got these assignments.

"Agent 336. You'll be assigned to evaluation room 12. Agent 205 you'll be in room 34." They both nodded and made for their departure. "One more thing." They both turned around. "You will not leave the rooms before all has been viewed and evaluated. Do I make myself clear?" They both saluted the grand man, nodded and left the office.

"That man makes me nervous." 205 said while they walked to their new assignments. 336 only grunted something and kept moving at a steady pace.

Okay, she was not known as a chatter box. But that was alright. 205 was more interested in which footage he was about to view. He had of course heard rumours about these assignments. Now he was about to learn if they were true or not.

Trey Parker entered room 34 and quickly scanned it. It was sparsely furnitured with only a chair, a desk and a laptop. "Enable DVD recordings." A screen popped up on the wall in front of the desk, showing nothing but snow.

Trey walked to some boxes standing on the floor and opened them.

They were filled with sex movies. Counting at least 50-60 different ones.

He sighed and carried the first box to the desk. He might as well get started. By the look of things, it could take quite some time to go through all this.

He took up the first disc. LATEX by Michael Ninn. Displaying a blond girl in a skin tight latex outfit.

Grunting he entered the disc in the laptop and muttered. "Play disc."

The film looked funnily High Tech. Well maybe this is how they saw the future back in the 20th. But not even coming close to the actual reality.

Trey sighed and leaned back in his chair, concentrating about the movie.

After 5 minutes he shocked muttered. "Oh my God...." The screen was showing the blond on the cover, playing with herself in a kitchen. She was fingering herself feverishly, obviously being in complete bliss. She was wearing rubber gloves, and she was putting her fingers up her pussy, while massaging the little knob.

Did they really do something like that of their own free will? Trey didn't know the answer but he was beginning to feel strangely warm from watching the girl display herself on screen.

Trey sank something there was stuck in his throat. He couldn't believe his eyes.

The scene changed and a man entered the kitchen. Claiming to be the girl's husband he started caressing the girl. Kissing her and removing her clothes. The girl played along and was letting the man remove her clothes without complain. They were touching each other all over. Sticking their tongues into each others mouths. Sucking and licking.

Trey was breathless. He had absolutely no idea about how to deal with this. The more he looked at the screen the more shocked he was.

The blond girl was now removing the mans pants and was letting his dick out into the free. Slowly she was going down on her knees and opened her mouth.

No this can not be.....

She is not going she?

Trey was moaning as the girl started to lick the mans erection. Her tongue was going up and down his dick. She was kissing the head, letting her tongue play around the head. She was taking him all the way in, her head going up and down, sucking him like she loved it.

Something was moving in Treys pants, and he looked down surprised. Having never been excited before he had trouble comprehending what was happening. He testingly put his finger on the growing bulge in his pants. His own touch send pleasure bolts through him.

Surprised he jerked his hand away. What was this?

On the screen the man was placing himself between the girls legs, while he was rubbing his dick. He placed the head at her pleasure entrance and pushed himself in.

Trey gaped at this. This must be what they call intercourse.

The man was pumping away breathing heavily. The girls face was a grimace of pleasure. She was screaming for the man to keep going. To fuck her.

Treys erection was becoming painful. Not in his wildest dreams had he ever imagined something like this. His hand automatically went to his dick. Unaware he was doing so, he was rubbing himself for the very first time, even if it was through the fabric of his pants.

The man and girl was changing positions on the kitchen table, and the man was now taking her from behind, pumping faster and faster.

Sweat was breaking out on Treys forehead. All while his hand was really going at it on his virgin dick.

The girl on screen was now lying on her side, and the man was spreading her ass cheeks, letting a finger massage her back hole.

Oh man. Trey thought. That too.

The man was pressing his dick inside the girls ass. And surprisingly to Trey, she seemed to like it.

He was now aware that he was rubbing himself. But he couldn't stop. It felt too good.

The man was really giving the girl the anal touch, fucking her hard in the ass.

Treys eyes became bigger and bigger by the minute, while he in disbelief saw this display of hardcore sex. He was beginning to get gripping sensation in his lower body. It felt good.

The girl was on her knees again. The man was stroking his dick in front of the girls face. The tension in Treys privates was making him moan, breathing heavily.

The man shot his sperm into the girls mouth and she was licking it up, drinking it. Her tongue moved all over his dick, sucking every last drop out of him.

At that moment Trey's bodily fluids erupted for the first time. He bent over, mouth open, not believing that wonderful feeling. He quickly became sticky inside his pants. And a wet spot was growing on his pants.

Trey was dizzy. He was having serious trouble focusing on anything and he was shaking all over.

Never before had he tried anything like that. Never. And he was not likely to try it again. He had done something illegal and the moment he'd erupted, guilt came crashing down on him.

He closed his eyes and settled back in the chair. Control, he needed to reclaim his control. On the other hand he had experienced something wonderful. And it left him with a whole new craving. A wanting he could not comprehend.

The movie continued and was now showing a interrogation of the main character. Trey had some what gotten himself under control again. But he was still shaking.

He had been to preoccupied by the sexual display to get the story. But now he seemed to have gotten it.

It was something about a man in the future being able to see peoples dirty little fantasies. Only by touching them. That had gotten him locked up in the funny farm.

Trey smiled a little at this. It wasn't far from the truth.

The character touched the female doctor and the scenario changed instantly.

The blond-haired doc was suddenly a sex vixen, dressed in leather and chains. Trey gaped once again. God she's beautiful.

She was throwing herself at the whim of a dominator. He was licking her asshole and stuck his finger in there.

Something was moving in Trey's pants again. Oh no. He thought.

Now the dominator was licking her pussy, really munching carpet. Doc was screaming at him to keep it up. To use her.

Trey's hand was down his pants again. He started to stroke himself.

The door banged open and Trey wheeled around. Agent 336 was standing there.

"What are you doing....." 336 placed her hands on her sides. "Eh......." Was all he could say. He realized that he still had his hand down his pants.

336 entered and slammed the door closed. "You're violating penal act 1231." She was quickly closing the distance between Trey and herself. Trey automatically backed up a few paces. "Do you have any idea what kind of trouble you have gotten yourself in??" 336 was standing two inches from Trey. He frantically shook his head. Even though he was well aware of the trouble he was in.

"I have to arrest you." 336 displayed a pair of handcuffs. "You're aware of that." Trey nodded.

Yes he had broken the law, and he had to pay. Even worse he was a GD agent. And that doubled the penalty.

"Hands behind your back." Broken, Trey placed his arms behind his back, his head hanging. 336 moved behind him and grabbed one of his wrists.

Suddenly he was violently being pulled back. Trey landed hard on his back on the desk.

His hands was locked to the table. Trey tried to move of the table but found himself helplessly strapped down.

He looked up at 336. "What......." She cut him of. "Shut the fuck up bitch or I'll gag you as well." Fear was creeping into his heart. What was going on.

336 circled the table, tapping her finger on her upper lip. "What shall I do with you???" A question more asked to herself than to him. A vicious smile was on her lips.

Oh, Trey didn't like this. He didn't like it at all. 336 was a legend in brutality and cruelty. And the fact that he was her partner didn't soften her one bit. Once she had knocked him out cold for having an argument with her.

She yanked of his pants, displaying his semi hard dick. "Well well well, have we been a little excited today?"

Trey swallowed hard as she neared his dick. "336...please don't....."

336 slapped him across the face. "I told you to shut up bitch!!!" She screamed.

Trey knew he was doomed. No one would come to his rescue. These rooms were soundproof. And more than once interrogations had been made within these walls.

336 grabbed his dick and balls. That vicious grin broadened as she looked up at him.

Trey's eyes were big from fear. Was she going to dismember him?

"Plea......" He didn't get any further before the grip around his balls tightened painfully. Trey couldn't get a sound past his lips. It hurt so much.

Just as he thought the pain couldn't get any worse. 336 started to stroke his dick, and the pressure on his balls eased. His dick was rapidly growing from her handywork. He looked up at her. "Wha.......YAAAARHH!!!!!" The pressure was there tenfold again. And he cried out in pain. "I'll only tell you this one last time. You keep your mouth shut and only speak when I say, you may answer now. You're my new bitch you see. And bitches keep silent. You're nothing but a tool. A tool I can use any way I please. You're my foot stool. Fail to meet my demands and I'll crush you like the bug you are." 336's voice was low and dark. Her eyes shone of dominance.

Trey nodded his head quickly while grinding his teeth in pain.

Seemingly satisfied with his unspoken answer, 336 let his balls go and returned to stroke him.

This was surreal. Trey was in complete disbelief. 336 was a beautiful woman, deadly but beautiful. It sounded like a corny old cliché.

But a power wanting, dominating sex vixen. He would never have anticipated.

Trey was rock hard now. 336 was really knowing what she was doing. Another thing which struck him as completely out there. Agent 336 was known as one of the most law bidding GD Agents. She had struck down thousands for even thinking about sex. But here she was stroking his cock, strapping him to a desk, boldly enough in their Paris headquarters.

"yes, just as I thought, my bitch is really excited eh." Trey couldn't run from that. She was holding his dick, which was unbelievingly hard.

Trey nodded. He knew better than to say anything now. He'd do anything to prevent the blinding pain from coming again.

"Time for my bitch to pleasure the master." 336 stripped of her clothing, revealing a perfectly build body. Athletic and muscled. Sure signs from hours working out.

"Lay still bitch!" Trey didn't really have any choice. But he did his best to remain unmoving never the less.

336 crawled up onto the desk and sat on his legs. "Time for the cat to play with her prey." she stated coldly. She shot a glance at the screen, still showing explicit hardcore sex. Then she bent down and rubbed her breasts against his thighs, her tongue wet her lips and she licked the head of his dick.

Trey almost jumped from the feeling. Oh holy fuckin' shit.

336 was licking his flagpole from balls to head, making Trey's head spin violently.

Very slowly she wrapped her lips around his cock, taking it in all the way. He could feel how her tongue was working in her mouth around his pounding anatomy.

Her head was going slowly up and down on him. She kissed his dickhead, letting her teeth run over the top. It was not painful, but lust mixed with fear roamed his veins the moment she did it.

Trey was having real difficulties from not moving. Her tongue work had same effect as electroshock had on a patient. He was soon going to jump around on the table like that.

336 gave him one last lick, tracing from his ball to his head.

"Did my bitch enjoy that??" She was waiting for a reply. "You may answer now."

Trey was shaking. "Y..y.yes."

Her hand connected with his cheek with a loud smack, sending his head flying back.


"Y.yy.y.yes" He stuttered. She gave him a wolfish grin. "That was better." She was stroking him again. "Now your master is going to give her bitch a treat for behaving." She rubbed his dickhead between two fingers, right there were it's most sensitive. Trey moaned.

"Now bitch, you're going to experience a whole new world." With these words she placed his cock at her pussy entrance and slowly lowered herself on it. Impaling herself.

Trey was not able to breathe. What a tight feeling. This felt way too good to put words on. She started to ride him slowly, breathing heavily. "Oh yeah...My bitch is doing a good job." Her pussy walls was squeezing the life out of him and he meet her rhythm with everything he had. He couldn't help himself.

She was riding him faster and faster, grinding her teeth and constantly hissing. "Yeah bitch..keep going bitch....good...that's it bitch."

Trey had so much blood pumping around in his head, he thought it could explode any second.

336 placed her hands on his chest and was literally slamming herself down on his dick now. Screaming. "Yeah!!!"

Her body was shaking violently and the white was showing in her eyes. Trey first thought there was something wrong with her. That she was going to drop dead on him in that instant. Instead her lust-filled eyes returned on him and she screamed on the top of her lungs. "OH FUCKING YEAAAAH!!! YOU'RE MY BITCH: DAMMIT YOU'RE MY FUCKING BITCH!!!!!!!"

At that moment that tight feeling made his entire lower body jerk, and he erupted once again. Only this time much more violently and much mcuh longer. He shot everything he had into 336's beautiful body. Letting out his first truely primal scream. It felt like it was going to continue forever.

336 collapsed on top of him, still with his dick inside her. "Well well well bitch. That's was nice." She dismounted him and his dick left her tight pussy with a loud pop.

She grabbed her clothes and quickly dressed. She went around the table and unlocked the cuffs. "Get up bitch, and get dressed."

Trey stumbled to his feet, feeling all dizzy and disorientated. He managed to get a hold on his pants and quickly put them on.

336 was standing in front of him holding a disc. "This is the surveillance disc from this room. It shows you jerking off to a movie of sexual nature. And don't bother to look for the disc of us bitch. Because there aren't any. I took care about that." She handed him the disc and continued. "If you utter one word about this, the grand man will have first seat tickets to your little one man show. And you know it is enough to send you to Gulaq for life." She was wearing that vicious grin again.

"And if you say I fucked your brain out. Well, no one will believe you." 336 moved towards the door. "Remember also that The Cat can get to you everywhere bitch. Pleasant dreams." The door closed quickly after 336.

Trey stood and gaped at the door. Still not believing.

Then it struck him.

The Cat. SexLib's most notorious agent. Known for countless numbers of sexual encounters. Wanted by every department of G.D.A. all over the planet. Hell, he had hunted her several times. No wonder they never succeeded. The Cat had been right next to him all this time.

That didn't help his current problem. He had committed a crime worse than Murder One. Even if he was forced by a notorious criminal as The Cat, it still meant his head. He might not be sentenced to death. But she had been right, he would end up in Gulaq. And that meant cold, hunger, torture and eventually slow death.

Trey sat down and put his head in his hands. Guilt and dismay rushed over him like an unexpected tornado.

Guilt because he had become what he had dedicated his life to hunt down.

Dismay because he had loved every minute of it.

She'd been right.

This was a whole new world.

To be continued...


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