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Sex with a Stranger
by SxxyAngl

The day was dark and gloomy. The kind of day where you want to hid under the Covers all day and toss in and out of sleep. I just so happened to have to work on this ugly day. I was in a terrible mood. Nobody was out. I had nothing to do but complain to myself and wish I were at home in my nice warm bed. It was a long day.

As I was standing there grumbling to myself I looked up at the escalator just in time to see a man riding up. He was a handsome man. He made my heart skip a beat. At that point I knew that I would have more to think about that day than feeling sorry for myself. For the rest of the day I envisioned myself with that my bed. I saw us having wild passionate sex. His hands running through my hair. My fingernails clawing at his back. The two of us moaning as we rocked back and forth into each other. Our tongues meeting quickly every few thrusts.

I had to try so very hard to keep myself from moaning aloud at work. Then finally the time came when I was to go home. My spirits were lifted. Not only was I going home but I also had the fantasy of my man to take home with me. As I was walking towards my car I notice someone coming out of the other exit and walking in my direction.

My stomach drops and I get a lump in my throat. It was the man of my fantasy. As we got closer I could feel his eyes burning into me. Gazing over my body...into my wildest desires. I look up at him and our eyes meet with a spark. We walk towards the rows of cars. We were parked right next to each other. I go to put my key in the lock when I feel a hand around my waist.

A soft whisper in my ear saying, "Pardon me for being bold but I have been fantasizing about this all day. " I moan as he moves my hair out of the way and gently kisses my neck sending goose bumps up and down my body. He reaches his hand around me and under my shirt. He cups my breast in his hand gently pinching my nipple as he continues to kiss and suck on my neck. I am melting into him. With one quick move he turns me around and pulls me close into him. I can feel his hardness beneath his pants. I can feel the throbbing of desire. I am feeling it too.

He wraps his arms around me and runs one hand through my hair while the other grabs at my butt. And he kisses me. Kisses with such animalistic passion. Once again his hand reaches up under my shirt. My nipples are as hard as his throbbing cock. So sensitive to the touch. I am rubbing my hand over his dick. His head rolls back with pleasure. In two seconds I have his pants unbuttoned and the zipper down. He allows me to take his throbbing cock into my hand and stroke. Firm slow strokes. As he reaches his hand up under my skirt. I moan as his finger dances upon my clit. I stroke harder and faster as he inserts his 2 fingers deep inside me. I can't control my moaning now. My breath is shallow.

I lean into his ear and tell him that I want him to fuck me. I want him to bury himself deep between my legs and fill me with his cum. he once again turns me around and bends me over my car. He lifts up my skirt and places his rock hard cock in me. Slowly at first. Teasing. I am moaning with the unbearable pleasure. I lean back into him. This gets a reaction from him. He thrusts hard and fast and deep. I reach my arm back and claw at his arm. He slaps my ass and I moan. I can feel myself about to cum. I tell him to fuck me harder. And he does. I scream. He can feel my tight pussy tighten even more and my sweet juices flowing all over his huge cock. This excites him even more and he continues to push hard and deep. When I don't think I can take anymore I feel his nails dig into my hip...a soft moan escape his lips.

And I feel his warm cum rush deep inside me. He waits a second and then pulls out. I turn again and he gives me a soft quick kiss on the lips. He does up his pants and I pull down my skirt. We exchange a simple smile and turn to get in our cars. I watch my mystery man pull away as I lay back in my car completely exhausted. It turned out to be a damn good day.

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