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Something Warm and Wet Part I
by db01

I have shared this with a few of you in the past and want to share it with a few more. This was one of the first attempts for me to put my dreams into words. As with other stories, I leave this open to continuation.

The shower is running, very warm water, your hands covered with bubbles as you wash yourself, feeling the sensation of your hands as they glide over your arms, breasts, stomach...Your eyes are closed, imagining the last time we were together, remembering all the feelings, the sounds we made. You feel a slight chill at your back and when you turn around you see me. I have slipped into the shower, not able to resist joining you there. You look at my eyes and see the mischief in them, my cock starting to rise some, sensing what you had been daydreaming about.

We say no words to each other, just a smile between us. I take the soap from you and continue what your hands were doing. Sliding my hands over your curves. You lift your arms, your breasts becoming taught and I cannot resist the invitation to touch them, stroking from underneath, lifting them, running my palms over the nipples, feeling them harden, you taking in a sharp breath as I do. You look lovely standing there, eyes on mine, swaying at my touch, smiling as my hands move to your stomach and thighs. I move my hands over your ass, your lower back and you move forward to rub against me. I back up a step and with my eyes tell you no, stand where you are and just feel for a few moments.

My hands do not stop moving over your back, your shoulders, your breasts again, your nipples, hearing the soft sighs it brings from you. As my hands move down your stomach again, to your legs and both cheeks of your beautiful ass I kneel in front of you and see you smile. Your hands move to your breasts, stroking them as you feel my fingers slowly parting the lips of your pussy. It opens at my touch, inviting me to linger here and play.

My tongue moves out, starting at the spot halfway between your ass and pussy and slowly moves upwards, moving left and right separating the lips, seeing how your clit is already beginning to move out from its hood. I get very close to it and begin from the bottom again with my tongue. Your hips have started to move slowly, rocking back and forth with the movement of my tongue, a steady rhythm of rolling.

I hear you gasp as I slowly move a finger to the opening, and as I slide it slowly inside your hips move forward to capture it, the walls inside of you grasping at it, drawing it in. My lips and mouth are around your clit now and for the first time my tongue touches it. I feel you shiver at the sensation. Flicking at it I begin moving my finger in and out of you, listening to your moans. I take some water into my mouth and begin to swirl it in my lips, rolling it over and over your clit and feel your hands on my head now. My finger inside of you remains at the same insistent pace, now curling along the top of your pussy, searching for just the right spot, my lips now sucking and massaging at the base of your clit. I feel the pressure of your hands on my head now, holding it tight against you, moving it just so because you are so close to cumming now. I look up and see the absolute lust in your eyes and feel the first contractions as your pussy sucks my finger deeper inside.

The first wave of your orgasm begins, your toes curling, your voice telling me that you are cumming. My lips stay around your clit but are almost still as the sensation washes over you. I know how sensitive you are right now to any touch and allow you to direct my efforts with your hands.

I........ continue where I am, on my knees?

.... feel your hands lift my head to yours ......

.... see you turn away, your hands reaching for the wall in front of you.......

I've given you the dream, the fantasy is yours to continue and complete.......*kiss*

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