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Something Warm and Wet Part II
by db01

Thank you my darling for continuing the dream!

I turn away from you unable to stop myself shivering from my climax. The feel of your soft tongue massaging my clit is too much. I feel so hungry and I must taste you in my mouth. As I turn your eyes devour my back and round bum all brown and smooth and the white line from my G-string is visible. I know you are looking at it and that turns me on.

I bend over from the waist in front of you, my butt gets rounder and the shape of it is making you think very naughty thoughts of tight places you wish to fill. I pick up some bath oil and rub it into my soft hands and turn towards you. I look into your eyes and I can see the passion and lust burning inside of you. I look down at your cock and slowly drip the oil over it. Licking my tongue up and down the smooth length. Hmmmm it feels so powerful so hard I can feel its tension as my mouth closes over it and you feel my hot mouth and tongue engulf your sexy cock. With a steady rhythm I push it in and out of my mouth, slowly increasing the suction and speed. You feel my finger push into your tight butt and that extra sensation pushes you too far.

You take hold of my hair forcing me up on my feet and roughly grasp my breasts squeezing them. It excites me the danger of you like this. You want me now and you will have me and there is nothing I could do to stop you. You spin me around and push me hard into the shower door and my face squashes on it. You hands are raking my back feeling my soft flesh yield to your exciting touch. I can feel your cock pushing against my soft round butt and I know you can feel it slippery from the bath oil. I'm helpless and you have me at your whim. You can force me into whatever you wish...

what will it be....where does your lust come to bear its fruits


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