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Shy Wife's First Vibrator
by Bill W.

What a day we have had... Here we are sitting on the settee, worn out with all that we did today. Firstly we started at the shopping mall, in the morning - boy did we do some walking! Just looking for that Special See-Through Nightie I had promised to buy you, never thinking it would take so long for you to choose one, also never knew they were so many shops selling them.

The best part of the day was when we plucked up courage to go into the SEX shop. Heheeeee, can't get it out of my mind how the lady behind the counter laughed so much when you asked her, "Why would anyone want a Blow up Rubber Doll?" Heheeeeee & you started poking your finger into the holes, heeheeee, you know I was trying to hide my face, as tears were rolling out of my eyes. Then when the lady came up to you & whispered into your ear while you had your finger in the vagina, of the doll. Well your face went so red, & you dropped the doll like it was on FIRE, Heheeee.

When you calmed down, then told the lady you wanted to buy it for me, & I said no way - I have you, my love.

You then said what about when you feel sexy & I don't, you could have sex with that. I said no thanks, but when you said, Well I want something for me. When you don't feel sexy & I am.

Well the fun started, You had overcome your shyness. Never seen you like that before, but I must say it was good to see you so full of confidence, the way you picked up every vibrator in the shop, feeling them, starting the motors up on them all, & all the movements you were making with them to yourself. Hah ha, but when you started holding them in front of me trying to imagine if they were bigger & stronger than mine.

That sales lady was killing herself with laughter at your antics, I was killing myself when you picked the biggest one with the biggest battery and said, "This one should keep me HAPPY." WELL, that was the end of me I just couldn't stop laughing. Then you said to the lady, "Don't wrap it, I will carry it sticking out of my handbag." WELL the whole shop just stopped in their tracks & laughed.

That's when I said No you wouldn't. Wrap it please lol.

Well you really went overboard, for a very shy person lol.

So now I have fed you, lets go up stairs, & try your new toy out lol.

Ok, I could tell you were dying to try it out - so was I, at least before the kids got home from the dance. So I started pushing you from behind as we were racing up the stairs, as too who was going to get undressed first. Any one would have thought we were on our Honeymoon - not that every day of our marriage you have made it like a big Honeymoon. I love you so much, you cheeky lady.

Well I won - all of my clothes off now & I threw myself onto the bed naked with my penis standing up so hard & straight, my balls tight, ready for action. You are in your playful mood, as you walk over to the bed, look down at my penis & say I have something bigger now flashing that massive vibrator at me, then you must have seen a change in my face, & you said, please use this on me I want to see if it really works.

How could I refuse you anything my love, as I was also wanting to use it on you, as I was really horny now, So I started trying to get some feeling into all of this, so as you lay there I fondled your breasts, my fingers running up & down your naked body, Stopping here & there tickling I could see the goose pimples on your skin, You started to tremble with excitement wondering what & where I would go next. The sheer thrill was getting me going & when touched your vagina, & felt how wet you were, I could feel myself go funny with delight as all I ever want is to make you Happy my dear. You took my hand & pressed it into your vagina, my finger found your clit, I stroked it gently as I wanted you to be so wet, You handed me the vibrator, which was already greased up, I turned the motor on & gently held the tip of it onto your clit, You moaned say how nice that felt doing that & I could feel your body tremble, slowly I eased it into you heavenly hole, & gently moved it in & out slowly increasing the speed of the vibration, Oh! You said how lovely that feels, I could see the muscles around your vagina tensing up as I slowly eased it deeper into you, Everything was so wet now, the vibrant smell Was filling the air, You moved your hand down on to mine both of us working it in & out slowly but deeper each time, I was frighten I would hurt you by going deeper, inside of you said more deeper, So in deeper it went in & out slowly I could feel myself starting to dribble, as it was so wonderful It felt as though I was inside of you too. You yelled at me faster you arched your back, pushing harder on to my hand holding the vibrator, I could tell you were cuming, as I could see it running out of you It was wonderful, I gently pulled out the vibrator, little by little, juice all over my hand so sweet it smelt. I pushed it back inside your vagina, straight away you started to cum again You closed your legs so hard onto my hand, as you squeezed out the last of you cum. Telling me how wonderful that was & how wonderful I was to do that to you.

You looked up & you saw my bulging penis, wet on top, you took it in your hand using the precum to make the shaft wet & slippery, your fingers gripped it & up & down just twice & I was cumming hot cum spurting out of me, that felt so good, I caught most of it before I made a mess,

I rolled over & lay next to you kissing you for allowing me to make you cum, with the new toy as it turned me on as much as it did you,

So it was a busy day the kids are not home yet, so we just cuddled up & went to sleep loving each other like honeymooners.


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