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Swans Pt. I
by Eve

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Yvette, was always very tall for her age, and to make matters worse, she was at least fifty pounds overweight, and her skin was ridden with acne and Tyrone who was had light toned skin, always liked to point out how dark and unattractive Yvette was. All the mental abuse was no where near as terrible as the other abuse, but she pushed the thought away as soon as it would pop into her head. With her confidence crushed, she gave up her art, but she still appreciated other people's works and she loved to frequent museums. Cassidy who had been her only friend in school, since they were both pretty unpopular for their own reasons, encouraged her to take up her art again, but Yvette wouldn't hear of it. It was only about a month ago when Yvette was visiting an art gallery downtown to look at some works that she was interested in that she met Mrs. Jansen. They had got to talking about art and somehow they had gotten on the subject of her work.

Yvette had told her how she was temping and wasn't really enjoying it at all, and Mrs. Jansen, then told her that she was looking for someone to manage the gallery for her, a curator of sorts. At first Yvette declined because she had no experience but Mrs. Jansen pointed out that Yvette was very knowledgeable about art and seemed to have an eye for what was good and what was pretentious junk. The older woman went on to tell Yvette that she was never wrong about her hunches and that she knew that Yvette was the person she had been looking for. Yvette then immediately agreed to take on the job. It wasn't as if she liked to temp, and the law firm that she was temping at was not her cup of tea, and she could really do without that eager puppy that she had to work with everyday. Now here she was doing something that she loved, and life was pretty good.

When she got to the gallery, the receptionist greeted her with a smile, which Yvette knew was fake. Sally didn't like her for some reason, and Yvette couldn't care less. Perhaps she was jealous of her, many women were. Yvette wasn't a conceited person, but she knew that she could turn head with little effort ever since she had lost weight and her skin cleared up. Sally was a little on the dumpy side, and looked a bit drab. Yvette being coolness itself gave her a smile equally as phony and went on her way to her office. There were several messages on her voice mail. One was from Cassidy wanting her to call when she got the chance, the other call was from Javier, the artist that she saw on and off.

Yvette gritted her teeth at his message. He was all sweetness over the machine. He was being a lot nicer to her since she had gotten this job, hoping for the chance to get some of his work displayed there since this was one of the nicest galleries in the city. It wasn't going to happen and maybe she should let him know that soon. The last message was from Mrs. Jansen saying that her son would be coming by the studio to pick up some papers that she wanted to look over and if she could get them ready by the time he arrives. Yvette frowned slightly, Mrs. Jansen had mentioned that she had one son, who was a bit of a jet setter. What was he doing here? No matter, it was nothing to her. She would return Cassidy's call later, and if it were really important Javier would call her back.

As if her thoughts had been read, the phone rang. Yvette answered in a cool professional voice. "Hey baby, I have been calling all morning. I was finally forced to use that annoying answering machine of yours. Where have you been? Why haven't you returned my call?" Javier asked petulantly. Yvette rolled her eyes up in her head in exasperation. 'I only just got in, what is it you, want?" She asked a little impatiently. "Why you of course sexy. When am I going to slip my cock in that tight pussy yours again?" He asked suggestively.

"Really, Javier, this is neither the right time or place to talk about this." Despite her words, she felt a little twinge between her legs at the thought of what he said. Damn this weakness in her. She wished that she didn't crave sex so much. She held all men in contempt, and if she didn't like to get fucked so much she would have no use for them.

"But, baby, it's been a week, and I know you're missing this, unless you've been getting it from somewhere else, and it would just break my heart to think of you cheating on me," he said. She could hear the pout in his voice.

"There's no way I could cheat on you because there's nothing between us. What is it that you want? I really wish you'd get to the point, so that I can get on to my work." She spoke firmly.

After a brief pause, he spoke again, "You really know how to cut a guy down Yvette. I wish you would give a fellow a chance every once in a while, but since you asked, I was wondering if you had shown some of my work to old lady Jansen yet," he said smoothly. Yvette gritted her teeth. Javier had no shame whatsoever. He was a user, but he had his uses.

"No, I haven't. She's a very busy lady and I would hate to think that that was the reason you were calling because I already told you that she isn't into your type of art."

"What would you know? You're no artist. I don't even know how you got this job. If it were a man who had hired you, I could understand because all you would have to do is spread those thighs right? Unless....Mrs. Jansen likes women." His words of abuse rolled right off of her. It was so typical of him. One minute he would be all sweetness and sunshine, the next he was the biggest asshole.

"Well, if that's how you feel, I can't do anything to change your opinion. Have a nice day." She hung up then to get back to her work. She wished that she could have told him to buzz off and stay out of her life for good, but something held her back. She met him a few months back when she was temping for an ad agency, and he was in the art department. She went out with him a couple times for lack of anything better to do, to discover that he was a very aggressive man indeed. She didn't even particularly like him, but the things that he did to her in bed were incredible.

She loved the forceful way, he would hold her down and ram his cock as hard as he could inside of her, or the way he would bite into her flesh savagely, making her scream in pleasure-pain. She loved the way he would flip her over and them ram it into her ass, by this time turning her into a quivering heap. She trembled just thinking about it. He was the best that she had ever had so far. She use to have a long going affair with one of her former bosses. Mr. Messersmith had been a skirt chaser, from the beginning and it turned her to do it in broad daylight in his office building. It was only after he had told her that his wife was on to them that he had gave her the ax, but he had the nerve to try to set her up as his mistress, something that she declined.

Take the office out of the sex and having sex with Mr. Messersmith was probably as fun as a root canal. There had been other brief little romps, but one that stuck out in her head particularly was one with a lawyer that she temped for, not too long ago. He was such a cocky bastard that she decided to tease the hell out of him. She wore even more revealing things to work and she knew exactly what it was doing to him. When he finally lost control and took matters into his own hands, things turned out much better than she hoped for. If she hadn't been so set on bringing him down a peg or too, she might have stayed on a bit longer, gave him a little more pussy. She had liked the way his dick had felt inside of her. She wondered what had become of him.

She was so deep in her thoughts that the sound of the voice, made her jump. "Ms. Randall?" a deep tenor voice spoke. She looked up to see a massive man in the doorway of her office. He had to be about six foot five, two hundred and some odd pounds. He had the shoulders of a full back. Yvette scrutinized the stranger, taking in every detail from head to toe. Grudgingly, she supposed that he was a good looking guy. His hair was a dirty blonde shade, and his eyes were an interesting shade of amber, like cat's eyes. He wasn't the pretty boy type with perfect features, in fact his nose was slightly crooked as if it had been broken, and there was a small scar along the side of his right cheek, but somehow, his rugged features were very attractive. He was a man's man. She could tell by looking over his body that there were muscles under his casual attire of beige khakis and a crew neck shirt.

"Like what you see?" the stranger asked with a crooked grin. Yvette realized that she had been staring, and her cheeks became a little hot with embarrassment.

"That was rude of me. What can I do for you Mr. er.....?"

"Jansen, but please call me Zack. I think my mother told you that I was coming."

"Oh yes, I'm sorry. I will have those papers ready for you in a minute. I'm only just getting in myself not too long ago." She apologized.

"No problem, I'm in no rush. My mom told me that she had a pretty new manager to run the gallery for her, but that seems to be an understatement, you're quite lovely," he made the comment so casually that he could have been referring to the rain, making her wonder if it were really a compliment at all. Once again she could feel the blood rush to her cheeks. What was wrong with her? She was use to men making comments on her looks, so why she reacted to his compliment in such a way was beyond her.

"Thank you," she said coolly, in that voice that usually warned men off. His eyes narrowed slightly at her freezing tone, and to her surprise he smiled at her. "Just calling it like I see it. Take your time getting those papers ready, I'm enjoying the view," he continued to smile.

She wasn't sure how to take this guy so she pretended that he wasn't there while she got the papers together. She knew that it wouldn't do to be too rude to this man, because after all, he was her boss's son. She fumbled several times before she was able to get everything in order - there was something disturbing about having this guy watch her. She stood up with the papers to find that he was already hovering over her desk, so when she was actually on her feet her body brushed against his.

The jolt that it sent through her was such a shock that she took a step back only to lose her footing. She would have fell, if he didn't reach out and pull her against him. Yvette stood motionless in his arms, her legs feeling like jelly as he hard her against his lean muscular body. Her dark brown eyes locked with amber ones. 'I think I get a reward for rescuing the damsel in distress," he said lightly, and before she could respond, his lips were on hers. At first she tensed up, but as his lips grew more insistent, she softened. The papers flew out of her hands as she found her arms going around his neck as his tongue snaked out to plunder the inside of her mouth. She could feel her body, melting against his. One of his hands that held her waist moved up to brush over a waiting breast and she moaned deep within her throat. She didn't know how long they kissed, but suddenly they were apart.

To her chagrin, she realized that it was Zack who had pulled away from her. She immediately backed away, careful of her footing this time. Not saying anything for fear of what would come out of her mouth, she scrambled to pick the papers up off the floor. She had never been, so embarrassed in her life. How could she act this way when she was had just met this man, she who held all men in the highest contempt? He bent down, and helped her with the papers silently. When they were back on their feet, he was grinning that crooked grin again.

"Sorry things got a little carried away for a minute doll, but you took my breath away. Call me old fashioned though, but I'm from the old school and I like to get to know my women before I go that far," he said. Yvette's lips tightened at his cockiness.

"Well, lucky for you, I'm not one of your women," she said through clenched teeth.

"No, not yet anyway," he smiled. She gasped at his boldness. She had met many men who were full of themselves before, but this guy really took the cake. It was on the tip of her tongue to tell this guy to take a long walk on a short pier but she stopped herself. This was the boss's son, she repeated to herself over and over again.

"Now that you have the papers, I won't keep you Mr. Jansen," she said in a frosty tone. She said it in a voice just enough not to be considered rude. He stared at her for a long moment, and look as if her were going to say something to that but decided against it.

He just smiled again. "I'll be seeing you again, beautiful," and with that he walked out the door, leaving her stunned. Smug bastard, she thought to herself. She found herself getting warm, as she thought about his lips on her. Immediately she shook the image out of her head. She probably just reacted the way that she did because, it had been a couple of weeks since she had a cock between her legs. Yes, that was probably it. Maybe she would give Javier a call later on, after all. She sat back down at he desk and went back to work. Fleetingly Zack Jansen crossed her mind again. If she never saw him again, it would be too soon.

To Be Continued...

Find out more about Cassidy Chastaine, in the next chapter.


This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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