The Best Erotic Stories.

Pt. II: The Wastelands
by Xander


The year is 2376. The world has become a place of peace except for a single resistance group. SexLib.

Sex has been banned illegal for a good 250 years. And having sex is regarded as the worse crime of all. Usually offenders are sentenced to death, or send away to Gulaq for life. Gulaq, a mythical prison deep in Siberia. Province of Euasia. (Europe and Asia is one nation now)

Global law enforcement is solely controlled by Global Defence Agency. G.D.A. GD agents operate throughout the world with vicious and notorious efficiency, striking down all uprising of any kind.

Trey Parker is a GD agent, operating in east Euasia. Highly decorated and law bidding. Except 24 hours ago he had his first sexual experience with his partner agent 336. Who turned out to be a double agent. Working partly for SexLib and partly for GDA.

Trey is weighted down by guilt. But at the same time a new world has open up for him. The world of sex.

* * * * *

Rain was purring down in Trey's face. A cold and biting wind ripped through his long jacket, making his skin crawl and his bones ache.

He sighed deeply and walked on through the alley.

Garbage was pilling up on each side of him, releasing an unbelievable stink. He was walking through a some what indefinable sauce of litter, water. And he suspected dung as well.

Usually he hated solo missions. Good odds at getting your head blown off. But he was quite relieved that he was not going with agent 336, on this one. Actually he was relieved to be as far away from her as he could.

After their sexual encounter in the evaluation room, he'd done anything to stay out of her way. She had made him into the same he was hunting this moment. A criminal of the worse kind. A sexual LawBreaker.

The Agency would have his ass and hang him to dry, had they known what he had done. And to add to his pain, it turned out that one of The Agency's most decorated agents actually were one of SexLibs' most wanted members. The Cat.

Trey was weighted down by guilt from it. At the same time he had seen a world of euphoria, and he hated himself for wanting more.

He checked his motion detector. It showed nothing but tiny moving dots. Rats.

He closed his eyes and shook some of the rain out of his hair. This bottleneck alley was a death-trap. His enemies could easily trap him here, and shoot him to pierces.

He drew his guns and checked the rounds. Fully charged and ready to go.

Better take this one slow. Trey thought. No gun blazing, kicking in doors today. That would most definitely get him killed.

Trey scanned the surface of the walls for an alternative entrance. It was out of the question to enter through the door at the end of the alley. It may seem unnoticed. But it was properly bugged and his presence would be noticed even before he got his feet inside.

There was an air channel about 8 feet of the ground. He had not noticed it right away. It was almost hidden behind a big pile of garbage. Trey hated to go through a pile of waste. But it seemed that he didn't have any choice.

He mounted the pile, trying to find firm footing. His hands went right through the plastic bags and sunk into something cold and sticky. He jerked his hands away and looked at them. What looked like yesterdays supper was smeared all over them. Disgusted he viped them of in his pants.

He continued upward and eventually got to the channel. It was only covered by a mouldy grid, and he had no trouble removing it. Rats instantly rushed out towards him, spilling to the ground. Trey almost yelped in surprise. He closed his eyes for a minute, just to get his pulse down again.

Trey put on his nightshades and peaked inside the channel. Dark dirty and foul smelling was all he could conclude.

Better get at it. He thought.

He crawled inside and tried to settle in the narrow passage. This was really narrow space. Had his arms been down to his side, he would not have been able to move'em. Lucky he wasn't claustrophobic.

Silently he began to worm his way through the air duct. Supposedly this duct had originally meant to bring fresh air inside the building. But by the smell of things, that had been a long long time ago.

Come to think of it, he wasn't even sure the duct went the right way. Well, he had to take that chance. Maybe there was a way inside from where ever he ended up.

His nightshades gave his narrow surroundings a greenish sick glow. But they were very handy in a place like this. Otherwise he would have to crawl in complete darkness.

The sound of voices stopped his movements.


Was all he could make out. But by the sound of it, it looked like he was in the right place.

He stretched his neck and concentrated his ears.

"....get...go inside........she..............ready.."

The sound of a door closing and disappearing footsteps came through the air duct.

Trey waited for a minute or two before he started to move again. He didn't want anybody to be aware of his presence.

He wormed himself forward, very aware about him being in the middle of the enemy lair. Light came up through a grid up ahead, making his nightshades turn all white and useless.

A muffled sound came from the grid, but he was unable to determine what it was. Slowly he crawled up to it and peaked down.

A man and a woman were engaging in a passionate embrace. Touching each other all over. The guys pants was down around his angles, displaying a pair of shorts which looked more like a tent than a pierce of clothing. The girl was only wearing a bra, revealing a nice shaven pussy.

They were not over 25 by the looks of it, but they were really getting into it.

The girl pulled down the guys' shorts letting his fully erect cock out in the free. She stroked it a few times and whispered something to the guy. He smiled warmly at her and nodded. He gently led her to a table, where she lay down on her back. The guy bent over her and kissed her deeply, the girl accepting him with open arms.

She pushed his head down towards her pussy. The guy didn't need to get that invitation twice and he hungrily dived in. The girl closed her eyes and started to moan.

Trey couldn't see any details. The guys' head was blocking the view. But he could imagine what he was doing. He was eating her out. Hmm, was that the expression?

The girls' hands grabbed the guys' neck and pushed his face into her pussy. She arched he body and let out small cries.

Even though Trey couldn't see what the guy was doing, he could hear those wet lapping noises he made. The girl looked like she was in a state of euphoria, shaking, moaning and throwing her head from side to side.

Trey remained completely still. Even if he had trouble doing so. He was lying flat on his stomach and he was beginning to get an erection. And it wasn't comfortable.

The girl was letting out a long cry, and she shook all over. The guy stood up with a wicked smile on his face.

"Got you off didn't I?"

The girl looked at him disbelieving.

"Oh yes. You did...and stop wasting time. I need more."

The guy placed himself between the girls leg while rubbing his cock. The girl spread her legs as much as she could. The guy placed his cock at her pussy entrance and slowly pushed through. The girl grabbed his neck and pulled his head close to her lips. They kissed deeply, as the guy started to pump himself back and forth. The girl quickly found his rhythm and moved with every thrust he made.

Trey knew he had to stop this sexual display. He got paid to do that. But the sight of the two, making love, excited him.

What in the world had agent 336 done to him. He used to be disgusted with sex. He used to strike down such things quickly and efficiently.

Apparently *used to* had meet his doom and disappeared down the drain.

Trey sighed deeply. All right, better get it on.

He moved silently up so his legs were just on top of the grid. He closed his eyes and drew in a big breath.

Trey kicked down hard, sending the grid smash to the ground. He followed right after, landing with his guns ready and pointing at the two.

The girl let out a cry of surprise and the guy stepped back a pace. His still hard cock left the girls' pussy, spraying his semen at that moment. Sending sperm all over the girls' upper body.

Not exactly were it was supposed to go. But what the hell.

The guy starred at Trey, open mouthed. Trey slowly stood up and surveyed the two.

"An agent..."

was all there passed his lips. Trey smiled cruelly and nodded.

"Get dressed and face the wall."

Trey grabbed the girl by the arm and pushed her into the guy.

They both started to dress quickly, seeming genuinely ashamed about their nudity.

The girl was crying a little. Looking really afraid. She had, like so many others, heard about the GDA and since she had become a SexLib member. She had also seen how they worked.

Trey Parker saw all that. But his face remained a rock. He knew he could look a little intimidating at times. He was over six ft. tall. And since hard training was a must in the agency, muscles was not something he missed.

The GDA uniform itself could radiated power. Everything in black. Long jackets, Black thick soled boots. And of course the agents standard issue arsenal. Two phaser guns. Used for close combat, with settings from stun to well done. The EM-gun. Used only on long distance targets. Or if you wanted to splatter someone all over the wall. Last there was the knifes. One boot and one belt..

The guy and the girl looked at Trey with fear in their eyes. Now fully clothed. Both facing the wall with their hands behind their heads.

"You know why I'm here?"

Trey walked to the guy with his cuffs in hand. Both were nodding frantically. He slammed the cuffs shut on the guys' wrists, making him winch in pain.

"You also know which crime you're guilty of?"

Both nodded again. Trey took the girls hands and slammed another pair of cuffs on her.

"And you know the penalty f....."

Trey didn't get any further before the door slammed open.

He wheeled around. All ready to fire at the intruder.

A rifle butt slammed into his jaw. Sending him down on his knees. He tried to role away from his attacker. But a well placed kidney kick, stole away his breath and made his eyes water.

A gun-muscle was pressed against his neck.

"Hands high above your head!"

Trey did as commanded.

"Roll over and face me."

He slowly turned around and faced his attacker. A man the same size of Mount Everest stood over him. The moment he turned the gun was pressed against his forehead. It was an EM. One wrong move and it would take off half his body.

There was somebody standing behind the man, but Trey couldn't quite make out who, until she stepped out from behind.

"Hi ya' cutey."

It was 336. The Cat.

"Agent scum.."

The huge gunslinger growled.

Trey looked, up not believing his change of luck.

"What the...."

336 put a finger to her lips and hushed him. She turned to the huge man at her side and said.

"Black'n Bag him."

Trey didn't even see the fist before it send him flying into dreamland.

A rumbling noise brought back his senses. Though disorientated and painfully aware of the place the fist had hit him.

He slowly opened his eyes. Not wanting to give away the fact he was awake, right away. He was moving. He could feel the soft rumble of an engine.

Where the hell was they taking him?

Soft grunts and muffled moans reached his ears. Someone was having fun.

Trey tried to move but found himself tied up to a pipe of some sort. He looked behind himself, only to see 336 and the huge gunslinger fucking hard. He was taking her roughly from behind, slamming himself up her cunt. 336 was facing him, but was too preoccupied with holding the table, she was bent over. Mr. Big had his eyes closed and was grunting like an animal.

Trey watched in awe. It was quite something to see two people engage in such heavy fucking. It was obvious that this was pure lust driven sex. And in light of his previous experience with 336 it didn't surprise him.

Mr. Big was grinding his teeth now, slamming his cock up 336 very very fast. 336 cried out, begging him to do her good. Mr. Big reached out in front and grabbed 336's firm breasts. He squeezed her nipples and then held on tightly to her.

"Here it comes...."

His body tensed up, as he got ready to shoot his load in 336. She starred open-mouthed right into Trey's eyes.

As Mr. Big collapsed on top of her she smiled that wicked smile of hers.

"Oh 205's awake again."

She shrugged Mr. Big of her back, and he landed hard on his back. And he remained on his back, obviously too drained to stand.

336 however stood up like nothing had happened, pulled on a T-shirt and buttoned her pants.

"Did you like what you saw?"

Trey was speechless, and didn't know how to respond. 336 surveyed his body and mumbled.

"Guess so..."

Trey followed her eyes and he noticed her looking at his crotch. He hadn't even noticed that he had a hard on.

"Where're you taking me?"

336 walked around Trey while his eyes followed her. She grabbed a bottle of water and faced him.

"We're going on a little training exercise. We're going to the Wastelands."

Trey gulped down something there suddenly had stuck itself in his throat.

"The Wastelands. Are you nuts??"

Again she flashed that smile of hers.


Oh God. Not the Wastelands. Of all the places in the world, why there.

The Wastelands were known already in the 20th, as a place of conflict. Back then, the region was known as the United Arab Emirates. But after the big war between former India and Arabia, the region has been closed for outsiders.

Trey would rather spend a hundred years in Gulaq than go to The Wastelands.

The plane started to descend rapidly, and Trey could feel fear gripping his throat. He looked up at The Cat who just sat relaxed on the table. She smiled and leaned back. "Get yourself ready. You're in for the ride of your life."

Trey swallowed hard.

Mr. Big grabbed his arms and hauled him to his feet.

"Let's go agent man!"

Trey was pushed toward the exit. He could smell the dry heated sand and something burning. The Cat was walking in front of him, very erect and proud.

"Mm Cat! What a precious honour."

A man with a thick French accent greeted them on the ground. She hugged the small man.

"Always a pleasure Bateaux."

Bateaux surveyed the rest of the people.

"Ah, I see you still employ Rockman."

He nodded towards Mr. Big. The Cat turned around.

"Yeah, he is very handy to have. And he is loyal to me."

Bateaux smiled. "Oui, I bet he is."

He placed himself in front of Trey.

"So this is the subject." Bateaux grabbed Treys chin and lifted his head.

"Do you think he can make it?"

The Cat shrugged. "Time will tell. If not he'll go insane and the agency will shoot him on sight. If he does, we will have a very valuable asset."

Trey looked like on big question mark. He had absolutely no idea about what they were talking about. But whatever it was, it was deadly illegal. And since the base was located in the Wastelands, it just underlined the fact.

Bateaux pointed towards a sand coloured building.

"Rock, will you be kind enough to escort monsieur agent to the cell."

The big man grunted something and started to haul Trey after him.

Treys handcuffs was removed and he was pushed into a cool cell, only containing a naked mattress on the floor. The door was slammed shut behind him and he was left to himself.

There was no sound but the wind blowing outside. Trey could both feel and hear the beating of his blood in his head, and the million thoughts in his head didn't help. He dreaded what was obviously going to happen to him. And he put his face in his hands, wondering. How the hell did I end up here?

The door was opened and Bateaux entered with a tray of steaming beef, vegetables and a pitcher with water.

"Please eat monsieur. You're going to need it."

Trey stood up. "What are you going to do to me?"

Betreux sighed. "Please eat. The answers will come to you in time."

Trey sat down with the food and started to eat. It was obvious that he was not going to get any answers right now, so he might as well fill his stomach.

Hour ran past and Trey started to drift off to dreamland. Even though he had promised himself not to fall asleep, he soon after his dinner felt the sure signs of fatigue. No matter what he did, there was no way in hell he was going to be able to maintain conscious. They must have drugged him.

So be it. He thought and lay down. May God have mercy on my soul.

"Bring him around!!"

A hand was slapped across his face. The sharp pain brought him back to reality. Trey blinked confused and looked around. "What...."

"Shhh Monsieur, it will be over soon."

Betreux was standing in front of him with a long tube, which ended in a needle.

"What are you doing to me??"

Trey tried to move away from the small Frenchman. Only to realize he was strapped down to a metal plate.

"Please monsieur, try to be calm."

Bateaux held out his hand and gently lay it on Treys forehead. Trey would have jerked his head away if it hadn't been strapped own as well.

"Oh forget it Betreux. Relax is the one thing he will not do now."

The voice was coming from behind him, so Trey could not see the speaker. But had a fairly good idea about who it was.


She came around and faced him. "Yeah, it's me."

She grabbed his chin. "Just don't call me that again. I hate that number."

Trey blinked. "All right....all right."

The Cat turned to the small man and said.

"Let's get this over with."

Bateaux nodded and came forward. "This is a very big honour monsieur agent. Only the best is granted this possibility."

He started to rub Trey's right arm just on the inside his elbow joint.

"What are you doing??"

The fear was now more than visible in his voice. Bateaux didn't answer. But The Cat did.

"Well, 205. After the two of us have chased LB's and other scum for I don't know how many years. You're now going to become one yourself."

Trey looked at her with a confused expression on his face. The Cat smiled at this.

"You are going to be a Breeder."

Trey's eyes became big, with pure dread painted in them.

"NO!!! Please, not a Breeder. I'm begging you. Anything else than that."

The Cat just shot him that wicked smile of hers. "Sorry babe. You're it."

For the first time in his adult life Trey started to cry. He couldn't help it. Tears was streaming down his cheeks and he had absolutely lost every ounce of control he had.

A Breeder. That meant that the little French guy would change his body chemistry and make him want sex. Want it always and with every woman he would see from now on. It was standard that babies was engineered not to have a sexdrive. Everybody knew that. But if that gene was turned active again, the mind would try to compensate for the lost years of non-sexual activities. And created a lust and wanting no woman or man would be able to satisfy.

Trey himself had caught a few Breeders during his time in the agency. And all of them had been so focused on sex, that not even torture interrogations had had any effect on them.

All a Breeder wanted was to breed. Nothing else.

Trey knew his life was about to take a serious turn to the worse. Being a Breeder also meant death, if caught. No Breeder had ever had any other sentence than death. It was just too dangerous to let them live.

Bateaux inserted the needle in Treys arm, and calmly stated. "It's in place. Let him have it." Trey looked down at his arm. With fear in his eyes he watched the needle stick out from his vein.

A transparent fluid was flowing through the tube and entered his body, leaving a rage in his blood that was indescribable.

Trey jerked back and forth on the metal plate. Putting his entrapment to a serious test.

He was burning up inside. Sweat was breaking out everywhere on his body. He was grinding his teeth. Guttural sounds escaped his throat.

Then silence. Trey went limp in the straps and he was breathing heavily.

It is done.

Just before darkness once again took over he heard The Cat sigh. "If he makes it through the next 48 hours, he's my pet....."

Trey was gone.

He was soaking wet, and naked. Burning inside and breathing heavily. At least his cuffs had been removed, and he was free to move around. The mattress on the floor was damp from his sweat.

This was a totally new feeling. His body was reacting as though he was sick with fever. But the heat Trey felt was not uncomfortable. It was a fever, that much he could say. But it was a fever that made him smile.

He had a tickling in his loins, and a wanting there was so unfamiliar to him.

A small smile spread across his face. He didn't want to but couldn't help himself.

What had they given him?

Trey started to pace the room. Back and forth.

Unaware for him a camera followed his every move. Constantly moving in his direction.

"How's he holding up Betreux?"

The Cat lifted a cup of water to her lips. Betreux shrugged.

"So far he is responding positively. The full effect should hit him within the next 6 hours. Then he will be put to the final test."

The Cat drained the last of the water and looked up.


Betreux nodded. "How is she holding up, by the way?"

The Cat cast a look at another monitor. "She has reached the final phase."

The Cat smiled at what she saw.

A beautiful dark skinned girl was lying naked in a cell similar to Treys. She was stroking her pussy with fast moves. Her fingers was moving in circles on her clitoris. She ached he back and threw her long black hair back over her shoulders. There was no sound on the monitor. But from the way her lips was moving, The Cat could tell she was moaning loudly.

"Oh she is definitely in final phase. Come over here and take a look at this."

Betreux moved away from his console and joined The Cat.

"Oh yeah, she's hot and ready. I hope your friend won't take too long before he reaches final phase."

The Cat stood up. "Don't worry he will. He had had a taste of the sweet juice and he will want more. I'll give him three hours. By then he will be so jacked up on lust that no room in this complex will be able to hold him in. Trust me."

She lit a cigarette and went outside.

Standing in the cool desert air and smoking. The Cat wondered why she kept doing it. She had started out as a law-bidding citizen. And she had been so proud when she started her rookie year in the agency. She had really gone into it with every ounce of force she had in her body. She had been feared by many all ready before she had ended her rookie year. She had loved every single minute of it. Until that crucial mission, 8 years ago.

It had been a one-man assignment. Much like the one 205 had been on when she had caught him. She had used stealth and cunning and she had entered the SexLib base unnoticed. Carefully covering up every move she had made, she had worked her way through guard after guard. She had felt such a rush. Like she had been untouchable.

But as it turned out, she wasn't.

She had been hiding in a closet, waiting for her move. She had been in there for hours, and eventually her waiting bore fruit. The sound of illegal activity had come to her ears. The sound of sex.

She had crawled out from her hiding and casually proceeded towards the sound. She had been excited and giving it all she had.

The moment she had come through that door, her life changed forever.

She saw her brother fucking. And she saw he was loving it. He had his dick buried deep within a dark haired girl. And he was pumping away with every ounce of power he held inside him.

She was frozen to the spot. Unable to move. Unable to breath. It felt like someone had hit her hard in the stomach.

She had just stood there, not believing what she saw.

The guns she had been carrying had slowly slid from her hands and landed on the floor with a bang.

Her brother had stopped in an instant and turned around.

"Hannah......." Was all he said.

The girl under him, was frantically trying to cover herself up.

"Kyle??? You......but...." For the first time since she had joined the agency, 336 was unable to speak. She simply didn't know what to say.

Kyle had slowly moved towards her, with his hands held out to the side. She had let her eyes scan him from top to toe. She noticed that he was still having an erection.

"Hannah, please. Just hear me out."

She really didn't have that much of a choice. She was still too shocked to do anything.

Kyle now stood right in front of her, and he placed his hands on her shoulders. She shook violently at his touch, but didn't move away.

"Why Kyle?? Why?"

He smiled weakly, and sighed.

"I thought you knew Hannah. I really did."

"Know what?? What are you talking about??"

Kyle closed his eyes, and bit his lip.

"You know me better than anyone, Hannah. And yet, you don't know me at all."

She had looked at him, not understanding one word. The fact that she had just busted her beloved brother. And she properly had to watch him die for it, was too much for her to handle at that moment.

Kyle continued.

"Okay, there is no gentle way to tell you this, so I'm just gonna blurt it out. I have been a SexLib member since I graduated Moscow University. Mom & Dad has been active members since before you and me was born."

Her legs went numb under her, and she fell to her knees. Kyle took a step back and looked at her with genuine concern.

She could hardly breath. She felt like her whole world had just collapsed around her, and only a deep black empty void filled its place.

Mom.......Dad.......Kyle. But how.........why??????

A million thoughts roamed in her mind, making her head hurt. Why had she not known about this? Why had they not told her? She was an agent for God sake.

"There's more Hannah......"

Kyle knelt down beside her, and put his hand on her arm.


She started to cry. Kyle sighed.

"Yes, more. You're a True Child. As well as I."

She shook herself free from Kyle's hand and started to crawl away from him.

"NO!!!!!!! It cannot be. It must not be."

She could hear Kyle's soft footsteps coming up behind her.

"It is the truth Hannah. You and I are born the old way. No plastic dish for us. No artificial insemination. Only true birth. We are True Children."

She had screamed after that. Screamed loud, long and in pain.

Everything had changed after that. She was an agent, and a damn good one. But now she worked for her family. No matter how the laws were set. No matter which penalty she would face to do so. She could not let her own brother, father and mother rot in Gulaq. Or die by death penalty.

It had all gone step by step after that and.......

"Mm Cat!!"

She was torn out of her stasis by Bateaux. He looked disapprovingly at the burning cigarette in her hand.

"Those thing are going to kill you Mm."

She smiled weakly at him.

"They can't kill what's already dead.......What do you want?"

Betreux looked at her for, what seemed like ages. Then he just shrugged and turned around.

"It is time. Final phase has completed."

She followed him into the complex.

"Already??? No one has been that fast before. There is supposed to be at least another four hours."

"Yes I know. I'm as surprised as you are. But look for yourself."

Bateaux held out his hand to Treys' monitor. She moved closer and looked at the screen.

He was right.

Trey had never felt such strength in his body before. It was like he was burning inside. But it was a good kind of burning.

He was sweating and panting like a dog, and his cock was growing unbelievable hard. Trey smiled. He welcomed the feeling.

He was a breeder now. And it would cost him his life. But the treatment also brought a clarity he had not felt before. His mind felt so clear.

He knew exactly what to do.

The door opened behind him, and Trey froze on the spot.

What now???

He slowly turned around, ready for anything. There was nothing there. Only a door, a little ajar. Trey strained his ears and tried to hear what was beyond the threshold. But he could not. Neither did the opening reveal enough of what was in the next room, for him to determine anything for sure.

He had to cross to see.

Trey slowly moved towards the door, feeling his every step. It was actually quite annoying to have a boner such as the one he was carrying. Especially when he had to concentrate on his proceedings, right here and now.

The monitor started to get fuzzy.

"Damn it!!! Stupid old thing."

The Cat hit the side of the screen quite hard.

"Easy lass. Technology and violence is not good bed mates."

Betreux lay his hands on the Cats' shoulders.

"He will take the bait. He can't do anything else."

The Cat sighed.

"I guess you're right."

Trey lightly pushed the door open and let his eyes scan the room. There was nothing inside except a bunk and a chair.

He crossed the threshold and entered the room. It looked almost identical to the one he had been in. Almost.

The colour on the walls, was different. But that was all.

Trey casually moved forward. Someone had been occupying this room, but there was no trace of that person.

Trey sighed and allowed himself to relax a little.

The door slammed shut behind him, making him literally jump. He swirled around, with his heart stuck in his throat.

With the sight that meet him, it stayed there.

A girl, properly in her mid twenties, only wearing a long T-shirt, stood before him. Judging by her appearance, she looked like she was from this part of the world. Beautiful dark skin, long lightly curled hair. And a pair of big brown eyes. Her body looked muscular. Properly from the hard living The Wasteland gave. But she was nothing like, what the agency wanted to show. Which was dirty, thin and out hungered people. No, this girl looked like she had fed well all her life.

Trey felt a strange burning sensation in his loins, as he ate her up with his eyes. His throbbing erection was hard to the point of pain. His breathing became heavy, and his heart beat so fast, that he could hear the blood pound in his ears.

The girl seemed to be examine him, the same way he was examining her. The was a fire in those stunning eyes of hers. She tilted her head a little to the right, and spoke.

"Agbahran enit ocurzi??"

Trey had no idea about what she had just said. He just shook his head, to indicate, he had not understood. The girl spoke again.

"You speak English??"

Trey nodded. But didn't say anything. The girl spoke with a heavy accent.

She took a step towards him and let her eyes scan him once more.

"Are of them??"

Trey shook his head.

"No, I'm not. I'm a prisoner here. Who are you??"

The girl moved all the way up to him.

"A prisoner like you. I am Azirani."

Thousands of thoughts ran through Treys' mind. Was this one of The Cats' tricks? Had Azirani received the same treatment as he had? Was she a Breeder too?

His mind didn't provide him with any answers.

Trey looked down at himself, and became painfully aware of his erection. Which was pointing right at Azirani.

"I'm Trey........"

The two of them started to circle each other, trying to figure the other one out. Neither one of them, finding the answers they looked for.

Treys' blood was boiling. He wanted to touch the beauty in front of him, use his newly broken in dick. But the feeling was so new to him. He had never experienced lust like this before. And he was quite frankly, unable to deal with it.

Azirani looked down at his erection, and made big eyes. She licked herself around the mouth and looked up at him.

She was sweating, much like he was. Her breathing was the same as his. Trey noticed how her breasts lifted with every breath she took.

He moved closer. And they were now only inches apart.

Not a word was spoken between them. They just looked into each others' eyes. The tension between them was electrical. The chemistry, mind-blowing. Treys' skin was crawling, and his hands was trembling.

He wanted to reach out and touch Azirani. Feel her skin. Feel her muscles flex under his fingers. Lick her neck and taste the saltiness of skin. Let his fingers gently caress her entire body, leaving no spot untouched. He wanted to lick her lips, kiss her deeply. He wanted to......

Trey shook his head violently. Those were illegal thoughts and forbidden actions. It was wrong. He couldn't do this.

His mind knew reason, but his entire body disagreed with every thought he had.

In the end, Azirani took matters into her own hand. Or more precisely, Treys' raging hard on.

Trey lost all concept of rational thought. Aziranis' touch was almost electrical. Like a bolt of lightning from a blue sky.

Trey leaned forward and kissed her neck, letting his tongue gently caress her. She started to moan. All while she began to stroke him, teasingly letting her fingers run around the most sensitive part of the head.

Treys' hands was all over Azirani. And she returned his favour. It was obvious that they wanted each other. And it couldn't happen fast enough.

They backed up against the wall, still holding each other in a hot embrace. Trey grabbed her T-shirt, and ripped it off in one swift move. Displaying a Goddess like body. Azirani pulled him closer, by his dick. And guided him towards her pussy entrance. She lubed him up with her, already dripping pussy, placing his dick at her entrance.

Trey was now shaking all over. This is what he wanted. Craved for.

He slowly pushed his way in, while he held tightly on to her. Azirani ached her body, as she felt him enter her.

"Oh God.......YES"

Trey slowly began to move back and forth, really enjoying the tight feeling of Azirani. Moving faster and faster.

She meet his thrusts' and lifted one leg for him to grab. Making easier access and deeper penetration.

Trey was grinding his teeth and really getting into it. Her mouth was open and her eyes were closed, accepting everything he had.

Betreux smiled at the display on the monitor.

"I guess you were right Mm Cat. He has turned to our side."

The Cat smiled with a sigh, and sat down in one of the chairs.

"Oh, he has not crossed over entirely yet. He will have his troubles accepting what he does. But he cannot turn back now. I know it, you know it. And most importantly, he knows it. If he does turn to the agency, he knows they will kill him. And he wont have that."

The Cat watched the monitor, as 205 let out a soundless scream of pleasure, shooting his semen deep into Azirani. Thrusting hard into her.

The Cat smiled.

Oh, yes. Now he's mine....

To be continued...


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