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Swans Pt. II
by Eve

"Oh, baby!" he groaned as he pumped away at the supple blonde beneath him. He leaned over to thrust his tongue in her mouth to match the rhythm of his lower body. His hands squeezed her huge breasts mercilessly as his cock worked in and out of her tight pussy. He loved the way her pussy contracted so tightly around his erection. It felt like pure heaven. He had never enjoyed fucking another woman so much in his life.

Clay had wanted this particular woman for a very long time, and he couldn't believe that he was finally here with her, giving it to her like he knew she wanted it. The fact that she laid beneath his rather limply with a bored expression on her face didn't penetrate his senses, nor did he seem to notice that she held up one perfectly manicured hand to examine her nails. All he could think about was how good it felt to be inside of her. God, she was hot! Clay couldn't believe that he was fucking such a beautiful woman. He looked at her admiring the way that her platinum hair was spread wildly around her pillow. She was any man's wet dream he thought to himself. His body tensed up suddenly, indicating that he was about to cum.

"Oh God yes!" he yelled as he shot his load inside of her. He smirked to himself, at fifty years old, he still had it. The next time he fucked her, he would pull out of her just before he came, and then he would cum all over her fat tits. At that thought he collapsed against her, his breath, ragged and uneven from the physical exertion. After a few moments of trying to catch his breath, he nodded off.

"Clay?" Cassidy asked tentatively. She was answered with a loud snore. She wrinkled her nose in distaste. "That's what I get for letting that old man fuck me," she muttered under her breath only to be answered by an even louder snore. Was that it, she wondered to herself? She was disappointed that Clay turned out to be a talker. He had always bragged about his prowess in bed, and how large his cock was. It was a shame to find out the exact opposite. Their love making had lasted for a total of five minutes, foreplay included. She knew this because she had kept a vigil, on her bedside clock. It was quite an effort to pretend that she had enjoyed it, especially since his penis was rather small. She had to contract her muscles quite tightly in order to feel anything at all. What a joke that had turned out to be. Cassidy shoved his limp body off of her and got out of the bed.

Clay had been actively pursuing her for the past couple months, and she let him. He took her out to the most exclusive restaurants in town, and brought her little trinkets. She especially like the gold and diamond pendant that he brought her. It was only when he hinted at giving her the sapphire ring that she had hinted to him about, did she finally decide to give him a little pussy, after all, she was no sucker and there was no way that she was giving up the goods for free.

She went to her bathroom and studied herself in the full length mirror. She admired her slim, toned body that she took good care of. Her flat stomach and tiny waist emphasized how shapely her hips and breasts were. She liked the way her well shaped legs and a nice round derriere looked. Her blonde curls rested softly around her shoulders like a cape. Her violet eyes scrutinized every part of her anatomy. She ran her fingers absently thought her hair. I will need a touch up on my roots soon, she thought to herself.

She ran her hands lightly over her 34DD breasts, remembering a time when she was an A cup, her breasts being a gift from an admirer. She hadn't been naturally endowed like her friend Yvette, but it sure was amazing what you could buy with technology she smiled to herself. She fondled her breasts quite freely now, getting a little hot at her own touch. It had been so long since she had had good sex. Peter had been the best - it was too bad that he had turned out to be such a rat. Her fingers squeezed her pink erect nipples and she moaned in the back of her throat. While one hand continued to fondle her breasts she let the other one roam down her flat stomach, to her shaved pussy. She rubbed her now swollen clit, slowly, rolling the little nub between her thumb and forefinger.

Cassidy captured her lower lip between her teeth so that she wouldn't scream out too loud from pleasure. Heaven forbid if Clay came to join her, she was doing better on her own. She stabbed her pussy with two of her fingers. Her pussy was already soaked from Clay's cum, but as she worked her fingers in and out of her she cunt, her own juices mingled with the ones already inside of her, causing the juices to run freely down her legs. She leaned against the wall to support herself not removing her fingers from between her legs for even a second. He fingers moved in and out of herself as she used her thumb to rub her sensitive clit. Her hand worked in a frenzy. Cassidy's knees buckled beneath her as she brought herself to a climax.

She lay there on the floor to gather her wits before getting up to take a shower. She turned the water as hot as she could stand, to wash the scent of him off of her. She was sure that she would never get the smell of cigars out of her hair, Clay being fond of them. Clay was the Vice President of the company that she worked for. She knew that he admired her since she had come on board as the CEO's personal assistant. He wasn't a bad looking man at fifty, but he was only the second in command when she had first started, and her boss Peter, was the head guy, so of course that where she focused all her attention. Alas, that hadn't worked out and Peter was no longer with the company. Of course, in normal circumstance she would have refocused her energy into snaring the new CEO, who this time around was a very eligible bachelor. There was no way, however, that she was going to let that geek lay his hands on her. He was a scrawny little man, who's glasses practically cover his whole face, and Cassidy didn't like the way he looked at her sometimes, so Clay had looked like a much better prospect.

For the past few weeks she had been able to wheedle some money out of him to buy herself some new clothes. She didn't care that he was married already. Clay was the type of guy that enjoyed extra curricular activities but would never leave his wife. She knew his type well, especially with the lesson she had learned with Peter. Clay was just for fun, and it didn't hurt that he supplied her with her favorite toys, jewelry, money, and other tangible. Maybe if she was very persuasive, she could wrangle that fur coat she wanted out of him Cassidy thought. What she needed, was a single, rich man, who could keep her in the style that she had always dreamed of since she was a little girl.

She remembered sharing her dreams with Yvette. She would talk about the big house that she would live in and the numerous servants that would wait on her hand and foot. She would have a fur coat for every day of the week, a couple of cars, jewelry galore, trips to Europe and a sucker to pay for it all. Love would be nice but as long as he had lots of money love she was sure that she could learn to love her husband. She would have a husband who was revered by all. He would have a name to reckon with, like a Kennedy, or a Rockefeller. With his name she would command respect from the same people who had put her down when she was a kid. She would walk around with her head held high. "That's Mrs. so and so," they would whisper. One day it would happen.

Where she had come from, the name Chastaine name was associated with the poorest family in town. Cassidy was one of six children, she being the oldest. Her family lived just on the outskirts of town in the trailer park. They were stereotyped as the typical, "trailer trash" family. Her father Danny was in prison for armed robbery and had been there since Cassidy was seven. He hadn't really been much of a father figure when he had been around anyway. When he was free, he chose to hang out in bars and cause trouble around the county. If her mother hadn't insisted on the monthly family visits to the prison, Cassidy was sure that she would forget what he looked like.

Macy, Cassidy's mother, worked when she could but having six children was hard on a practically single mother. One child was always sick or she couldn't afford to keep them in child care. It was inevitable that they would begin to depend on the checks that the state sent every month which was barely enough to keep the bills paid and food on the table. It was embarrassing to attend school in thrift store clothing that the rest of her classmates would sneer at. Sometimes when things were especially tight her family would go without some meals. At times the only hot meal that she and her siblings would have all day was the free lunch at school. Sometimes the electric and water bills weren't paid which meant no hot water, no lights. Without water they stunk, yet another thing the kids at school picked on them about.

She refused to endure the humiliation of washing up in gas station sinks. Cassidy had to be the strong one, for her brothers and sisters. It was she who would comfort them when they came home from school crying. She was the one that pulled the family together. Macy was not much help, claiming that her nerves were bad. It seemed that Macy liked to use that excuse a lot. She used her nerves as an excuse not to work, not to look after the children, and to sit on her butt and get fatter with each passing year. Cassidy began to suspect that Macy would horde away part of her checks to feed herself while the kids were at school. She began to feel a contempt for her mother, and the life that they led. Why couldn't they have been born rich and why did some people have so much while others had so little? By the time that she was twelve her life was a living nightmare. The hardest part of the day was making it through the school day. She was called every name in the book from "white trash," "dirty whore," and "raga muffin."

The humiliating names were endless. Practically the whole student body would shun her. No one would sit at her lunch table, people moved out of the way when she walked by so that she would not brush against them. Some people would even hold their noses as she passed. Even the teachers would look on her with disdain. To her surprise there was one girl who was friendly to her. Cassidy never knew why the quiet girl had decided to befriend her but she was grateful. Even though Yvette had been overweight and unpopular herself, no one treated her nearly half as bad as they did Cassidy. People at least tolerated Yvette's presence because she was so quiet and never bothered anyone. Yvette was a year younger than her because Yvette had been skipped a grade early on.

The two girls had found that they had a lot in common and became the best of friends. Cassidy would spend a lot of time at Yvette's house. She enjoyed spending time with Yvette, and Mrs. Randall, Yvette's mother. Mrs. Randall had been one of the few people that treated Cassidy with any kindness. Things changed however when Yvette's mother married Tyrone Chambers. Tyrone was one of the towns councilmen, and he let everyone know it. He was a pompous self-important jerk, and a truly hateful man. Tyrone, moved Yvette and her mother into his home which was on the more posh side of town. To Cassidy's dismay Tyrone would not allow her to step foot in their house. He called her "white trash" to her face. He even went as far as to prohibit Yvette from seeing her outside of school. It was disappointing not to hang out with her friend, but she still managed to talk to Yvette, at school and sometimes Yvette was able to sneak away from home every now and then to meet up with her.

Cassidy was sure there was never a more hateful being than Tyrone, especially when Yvette, had confided in her about Tyrone's private side. It broke her heart to see her shy, sweet friend, become withdrawn, and a little bitter, having to live in such circumstances. It almost made her feel that her family situation wasn't so bad. It only made then closer, because at the end of school, neither would want to go home. Things pretty much went on as they were until, Cassidy's mother had a nervous breakdown when Cassidy was sixteen. Her mother was put in the county mental facility, and she and each of her siblings were put in separate foster homes. Her foster parents were the type who took in foster children to pay their bills and they could care less about her well being, but at least she ate a hot meal most every night and she was able to get some new clothes because her foster mother had considered it her "Christian duty" to do right by her, which Cassidy knew was a bunch of shit, since her foster parents spent most of the money the state sent them for Cassidy's upkeep on themselves. She kept in contact with her siblings and most of them were better off in their new homes.

Since she had no brothers or sisters to take care of anymore, she got herself a job working in a burger place. She saved her money religiously. She lived with her foster parents until she graduated high school. She hadn't been made the best of grades at school, and of course there was not enough money for her to attend college and of course her foster parents had no intention of helping her out, so she did the first thing that she could think of. Cassidy packed her bags and took the first bus out of town. She hated having to leave Yvette and her siblings behind, but she knew that this was something that had to do for herself, unless she wanted to end up like her mother. She didn't have a destination, but the very first big city that the bus had passed through, she decided to settle.

With the money she had saved up, Cassidy rented a room from an old lady cheaply under the condition that she not come in the house at all hours of the night and play loud music. Since she had no job skills or training, she took the first job that she could, waiting tables at a local diner while enlisting in a secretarial training course, and some computer classes. She worked in the diner as long as it took to finish her classes, and then she had landed a job working at a small construction firm as a secretary to one of the executives.

It was then she had got he first taste of the good life. Her boss Rick, was a good time guy who saw no problem with showering his secretary with little gifts. Cassidy was so flattered because no man had ever taken such an interest in her before. Though Rick Diamond was several years older than her, Cassidy fell instantly in love with him. She knew that he was married but it she just knew that he would have to leave his wife for her because he wouldn't shower her with gifts or take her out if he didn't. Besides, he told her that his wife and him were having problems, and being the naive nineteen year old she was she believed him. He had been her first lover. He would eat her pussy relentlessly making her cum, over and over again. He would caress her body so lovingly. He would make her scream his name while he screwed her. She was in love, and in lust.

Later on in the relationship, he suggested that he move her out of the little room that she was living in to a nice condo that he would pay for. She jumped at the suggestion. Her condo was much nicer than anything she had ever had before. Her dreams of living it up were finally coming true. Things went on like this for a year when her bubble was busted. Rick had come over one night to say that he had to end things because his wife was expecting his child. He told her that he would continue to pay her rent only until she found another job because he thought it was best that they not see each other again at all in any circumstances. Frustrated and furious, she raged at him, then she cried, and then she begged him to reconsider. In the end he walked out on her. She knew then that there was no room for love in her life and she had to look out for number one.

t was then that her mercenary nature took over completely. She was already an attractive woman but she, certainly wanted to shed that girl next door image she saw when she looked in the mirror, so she made a few changes to her personal changes to her appearance. She dyed her mousy brown hair to a dramatic platinum blonde, she began to work out in the gym furiously taking on a more tone shape although she had always been slim. It did wonders for her appearance and after that the string of men were endless. Most of them she used for the things that she could get out of them, like money, jewelry, cars, one man had even given her the money for breast implants. Others, she kept around for good sex. The world was her oyster by the time she was twenty-four. She had a nice cushy job, a much nicer place than her first condo, a shiny sports car and several men on her speed dial eager to pay for it all.

It galled her that for some reason, she wasn't happy, and then she would remember her childhood, and dream of that respectability that she had always longed for. It was elusive still. Yes, there were men willing to take care of her but none wanted to give her their name. By sheer coincidence, she met up with Yvette again, who happened to live a few blocks away from her. Yvette was working at some law firm, and she too had changed quite dramatically. Gone was the overweight, acne ridden, frump, and in her place was a knock out. When the saw each again, they eyed each other wearily at first as some beautiful women did when they sensed competition, but it didn't take them long to fall so easily back into the friendship they use to share.

Yvette had changed quite a bit, but underneath all her cynicism and bitterness that Cassidy detected, she was still the sweet girl that Cassidy remembered. They had been friends as girls, and now they were friends as women. Cassidy's skin began to pucker in the shower. She didn't know how long she had been in there, but the hot water was not so hot anymore. She stepped out of the shower only to be confronted by Clay. He was standing in the mist from the shower, with his cock fully erect. "I wish you would have waited for me baby. I would have scrubbed you back," he winked at her suggestively.

Cassidy barely stopped herself from shivering in disgust, but she plastered a smile on her face. "I'm sorry. Tell me what I can do to make it up to you?" She licked her lips flirtatiously. He looked down at his swollen cock. "Well, baby..."

"Say no more, I'm on it." Without further hesitation, she dropped to her knees in front of him, and took the waiting cock in her mouth.

"You certainly are on it," he sighed as his eyes rolled to the back of his head.

To Be Continued...


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