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The year was 1994, I was a University student in Melbourne, Australia at an extremely competitive school, one where books and studying were the norm. Relationships were for after college!

Anyway, it had been a long, hard semester. I had gotten pneumonia and had had a very tough time completing all my courses on time and successfully. I am sure I would have failed at least one course if not for my friend Melinda. She took notes in class for me and made an effort to get me up to speed enough to complete my final exams!

By the end of the semester I was exhausted, both physically and mentally. I looked forward to nothing more than packing up my belongings and heading home for some rest and relaxation... and no libraries!

It was around 8:30pm the night before I was set to head home. I was packing up my belongings and blasting the radio... the most appropriate method of psychological release at the moment. Suddenly at more door appeared Melinda and several other friends and acquaintances, including Tami. Tami lived in the room next to Melinda. With all the time I spent studying and cramming with Melinda it was always a pleasure to admire Tami. She was extremely cute, a year younger and a great conversationalist. Whenever we took a break from studying it was always a joy to sit and talk about everything and nothing with Tami. I had always been interested in her, but never had the opportunity as our relationship was definitely aiming in the platonic direction.

Anyway, Melinda, Tami and gang wanted to know if I was interested doing a little bar action with them to celebrate the end of the semester. I said no, that I was beat and just wanted to get ready to get out of town! Tami, put some pressure on me, but to no avail... off they went without me!

About an hour or so later I had just about completed packing, and was finishing up the last load of laundry. I was playing the radio still, but now it was on a soft rock station playing very softly. I was mellow!

Suddenly, a very light tapping on my door snapped me out of my trance. Opening the door I was surprised to see Tami. She noticed my reaction and explained that the bar that the group had gone to was cutting down on underage drinkers and would not permit her (the youngest member of the group) in. She had come back alone and wanted to see what I was up to.

She was visibly disappointed about missing out on the bar action, so I offered here a glass of wine, the only thing remaining in my tiny refrigerator. She said that would be great, but she would enjoy it more mixed with some Seven-Up. She went off to the soda machine, as I pondered the evenings possibilities. I decided that the norm would prevail and we would have some pleasant conversations.

Tami returned and we jumped up on the bed and drank some "spritzers" and just talked. We talked about current events, school, her family, and just about every other benign subject known to man. However, after about an hour we started discussing (for the first time) more intimate things, like relationships, lovers and the meaning of life. In the course of this more provoking conversation a further intimacy came over us.

At one point the conversation subsided for a moment. And Tami edged closer and touched her lips against mine. Her lips were extremely soft and delicate, in fact they felt better than any lips I had kissed before. Her lips parted and our tongues met in a long and extremely passionate kiss. She delicately moved her tongue inside my mouth, exploring and arousing me with every movement of her tongue. For at least twenty minutes all we did was kiss in a very slow and compassionate way. We were both becoming more aroused by the moment, but we did not want to ruin what we were doing, it was as if our lips and mouths were made to be joined.

Tami finally pulled away and stood up. I was afraid that the night was over as she started walking away from me towards the door. She said absolutely nothing, and I just stared after her. When she reached the door she turned around to look at me, as she did so she put her hand on the light switch and gently switched off the lights. I couldn't see her as my eyes needed to adjust to the new ambiance. I finally noticed Tami had moved back closer to the bed. All I could see was her silouhette against the small amount of light entering from the window.

I noticed her slip out of her shoes, and start to unbutton her blouse. She slowly undid it button by button. Finally, pulling the tails of her blouse out of her pants, removing it and carefully draping it over a chair. She then put her hands between her breasts and unclasped her bra. She slowly removed it and dropped it to the floor.

I was mesmerized. Tami's breasts were greatly minimized by her clothing. She now seemed to be a 36D, with full round tits. I strained to see her nipples in the dark, and was pleased to see that they were extremely erect and at least half an inch long.

Tami still had not said a word. She continued removing her clothes. Next she dropped her jeans to the floor and stepped out of them. I was silently hoping her panties would be next, but soon realized she had none on. Her backlit image just showed her very heavy cover of pubic hair. Between her legs I thought I saw some beads of moisture, and licked my lips in anticipation.

With her hands she motioned me to stand up and join her. I did so, and without saying a word she slowly started unbuttoning my shirt. When she had it completely undone she gently began rubbing the palms of her hands over the silk like hair on my chest. For several minutes she lightly rubbed me, at times spending some extra moments lightly brushing against my nipples. I reached out to touch her, but she gently took my hands and placed them back at my sides.

She then undid my belt and pants and gently caressed my hard-on. I thought that she was going to tease me, but after just a moment she unzipped me and pushed my pants down around my ankles, without hesitation I stepped out of them. She then did my underwear, taking almost a full minute to pull them down my legs. She got on her knees to help me keep my balance as she had me step away from my Jockey's.

Without touching me with her hands she took my penis in her mouth. She slowly rubbed her tongue around my cock, spending special attention to the sensitive underside of my tip. After just a few moments her hands were on me, rubbing my balls as if weighing them within her hands. With one hand she continue to cup my balls, her other hand reached behind me and searched for my asshole. She gently urged her finger into me. I was almost unconscious from the ecstasy that Tami was creating for me. She lovingly sucked my cock, fondled my balls, and massaged my prostate at one time.

After what seemed like an eternity I started to tense up as I felt that my cock was about to release its load. Tami, must have sensed what has impending, as she pulled away, stood up, and laid down on the bed. Instead of joining her I got down on my knees next to the bed and put my head between her legs, searching for her clitoris with my tongue. It was not a difficult task, as her clitoris was engorged and obviously from her moanings and squirming extremely sensitive. After just a few moments she yelled out in orgasm, and released a great deal of vaginal fluid onto my tongue. I slowed my licking to just gently tease her and in a way to relax her as well. As she laid there in a dazed state I gently traced my tongue up across her belly so that I could finally explore her nipples. I was pleased to notice that they were extremely dark silver dollar sized.

I gently run my tongue around Tami's nipples. At first she just laid there and relaxed. After a few moments she started caressing my shoulder and head, and as she did so I started sucking on her nipples with more intensity. I nibbled, I sucked, a ran my tongue across her breasts as if it where a feather. She got more and more aroused. I could smell the sex smell of her pussy as I continued suckling Tami's breasts. She shuddered orgasmically several times. Her breathing rate increased and she finally said the first words since the lights were turned out, "Oh, I want you inside me, now."

Always the one to oblige I lifted myself up a little as she spread her legs. With no delay she reached down and grabbed my cock, she very gently caressed it and then directed it to her hot opening. As I entered her it was as if I were entering another dimension. She was extremely wet and steamy hot.

I started moving back and forth, in and out, the pace increasing slowly. After a few moments I heard Tami's groans and breathing increase, I too was reaching the point of climax. Tami let out a huge scream as I pumped my load into her pussy. My cock pulsated as more and more hot cum entered her. Finally exhausted we stopped, looked at each other and kissed gently and passionately, just as our first kisses were.

I rolled off Tami and we hugged. Finally I dozed off for what seemed like only a minute or two. I gently awoke to the feeling of Tami licking my cock. As my cock grew hard again she looked up at me and explained that she had to go back to her room as she had some packing to do, but wanted to "help clean up first." She smiled and went back to gently licking all of our lovemaking juices off my cock.

She stopped, laid back to next to me and thanked for a great evening. She said she wanted to stay the entire night, but she had a 7am flight in the morning and had not packed yet. I understood. Still in the dark, Tami got dressed, kissed me, and left.

I stayed up most of the remainder of the night playing the scene over and over again in my head. I kept thinking about the next semester and what would happen between Tami and I.
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