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by Rebecca

I'll make the history of things brief. I was a 42 year-old woman trapped in a marriage for appearance only. My husband, a 62 year-old man had told me after our marriage that he was gay, not just gay but he had a hardy appetite for young men. He was wealthy and I guess after my first failed marriage and after struggling with no money for so many years I accepted my fate. After all, he has provided me with more then enough money to send my son and daughter to the best universities where they are studying, my son is in Med school, my daughter a sophomore at Yale.

So I was now forced to live a sexless life. My husband had warned if ever I was caught in an affair I would be left penniless. I thought things were too good and I wanted the children to make it through school so fear and paranoia kept me faithful to my husband. I did have a wide variety of toys and I masturbated almost daily. Of course the children knew nothing of the disaster I had gotten myself into.

Then came summer vacation. My son did not come home but my daughter did and she brought along with her Tony and Mary. Mary was her roommate and Tony, Mary's brother was a senior at Yale. Their parents were out of the country and she invited them to spend a few weeks at the house. Our home is rather large and with 10 bedrooms, we had plenty of room.

As far as my husband, he never brought men home. He owned a Penthouse in the city for his indiscretions. He generally only came home 3 or 4 nights a week. We attended all his business functions together and he proudly displayed his trophy wife. I enjoyed the attention the men paid to me at these functions.

I called myself a trophy wife because my lack of sex has put me on a rigorous training schedule. When we married I weighed 150 pounds, much of it was my breasts which were 44DD. I have since lost 30 pounds and have slimmed down to a 40DD-27-36 figure. I'm 5'7" and have long auburn hair and yes, its red all over. Being hit on only added to my frustrations. I had one boring failed marriage with a man who would only have sex in the missionary position and who thought oral sex was filthy. Here I was, 42 and I had never given a blow job or had my cunny licked. Yes, I was pathetic.

My daughter Shelly is like her father in that she is tall (5'10") with brown hair and eyes and thin. She always asked me as a teenager why she didn't inherit any of my breast size but her 34B bosom looked good on her tall, athletic body. She was a soccer and tennis star at college, she was a jock.

Mary, her friend was shorter and fuller bodied. She had classic Italian looks as did her brother. Dark hair, olive skin and deep brown eyes. They were both rather good looking and I was pleased to see they seemed to get along so well. I found myself immediately attracted to Tony's good looks and easy going manner. He was a muscular 6'2" and I'm ashamed to say I wondered what that hard body looked like out of clothes.

My daughter took them around L.A. the first couple of days and I didn't see much of them. Then on a Tuesday night I discovered something strange about their relationship. I was unable to sleep and was in the kitchen making tea when I heard foot steps above. The maid was asleep down the hall and our driver slept in an apartment above the garages. The children's bedrooms were in a section of the house as the master bedroom and one other bedroom. I made my way up the stairs. The bedroom Tony was in was empty, the door open as was the room Mary was staying in. I saw the light under my daughters rooms door and walked toward it. I heard giggling and hushed voices. I stood close to the door and listened in, knowing eves dropping was rude but I couldn't help it. What I heard shocked the hell out of me. "You like to watch me eat your sisters hot little pussy, don't you?" I heard Tony say yes, "You like to stroke that huge cock of yours...God, its so fucking big. We like watching you jerking off...wishing you could slide it in my hot, bald cunt!" I heard him moan something like an agreement.

I stood outside that door until I heard moaning and what sounded like Mary's voice telling my daughter how good she ate pussy. Thats when I returned to my room, forgetting about the tea I had made. I was shocked to discover my daughter was making it with another woman but it also aroused me to the point of fucking myself silly with my biggest vibrator imagining it was Tony fucking me.

The next morning the kids came down wearing their bathing suits ready for a relaxing day in the sun by the pool. They convinced me (they ganged up on me) to join them by the pool. As I was changing I decided on a conservative suit for two reasons, one of course was my breasts. I had several bikinis that I wore when I wanted an all over tan. In fact, our large gated backyard afforded me the luxury of nude sun bathing when the house was empty (well, as empty as it gets with a live in maid). The second reason was my thick pubic bush. I was always self conscious about my thatch of pubes but I guess I was always too conservative to shave them. After all, no one had ever been that close to me and my ex husband seemed to not mind. So off I went wearing my one piece.

The kids were already in the pool and they stayed there for nearly an hour before they came out. My eyes immediately went towards Tony's crotch and I gasped when I saw the outline of his cock, his suit clung to his bulge for a few seconds before he pulled the material away. He looked at me and smiled as if knowing I was looking at his cock. I could feel my pussy starting to get wet.

Of course, in my private hell there was more to come. The girls decided to sunbathe topless. I watched with an interested eye as they shed their tops and rubbed lotion on themselves. I noticed Tony paying close attention too and after a few minutes I saw him shift a bit and make an adjustment to his crotch area. That was it for me, I excused myself and headed for the gym. When I'm working off sexual tension (which is often) I have my most productive workouts.

I went to my room and changed into a leotard and a baggy t-shirt and put on my socks and sneakers. I had Roberta, our maid bring me in a bottle of water and I set about on the stationary bike first. I had my walkman blasting and I was imaging myself kneeling in front of Tony and worshipping his cock. I'd only seen two in person and judging by the occasional adult movie I'd watched they were nothing special. I thought what a fool I was to marry my high school sweetheart without ever knowing another mans touch but that's how I was raised, to be a virgin when I got married. Now look at how pathetic I was.

I almost fell off the bike when Tony walked in, I felt like he could read my mind and knew that I had been thinking of him. He too had changed into a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and sneakers. "Can I join you?" I saw his lips say, then I turned down the walkman and he said it again. "Sure" I said and got off the bike. I was embarrassed by the rather large sweat spots on my shirt and the crotch of the leotard. If he noticed he was being polite and acting as if he didn't. So we worked out on various equipment for what seemed like forever. The only machine left was one for the thighs and buttocks, you know the one where you get in and your legs are spread wide and you have to use your muscles to pull your legs together? well, me and my wet crotch got on first.

I was grateful that Roberta came in and asked if we needed anything and we both needed some water. She gave me a knowing look as she left to get our waters. I could feel the crotch of my leotard, which was soaked, rub against my pussy as I worked the machine and I knew I could cum if I allowed myself too. But not in front of a man 20 years younger then me, younger then my own son. I ended and Tony got on the machine just as Roberta returned with our water.

I walked to Tony and stood at the foot of the machine and waited for him to finish his set so I could give him his water. That's when he stopped and sat back, his legs opened wide. I saw them, his balls. They were large and they were hairless and I almost reached out to touch them. My pussy was wetter then I ever remembered in my entire life and my mind was beginning to listen to my body.

"I have something to confess..." I started, "I overheard the three of you last night," he cut me off and sat up suddenly. "Look, Shelly's lifestyle is something you should discuss with her" Now it was my turn to cut him off. "That's not what got my attention...well it did but that's not what I've been thinking about non stop since last night." "What would that be?" he smiled and relaxed a bit. "Are you really..... is it really that big?" I looked down at his crotch as I asked him. If I wasn't so out of control horny, I never would've been so bold.

Tony didn't answer for a long time, but then he stood. I was sitting now on a bench and his crotch was eye-level. "Would you like to see?" he didn't wait for an answer, he just pulled off his shirt and I admired his washboard belly and then he lowered his shorts...all the way down and then off. There it hung, thick as my wrist and nearly a foot long. He was void of all his pubic hair and I think it made him look even bigger. I was lost...too far gone.

I leaned forward and held it in my hand. I began to stroke it...the foreskin made his cock look sexier. Although I have never sucked a man before but my instincts took over. As I inhaled his manly smell I just started to lick him. I licked his balls all over and up and down his shaft and pulled the foreskin back and sucked on the head. He was moaning and it inspired me. The more I sucked him the more I was able to take in my mouth until I was able to swallow nearly three quarters of him. He reached down and was squeezing my tits and I was climbing toward an orgasm. He pushed me away from his cock suddenly and I thought I had done something wrong. "What's the matter?" I asked wounded a bit. "I'm gonna cum" he said. I smiled up at him and went back to sucking him. This was my first blow job and I planned to go all the way with it.

I went back at him with determination. I pumped his shaft, I could barely get my fist around it. I slurped, sucked and swallowed his apple sized cock head. I squeezed his balls and he exploded. I drank down as much as I could but it was too much. I took my mouth off the head and he just kept shooting wads of cum all over my cheek and into my hair... more cum then I'd ever seen. When it was over I put him back in my mouth and licked him clean. Then I heard my daughters voice coming down the hall. "Mom? You guys in the gym?"

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