The Best Erotic Stories.

by Sexy Eyes

I am sitting here on the couch, lap top beside me and writing this out on paper before I type it in...I want this to be perfect for you asshole..and the way you scene is the best and I wanna make you cumm all over ass (what a nice, tight ass) my tits (so firm and not very big..but perfect for you and me) my face (what a slut face I have...mmmm)FUCK cumm everywhere all over my pretty little wants to feel your warm, thick jism all over me...but where I want it the first time is all in my hungry mouth...I wanna feel it run down my throat...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

While you are laying on your back...hands still tied, and as I am facesitting can not breath all you can do is smell, and taste my juices...oh and what a sweet smell I have...DO YOU LIKE MY SMELL FUCKER? do you wanna taste it and FUCK it? Oh fuck, my cunt is so wet writing this to you...

I get off your face and go into a drawer...I grab a couple of being clothespins so I can put on MY nipples and a blindfold for YOU...I do not want you to see what I will be doing to do..I want you to use your ears to hear what is going on...and your nose to smell me when I am around you FUCKER...Would you like that???

I untie your hands, and tie them above your head instead...and I take my spreader bar and tie your ankles onto it...WOW what a way to tie you up...mmmmmmmmmm I put the blindfold on you...and now you can not see anything...all of a sudden everything goes do not know what is going on anymore and it is teasing you terribly. I go to the cd player and put on some Marilyn Manson...(he is a very kinky fucker)his music drives me totally crazy and it is always great fuck hear the music and you know that everytime I put it on, that I am feeling very kinky and ready to fuck somehow...but you also know that everytime before I fuck you..that I love to tease your awesome fuck body...

You hear me go into the wonder what could possibly be in there that I may need. I get back to you and tell you not to move because if you do then I will cut you..and I do NOT want to cut you. I see that you have pubic hair and I don't like pubic hear something like shaving cream...I tell you to bring up your pelvic for me and I put a pillow underneat you. I take my scissore and trim your hair first of hear the sound of the clipping and this is making you nervous yet very exited. Then you feel a cold cream spread all over your balls and all around your cock. I ask you how you feel...and you respond that you are very exited and real turned on.. then I take the razor (mach 3 of course) and I begin to shave your pubic hair above your cock...I work my way all around..NEVER cutting you. I finish shaving you and I wipe you clean...

You don't hear anything anymore...and start wondering what is going on now. You hear the shower go off...and you can hear me moan in are so hot hearing me moan, and then you hear a different is not MY hear another womans moan...oh and this is driving you crazy...while it was silent again, and all you were able to hear was the music, I was bringing in my girlfriend...and she had joined me in the shower...Her and I were fucking each other inthe shower and you were tied up...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Then silence again...and all you now felt was someone crawling over you, you could smell her scent, so fresh and sweet...but you were confused on if it is me or her...but the thought of not knowing drives you crazy...then the woman whisperes in your ear "how are you feeling now slaveboy?" and you then knew that it was me crawling over you...and this thought made you so hard and so responded to me that you wanted to cum...I then said that you now have to fuck my girlfriend in front of me...while I masterbate. I take the blindfold off you and untie you are now relieved that you are able to move. you look at your nice soft clean shaven cock, and then my girlfriend enters the room...she is tall, slim, and very slutty looking...I tell you to take her how I want you to take her...I tell the both of you that you are both my sluts...and that I want to get off watching you both fuck like animals for ME...

You are so wild and turned on looking at me and her she gets on the bed with us...I grab her by the hair and pull her face to mine and kiss her are just kneeling there..with your cock so hard and ready to blow all over my femslut...Her and I are grabing each other by the cunt and rubbing each others now beg to be able to fuck her...interupting us...but I then say..."ok sluts, I want you both to fuck each other slowly, you both may NOT cum until I am ready to cum watching you both" You both agree and I tell you to take her doggy style...I want you to fuck her cunt do so and as soon as your cock enters her loose let out a moan of relief, and then I order you to pump her hard...and fast...I hear the two of you moan and I know that you both are getting crazy...I tell you to now fuck her to the beat of the music...when it goes low..fuck her slowly and when the beat picks up...fuck her HARD...

I am sitting on a chair, legs spread, I have my didlo inside me and rubbing my clit at the same time....I am also going to the beat of the music...(so it is like I am getting fucked by you at the same time) only I have the dildo inside me. Watching the two of you fuck is making me nice and wet...I can hear my juices splatter onto the dildo I have inside my cunt...mmmmmmm it feels really nice too. I am almost ready to cum and I know that the two of you are too..I can hear it when you pump her wanting cunt in and out...and then I order you both to STOP...I decide that I want to be part of it...I put on my strap on and walk over to you both...I get you to lay on your back, her on top of you her back towards you. Your cock in her ass...and I facing both of you fuck her in the cunt...I know that this will get us ALL cumming in no time...We BOTH pump her holes...pleasure all around, sweat falling on you and her...I am squeasing your balls while I fuck her good and HARD to the music...I order both of you to beg for permission to cum when you are ready...because you are going to cum all over her and I want you to have time to pull out before...and at the same time I will eat her juices when she picture this....when I give you both permission, she lays on her back, I have my face in her crotch, getting ready to eat all her cum, and I am stroking your cock to cum all over her tits and face...NICE PICTURE??? I think both are getting off...and I LOVE the fact that I gave you power to cum. You are cumming a lot and it is so thick, and sticky...I aim it to her face first and then to her tits...I feel at the same time her cunt pulsing and squirting all her juices into my mouth and all over the side of my mouth.

I swallow her cum and lick her body all the way up to your cum and lick that all up too..I am such a greedy bitch...I want it all in MY mouth...then I turn around and kiss you...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

I order you to go get cleaned up...(go shower) and when you are done then we will continue with you watching me and her together...

To Be Continued...


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