The Best Erotic Stories.

by Catisfaction

Over the hills and far away,
Teletubbies come to play.
Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa Laa, Po.

Tinky Winky woke up one morning, he got out of bed and looked out of the window. It was a bright sunny day. He heard a movement behind him, it was Po.

"Ohhhh," groaned Po, "I've got that damn morning hard-on again." Tinky Winky looked over at Po, sure enough, the little circle above his head was hard as rock.

Tinky Winky felt his own triangle getting harder as he stared at Po's retreating form as he headed into the bathroom. Tinky Winky took a last look at the glorious day outside the window, smiled to himself, and followed the path Po had taken.

He stopped outside the bathroom and paused, hand on knob. Leaning one ear towards the door he could hear soft moans coming from within. He thrust open the door, and was confronted with the sight of Po rubbing his stiff throbbing circle, and whimpering in pleasure. The circle was twice it's normal size, and as Tinky Winky reached out to touch it, he discovered that it was smooth, and hot. He felt his own triangle expanding at the sight of Po's excited state, and as Po slowly, shyly, reached out his hand to touch it, Tinky Winky felt an involuntary shiver of pleasure run down his spine. He looked into Po's eyes, and saw excitement, and apprehension. Slowly he moved closer, until he could feel Po's warm breath on his cheek, he lowered his head, and planted a long, tender, lingering kiss on the tip of his nose. Po returned the pleasure, with a slobbery wet nosekiss, Tinky Winky raised his face slightly, and they began to rub noses together. This was it, this was nose sex, an extremely exciting, intensely pleasurable part of tubby foreplay, this was the one thing he'd always wanted, but had never received. As they continued in this slow, erotic embrace, Tinky Winky could feel Po's circle occasionally brush against his triangle, ever so softly, like a tiny butterfly landing there. His triangle was now bigger than he had ever known it could be, he could feel the sensation pulsing through his body, and he knew that there was no turning back.

He pulled away from Po, and pushed him to his knees. Slowly, gently, he began to run his tongue around the outside of Po's circle, he could feel Po shake and shiver as waves of pleasure washed through him. He took part of it in his mouth and began to suck, moving his tongue over the sensitive inner edge of the circle, slowly he moved his mouth around the entire circle, never once stopping, just continuing to give as much pleasure as he could. He felt Po's hands circle his waist, running over his back, and over the cheeks of his arse.

As Po's excitement increased, Tinky Winky felt The little guys nails digging into him, clawing at the sensitive skin of his arse, the pain only served to heighten Tinky Winky's excitement. He knew that Po was close to cumming, and as Po thrust his circle as far into his mouth as he could, Tinky Winky held it with both hands running them up and down and around the parts that his mouth wasn't touching, he sucked harder, and harder, until in one tremendous burst, Po came, and warm sticky cum came pouring out of the inside edge of his circle, Tinky Winky moved his mouth as fast as he could to lick up every last drop of the warm tubby custard. Po flopped to the floor, Tinky Winky held out his hand, pulled Po up, and led him to the bedroom, they curled up on Po's bed, and promptly feel asleep.

As Po awakened, he realised that Tinky Winky's triangle was semi hard, he reached out his hand and began slowly and gently, stroking and caressing it. Tinky Winky groaned as he began to wake, by the time he was fully awake, his triangle was huge. Po could feel it pulsing and throbbing in his hand as he began to stroke and rub it harder and faster. Tinky Winky reached for Po's semi hard circle, grasping it firmly in his hand. As he began to pump his hand around it, Po's hot throbbing member grew.

Po slowly began kissing Tinky Winky's stomach, trailing kisses up his chest, and finally planting one on his nose. He slowly manoeuvred himself on top of Tinky Winky, giving him another wet slobbery nose kiss. Po bent his head until he felt the soft touch of Tinky Winky's triangle, he lay there for a few moments feeling Tinky Winky's anticipation increasing as fast as his breathing, Po savoured the gentle touch of Tinky Winky's triangle as it pulsed and throbbed beneath his own hard hot circle.

Suddenly Po thrust his circle into Tinky Winky's triangle. Tinky Winky gasped, then groaned as Po pushed in and out, slowly at first, gently. As his rhythm increased Tinky Winky's moans grew louder, and he pushed his triangle up and down, intensifying the pleasure, increasing the speed. Faster and faster they moved, harder and harder they thrust, each wanting to make the ecstasy last as long as it could. Po reached his hand under him, and began stroking Tinky Winky's nose, this was too much for Tinky Winky and he began to cum, great spurts of cum came flowing out of the inner edge of his triangle, coating Po's circle, suddenly Po began cumming too, and as their juices ran together, they both flopped back onto the bed, huggled close together, and drifted off into a peaceful sleep.
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