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by Passion

I never thought I would tell this story, but after reading some of the stories on this websiteI thought I would. It's not that I am ashamed, but it is a taboo subject. My brother and I were closer than most brothers and sisters are at sixteen (we are twins). Though I could never catch him at it I could feel him mentally undressing me. At first it made me angry and a little nervous but I began to feel a little bit of a thrill from it. It was though I could tell he appreciated the way I looked.

I decided to give him some little peeks to see what he would do. One time I went into his bedroom wearing the large tee shirt that I wore to bed, I sat on his bed and asked him something about school, as I sat there I let my shirt creep up so he could see my panties. I knew he liked it because he had a hard time taking his eyes off my crotch. I felt excited and wanted to try it again. The next night I took off my panties, this time I sat cross legged on his bed. At first I was nervous and kept my shirt pulled down over my thighs. But after a while I got my courage up and pushed myself forward on the bed, this pulled my shirt up so that he could see my pussy.

There was no doubt about his reaction, I could see his dick sticking up under his sheet. He seemed embarrassed but I pretended that nothing was wrong. I was tingling all over from the feeling that my pussy was exposed and that he was looking at it, I felt my nipples get hard and could see them poking through the thin fabric of my tee shirt. I could tell he noticed too. When I left his room I waited a minute and peeked around his door and saw him jacking off. I hurried back to my room and got into my bed and started rubbing my pussy and thought about what else I could do.

The next night I was in the bathroom that we shared, I called to him asking him to come help me. When he came into the room I was down on my hands and knees, I was wearing only my tee shirt and no panties. I told him that I had lost a contact and couldn't find it. He took one look at me with my shirt riding up my butt and flopped down next to me. I positioned myself so he could look down the vee of my shirt. He noticed right away and stared at my boobs, I pretended not to notice. I did notice that he was he was wearing a pair of boxer shorts and his dick was starting to fall through his fly. Fortunately there was no contact to look for because I was too busy looking at his dick and he was too busy checking out my cleavage.

I lowered myself onto my elbows as though looking harder for the lens. This caused my shirt to ride up higher over my butt, it felt like it was completely exposed. Eric must have noticed because as I watched, his dick fell all the way out of his shorts and I could see it stiffen until it stuck out straight. Wow, I thought, this was the first hard on I had ever seen. I couldn't imagine anything that big going inside of me. As I stared I thought about him sticking it into me, we were so close to each other, his hard dick hanging out and me half naked, it seemed that if either one of us made the move the deed would be done. I started to shiver, I was scared about the possibility. I had to stop before anything happened.

I pretended to find the lens announcing in a shaky voice that I had it. Eric hastily tucked himself back into his shorts. We both stood up, avoiding each other's eyes. He returned to his room and I went to mine and got right into bed. As I lay there in the dark, I still shook from the excitement, thinking about how close we came and wondered if he realized it. I drifted off to sleep only to wake with a start, Eric was standing next to my bed and his hands were on my breasts.

"Eric! What are you doing?" I asked in a startled voice. He mumbled that he thought he had heard me calling him, and then he left my room. At first I was scared, it was one thing to be playing a game where nothing happened but it was another thing once he started touching me. As I thought about it I had to admit that it was me who led him on and I remembered how excited I had felt when were in the bathroom. I began to regret that I hadn't let him touch me some more, I had awoken with such a start that I didn't notice what his hands felt like on me. I wondered if he would try it again or if I had scared him off for good. Maybe I could come up with another tease.

The next night we were both getting ready for bed, I was in the bathroom, I was stalling, taking as long as I could when finally I heard him knock. "Come on Gini. you've been in there a hour" I heard through the door. I was wearing only my panties, I put one arm up over my boobs, covering my nipples and not much more. I opened the door and walked nonchalantly past him across the hall and into my room. Knowing his eyes were glued to me I walked to my bed, keeping my back to him, I slipped off my panties and reached for my tee shirt, as I slipped it over my head I turned a little, giving him a peek at my boobs. As I turned to get into bed I saw him still standing there looking at me, I smiled at him and turned out the light.

I lay wake hoping he would come, I wasn't disappointed. He crept in almost noiselessly. I pretended that I was asleep, when I felt his hands on my breasts I carefully opened my eyes figuring he didn't come in to look at my face. His hands felt strong and yet gentle, as his fingers rubbed my boobs, I felt my nipples stiffen, standing up to the pressure of his touch. He stopped and I wondered why until I saw that he was lifting off my covers. He pulled up my shirt so that my pussy was exposed, I felt his hand brushing against my pussy hair, I gave a little shiver my heart was pounding. His fingers were probing trying to work their way into me. I started to get scared, I couldn't let him go any farther.

"No. Don't." I said with a sob. Eric didn't say anything he just left the room as quietly as he had entered it. After he left, I lay there thinking about what I had started. On one hand, the thrill was almost unbearable, my body still felt like it was on fire, I was sweating and still shivering, I felt like I was unfinished, that I had worked myself into this state yet couldn't go through with it and I wouldn't be satisfied until I did.

On the other hand, I was only sixteen, a virgin, almost having sex with my brother. You might be wondering how I could even think about doing it with my brother, maybe it is because we are twins and have no other siblings. Everything we have done we have done together, until now. Besides he is very good looking and tall with a slim swimmer's body. In my dreams, the first person that I have sex with always resembles Eric. I didn't know what to do, I needed a sign.

The sign came that weekend when our parents went out to a party and left us at home alone. I decided to make a move and see what happened. After we had dinner and watched a little television, I told Eric that I was going to take a shower and get into bed. I went downstairs to bathroom, leaving the door ajar, I undressed and got into the shower. As I soaped myself up I saw the door swing in slowly, I knew Eric couldn't resist. Though the shower had a textured glass door, I knew he could get a pretty good view. I took my time lathering my boobs and pussy putting on a show for him, I pressed my boobs against the glass, flattening them. When I turned off the water I saw the door close. I dried myself off got ready for bed. I held a towel around myself and went into my bedroom and slipped into bed. I lay there waiting for him to come, I knew that he would wait for me to fall asleep. I thought about what I was doing, trying to keep the doubt off my mind.

I must have drifted off because I awoke to the feel of my covers being pulled back. I opened my eyes and saw him standing there staring at my naked body, I heard his breath coming deep and rapid. As his hands touched my breasts his fingers brushed my hard nipples, I gave a little sigh, my breath was coming quickly now. His hands slid down my sides to my hips. I felt his hand on my bush a light touch at first. I squirmed a bit letting my legs open up, giving him some room. I felt his fingers touching my pussy, spreading my lips, then a finger slid in. I moaned, my legs opened wider. His finger pulled out, I wondered why, then I saw him sniff it and then lick it, he was tasting my pussy. His hand came back down , the finger slid back into me, I couldn't help it, I moaned again.

It was then that I noticed his other hand was on his dick sliding up and down his length, he was naked too. His finger felt so good but I wanted more. "Fuck me" I whispered, just barely loud enough for him to hear. He hesitated, unsure if really had heard something. "Fuck me" I whispered, a little louder this time. I was sure he had heard me, maybe he wasn't sure what to do. "Eric, don't you want to fuck me?" I whispered still louder.

"More than anything" he whispered back. I spread my legs still farther. He got onto the bed and knelt between my legs, his dick looked enormous, it was standing straight up. Suddenly I was scared, it looked too big to fit inside me, what if it hurt. But I didn't have time to think anymore. He leaned over me aiming at my now wide open pussy. I gasped as I felt it entering me, it felt so big. I felt a sudden sharp pain and then he was all the way in. I groaned, I couldn't believe the feeling, my little pussy felt like it couldn't stretch any more. All my senses seemed to going into overload, I thought I would faint. And then he started moving, slowly he pulled back out, I suddenly felt so empty, I wanted it back. And back it came, he started his rhythm, in and out, in and out. I wrapped my arms around his broad shoulders and held on tight.

He started to move faster and faster. My heart was pounding, my whole being seemed to centered around my pussy, there was nothing else. I heard him start to groan and push harder into me, I began to feel a warmth rush over me, and then a feeling I'd never had before shot up the middle of my body as though a bolt of lightening from my pussy to my brain, I gasped his name, he moaned mine. I felt his warm wetness in me. He collapsed in my arms, we were breathing as though we had just finished a marathon. He lay on top of me, his weight felt good, his body was pressed tightly against mine.

I asked him to kiss me, he gave me a brotherly kiss. I stuck my tongue between his closed lips, his mouth opened and his tongue came to meet mine. I felt another thrill, kissing my brother like this, despite what we had just done, felt deliciously naughty. Almost more than fucking. We didn't say anything and after a while he got up to go back to his room. We didn't talk about it the next day, as a matter of fact we pretty much avoided each other. It was a few days before we even talked about what we had done, we agreed we would never tell anybody. This wasn't the last time we would have sex together, as a matter of fact it got more interesting as we got older, but I'll tell that story another time.

P.S. I am writing this on my brother's computer, we (my son and I) are spending the night at his house. Eric and I are 34 now, we have both been married and divorced, he has a daughter and I have a son, they are both 10. I look forward to writing more about us.
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