The Best Erotic Stories.

by S. Smithe

She awoke not knowing where she was or how she had gotten there. In fact all that she could discern was that she was face down on a bed with her arms secured above her on the brass headboard. She wore only a white jersey knit tee shirt and white cotton panties and the cold dankness of the room she found herself in made her nipples poke through the thin fabric showing a ghost of the pink flesh which surrounded them. As she was shaking her head trying to clear the drowsiness from it she heard the creak of a door and slow deliberate footsteps towards the bed. She tried to turn her head to catch a glimpse of the person who was holding her captive but she was tied in such a way that her attempts were futile.

The footsteps continued on the cold concrete floor and with each one she could feel the tremors of fear run through her abdomen. She began to struggle feeling the rope cut into her soft wrists. She flinched as without warning a hand came down to caress her ass through the thin fabric of her panties. A deep voice told her "If you behave yourself and stay calm this will all be very easy for you, I know how nervous you little virgins get." She then realized why she was here and what this man wanted to do to her. She had kept her virginity 19 years and had never wanted it to be taken from her in this way. Becoming hysterical at the thought she struggled anew with her bonds and whimpered:

"Please, no... please just let me go..."

"Are you going to behave?"

Crying now she replied "Please Please -- I won't tell anyone, I just don't want to do this...Please" The gruff voice then said again

"Are you going to behave?" and punctuated the sentence with a hard pinch on her ass which elicited a gasp from her parted lips. She could only cry in response to his question and so he continued rubbing her round ass. "Get up on your hands and knees" He hissed at her. She obeyed, spreading her knees to compensate for the lack of support from her bound hands. This gave her captor the room he needed to move his hand from her ass down to feel the contours of her pussy and circle the little nub of her clit through her panties causing her to suck in her breath as the tears continued down her face.

He reached over and pulled the crotch of her panties aside as he deftly inserted his finger into her. He began to slowly fuck her with his finger soon sending another to join the one already inside of her. With his rhythmic thrusting her sobbing subsided only to be begun again once he with drew his fingers from her to reach up and slide her white panties over her ass and down her smooth white legs. She felt completely vulnerable with her upturned pussy open to his gaze.

She felt the bed tremble as he positioned himself behind her and cried out "No please no, no..." as she felt his hard cock pressed up against he ass and being rubbed up against the lips of her pussy. She continued to plead with him not to fuck her as he said "I told you to behave" and landed a forceful slap upon her bare ass. He then grabbed her hips and slowly but firmly slid his cock into her until only his balls were left outside of her pussy. She ceased her sobs and struggling as he said "Good girl" and began to fuck her slowly easing himself in and out of her tight body. He began to go faster and hunched over her grabbing her small tits feeling the hard nipples through the white cotton.

She just knelt there, tears running down her face, knowing there was nothing she could do. She sensed he was near finishing by his sporadic movements and hoped this ordeal would be over soon. He gave her three or four more hard thrusts then suddenly pulled out and shot his cum onto her white round ass cheeks. She could hear his labored breathing as he got off the bed and his footsteps on the concrete as he left her alone in the cold room still secured to the bed. Exhausted, frightened and alone she collapsed on the bed sobbing once more unsure of what to expect next.

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