The Best Erotic Stories.

by Jenne64

Tuesday night. Bed at last. I'd had one of those days that I just wanted to forget. As I climb into bed with Marc I cuddle up tightly to him. It always makes me feel safe knowing that he is close to me. I begin to drift into a happy contented sleep. Suddenly I feel Marc being pulled from my grip. I'm only half a wake now but can sense that something is wrong. I hear hushed voices but can see no one in the darkness.

I feel a strong pair of hands reach down and hold me down onto the bed one hand over my mouth. Through the haze that is sleep I realize that there are 4 men in the bedroom. The bedroom light comes on.

I'm forced to watch as two of them pull Marc from the bed and tie him to the chair across the bedroom. He fights them but they are too strong. They bind his legs and arms to the chair. I watch powerless as they turn towards me. I want to scream but can't. I want to run but can't. I want to cry but can't. I realize that to resist is pointless. I try to switch off as they stand over me. I watch as they turn to each other and sneer.

The one holding me down tells me to be quite. He releases his hand from over my mouth I let out a gasp of air. As he releases his grip on me I suddenly sit upright and try to struggle. As I do they grab me. Two take An ankle each while the the other one holds my wrists as they knock me back onto the bed. They stand over me and I am powerless to react.

I feel naked in front of them even though I have my nightie and panties still on. As the others hold me down I watch as a large man begins to touch me. He runs his hands over my chest. I start to struggle again. they hold me tighter. He reaches forward and rips my nightie from me I lay in front of him with just my panties on. I want to cover myself up. Cover my nakedness. He leans over me, hands on my breasts, turns to Marc and smiles. "What a beautiful pair of tits your wife has!" He lowers his head and begins to suck my nipple. Every fibre in my body wants to struggle but I know it's pointless. The man that is holding my wrists pushes his face into mine. He forces my mouth open and pushes his tongue into it. I feel a hand begin to travel roughly up my inner thigh towards my panties.

"Spread your legs!" they order, I obey.

I lay there waiting for them to do something. One reaches down between my legs and begins to feel my pussy through my panties. "shaved!" This seems like a signal. They begin to touch me again. A tongue is pushed into my mouth, Hands are run over my breasts.. My panties are ripped off me and a hand begins to probe my sex. I feel helpless as they do this to my body. I feel ashamed as I realize that I am becoming wet between the legs. I turn and look towards Marc. He looks back at me. My eyes plead with him but I know that he is powerless to help me. A cock is pressed into my face I realize with a sickening feeling that I am expected to suck it.

My hair is pulled from behind and my mouth is guided towards this large cock. I place it in my mouth and have to fight every instinct in my body not to bite it! I resist as my hair is pulled and I am forced to take it as far back as my throat will allow. I want to gag as I take it but know that I mustn't. Faster and faster it is rammed into my mouth, I feel it begin to twitch and know that he is about to come. I try to pull away but am held there. I feel his sperm begin to pump from his cock. I feel it trickle down my throat and am forced to swallow it all. He turns " your wife gives good head for a whore" I hear him say to Marc.

I feel hands all over my body. I feel fingers begin to probe my pussy. I feel one finger then two slip inside me. I feel mouths clamp onto my nipples. part of me wants them to stop the other part doesn't. The large man stands over me. I realize that it is him that has his fingers buried inside me. He pushes my legs wider apart as his gang continue to plunder my body. He pushes his cock towards my pussy entrance.

"please no" I hear myself plead with him.

"Shut the fuck up and take it bitch" I know it's pointless to resist as he forces my legs further apart and pushes his cock deep inside me. He pumps mercilessly, faster and harder than I have ever been fucked before. Again a cock is forced into my mouth. As I suck I realize that I am actually beginning to enjoy the sensations that are beginning to build within me. I try to resist them but as his cock pumps deep and hard into my pussy I find these feelings harder to fight. I begin to relax. I feel myself begin to orgasm.

I just can't help myself I lose myself in the feeling of it as his cock pumps harder and faster as he nears his own orgasm. I feel his cock begin to pump his seed deep inside me. As he does I feel my mouth fill with spunk. The large one climbs off when he is finished. I'm turned over and am told to stay on all fours. I feel a finger probe my pussy once again. It travels towards my ass hole. It's pushed into my ass hole. I squirm as it enters.

It makes my ass hole smart. I want them to stop but at the same time don't. I'm so mixed up now. I want it but I don't. Someone gets up and goes over to Marc. They untie his bonds and force him to come closer. " I want to get a good view as I fuck your wife's ass" he's told. I feel a cock rub against my wet clit then begin to slid towards my tight virgin ass. I cry out as he begins to force it into my tight ass hole. He holds me down as he slips into me. I feel it fill me. I can see Marc. He looks at me and I feel strange as I begin to realize that he appears to be enjoying what he is seeing. I have seen that look in his eyes before. The look of lust! As the guy behind me forces his cock deeper into my ass hole I scream out. I'm in a state of confusion now as I look at Marc. I can see the excitement in his eyes as he watches this guy fuck my ass. I see his cock begin to bulge. I want him to fuck me not these men.

As they continue to fuck me Marc is order to remove his clothes, as he does so he is made to stand in front of me. As he does I begin to realize just how much this is turning him on. His cock is harder than I have ever seen it before. He reaches down and pulls my mouth towards his cock, I greedily take it. I can't believe how horny I'm beginning to feel as I take him while my ass is being fucked by a complete stranger. Without warning the guy fucking my ass begins to come. I feel his seed pump deep inside my ass as I suck Marc's cock and suddenly I don't want this to stop.

My hair is pulled again and I am yanked away from Marc. One of the guys lies Marc back on the bed and I'm ordered to sit on his cock. I look at him, I've never seen him so excited. I'm helped onto the bed I straddle him. As I begin to lower myself onto his cock another member of the gang help guide his cock into my wet pussy. I gasp as I feel it swelling inside me. "I think your wife is beginning to enjoy this!" I hear someone say to Marc.

"Has the bitch ever had her ass fucked while you we're inside her?"


"I think it's time she did, don't you?" No answer was given or required just one look at his face said it all. I'm pushed forward onto Marc's chest and a finger is slipped into my tight wet ass hole. "I'm going to enjoy this bitch". Without any warning this guy kneels on the bed and thrusts his cock deep in to my tight hole in one movement. I let out a small scream as he does.

"Keep the bitch quiet!" A cock is thrust into my face. I don't have to be told to suck it this time around. As I'm fucked in every orifice I feel my body respond. I've stopped fighting now and began to really enjoy the sensations that are washing over me. My body begins to tense as I near orgasm. As I feel the wave of orgasm wash over me I totally relax and enjoy it. If they are going to use my body I'm going to use theirs as well. I push myself deeper onto Marc's cock as I feel him begin to come. This in turn sets off the guy fucking my ass. The cock that I am trying to suck begins to twitch. Greedily I lick it eager now to taste the sperm from it. As he comes he splashes my face with his come.

I kiss Marc and make him taste the come in my mouth. He raises his head, smiles and whispers, "Guess you enjoyed my surprise in the end"

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