The Best Erotic Stories.

by SickOfDumbHoochs

It was the strangest display of proof that she and I belong together that I'd ever seen. It was about 4:50 on Friday afternoon, and I was finishing up my final proofing on my story. We discussed going out that night, but I thought about her too much to want to share her with the rest of the world. I knew she'd be tired, so I wanted to make sure I prepared a perfect evening. I stopped by the florist and bought 3 dozen peach roses-They're her favorite. I found some of her favorite massage oils and bath beads, so I was totally prepared for a night of pampering her. I even stopped by her favorite boutique on the way home to search for this black negligee that she loved so much. They had one more left on Wednesday and I wanted to see it adorning my wife's lovely frame. But when I got there, it was gone. But I, undeterred, continued home to make my wife feel like the beautiful lady she had always been to me.

I opened the door and almost fell due to the fact that the hall light was dimmed. I went to turn on the lamp, and she had taped a note. The note instructed me to meet her upstairs at exactly 5:45. As I walked in, it was 5: 40 and I could hardly contain myself. I sat in the living room armchair, I took a bowl from the kitchen and got a bowl of ice and four of her favorite candles. I tried my best to be casual as I walked up the stairs, but I was more anxious than a rich family with an only child at Christmas.

So as I strolled up the stairs. bucket of ice and roses in hand, candles in my overcoat, I saw her. She was wearing a long black gown leaving plenty to my overactive imagination. She immediately took the bucket of ice, seductively running it around her tongue. She sat on the bed as I lit the candles around the room. As I began to remove the rose petals and spread them on our bed, she peeked in my bag and discovered the massage oil and bath beads. It was music to my ears when she finally spoke to me.

"I've been wanting to feel you with me all day, and now that I have you I don't know if the jaws of life could pry me away."

She took my coat off and loosened my tie. The tip of her tongue gently traced my lips. She whispered into my ear, and I honestly am not sure what she said, but her breath in my ear mad me feel warm from head to toe. I leaned in and whispered to her about the negligee.

"So when did you buy it?"

"I didn't. I had them hide it from you at the boutique, I knew you would be there to buy it, so I wanted to at least spoil one surprise."

Her gown was slit on both sides, and I ran my fingertips up and down her left thigh. God I loved how soft her legs always stayed. She glanced into my eyes and smiled as I caressed her. I kissed her gentle lips and brought them inside of mine. Her lips tickled mine as I slid them down to lick her bottom lip. She took my shirt off and crawled on top of me. She knew how much I love her aggressive tendency.

She placed my hand underneath her gown and guided me down to show me how aroused she was. Seeing her desire slide down my fingertips made me unbelievably aroused as well. When she slid her silky panties down over her feet and crawled on top of me, she made it a point to grind against me, without taking any of my clothing off, just to drive me even crazier.

As she removed my pants and m boxers, she teased me with her tongue for about 4 seconds, and then turned over to her back. I so badly wanted to take her, but I knew it was not yet time. I slid her gown off and doused her with her favorite massage oil. To rub the oil in, I rubbed my naked body against hers. This drives her crazy as the oil warms the small space between us. The sliding up and down against each other makes us both moan. As she asked for me inside of her, I chose to massage her from her feet upwards. I rubbed up towards her thighs, dancing ever so close to her dripping desire. As I usual do with her, I tied her wrists with a pillow case, and followed my fingertips with my tongue. It drove her crazy that she could do nothing but receive pleasure, and she slid and wriggled all over the bed.

I took her by her hand and led her to the bathroom, and prepared her bath. I'd love to say I laid her in the tub and bathed her. But we had a detour. She sat on my lap facing away from me on our loveseat on the way. She and I both wanted me to penetrate her, but I thought better. I reached underneath her thighs and placed my fingers inside of her, while fondling her breasts and licking the back of her neck. This drove her crazy, and her passionate moans confirmed this.

As she turned around to face me with a wild look in her eyes, I knew it was time to make love to her. So I laid her in her in the tub, and climbed in with her. She placed me inside of her, and it was almost like a swim in what I imagined being heaven. As the rhythm created by the sounds of the water, and her moans, and our bodies drove the night forwards, I didn't realize how close we had both driven each other to a simultaneous climax. Our physically demanding grinding in unison seemed effortless and infinitely pleasing. Her arms were wrapped all the way around me, as I knew she wanted to literally, spiritually, emotionally, and sensually feel all of me.....

And she did and I felt all of her. I walked her back to our bed where I dried her off and tasted her after her climax, only to find her willing and able to climax again from the gentle stroking of my tongue and the caresses of my lips. The warmth was unimaginable as we lay together, naked, staring at the late night moon in each others' loving arms.


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