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by Wodita

Phil had found the pager number in some rarely viewed web page, and tonight, after pacing back and forth across his elaborate fitness room filled with cardio equipment, punching bags and free weights equal to the best gyms on the East Coast, Phil dialed the number. Phil sat back and contemplated his actions.

"What am I doing," Phil thought to himself. "I'm 32 years old, the youngest VP in my company's 87 year history, making excess of $250,000 a year with another $3,000,000 in stock options after my 5 year company anniversary and I've had to resort to a call-girl for an intimate evening."

Phil had not felt the intimate touch of a woman in over 6 months. Although wildly successful as a marketing director, Phil could not transfer his work confidence into relationships. His body was chiseled from years of letting out his work and personal frustrations in the gym; however, he always lacked the self-esteem to act on the glances he received from nearly every woman he passed.

Phil had long outgrown big city nightlife, and his position prevented him from moving around with what used to be his pack of friends. Phil had been forced to run around with a bunch of 50 year-olds pretending to still be 25 while their kids were out smoking dope and having sex in college. His life was financially prosperous yet socially broke.

Phil's phone rang and, after 7 rings, Phil finally picked up the phone.

"Hello," Phil answered.

"Good evening," the voice on the other end of the line responded. "How are you tonight?"

The voice was soft, yet raspy. The voice of someone you might hear at 3:00 a.m. on alternative radio. Phil's hair stood on end. Here was a man who commanded respect from 1000 person audiences when he spoke, but, now, his stomach was knotted like some 12 year-old schoolboy.

"Somewhat nervous, I must admit. I've never done anything like this before."

"Well, why don't you tell me your name."

"Sorry, my name is Phil. Yours?"

"Tasha. You have a very nice voice, Phil."

Phil's cheeks reddened.

"Well Tasha, would you be able to come to my place tonight?"


"Can you assure discretion?"


"Please do describe yourself."

"You won't be disappointed."

Phil softly chuckled. "Is that so?"

"Trust me."

"It is easier for you to say than for me to do. I am so nervous!"

"We'll have to see what we can do about that. Why don't you give me directions to your place."

Phil proceeded to give Tasha very exact directions to his 8500 square foot home in one of the most highly regarded areas of town.

Phil prepared his home as best he could. He lit nearly every candle, champagne was put on ice, David Sanborn, Mazzy Star and Sade randomly moved around the carousel in his home theatre, a fire warmed both his living room and bedroom and Phil slipped into jeans and a t-shirt. For all of his sophistication, Phil could never eliminate all of his Midwestern upbringing. Phil sat at his desk in his home office and waited for the sexy voiced Tasha. He could only hope she was as beautiful as she sounded.

Finally, nearly 2 hours after their phone conversation, Tasha pulled into his driveway. Phil was immediately impressed with her Lexus coupe. Obviously, this was a woman well-schooled in her art. Phil could barely contain his excitement as he waited for Tasha to step out of her car. Finally, she stepped from the car. Unfortunately, landscape lights prevented him from seeing her face, but clearly she was a dark-haired woman standing roughly 5'9'.

Tasha walked to the door and lightly knocked. Finally, Phil would have his answer.

"Hello Phil."

"Were the directions alright?"


"Please come in."

Tasha was stunning. Her ample brunette hair was pulled up. She wore very little make-up, but, then again, she didn't need it. Her eyes were green and beautiful. Her lips were lightly coated with a soft red lipstick that perfectly framed her radiant smile. She had worn a leather choker around her neck that complimented her western style outfit complete with wrap-around skirt and denim shirt. Her skirt was split to the middle of her thighs and her shirt was unbuttoned to her navel and tied in a not. Her 34" chest was supported by some sort of lacy push-up bra that could be seen between the tightly stretched material. Her navel contained a pearl ring against the backdrop of a flat stomach. Her waist held a gold chain. Her black boots completed the look that stirred every ounce of energy in Phil's body. She appeared to be roughly 28 or 29.

"Well, you were right," Phil quickly asserted.

"About what."

"I can think of no words to describe your beauty."

"I think I am going to like you," Tasha said as her smiled glowed in the soft light of Phil's foyer.

"Quite a neighborhood and house. May I see the rest?" Tasha requested.

"Of course. Would you like something to drink, first?"


"Will champagne fit the bill?" Phil requested.

"I can think of nothing better to accompany my tour."

With that, Phil and Tasha quietly walked to the kitchen. Tasha easily could see Phil's nervousness and reached out to grab his hand as they walked. Her fingers gently squeezed Phil's strong hands, and most of his tension eased from his body.

Tasha and Phil strolled from room-to-room holding hands getting to know each other along the way.

"Your house is beautiful."

"Thank you so much. I have to do quite a bit of entertaining for customers and work staff, so I've spent a lot of time and money getting things the way I want it. It's hard, though, trying to pull off Mr. Professional when I much prefer Jimmy Buffet and a Jack and Coke to Mozart and red wine."

Tasha was truly intrigued by Phil. He was an odd man. Powerful and rich, yet his simple smile was warm and open. He looked her in the eyes as he spoke and appeared to be truly taken by what she had to say. Although extremely bright and articulate, she had not attended college, but her insatiable need for knowledge had given her quite a foundation to talk about just about anything. Tasha rarely had anyone loving in her life. Sure she had accumulated quite a bit of money from her current occupation, but a life of broken homes and abusive boyfriends had left her cold inside. Phil's warmth and honesty stirred feelings in Tasha she had not known for quite some time.

"So, Phil, is there no wife or girlfriend?" Tasha had to ask.

"No. That special person has just never come along. I put work ahead of my personal life for a long time, and that may have been a mistake. I'm proud of what I've achieved, but eating alone every weekend gets a little old after a while. Besides, I'm somewhat uneasy around women.. I get tongue tied and nervous. Women like confidence and bad boys. I lack the confidence and I am just not a bad boy."

"You seem to be doing fine now," Tasha replied.

"You're easy to talk to...Is there no one in your life?"

"Not really. I haven't had much luck with men. You all seem to be very possessive. I don't get it," Tasha replied.

"Not all men are possessive. Some men like an independent woman with a little sass and wit."

"Is that you?" Tasha asked.

"Guilty as charged. I have a terrific relationship with my mother, so I have great respect for women."

"Well, that certainly is refreshing," Tasha replied as she look at Phil's collection of Hermes' ties.

The tour continued and finally ended in the game room. Phil fell back into his leather sofa and watched as Tasha moved across the room and put Miles Davis into the cd player. She turned the lights to a soft hue allowing candles to be the most dominant source of light in the room. The music began to play and Tasha took control.

Tasha let down her hair as she began to slowly dance to the music. Phil's eyes widened with excitement as Tasha placed her foot between his legs, bent at the waist and gently dragged her hair across Phil's lap. Phil's erection was straining against his jeans as Tasha looked him in the eyes and lightly moved her tongue across his lower lip. God she was so sensual.

Tasha stepped back and untied her shirt. Her breasts were full and natural. Her hardened nipples had pushed themselves above the cup of her bra and stood at full attention. Her obvious arousal hardened Phil's erection. Tasha grabbed Phil's hands and directed them to her bra clasp. She wanted to allow him the pleasure of releasing her ample breasts. Phil released the clasp, leaned forward and lightly kissed Tasha's left nipple. She moaned with pleasure and breathed her hot breath into Phil's ear.

"I want you so bad," Tasha whispered into his ear. "I can feel your excitement against my leg. It is making me so wet."

Once again, Tasha stepped back. This time, she undid the pin holding her skirt together. It fell to the floor at her feet and she quickly stepped out of its pile. Her stockings accentuated her long legs and muscular calves. The smell of sex was in the air as her wetness could be seen through the black thong she wore. She slid her finger inside her panties, touched herself and licked her wetness. Phil's smile grew as Tasha looked him in the eyes.

Tasha once again walked to Phil and placed her foot in his lap. Phil reached up and began to removed her stockings. He leaned forward and ran his tongue across Tasha's wetness and softly kissed the inside of her thigh. Tasha moaned with approval. Phil followed the descent of Tasha's stockings with his tongue. His erection was throbbing in his pants.

With both stockings removed, Tasha walked over to the cherry pool table, leaned forward with her back to Phil, placed her hands on her thong and pulled it down her legs. Tasha's ass was tight, her waist small. A small tattoo of a lightning bolt could be seen at the base of her back. Phil smiled with approval.

Tasha fell to the floor and sat on her knees. The music played, the candles glowed and Tasha began to crawl to Phil's lap. Once there, she reached and unbuttoned his jeans. His erection popped though his boxers and Tasha lightly blew on the end of his manhood. Phil could cum at any minute. Tasha wasn't going to let him. The night was still so young.

Tasha moved her hands inside his shirt and climbed up his 6-pack abs until she found his erect nipples. She lightly pulled on them which only further hardened Phil's somewhat unusual erogenous zone. Tasha drug the back of her nails across Phil's chest and tickled the underside of his pecs. Phil leaned forward and allowed Tasha to remove his shirt. They were only inches apart, staring into each other's eyes. Neither had known this kind of passion in ages. Tasha leaned forward and moved her lips to the left and then to the right, lightly grazing Phil. Her tongue found its way to Phil's upper lip and pulled it to her. She sucked on Phil's lip while he massaged her lower back. Finally, their lips met. Their tongues found each other and wrestled for control. Phil sucked on Tasha's tongue; Tasha smiled. Her breasts were pushed against Phil's chest. He could feel the hardness of her nipples against him. Tasha moved her head to the side granting Phil access to her neck and ears. Phil's tongue lightly traced the outline of Tasha's ear. He pulled her close and began to softly suck on her lobe. Tasha could only purr with approval.

"God your sexy," Phil breathed.

Tasha leaned back and began to kiss Phil's neck. She moved her way down his torso stopping to pay careful attention to his hardened nipples and navel. Phil leaned back and enjoyed the sensation. Phil lifted his hips and allowed Tasha to remove his pants and boxers. Tasha bent down and sucked on Phil's toes. Phil could not believe the sensations. He had never been this hard in his life. Tasha kissed her way all the way to Phil's tightly constricted balls. She sucked first on the left, then the right. Phil's erection was throbbing. His hood was purple with blood; he was going to explode. Tasha licked the underside of Phil's cock and finally dropped her mouth over his erection. She could tell he was close to cumming, so her actions were soft and gentle, almost loving. Tasha moved her left hand to Phil's nipple and dropped her right to his ass. Tasha began to bob her head, pull on Phil's nipple and slip her finger inside his ass. Phil could take no more. Tasha could feel the brink of his orgrasm. Phil exploded into Tasha's mouth. It was the most intense orgasm of his life. Tasha never pulled away. She took all of Phil.

Tasha stood up and fell onto Phil's chest. She lightly kissed his lips. Phil could taste himself, but this night's enjoyment was too extreme to care. Phil held Tasha in his arms and lightly stroked her hair.

"You are so beautiful! That was the most erotic experience of my life," exclaimed Phil.

"Well, were not done yet."

With that, Tasha stood up, turned her back to Phil, bent over and began to shake her ass in his face. Phil sat up in his seat and began to kiss Tasha's wonderful ass. His tongue found its way to her anal rosebud and gently probed its way inside. The sensation was incredible. Tasha squealed with delight. She didn't think Phil had it him. Clearly, he was more adventuresome than he appeared. Phil continued to rim Tasha until he found himself with another erection. Tasha, looked down, saw Phil's manhood and smiled. She leaned back against his chest giving Phil an opportunity to play with her chest. Tasha's nipples were also very sensitive. Phil moved his fingers around each nipple and then, with wide swipes, moved the back of his hands across her chest. Tasha reached down and began to pull at Phil's erection.

Phil's hands continued to trace the outline of her chest until Tasha reached up, pulled his left hand to her crotch and guided it to her clit. Tasha was extremely aroused; her clit had found its way out of its hiding place. Phil began to make clockwise stokes around it. Tasha's breasts expanded with her oncoming orgasm. As her orgasm approached, Tasha reached for Phil's right hand and intertwined her fingers with his. Her orgasm hit hard. Tasha screamed with joy. Phil held her hand thoughout the entire orgasm. He had never felt so close to someone in his life. Tasha turned her face to his and lightly kissed his lips.

Phil still had an erection. Tasha could feel it against her leg. She once again stood up, turned around and straddled Phil. She looked into his eyes, leaned forward, kissed him deeply, moved to his ear and whispered:

"I want to feel you inside me."

Phil smiled, grabbed her left hand and held with his. Tasha guided him into her with her free hand. They stared at each other as she descended down his shaft at what seemed a snails pace. She felt so full. Phil could feel her warmth. It was a feeling he had not felt in ages and he had never before felt this close to a partner. Tasha raised herself again and once again descended down his shaft. She gripped his erection with her muscles and could feel the heat of his tool. She looked into his eyes and kissed him once again. They continued until Phil once again climaxed. Tasha kept him inside her until his erection was completely gone. She placed her head on his shoulder.

"Will you stay the night?" Phil requested.

"I want to feel your warmth against me," Tasha responded.

Phil and Tasha stood, walked hand-in-hand to Phil's rustic bed and slept in each other's arms.

In the morning, Phil woke to an empty bed. On his bedside table, the envelope he left for Tasha was still in its place with no money gone. On it, an imprint of her lips and a small note.

"The greatest evening of my life, Tasha"

Phil just smiled and held the envelope against his chest.


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