The Best Erotic Stories.

by Paul Yearwood

Connie had the TV on when Diane stopped by for a visit. Another Tuesday night with her husband at the lodge. Cliff spent too much time at the lodge, but Connie didn't mind. She had Diane to keep her company. And she and Diane had a bit of business they took care of.

The two lovers kept a video camera running when they made love. They knew a ready buyer of the tapes. Connie also sold tapes she made with Cliff. The difference was Diane knew about the hidden camera.

Diane arrived at the usual time. She and Connie went to the bedoom. They started the camera and check the focus centered on the bed. They didn't one time and had to do the night over again, not that they complained.

Satisfied, they started. Both undressed. Diane stood still while Connie touched her body with only her tongue. She started at Diane's mouth. She traced Diane's lips. They opened and Diane's tongue came out. They stood there, just the tips of their tongues being the only contact between them. With tongues touching, they continued their game.

Each used one hand to play with her own nipples. The other hand went down between her own legs. Tongues teasing, nipples being aroused, it didn't take long before they reached joint orgasm.

Connie was the first. Her pussy grabbed her three fingers trying to milk that precious white juice that wasn't there. Her own water of life ran down her hand. She pulled her hand out and picked up Diane. She put Diane on the foot of the bed and pushed her on her back.

Connie pulled Diane's hand to her mouth and sucked the cum from Diane's fingers. Licking her lips, she placed Diane's legs over her shoulders and started licking Diane's lips. Connie was soon rewarded with a drink from Diane's fountain.

Connie felt someone lift her ass off the floor. Then, three very familiar fingers slid into her slit. Her own fires were again being stroked. Her internal embers were again being fanned into a raging fire. Cliff came home early from the lodge.

Cliff's handling of Connie made her lose control. Cliff's fingers in her pussy and her tongue in Diane's pussy was her idea of heaven. The harder Cliff stroked her, the harder she chewed Diane. The harder she chewed on Diane, the deeper Diane tried to pull Connie's face into her cunt.

The women soon collapsed from exhaustion. Cliff was long, rock hard and dripping with anticipation. He rubbed himself just enough to keep his cock hard. Cliff was ready to cum, but he wanted to save it for the girls.

Diane recovered first. All she could see was Cliff's ram. It was hard, long and dripping. It was a shame to waist all that good goo. Connie didn't move. Her tits were still heaving from the exertion. All Connie could do was nod that she gave Diane permission to take her husband.

Diane leaned close to Cliff's dick. It was less than an inch from her face. She had started her affair with Connie because her own husband no longer took the time to satisfy her. Diane's man would come to her bed like a dog in heat and be over in just minutes. He quit trying to pleasure Diane. It took another woman to realize her inner desires. Now, this other woman was offering her a go with her husband.

Diane looked up into Cliff's gray eyes.

"I hope you're not in a hurry. This may take a while."

"Now, why would I rush this?"

Diane took Cliff's testicles in her right hand. Bill never gave her a chance to do that anymore. The soft skin of his sac felt good to her. She felt wetness on her arm. Cliff's clear nectar was flowing,

Diane licked the bottom of the cock. Just the taste of Cliff's pre-cum triggered an orgasm. She tightened her hold on Cliff's balls, forcing out more clear stuff. She licked it off.

Diane very gently nibbled on the head. Cliff rocked just enough for Diane's teeth to drag on his gland. He didn't know if Diane would take the full length into her mouth and he didn't want to force her. This was her show and she was doing a fine job.

Diane rubbed his balls more. She also lightly stroked the underside of his cock. She felt the hot cum surging up the shaft. Diane place her hands on Cliff's hips. She held him back as she worked on the head. She wanted to try a maneuver she perfected in high school but her husband thought was sick.

Just when she felt Cliff was ready, She shoved the middle finger of her right hand into Cliff's ass. She massaged hard his prostate. She could still do it. The pressure on his prostate triggered Cliff. He shoved forward and Diane took his entire length. Her nose rubbed his belly while his cock emptied into her throat.

Diane had to come up for air. But by then, Cliff was truly drained of his cum. He collapsed on the floor. Diane never let his dick leave her mouth.

Cliff was on his back with Diane sitting on his face. The smell of Diane's sex box revived the weakening staff.

Connie went to the camera and refocused on the couple. She watched in awe as her best friend had her way with her husband. Her only emotion was that she was left out of the playing.

Connie move the bedroom chair behind the couple on the floor. She sat the chair so it would be in the scene too. She sat in the chair and spread her legs wide. Connie was soon taking care of herself. Watching Diane and Cliff eating each other on the floor soon had her quaking with release. The voyeur in her was enjoying herself.

Diane reluctantly lifted her ass off Cliff's face. As good as it felt, she wanted the real deal inside her cunt. Diane lowered herself around Cliff. Just the touch of the head against her pussy lips set her off. She was posed over Cliff, barely touching him when a marvelous orgasm shock her whole being. She dropped herself around Cliff. He went deep inside her. Deeper then any man went in too long a time.

She felt that heavenly cock stretch her insides. Had she shrunk that much? Or was he just that big? Cliff seemed bigger inside her cunt then inside her throat. Diane hoped he had some cum left.

It didn't take long to find out. With a little gentle probing, Diane again triggered Cliff. As Cliff's fluids sprayed inside Diane's hot cunt, she searched her mouth with her tongue to find any traces of cum there. There was just enough to taste. Her hungry pussy again milked Cliff of all his jism.

Diane lay next to Cliff. He rolled onto his side and ran his hand over Diane's body. He leaned over to give Diane a kiss and she pushed him away.

"I could never kiss my best friend's husband. That wouldn't be right."

Connie laughed.

Diane took his balls into her hand and said, "Are you man enough to take care of your wife?"

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