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The Assignment
by Miyelo Ina

I put the car in park, turn the key to shut off the engine and take a deep breath to compose myself. The butterflies in my tummy refuse to go away though. Half of my mind is standing off to the side screaming, "What are you doing, girl? AH! Go home where it's safe!" But the other half is loving the anxiety I feel, craving more, craving to be in your presence finally for the first time in real life. It's so excited to see the man I've given my will to, the man who has so much power over me, the man that I ache to please. My Master. Therefore, I have only one choice - one that you've narrowed my life down to - I must go in and meet you.

As I turn to slide my legs out of the car, I move very carefully. The plug that I obediently wear shifts inside me, pressing into the tender walls of my anus. The constant pressure in there keeps you continually in the forefront of my thoughts - just as it should be. When I reach the entrance to the bar, I pause long enough to check my appearance one final time, hoping it will be pleasing to you. My plain white linen dress is short, but not so much as to be immodest. I wear nothing under it in order to give you full access if you so desire. My hair is pulled back from my face and French-braided into a long rope down my back so it won't tangle and interfere with whatever happens tonight. My firm legs are bare and the sandals click lightly on the sidewalk as I go in the door.

You said you would meet me at the bar so I tell the waiter I don't need a table. It's a good thing - the place is beginning to fill up with the after-work happy hour crowd. I have no doubt that I will recognize you immediately though - I already feel that you are near.

I scan the line of barstools, and except for one, they are all occupied. And the man beside the empty one turns, as you can feel me too.

Without a shadow of doubt, I know it's you - your eyes flash as you know me, but other than that, your face shows no expression. That is very appropriate for you position, it keeps a sub from getting too complacent in her role. She must continually strive to please you, to earn her own pleasure of seeing your satisfaction.

I stop before you and bow my head slightly to show you the proper respect. You nod at me and call me by my name, offering your hand. I shake it and smile nervously, glad that you seem so calm and confident. You motion for me to take the stool beside you. Gracefully, I climb up, place my purse on the bar at my elbow and cross my legs, facing you. "You're beautiful," you tell me with a gleam in those wonderful eyes.

Blushing, I thank you, my heart fluttering wildly.

We talk for maybe half an hour; small, inconsequential chatter meant to put us both at ease. That, along with a couple of drinks, does remove most of my immediate tension and makes me anxious to get on with the next phase. At this point, it seems that you too have sensed a settling and you are ready to advance. As a sign of this change, you say, "So, my pet, from this point on, I am your Master. Do you agree?" I nod, my head automatically tilting downward. "Yes, Master, I do." "Wonderful. Are you prepared as I requested?" "I am, Master." "Tell me what preparations you took," you say. Looking around nervously, you see the hesitation on my face. I am afraid that the people close by can hear me. I begin to whisper, stammering, "The uh... plug.. is where you told me it should be." A look of strong displeasure crosses your face and I'm not exactly sure what's wrong. "I did not tell you to whisper and be shy. Are you ashamed of your Master?" "No, Sir! No, I'm not!" "Then you speak directly to me, don't hesitate to answer and don't make it difficult for me to hear you."

"Yes, Master," I agree, angry with myself for displeasing you. "Then begin again. Perhaps I will ignore this initial transgression, perhaps not. It depends on how well you act during the rest of the evening."

"I have the anal plug in now, as you instructed," I tell you in a normal conversational tone. I see the woman behind your shoulder turn and stare at me and I feel my face go red. "I was already shaved but I did it again to make sure everything was smooth."

"Very good, pet. Is your apartment ready for my visit?"

"It is, Master." You pay our check and we exit the place. You follow me in your car to my apartment and as I drive, I am so aware of your presence behind me that my thighs are damp when we reach my place. I feel the plug like a part of you inside me. I attempt to make more small talk as we walk to my door but you stop me. "The time for that is past. Please remain silent until I tell you otherwise or until I ask you a question. Is that understood?"

"Yes, Sir." Nervously, I fumble with the key for a moment before getting the door open. I lead the way in, click on the overhead light and step out of the way for you to enter. It is a very small apartment since I live alone. Off to our left is the kitchen, straight on past a bar is the living room, modern and comfortable. There is a plush couch, a small coffee table, a soft armchair and my entertainment center. The bedroom is off to the right.

"Show me you toys," you tell me. I quickly drop my purse and keys on the counter and move towards my bedroom.

"Yes, Sir. They are in here." You follow me, our feet leaving deep trails in the thick white carpet I so meticulously cleaned earlier in the day. I have displayed my toys on my double bed as you instructed. There are three different sized dildos, nipple clamps, leather wrist and ankle restraints, a blindfold, anal beads, a riding crop a cat o'nine tails and a flat, wide leather paddle. I stand patiently while you examine my collection.

"I'm going to have a seat in the other room," you say. "Prepare yourself in a way you think I will like, then come in and present yourself to me properly. Bring the nipple clips with you. And let your hair down... I want to see it brushed out."

"Yes, Master," I answer, wondering if those are to be the only words I utter the whole night. My palms are suddenly very moist at the thought. As you turn to leave the room, you take the riding crop with you. Since the first time we spoke of meeting, I've been debating within myself about what to wear. I know that you like stockings and I've bought four pair during the last week, trying to decide what to wear. Now, I'm almost frantic to make up my mind.

Forcing myself to take a deep breath, I know I can't waste time now. I take my favorite outfit of my top drawer, hoping you will like it as much as I do. It is white, every piece pristine, almost virginal. The lace panties I put back in the drawer, believing a Master would prefer to have his slave open completely to him. What I wear is a see-through lace push-up bra that comes just below my aureole, leaving the nipples exposed and erect above the fabric. I have a white lace garter that is contrasted well against the new summer tan of my flat tummy. And I pull the white lace, thigh-high stockings up my slender legs.

After brushing my long hair until it is satiny soft, I step into high-heeled white pumps and hurry out to you. You are sitting quietly in the armchair, the riding crop resting across your knees. I kneel at your feet, my head bowed so low that my hair cascades down over my face. "How may I serve you, Master?" I ask, as you taught me before. There is no answer from you for several minutes, but I feel your gaze on me like a feathery touch. I dare not look up at you at this point though I tremble to know if I have pleased you with my choice of garments. I feel your hand brush my hair away from my face and cup my chin to lift it up. From your touch, I expect your approval but when I see your face, I realize something is wrong. Just as you begin to speak, I realize what it is. I forgot to bring the clamps.

"I see you realize your error," you say, your tone ominous yet strangely comforting too. "But it's too late for that. Your choice of clothing is acceptable and I can tell that you took my preferences into consideration. But you will need to be punished for forgetting your toy."

Crestfallen, I try to lower my head again, whispering, "Yes Sir," but you hold my chin firmly. I raise my eyes to yours in an unspoken question and find your face just inches from mine. Instead of speaking, you press your lips lightly, almost chastely, against my forehead. "Do not fear me," you say in a deep, quiet voice. "I will not hurt you more than you can bear." My heart flutters and I nod trustingly.

"Stand and turn around," you instruct, pulling back from me now and making yourself comfortable in your chair. As I turn, I notice you pick up the riding crop from your lap.

"Spread your legs slightly, bend over and put your palms flat on the floor," I am told. I try not to hesitate as I carry out your command. It leaves me feeling very exposed and very vulnerable.

"Very good, pet," you say. "The plug is here and you are soft and bare as I require. But there is still the matter of your punishment. I'll give you the first part of it now."

I hear you stand behind me and see your feet placed at a right angle to mine. There is a strange "whirring" sound and I feel the riding crop slap hard against my bare ass cheek. I can't stop the cry that comes from deep inside.

"There's no need for that," you say softly. "Just relax." I feel one of your warm hands placed flat on the small of my back. "You'll get four more." Each stripe burns a little more than the one before it but I bite my lips to keep from making a sound. After the fifth one, I feel like my butt is on fire. The skin there is almost numb from the blows but I feel a very soft kiss placed gently on each cheek. "Now run back to your room like my good little slave and get the nipple clips and the largest dildo you had lying out." "Yes, Sir," I reply and hurry to carry out your command. When I return, you have again made yourself comfortable in the chair. I kneel before you again and place the items at your feet. You reach down and pick up the clips, examining them more closely now. The chain that runs between them is strong and solid. "These will do nicely," I hear you say to yourself. Now I feel your hand on me, cupping one breast. Your touch sends an electric spark all through me, making me momentarily forget about my uncomfortable backside. Since my head is bowed, I watch your deft fingers pinch my nipple until it is sufficiently hard and then put the rubber-tipped clamp on it, closing it tightly. I give a small hiss of pain at how tight it is.

However, you don't deem to notice and repeat the process with my other breast. Then you sit back to check my reaction. With a small tug on the connecting chain, you teach me who is in control of the situation, and of my body. "Now I want you to perform for me," you say. "I want you to close your eyes and touch yourself. Forget about everything except your body and the sound of my voice. Nothing before this moment matters and nothing after. Only what you do to yourself to please me." "Yes, Master," I breathe, feeling chills on my limbs. Can I do this for you? It is unlike anything I've done and I am afraid.

"Make yourself comfortable, darling. Lean back against the couch." I do this slowly, the hard floor pressing the plug deeper into my body. "Close your eyes," you say in a deep, resonant voice. I do; the last thing I see are your intense eyes staring at my most intimate, exposed places. "Spread your legs wide for me, pet." My thighs open without my permission, unable to resist your tone. "Touch yourself," you whisper, your voice a mist in my head. "Let your hands feel your skin like my soon will." Amazed at how sensual my own hands feel as they roam purposefully over my body, I can't help the moisture I know is building between my lips. "Open yourself for your Master." I reach down with one hand and spread the lips of my pussy open with two fingers. There is so much slickness that I feel a blush of embarrassment paint my skin. Something touches my other hand I realize you've put the dildo within my reach.

"Fuck yourself for me, pet. I want to see it moving in and out of you." Nervously, I wet the rubber phallus between my lips and press the tip just against the opening."Now," you say gently but firmly. I push it inside me, sighing as it disappears.

"Yes," you whisper approvingly. "Fuck yourself, my slave. Fuck yourself like you would want me to." Almost beyond my control, my hand moves the dildo in and out of me faster and faster. The pressure starts building quickly and it's far more than just the physical feeling that is pushing me towards the edge. The tone of your voice, the confidence and authority of your words and your attention to my body - they are equally as compelling. My breath comes as a pant and a sheen of sweat is slicking my body. "Would you like to cum now, pet?"

"Oh, yes Master, I would!" I moan.

"This is the second part of your punishment," you say, emotionlessly. "Stop." For a moment, it seems like if I stop, I will go insane and my natural urges push me to continue. "Stop now!" you demand, your tone rising. I can't resist you and I stop, another moan escaping my lips... this time anguished instead of pleasured. "Lie down on your side and pull the plug out." My body as tight as a violin string, I lie over on the thick carpet, pressing my cheek into its coarseness. My face burns with shame because I know that your eyes are watching me remove the anal plug. When it's out, you tell me to use the dildo again, but now back here. "Master?" I call out in concern, "I don't think it will fit. It's much bigger than the plug."

"Do it," you say. "But..."

"You want to please your Master, don't you?"

"Yes, but..."

"Don't question me. That displeases me and I don't want to punish you again so soon. Trust me and obey me."

I have no defense against you, so I get the dildo wet with my juice and press its head against my anus. It's a little sore from the pressure of the plug all day but it is still stretched open more than usual. The dildo slips inside me with just gentle pressure but the feeling takes my breath away.

"Yes..." you whisper again, "Fuck your ass now. Then let me hear you be me to cum." As close as I was before, it takes almost no time to bring myself close again.

"Please Master, I am very close. Please let me cum now!"

"Not yet, my sweet," you say and my mind screams in outrage. "You've not even considered your Master's feelings. You are about to cum, but what about my needs?" The pressure has built to the point that my physical release is all I can comprehend. I moan and open my eyes to see you standing over me. There is a pleasantly large bulge at the crotch of your pants.

"Show me whose slave you are, show me your loyalty. Take care of me first." It takes all my effort to stop my actions and I can only lie still and try to get my breath under control.

"Pet?" you ask, almost concerned.

"Yes Master, I will obey you." With trembling hands, I push myself up to my knees and then to stand before you, my eyes cast downwards.

"Undress me," you say. I start by unbuttoning your shirt, using all my will to keep my fingers under control. I push it off your shoulders and drop it on the chair behind you. Then I kneel again and clumsily undo your belt, then your zipper. I feel how hard you are beneath the fabric. In a moment, I slide your pants and underwear down to your ankles. You've kicked off your shoes already so now you step out of your clothes. I can't help but stare longingly at your cock as it bobs right before my eyes, it's tip glistening with pearlescent moisture. I want it inside me so badly.

"Give me pleasure," you command. Trying to ignore the unquenched desire inside myself, I turn all my attention to you. I kiss your thigh softly, then your other thigh, then your lower belly, reaching up with one hand to lift your cock to my lips. I lick the wet tip and rub it on my lips to moisten them. I lick the length of the shaft, cupping your balls with my other hand. I put soft kisses on them. I can't resist sucking one into my mouth, then I do the same with the other.

I realize this is as exciting to me as when I was touching myself, because now I am giving you pleasure. My breath is heavy in your pubic hair, I can smell your pheromones and they caress me like a lover's hand. Then I move my attention back to your cock, and I feel your hand rest lightly on the back of my head. I open my mouth and take you all the way inside in one smooth motion. Your breath quickens and you whisper, "Oh yes... that's good, pet." I continue to suck you, running my tongue around the head while you're deep in the warm, wetness of my mouth. I taste your seed as it drips down my throat.

You moan again. Then I remember something else that you like so I slide one hand between your legs, parting them slightly. You move your feet apart as if you know what I'm going to do. I wet my finger in my mouth and run it along the sensitive skin beneath your balls and up towards your anus. All the while I keep moving my mouth up and down on you. As I probe with my finger and reach the hole, you reach down and take your cock from me. I hear you say "Now," and you pull out of my mouth just at the same instance I press my tiny finger into you.

I close my eyes just in time and feel your hot sperm on my face, splashing and running in warm rivulets, off my long eyelashes, over my lips, dripping from my chin. Keeping my finger in you, moving it in a small circle, I open my mouth and catch your last spurt on my tongue. At that very moment, my own orgasm hits me by surprise. With your hand on my hair and your cock against my lips, I have to lean against your thighs to keep my balance as I spasm and cry out.

I remove my finger from you and use my hands to steady myself. When our waves of pleasure have subsided, I open my eyes and look up gratefully to you. I can feel your cum drying and tightening my skin. Silently, you trace the corner of my mouth with one finger until it is covered with your sperm. You press the finger between my lips and I eagerly suck it clean, staring up into your eyes. "You've done well, my pet. I can see many rewards in your future."

"Thank you, Master," I say with blissful sincerity.

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