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The Affair
by Topus

There was a train broken down in the tunnel on its way out of New York, so my train was stuck sitting on the platform for 45 minutes. During that time I tried to sleep, but two very rude women were talking so loud that I couldn't. Instead I closed my eyes and tried to concentrate on something that would block them out. Naturally I thought about you. I started to wonder how we could spend our Friday nights differently then we already were.

I could see you standing outside waiting for me to open my front door. It was after midnight and warmer than usual, damp but not stifling. I opened the door and greeted you with a kiss and closed it behind me. I said, "Tonight we're going for a drive." We got into my car and drove off with the top down. I had no destination in mind; I just wanted to get out of the house and off of the living room floor. You were wearing a T-shirt and a pair of sweatpants. I wore that clingy black ankle-length dress with my black platform sandals that strapped around my ankles that I was surprised you liked. I think you like the dress so much because it's very obvious that I wore no bra. All I brought with me was a small cloth bag that held my license and some of our favorite toys.

We kept driving, talking and laughing until we found a dark deserted road that led to nowhere. I pulled over and turned the car off, but let the music play. We moved to the backseat and pushed the front seats forward to give us some more room. You sat down first and moved me into position on top of you so that I was straddling your thighs facing you. You also lifted my long dress all the way up to my waist and now the only thing between us was your sweatpants. I could feel your already hard cock underneath them pressing against me. I could tell by the look on your face that you were pleased I wore no underwear.

My hands rested on your strong shoulders while your hands rubbed over my torso on top of my dress. As you ran your hands over my breasts I could feel my nipples harden underneath the material. We started kiss, licking each other's lips and teasing with our tongues. Then the kisses got deeper and longer as our excitement increased. You held my body tightly to yours and I must tell you that I love the feel of your chest pressed up against mine. Then, in one abrupt rough movement you pushed me away from you and pulled my dress down exposing my breasts to the night air. You leaned back to enjoy them and I just watched you.

Next you emptied the contents of the bag I brought onto the seat next to you. You smiled to yourself when you saw the items, a long black silk scarf, a pair of handcuffs and keys, a black collar, and a leash. I watched you as you fastened the collar around my neck and moved the gold metal ring attached to it to the front. You attached the leash to the gold ring and gave it a sharp tug. Holding onto to the leash you pulled me towards you and covered my mouth with your own. Still holding the leash you kissed me deeply and placed your free hand on the back of my head and grabbed a fistful of hair. You pulled my head back by my hair and moved your mouth to my neck which you began kissing and licking. You had me so turned on that I began moving my hips rocking against your hardened cock between my legs.

Not wanting to wait any longer you flipped me around so that I was now sitting on the seat. With both your hands you grabbed my wrists and pulled them over my head and held them together with one hand. The other hand was busy manipulating the handcuffs so that you could secure my wrists to the top of the backseat. Once my wrists were locked in the cuffs without delay you expertly tied the scarf tightly around my eyes. What followed was a brief moment of stillness and even though I couldn't see you I knew that you were leaning back to admire the sight of me handcuffed and blindfolded waiting for you to touch and lick me. In this position I had no choice but to let you do whatever you wanted to me. It was as if you "owned" me, a thought that made me wetter and wetter.

The motionlessness didn't last any longer and I felt you roughly grab my knees and push them farther apart. Since my dress was hiked up around my waist my almost completely shaven pussy was immediately exposed. You could tell how hot I was for you by the way it glistened. Next you slipped both your hands underneath my ass and pulled me farther down on the seat and raised me to meet your mouth. I began moaning the instant I felt your tongue lick my slit up and down. Not being able to touch you and control your movements forced my body to respond in ways I had previously been inhibited to do. I wanted you to make me come so bad that I began gyrating my hips against your mouth allowing you to fuck me deeper with your tongue. I started to beg you to let me come and I know that you liked this because you slowed down delaying my orgasm. Leisurely you began licking me in one long, but hard up and down movement and I could feel the texture of your tongue against my aching clit. Then you inserted one finger deep inside me and finger-fucked me slow and hard.

I could feel you watching me relishing the control you had. Because we were outside it was possible that someone could catch us. Suddenly, the idea of being caught while handcuffed and blindfolded begging for you to let me come got me so hot, I came in that moment. Whereby, you kissed me hard on the lips and I could taste myself all over your mouth. Hungrily I kissed you back. It seemed hotter outside now and your shirt (you were still fully clothed) rubbed against my nipples and the sensation made them ache for your touch. You must have sensed this because your head bent to lick them. You coated each nipple thickly with your saliva and then I felt you snap the leash across them. Still unable to really move, the only thing to do was beg for more. The sting felt so amazing, I could feel it reverberate throughout my entire body. You would have too, if you touched my pussy which was instantly wet again. Immediately you sucked each nipple into your mouth one after the other. I'm still unsure if you meant to relieve the pain or prepare me for the whip of the leashed that directly followed. You asked me if I was okay and after confessing that I was more than okay I gave you the following instruction.

"What I want now is for you to let me suck your beautiful cock while I'm still handcuffed and blindfolded. Then I want you to fuck me harder than you ever have before, but don't come. But stop if you think your going to come because what I really want is for your to un-cuff me and take off the blindfold so that I can suck and stroke your cock like I'm starving and then watch as you pull my leash and come all over me, that's what I really want."

I knew you agreed because the very next thing I felt was you grabbing my leash and pulling my mouth down over your hard cock. You know how much I love your cock, especially the way it feels in my mouth. I get hot and wet just thinking about it. I also love when I'm unable to wrap my hands around you and you grab the back of my head forcing me to suck you deep down into my throat. You have no idea how much that turns me on. So much so, in fact, that I can't wait to get off the train because my underwear is soaked and I desperately want to think about this in the privacy of my own house where I can do something about the aching that I have created.

You did say that you wanted to know what I like and what turns me on, didn't you?

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