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The Angel
by Carl East

The fog drifted over the road, making the tarmac vanish from view, as Pete tried desperately to see the white strip down the centre. He had to stop, it was no use, if he kept driving in this, he was going to have a serious accident. He pulled over, hoping that he was somewhere near the edge of the road, and finding that he was, when he got out to have a pee.

Standing behind the tree, he relieved himself, then started to walk back, but as he neared his car, he heard a scream. He looked around, but couldn't see a damn thing, then being the kind of man he was, he decided to investigate. He tried to walk in a straight line as best he could, in order to find the car again in a hurry.

The scream had been a loud one, so he had no trouble following the general direction it came from. He came up against a fence, but as it was only a small one he decided to climb over it. Dropping into a field he decided that if he didn't find something in a minute, he would head back to the car.

Pete was not normally scared of the dark, but he was starting to question the sanity of doing what he was doing. The fog made the dark, that more sinister, as he took another step, he was just about to turn back, when he tripped over something. Getting to his feet, he turned and looked down, there on the floor, was a vision of loveliness, a woman Pete guessed to be about twenty-five years of age.

He bent down to take a closer look, and touched her arm. She responded with a murmur, so he knew she was alive.

"Hello miss, are you alright, I heard a scream and came to investigate."

There was no answer, and then she turned her head looking up at him. Her eyes were deep sea blue, her lips a tender red, and her face angelic, she moved her lips, but no sound came forth.

"Well, you clearly need help, so I'm going to take you to a hospital," said Pete, positioning his hands under her torso.

He lifted what he expected to be considerably more weight, and found her to be a delight to hold. She clung to his neck, looking into his eyes and smiling, still not saying anything, with him staring back into her gorgeous eyes. When they reached the fence that he had negotiated earlier, he placed her down on the ground, hoping that she could now stand.

She used the fence as a support, as Pete climbed back over, he indicated for her to do the same, by pointing to the wooden strips that he had just used. She seemed to understand, and placed one foot on the wood precariously, finding Pete a willing person to steady her as she lifted her leg over. Pete couldn't help notice her beautiful legs, as this was happening, and tried to concentrate more on assisting than of staring.

He'd judged the path back to almost the square inch, for by the time he saw his car, they were almost on top of it. He made her comfortable, then closed her door and walked around to the drivers seat, all the while not being able to take his eyes of his passenger. Climbing into the car and closing the door, he started the engine, then placed it into gear and moved off.

She seemed to be fairly fit, from what Pete could make out, for he hadn't seen any signs of injury, in fact he only just started to wonder, what she had been doing in the middle of that field.

She sat up straight, and started to look at her surroundings, checking the glove compartment, and pulling things out, like the map onto the floor.

"Are you alright now," asked Pete, wondering what she was doing.

She looked into his eyes, her smile was captivating, but still she never spoke. Then she sat back, seemingly enjoying this ride. Pete smiled and shook his head; he liked her, but thought she was a little strange.

By the time they had reached his home, he was convinced she didn't need medical assistance, but wasn't sure what to do next. She only wore a long dress, and had no belongings, so he decided to try and get some information out of her in his apartment.

She seemed curious about everything she saw, as Pete led her into his apartment, and was even surprised when he flicked the light switch on. She stared at the light, not sure as to how he had done that, then looked around his home.

Pete watched her, noticing how innocent she seemed to be, then spotted the back of her legs, she was covered in dried on mud. He led her to the shower, turning it on first to test the water, then turned to get a towel. By the time he got back, she was naked and letting the water run over her body.

Pete's eyes were transfixed; he couldn't have imagined a more perfect body, as her long legs glistened, while the caked on mud ran down the drain. Her breasts stood out, the perfection of her nipples not being missed by Pete's eyes. Then he caught himself staring, and placed the towel on the hook just outside the shower.

He hadn't quite realised how much she had effected him, until he came out, for his erect penis, was making him feel uncomfortable. He adjusted himself, then poured a couple of drinks. He wanted her to feel relaxed as he asked her some questions, so he tided up a little then waited. By the time she came out, he was shocked to find, she was still naked, while drying her hair with the towel he had left.

She walked over to him, taking the glass of liqueur he held out, then sat opposite. He desperately tried to look away, but this sort of opportunity never happens, and was found wanting where someone's privacy was concerned. His eyes fixed between her legs, as she spread out on the sofa.

She then took a sip of the brandy he had given her, and looked at the glass, as if to say, 'What is this,' then she drank it all, turning her head to one side, and handing the glass back for more.

Pete smiled to himself, as he poured her another, he had never come across someone as innocent as this. He decided to see what her reactions would be to the TV, so he switched it on, completely forgetting he had left it on the twenty four-hour porn channel.

She sat up, staring at the screen, as Pete fumbled for the remote, but upon changing the channel, she made a fuss with her hands, wanting to see more. He switched it back, and sat back to watch her, as the scene on the TV unfolded. She turned her head to one side, wanting to see the action clearer, as the mans cock worked it's way into the woman's pussy.

She then looked over at Pete, staring at his crotch, then looked back at the screen. Pete got the distinct impression that she had never seen this type of thing before, but dismissed it as ridiculous, she'd have to be from another planet, not to have seen sex before.

She crossed over to join him, her beautiful naked body completely dry now, and then she knelt in front of him reaching for his zipper. He sat up straight, as her hands fumbled to work out how the zipper operated. Then suddenly finding how easy it was, and continued by pulling his trousers down. She'd gripped his briefs as well, so they came down at the same time, revealing a hardened cock, just begging to be serviced.

She looked at it first, then looked back at the TV, when she turned back she grasped hold of it making it jerk. Her hand, gently covered the mid section as Pete watched her, trying to make up her mind what to do next. Then he held her face with both hands, bringing his lips to her own. They kissed, and she behaved as if she'd never kissed before, as she allowed him to press his lips against hers.

He suddenly felt uncomfortable, and feeling unsure as to how to continue. Then she witnessed a similar kiss on the TV, and suddenly wanted to have a go. Pete found himself getting the kiss of his life, as she ran her hand gently over his cheek, then entered his mouth with her tongue. He kissed back, feeling his cock stir once again as this passionate embrace continued.

She then stopped, and looked at the TV once more, Pete was glad to see the man now receiving oral sex, and smiled. She turned back, looked once at his erect cock, and then engulfed it with her mouth. He jumped, not quite expecting such a forced start, as she tried to take it all down her throat in one go.

She clearly couldn't manage it, for she started to choke a little, but soon found she didn't need to take it all in and proceeded to suck the end. Pete put his head back, feeling wonderful, as this treatment continued. Then she stopped again, and stood up, he stared at her pussy, not being able to resist as he reached out a hand. His finger brushed against her neatly trimmed pubic hair, and then he rubbed her between the outer folds of her pussy.

She sighed, allowing him access by opening her legs a little wider, he could feel the moistness for the first time as he inserted a finger. She moaned with pleasure, which was more than enough encouragement, for his probing to continue. He found himself wanting to go further, as he sat finger fucking this beautiful woman.

He didn't stop, but he did get to his knees, and pulled one of her legs up, to rest her foot on the chair. Then he leaned forward, probing for her clit with his tongue, she moaned louder, placing her hands onto the back of his head, and pulling him gently into her mound.

He knew when she was experiencing her first climax, for her juices were almost pouring out onto his tongue, as her hips gyrated for a better penetration. Then he stood up, guiding her to the couch, then gently laying her down. He suspected she knew what was coming next, for she had witnessed this part on the TV.

She watched him closely as he got between her legs, then guided his cock to the entrance. She smiled up at him, her cheeks reddened as she felt his cock enter her womb. Then he made slow deliberate thrusts, wanting her to feel his manhood as deep as he could go, before speeding up.

Her eyes closed as he commenced in his lovemaking, her face a picture of pleasure as she felt these wonderful sensations coming from her pussy. His thrusts became faster, as she tried to hold him tight, then she felt another orgasm approaching, as he began to moan out loud.

They came together, as he pumped his seed deep into her womanhood, her joy of this moment captured by the rapture on her face. Then it was over, and he lay holding her, not wanting to move, in case she got away. Then he heard a booming voice.


"Who was that, I mean what was that?" Pete asked, sitting up straight.

She never answered him; she just leaned forward, then kissed him on the lips.

Pete was driving in the fog, thinking how he'd better pull over, for he was finding it hard to see the road, he also needed to pee. But then the fog seemed to clear, so he decided to carry on, for he wasn't far from home now. He suddenly experienced the feeling that this had happened before, but soon dismissed it as wild imaginings.

- The End -


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