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Trudy's Apartment
by Richard Janice

Trudy was just getting out of the shower that evening when the door bell rang. Wrapping a bath towel around her wet torso, she yelled, "Come in, it's open."

As she put on her black, high heel slippers, she heard the door open above the soft music on the radio in the living room. She walked to her bedroom door to see her visitor. Scott was standing near the door inside of her apartment.

"Hello, Scott." she smiled, her wet body barely covered by the towel she grabbed. She came forward to him and asked him to take a seat in the living room.

Scott took in the gorgeous blond standing, wet from the shower, in front of him. The towel came to the very tops of her long tanned legs, and loosely draped her full breasts. She stood there for a moment, then excused herself to get dressed.

Walking towards her bedroom, she tightly gathered the towel around her waist, the fluffy cloth rode up, past the full, rounded cheeks of her soft, white ass.

"I won't be long, Scott. Just make yourself comfortable while I get some clothes on." She called from her bedroom.

Scott saw her bare, little ass wiggling seductively, as she walked to her room in the little towel she had wrapped around her tiny waist, causing his already longing cock to stir in his loose slacks. He picked up a Cosmopolitan magazine and began leafing through the glossy pages of fashion models in seductive dresses.

Wearing just her black, high heel shoes, Trudy stood in the full length mirror and combed her soft, golden hair, thinking about what she would wear. She put on make up and powdered her soft, firm breasts with a fussy puff she took from the container on the dresser. The imitation fur of the puff made her skin tingle as she lightly brushed the skin of her full, ripe titties.

Turning to the closet, she selected a bright red mini-skirt and her lacy, black sweater. After putting on the skirt and sweater she went back to the mirror and examined her reflection, standing in the loose, skimpy, red skirt and tight, black sweater.

She pinched each nipple until it stood hard against the soft fabric of her thin sweater. "Hmm, I think he will like this." She thought to herself, as she gazed at the two hard nipples standing out on the front of her soft, black sweater.

Walking over to the dresser, she opened the pink, paper bag containing several pair of panties she had bought that afternoon. Pouring the panties in a pile on the bed, she selected a sheer, filmy, red g-string and a pair of black, crotchless lace panties.

Not being able to decide herself which she would wear, she decided to ask Scott which he would prefer.

Rolling the brief pieces of soft fabric in her hand, she walked out of the bedroom into the living room, where, Scott was reading a magazine.

"Scott," she said softly, "I bought some new panties at the store today. And, I wonder which pair you would like me to wear, tonight."

Scott looked up from the magazine and gazed at the little, blond nymph standing in the room, wearing a very short, red skirt that barely covered her pussy. Her high heels made her legs look even more inviting as she held the red g-string to her waist.

Her long, blond hair hung softly across her shoulders and draped down to her full breasts. Her breasts bulged at the soft thin lace of her sweater as glimpses of her soft white skin peeked through. Her nipples were hard and stuck out like little knobs on the thin, material.

"Err---I like that one, Trudy". He said as he studied the tops of her legs to see if she had any panties on. Her new, red g-string, pulled tightly against the little skirt caused the loose hem to rise slightly, to her blond pussy.

She threw the red g-string on the couch next to him and held up, the black lace, crotchless panties.

Stretching the elastic waist of the transparent panty across her, she asked him, "Well, --- how about this one."

"This pair doesn't have anything there." she said, as she playfully, poked her fingers through the open crotch.

Scott became suddenly, very aroused at the display before him. He imagined her in those little panties and his stiff cock pulsed in the confines of his slacks. Trudy was teasing him and he was becoming more excited, taking in her little, shapely body dressed in that sexy red skirt and revealing sweater. Her tanned legs were bare and he thought he could see a little bit of her blond pussy past the raised hem of her short skirt.

"I think I prefer that one." He said breathlessly, as he pointed, indicating the black panties she was holding.

"Ok, I'll wear the black ones, Scott." She smiled.

She picked up the red g-string off the couch, turned briskly, and went back to her bedroom. Her little, red skirt flew up at the back as she turned, exposing briefly the soft, naked globes of her little ass.

She pulled on the black, crotchless panties in the privacy of her room and came back out to join Scott. She sat in the chair across the living room from the couch and slowly, crossed her legs.

The bottom of her bare thighs was visible to his view, as she sat there provocatively. He gazed at the little, mini-skirted blonde across from him, her longs legs crossed and his thoughts went to the black panties, she said she would wear.

The door bell rang again, breaking the sexually charged atmosphere created by this young, blond girl, sitting on the chair.

Trudy uncrossed her legs, offering the aroused Scott, a very brief peek at the black panties she had on, under her little skirt.

She stood up and smoothed the short skirt around her hips.

"Oh, that must be Ginger. She was coming over for a while, to borrow a book I have." Trudy said, as she went to answer the door.

Scott was surprised at this turn of events, and it made him nervous to have an unexpected visit from the girl who made him come on his pants a couple weeks ago. She was very sexy and he could hardly control himself when she was around him.

Trudy opened the door to let Ginger in and said to her, "Ginger, you know Scott."

She walked her into the living room, saying, "He came over to watch some TV with me"

Ginger was dressed in a short, pink, silky shirt dress that she had cinched tightly at the waist with a wide black belt. Her long, brown hair hung softly across her shoulders stopping above her firm breasts, encased in the tight dress. She had worn her pink, high heels which accented her long, thin legs under the short, mini-dress.

"Hi, Scott." she sang, as she sat in the chair Trudy had just left.

"Seen any good videos lately?" Ginger teased. She lifted her long legs slowly as she crossed them, being careful to not show him that she had not worn panties under her little, pink dress.

Scott squirmed on the couch as he watched Ginger arrange her long legs in the chair across from him. Her skirt lay on her lap, covering her legs only, at the top.

"Hi, Ginger" replied Scott, as he ignored her reference to the date they had two weeks ago. "That's a pretty dress you have on tonight." He added.

"Oh, do you like it?" she asked, as she stood up to model the tight, pink garment for him. She twirled around holding the hem down to keep it from flying up and revealing her naked, shaved pussy.

Trudy smiled at the spectacle Ginger provided and went to the kitchen to pour some drinks, as music played softly from the stereo.

"Yes, that looks very pretty on you, Ginger." Scott answered as he noticed his cock getting even harder anticipating the potential of these two beauties with him in the cozy, little apartment. His gaze locked on her soft, warm thighs as she twirled above him.

"I love that song" Ginger cooed to Scott, as she grabbed his hand. "Will you dance with me?" she asked pouting slightly.

Scott stood up, hoping his erection would not show as he took Ginger in his arms and began to slow dance with her. His arm around her tiny waist and the other hand holding hers, they danced slowly, to the strains of the soft melody on the radio.

Ginger moved in close to Scott's' aroused body and pressed her soft belly to him, feeling the firm hardness of his engorged cock through her thin, wispy dress.

"Mmmm" she moaned to his ear, as they danced slowly to the music, his hard cock pushing against the soft material of her dress.

Trudy walked into the room as they were dancing and after the song ended, handed each of them a glass of the wine she poured in the kitchen.

Scott sat back on the couch. Trudy and Ginger joined him on either side as they each took a sip of the sweet wine Trudy had offered.

"Scott, would you like to see us dance together?" said Trudy, as a faster song began playing on the radio.

Trudy and Ginger stood up and stepped away from the couch. They began to undulate provocatively on the carpeted living room in time to the beat of the music. Dancing close to each other they presented a vision of sheer lust, as Trudy's little, red skirt swayed seductively, flipping up past the filmy, black laced, crotchless panties she was wearing. Her blonde, trimmed pussy occasionally peeked out at him.

Meanwhile Ginger was likewise undulating lewdly, her little, pink dress swinging out at the hem showing him glimpses of her clean shaven pussy and her little, bare ass underneath the thin, pink skirt. Scott became overwhelmed with lust as he watched the sexy show these young girls were putting on, for his benefit.

Trudy giggled as she looked over to Scott, squirming on the couch, watching them.

"Do you think we look sexy, Scott?" teased Trudy.

"Is your cock getting harder, Scott?" Asked Ginger.

Trudy and Ginger sat again, next to him. Trudy leaned over and kissed Scott on the mouth, her open soft lips warm against his. Ginger reached over to Scott's' aching erect cock and rubbed it softly, under his slacks.

Scott greedily pushed his tongue into Trudy's open mouth and placed his hand on her breast, through her soft black sweater. Her hard nipple burned into the palm of his hand, as he rotated the soft, lace covered tit in his hand.

Ginger took her hand away from Scott's' throbbing bulge and asked him, "Did you see that I didn't wear any panties, Scott?" As she raised the hem of her dress up to her chest.

"I like to feel the cool air right here." she stated in her seductive girlish voice, as she put her finger on the soft skin covering her clitoris, rubbing it up and down.

"It makes my little clit hard" she added, rubbing the top of the crack on her shaved, pink pussy. "Want to see?"

Ginger rolled over on the couch and kneeled next to him, holding the hem of her pink dress, high above her little waist.

"It makes my little pussy tingle when the cool air hits it." Ginger giggled.

Then, Ginger stood up on the couch above Scott's' face. He looked up under her dress to see the soft, pink shaved pussy, lingering a few inches from his face. A slight glistening wetness appeared in the tiny crack of her pink vaginal lips. Then she lowered the bare, pink slit down to his face, rubbing his nose and mouth with her soft, damp skin.

Meanwhile, Trudy was rubbing his great, hard cock through his pants and unzipped his slacks. Reaching in, she was amazed at the enormous thickness of his erect penis. She took the hard cock out in her hand and leaned over to lick the swollen head.

As Trudy licked along the head and down the sides, she held the rigid cock, tightly at the base. Then she took the engorged organ into her mouth and began to gently pull his cock up and down with her soft hand, clenched tightly around the base of the thick, veined shaft.

Scott licked hungrily at Ginger's' pussy, as she pushed her hot, bare slit to his mouth, grinding on his tongue in small circles. As his tongue separated the warm, wet lips pressed against him, she held the hem of her dress high above his head, and rocked back and forth on his probing tongue.

Suddenly, his body stiffened. He moaned loudly, as his pulsing cock gushed hot, thick come into Trudy's mouth, in one hot spasm after another, soaking her lips and chin with his semen.

"Oh, Scott, your coming!" said Ginger, giggling softly above him. "I love to see you do that." she confessed.

The joy of the situation intensified Scott's' climax and he shot time after time into Trudy's waiting mouth. Finally, he was finished and could not cum anymore. Scott felt Trudy's mouth lick and suck his cock clean and then she climbed up beside him. They kissed -- soft, warm, tender lover-kisses. She had been wonderful, he thought and told her so as she snuggled close against him.

Scott rolled over to face Trudy and they kissed and caressed, almost purring to each other. To Scott's' surprise -- and delight! -- His cock throbbed to life, again, in only a few short minutes.

Trudy giggled as she felt it pressing between her thighs. They didn't say a word. She lifted her leg over his hip and shifted on the couch as his cock slid into her.

Scott was about to fuck Trudy!

Scott started to roll over on her but she pushed him back and was soon straddling his hips as his dick slid deeper and deeper into her hot pussy.

He wanted to see her. Scott reached up her skirt and lifted it to her waist. Trudy smiled and reached down for the hem of her short, skirt and lifted it way up.

She was magnificent! Her pert breasts were bouncing up and down as she fucked him and Scott could not resist the urge to grab handfuls of that firm flesh. Her nipples were hard little stones abrading the flesh of his palms. She leaned back, placing her hands on his thighs and used them to lift her hips higher as she fucked him.

Scott was in heaven! He didn't want to ever cum. He didn't want to ever stop.

Finally, Trudy began to cum, moaning, "Oh, Scott, oh, I never... Oh, Scott... I never..." over and over.

As she started to come down, Scott slammed his hips into hers and took her up and over, again.

Again, and again, he kept her cumming, until he felt ready to blow. When it happened, Scott was afraid he broke something inside of him. He had never had a cum like that in his life!

Trudy collapsed down on him and lay there with Scott's dick still buried up her cunt, her tits crushed on his chest, and a smile was on his lips.

Another fine story by Richard Janice.
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