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The Arrangement
by Tom

I had been thinking about John and Karen for months. It was clear they were attracted. Our marriage was cold and she only came to life around him. I had been talking to John about her. Actually he talked about her a lot, about how funny she was, how good looking she was. It was clear he thought about her a lot. I finally confronted him asking him if he wanted to sleep with her - matter of factly he said yes.

Now what do I do? Confronting her might push her over the edge to a breakup. She was so far gone from me, that I really could not talk to her. We had not been physical in months and the last time we were, she was somewhere else - probably with him. After some thought and watching them flirt, I hit on a compromise - let them become lovers, the only caveat was I had to know when they were together i.e. a open marriage, she could sleep with him whenever, but no behind my back. It was risky, but I thought worth a try to keep her and also to be honest watch her perform. Karen had always been spectacular in bed - until recently when she was clearly tired of me - I figured she'd be out of this world satisfying John.

Friday nite was party at some friend's of John's - I figured this was a chance to try this out. Uncannily, it was if she knew something was going to happen. She prepared herself for a lover, shaving, bathing long, wearing but the skimpiest of satin panties, a nice bra and a cotton sundress with no slip. In the right light one saw only a beautiful form framed by panties. It was if she new she was going to get laid by her new lover.

The party was a bore, but things started while she was dancing with him. I'm sure she thought I was not watching when she and John kissed for 10 or 15 seconds at the end of a dance, locking eyes afterward also. Saying that I was bored, I came over and suggested we go to his place.

Karen had one small glass of wine at the party - just enough to loosen her up without going too far. She had a little more at John's before we danced. Holding her, it was clear she was not the cold woman I had known the past few months. Warm, soft, sensually holding me, it was not long before we were kissing intensely. By the end of the song, we were both a bit juiced up.

John stepped in and it was not long before they were going at it with the passion of new lovers. Open mouth kisses, that drawn lip, open mouth, far away look she gets when she's on her way to lovemaking - Karen had it. By the end of the song her dress was hiked up past her panties, John's hand on her ass, her hips grinding into his obvious erection. She did not seem to care that I was around , if she remembered. She was into John. My chance was here.

As the song ended and they broke free, I stepped behind her, caressing her, kissing her keeping her aroused. John watched as I fondled her breasts softly through her dress. She started to turn around, but I kept her facing John and began unbuttoning her dress until it dropped to the floor and then quickly took off her bra so that she stood naked but for the satin bikini panties framing her gorgeous body. She did not stop me and was already gone - she knew she was going to make love to John. Her eyes had that faraway look. Her nipples hard and erect and a lite touch of her panties showed she was already wet.

I whispered to her asking her if she wanted him and she said yes and I offered her to John telling him, "She wants to make love to you -take her, enjoy her. I want to watch you two fuck."

John came forward and dropped to his knees to take her breasts into his mouth while she and I kissed. After a few moments, he drew her into the bedroom where they collapsed onto the bed in a deep passionate clutch of lust. It would be hours until Karen noticed me again. She was in his world now

After what seemed like hours of fondling, kissing clutching - he loved her breasts as any man would - John rose to undress. I'm not sure what was more amazing - His enormous penis or the look on her face and the gasp of surprise and pleasure she gave when she saw his beautiful cock. He slid back on to the bed and she made sure to press her body close to his to feel his manliness. She began pressing her pelvis upwards in that thrusting motion I knew so well. John knew it too and slowly stopped her.

Next came a sight that was wonderful. Kneeling above her, he reached down to the sides of her hips and she raised her hips slightly and gently grasping the satin panties, he slid them off her. The act of pulling up her legs to let the panties off, left her in a perfect position for John to enter her. Her legs raised and slightly bent at the knees, John gently moved towards her, spread her legs. With the practiced move of lovers, she reached forward, grasped his enormous penis and guided him into her. Not surprisingly, he easily entered her wet, well prepared pussy. In a short time he quickly established a smooth rhythm moving in and out of her. Her legs were drawn up around him, her hands moving over his back and ass pulling him in and out of her. The sight alone was beautiful as my lovely wife coupled with this man, but the sounds coming from the lovers was wonderful itself.

The sighs, the light moans, the building sounds as the rose towards climax. Soon the words started as Karen began to urge John on, encourage, tell him how magnificent he was, how good he felt, how she had wanted him for so long...oh god you're so gooooood....yes, ummmm,, yes...her voice began to go up in pitch as her pleasure grew, her words more u rgent....yes, yes , yes keep fucking me ....god your cock feels so good. By now the slow lovemaking had turned into frenzied passion as their bodies writhed on the bed. Karen clearly could not get enough of John as she wrapped herself around every part of his body. John by now was moaning loudly as he slammed into Karen at a faster pace. Finally with a loud yell , John came into her with Karen crying out his name and how his come felt so good. John had barely finished when Karen rolled him over and began feverishly grinding and riding back and forth on her lover and within 30 seconds had 2 of clearly the most satisfying orgasms of her life. The bed shook with the force of her lovemaking and force of her cry of passion as she satisfied herself on John.

Drained, the lovers lay entwined in their arms, legs, the sheets. Kissing each other slowly then with growing passion, it was not long however, before they resumed their lovemaking. Starting with deep kisses, their tongues exploring each other mouth, their hands began to explore again. John shifted off to the side, slipped one hand under her head, one hand into her soaking yawning pussy and moved his mouth to one of her rapidly growing nipples, he proceeded to stimulate her into a panting passion. Her hips rapidly thrusting up and down as she ground her pelvis against his fingers desperately driving towards another climax. Not satisfied with his hand, she pushed away from him, rolled him over and with quick expert hands guided herself over that monster penis of his and began riding his cock up and down. Her face was a mixture of utter pleasure and focused concentration. She alternated between rapidly moving up and down, to slowly teasing both of them as she rode the whole length of his 10 inches, pausing on the head of his cock. She would lean over him to give her full breasts and hard nipples or deep tongue while slowly rocking her hips up and down. Looking at her from behind while she rocked her hips to grab all of his cock was a beautiful sight - her wonderful pussy riding up and down his penis, wet from her moist pussy.

In a matter of minutes John let loose again in side of her and wonderfully she came almost at the same time. It was inevitable - she was controlling both of them and brought them both to the edge at the same time. She was in control, in ecstasy, she had her lover and was in her own world, a world with only her and John.

Collapsed again on each other, it still did not take long for them to work into another round of lovemaking. Before he entered he again, John broke it off and went for a drink of water. Coming back into the room, Karen, clearly needing more of him, rose to greet him and began manually stimulating John. Wet from her pussy and his cum, she easily masturbated him to his full 10 inches. Then in the most exciting move of the night dropped to her knees and took as much of him as she could into her mouth and gave him the blow job of his life. Working her lips around the end of his penis, she moved up and down on his cock which sucking at the same time. The action of sucking and sliding had its effect as John was groaning with pleasure and urging her on begging her to keep sucking him. She would stop at times and tease him, letting out a long tongue and licking him until his begging drove her back to swallow most of his penis and continue with her lovemaking.

When John was not moaning, the only other sound was her sucking on his huge cock. Over the next few minutes she teased him a few more times stopping to lick his cock and near the end, stopping to lick some cum off his head. After doing that she swallowed him again and furiously began moving him in and out of her mouth until John roared with pleasure. Rather than stopping, Karen kept him in her mouth and as clearly seen by her throat moving, swallowed Johns cum 4 or 5 times and then finished at the end cleaning off the rest of the cum off the end of his cock and her lips.

By now, I was out of my mind and had stripped and was masturbating. Karen looked at me, smiled, reached for my cock and serviced me as expertly as she had John. She was in another universe as this was a blow job unlike any she had given me before. Given I had been watching her perform for an hour, I quickly came into her mouth and she swallowed all of mine also. Knowing she needed servicing, I brought her to the bed, lay under her and helped her relieve the growing tension in her pussy as she quickly came twice on me. She knew it was me, but at the same time was not really there. I was a man for her pleasure and that's it.

By now John had recovered, had pulled her to he hands and knees and was pumping her from behind. I slid out from under her so I could get a better look from the side as he slid in and out of her. The look on her face as of pure pleasure and this position by far was the best for her. After getting my fill of this stud pumping my wife's ass I moved around to her face and she took me into her mouth yet again. For the next few hours John and I had our way with her. Actually we all had our way - It was raw sex and lust. Alternating between her mouth and her pussy., threesomes, twosomes, watching, oral sex, we did it all. John would pump her from behind and she would blow me, then we would switch. Or he would pump her on her back, her legs around his head and she tilted her head to the side to take me in. She mounted him on a chair as she rode up and down pleasuring herself on him. He would stand up and pump her from the side of the bed -either on her back or on her knees or she would stand up and bend over and receive him from behind. . While on her back I would mount her face and she would blow me while I watched John head on pump her. Or we would switch. Mutual oral sex with her was great. It started when I began to eat her - I had done it once earlier as she ground her pussy into me until she came. This time I was down on her licking and sucking away when she moved around me and blew me. Working together we brought each other to a wonderful climax. Needless to say, she and John followed right up after us. One of my favorite sights was when she would be on her back with her legs pulled up and her calves touching her thighs - John would be on his knees and he would slowly rock back and forth sliding that wondrous cock of his in and out - slowly letting all of it in and out - it was truly amazing watching it disappear into her and of course the look on her face said it all. It seemed like someone was coming all the time and after a while all three of use were covered with sweat, cum and her pussy juice.

Finally having had my fill of her, I backed off to let the 2 new lovers end the night together. 3 more times, each more slowly and tenderly, they made love. In between they would nuzzle and then slowly begin again. It was the very slow kind, the kind you see in movies, but much better as Karen by now was the consummate lover to John. They had long forgotten about me, completely absorbed into each other's pleasure. At times, I simply stood outside listening to their pleasure, her moans, her words of passion for him.

After hours of what seemed like one endless orgasm, I finally took her home and needless to say, there were a few more nights - always (I think) with me around.

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