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The Ambassador Club Pt. II
by English Bob
 and Dayna Jo

Joanne was exhausted. She thought herself unable to take anymore but the words of the master still rang in her ears; "Should the candle slip out you will deemed to have been careless and will be punished". The cheers still sounded around the room as she dried her tears and looked up. Standing in front of her was a woman in her mid fifties. Joanne realised that she must be a mistress as she wore a loose fitting silk robe. The woman stood hands on hips, legs slightly apart looking down at the pathetic figure of Joanne.

"You were warned what would happen if your were careless"

Joanne felt the tears returning "Oh no...please no more....please" The mistress ignored her pleas "You're punishment will follow a certain pattern. You will have realised by now that the members enjoy their games"

Joanne could not believe her ears, not another race surely, what could they have in store for her this time?

"This game is called Punishment by Elimination. You should know your own body and what pleasure it can bring to others. You will have 60 seconds to tell us the different parts of your body that you would use to bring pleasure to us. When the time is up, the members will relate all the ones that you forgot or omitted. You will feel the sting of the crop for each omission and then be forced to demonstrate your ability with that part of your body. For example, you would start by naming your vagina. Is this clear?"

Joanne thought that it was far from clear, but was too frightened to argue and besides the idea excited her just a little.

"You may stand before us now" said the mistress as she seated herself into a chair. Joanne stood with trembling legs. She could feel the cum start to dribble from her cunt and down her legs. Her stomach still felt queezy with the cum that had been forced into her throat.

"Your time starts.....NOW."

Joanne felt flustered. Her mind was blank as she stuttered.

" My hands ?"

She looked directly at the mistress who was nodding and studying a stopwatch. "30 seconds gone"

"Er...oh no, I can't think......em.....I suppose my bottom? And er...." "Time's up!" shouted the mistress followed by cheers and hoots from the other members.

The mistress turned to the members. "Any others she has omitted please?"

The room fell silent and Joanne thought that she had gotten away without further punishment or humiliation.

Then a voice from the back of the room; "I don't think she mentioned her tits!" Then another different voice "No, or her tongue without using her mouth!"

Joanne's head dropped as more voices sounded around the room.

"What about her feet or toes?"

"Her ass cheeks" "Her hair would feel great around my cock!"

Then another woman's voice "I'd love to feel her nose rub against my clitoris" As no more ideas regarding the abuse of Joanne's body seemed to be forthcoming, the mistress indicated towards two strong looking men seated at the front. Quickly, both men rose and picked Joanne up from her feet and placed her face down over the table in the centre of the room and held her down tightly. Joanne sensed rather than heard the mistress move up behind her. The room went quiet again.......

Joanne heard the swish through the air that she had heard earlier and knew what to expect.


"Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" Joanne screamed into the air as 5 more licks of the crop landed squarely onto her rapidly reddening ass cheeks.


Joanne could hardly remember a time now when she had not been crying. Her butt burned like hell. The only thing that she could say was that at least it was note quite as painful as the blow to her nipple earlier. As the mistress completed the brutal whipping of Joanne's ass, the two men lifted her and dragged her to the centre of the room. Once again Joanne knelt, head bowed, awaiting her next fate. The mistress spoke again.

"Now for the second part of the punishment. I think you may demonstrate the following first: your nose, tits and ass. Lie on your back now" Joanne was now past any form of resistance as she obeyed the instruction without question, laying on her back with no attempt to hide any part of her body. She was here to be used in any way these people thought fit and she was not going to make things any worse by arguing. One by one, the members who had called out her earlier omissions, stepped forward.

The woman who wished to use Joanne's nose was first. Standing over Joanne's head she untied her robe and let it fall to the floor. Slowly lowering herself, she squatted over Joanne's nose and mouth, facing her feet. As the older woman's moist vagina came into contact with her nose, Joanne could smell her scent. Less than half an hour ago she had virtually never seen another woman naked, now here she was, having already been eaten out by May a little earlier, about to sink her nose into another woman's cunt! To be able to continue breathing, Joanne had to open and breath through her mouth as the large woman on her face began to grind her hips backwards and forwards making loud groaning noises and releasing an increasing amount of pre-orgasmic juice onto Joanne's face. The next thing Joanne felt was a weight on her stomach and she realised that the next member was sitting astride her. She felt a cool lubricating cream dripping onto her breasts as the man sitting astride her and the woman on her face began to smear the cream over her tits and nipples. Two pair of hands were on her breasts squeezing them together as she felt the unmistakable sensation of a very hard cock being pushed between them. She could hear licking noises and realised that the two members had begun kissing each other in an obscene display of affection.

Just when she felt that she was going to be able to handle the situation, she felt hands roughly grab her ankles. She could not see what was happening to her lower body, but felt both her legs being lifted and then held by the man now intent on fucking his huge erection between her slick breasts. In this position she felt incredibly exposed. Her lower body had been lifted off the carpet and doubled back towards her head leaving her vagina and anus completely exposed. She remembered her own words about using her bottom to bring pleasure to the members, and started to panic. Her sex life had always been mundane in the past, always wishing for more excitement...but not this...surely...surely they would not do this to her?......

All the members in the room had moved closer to get a better view of the action in front of them as the large African man who had used May's lips earlier knelt down between Joanne's legs rubbing a massive erection in his fist. Joanne felt the cool lubricating cream land on her open pussy and trickle sensuously down to her exposed anus and shivered. Her eyes were closed in fear but also a little sexual pleasure, as she felt a strong finger massage the cream into her tight virgin hole. The finger was joined by another as they entered ever deeper into her, widening her, tormenting her with pain and pleasure.

To try to keep her mind off what seemed to be the inevitable, Joanne's thoughts returned to the other two users of her body. Her face was now soaked in the sticky, sweet juice of the mistress riding her face, and the man fucking her breasts was building up quite a head of steam as he alternately squeezed her tits together and pinched her sore, swollen nipples. The mistress was groaning in pure ecstasy now and bucking her hips up and down on Joanne's face. Faster...faster...faster...until she let out a loud moan and Joanne felt a stream of juice gush down onto her face. As the mistress swung her heavy legs from either side of Joanne's head, she knelt beside her to watch the master fuck her boobs. Joanne could now see the man between her tits. His eyes were screwed tight and his face was contorted into a sexual grimace as he approached his own orgasm.

Just as Joanne prepared herself for a face full of the masters semen, she felt, with some strange reluctance, the fingers removed from her asshole. She did not have to wait long for a replacement for those rough digits. As the master astride her let out a low rumbling cry and allowed his cock to erupt his seed onto her face, she felt a searing pain in her ass.

The African master positioned his long penis at the entrance to his slave's asshole and pushed deeply. God, she felt so tight, he assumed her to be an anal virgin. As Joanne fought to scream her protests amongst the cum that had landed on her face and again in her mouth, The master drove his weapon deeper and deeper. The pain was almost too much as a part of Joanne longed for unconsciousness while another part of her wanted to experience and learn from the assault. The heat from the cream and from the friction increased inside Joanne as the master drove his erection faster and faster, deeper and deeper into her nether hole. Her legs were doubled back almost touching her head as she felt the pain subside a little and her anal ring widen to accept the invader. She lost track of time and space as she drifted towards unconsciousness amongst sensations of pain and pleasure. She was brought back to reality quickly as she felt the masters cock swell to immense proportions. She heard him grunt through gritted teeth as... yes...yes...YES!! she was finally rewarded with stream after stream of his hot jism cascading into her anal channel. The master held her painfully cramped legs for a few long seconds as his climax subsided and then pulled out of her ass with a pop leaving Joanne spreadeagle on the plush carpet, the cum trickling from her open and abused hole.

All Joanne wished for now was to sleep. But she could hear from the cheering members that they were not finished with her yet.

Despite the cheering, Joanne began to drift into unconsciousness, exhausted mentally and physically. As she wavered somewhere between the awake state and a dream state, she imagined a pleasant feeling coming over her, a sensual, tingling sensation. And that is when she realized that both of her feet were now being sucked...someone was gently and slowly licking and sucking her toes. Both feet were getting attention, as both legs were still held in a spread position. The feelings were incredible. Joanne had no idea how sensitive and sexual her feet could feel. The warm mouths were moist and inviting...the tongues exploring and soothing. Joanne just closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensations. If they wanted her to use her feet in this way, well, who was she to argue.

Soon the licking and sucking stopped, only to be replaced by two women, straddling her feet. Joanne could not believe what was coming next...these two women, squatted over Joanne's feet and lowered their pussy's onto her upturned toes. And then, in unison, they pushed Joanne's feet into their pussies. Joanne watched in amazement at these women fucked her feet, while sharing a deep passionate kiss with each other. She could feel the heat and dampness of both cunts as they moved up and down the length of each foot...while at first revolting, Joanne realized that the sensations to her feet were incredible, even better than the mouths that had been sucking her toes. Joanne found herself captivated as she watched the two women move up and down on her feet, while kissing each other.

And then a male master appeared before her. He stepped between her spread legs and looked down at Joanne, blocking her view of the two women. Joanne watched as he placed his bare foot at the opening of her own cunt...what the hell? And then, he began to force his foot into Joanne's tired, aching, messy pussy. The pressure was incredible and Joanne opened her mouth in agony...instantly a female foot as placed in her own mouth...Joanne had not noticed the woman standing over her head. Joanne tried to concentrate on the toes in her mouth, trying to lick and suck as she had learned from the two women earlier...but she had trouble concentrating. The foot in her pussy had to be buried all the way to the heel...she felt such incredible pressure, unlike any cock. This foot was hard, and wide, especially deep inside her...and the man who belonged to the foot began to move in and out, fast and furious, as if trying to shake something off his foot. Joanne realized that these people were very into the foot...she had two women getting themselves off on her own feet, a man fucking her pussy with his foot, and another woman with her foot in Joanne's mouth, moaning loudly at Joanne's attention.

Eventually, Joanne's body began to react...surprising her! She could feel the familiar tingling and muscle tension of her building orgasm...the foot pounding her pussy continued its relentless pace, and with every deep thrust, the top of the man's ankle would strike her clitoris, stimulating it further. And then Joanne's body was shaken by a violent orgasm...she felt herself gush onto the foot in her cunt...and then she felt the two women, fucking her feet, gush onto her own feet, warm female juices flooding onto her feet and ankles.

As the two women rose and released her delicate feet, Joanne could feel their juice running between her small painted toes. Before she had a chance to react, another master took up a position at her feet. Joanne could feel his strong wrists grip her wet ankles as her feet were drawn together. She felt a strange sensation as the master held her feet, soles together, and began to push an engorged penis between her feet and toes using the mistresses vaginal fluid as a lubricant. The master began to moan deeply as he lifted and dropped her feet up and down the length of his cock. Joanne could feel every vein, every bulge and muscle in the cock as her sticky toes were squeezed over the cockhead and down the shaft. The master in her pussy had withdrawn his foot and was now proceeding to run his toes, wet with Joanne's own fluid, across her sore stiff nipples leaving a trail of juice for the whole room to see. Joanne could feel yet another orgasm building from the pit of her stomach as her nipples were teased. As she approached her climax...closer...closer...she suddenly felt a stream of cum hit her wet toes as the master fucking her feet unloaded with a groan from between clenched teeth. This stimulation put Joanne over the edge and her whole body shook as she crashed into another orgasm

"STOP!" shouted a master. "YOU are not to you must be punished AGAIN!" Quickly, Joanne was grabbed by two men and placed her face down over the table in the centre of the room. Her arms remained secured behind her back. Her hips were held her down tightly. Joanne sensed rather than heard the mistress move up behind her. The room went quiet again.......

Joanne heard the swish through the air that she had heard earlier and knew what to expect.

CRACK! Swiissshhhhhhhh, CRACK! Swish, CRACK!

Joanne screamed out in agony as the her buttocks and the backs of her thighs were again subjected to the mercy of the mistress.

"Bring her to the centre of the is time for her to learn to use her hands" The black master directed the two men holding Joanne. She was pulled by her shoulders to the centre of the room, her feet dragging behind her in exhaustion. The men dropped her onto her stomach, nearly knocking her breath away. Joanne lay quietly, weeping as silently as she could.

"Release the slave's hands, she will need them now." Joanne was relieved to feel the cuffs removed from her aching wrists. Until now, she hadn't realized just how uncomfortable the cuffs had been and how much her shoulders had ached. Now she massaged her wrists and rolled her shoulders around. She was feeling a bit better, just having her hands free. "Apply the blindfold," the master commanded. May complied, tieing a soft velvet blindfold over Joanne's eyes. The sudden darkness was terrifying as Joanne could feel the presence of the masters and mistresses closing in around her, as she lay on her side, naked, in the centre of the room.

The black master explained the rules. "Slave, you will now use your hands to pleasure each master and each mistress...if a master wishes to be brought to orgasm, you must bring him to orgasm...he will tell you what to do with his cum. If a mistress wishes to be brought to orgasm, you must bring her to orgasm." The master continued. "You are wearing a blindfold for a special reason. This is your opportunity to end your slaveship. One member of this group is your husband!"

Joanne gasped...could it be true...she opened her mouth to speak... "SILENCE! You have NOT been given permission to speak." The master continued.

"You will service all members. Your husband may be one of those whom you will service. If you correctly identify your husband, you will have the choice to continue. HOWEVER, if you incorrectly identify a man to be your husband, you will again be punished. AND, if you fail to attempt to identify your husband, you will be punished."

Joanne could not believe this...what in the hell was John doing here? Had he set this up? Her John? Her "once-a-month" John? As Joanne was contemplating her predicament, her left had was seized and placed around a very thick, long, soft penis. Her right hand was placed around a similar cock, a little less thick, but much harder.

"Make me cum bitch!" The man to her left ordered. "I want to cum in your hair."

"Make me cum too, and drink what I give you," ordered the man to her right. Joanne, knowing that neither man was her husband, for they were much to long, began to lightly stroke each cock. Quickly both men began to harden in her hands...the thicker cock grew immense. Thank goodness he only wanted me to use my hands, Joanne thought...I don't think my pussy could take another pounding. The cock on her right also grew in size...eventually both men were hard and Joanne continued to stroke. At this point, Joanne was kneeling comfortably, working her hands up and down on the two engorged penises. She tried to get into a rhythm, but just as she was getting comfortable, she felt a presence behind her...hands softly reached around to her stomach. She felt the hardness of a cock against the small of her back. Whoever was behind her had intentions of his own. Apparently the masters and mistresses could continue to use her even during this newest game.

The man behind her slid one hand down to her pussy and pushed back on her pelvis, forcing Joanne to thrust her butt back slightly. He then used this position to slide his cock into Joanne's pussy. His other hand slid up her ribs to her breasts and he began pulling at her nipples, taking turns pinching them and pulling them. Her left nipple was still smarting for the whip and Joanne began to whimper slightly at his aggressive touch. He began to pound her pussy harder, making it difficult for Joanne to keep her balance and stroke the cocks in her hands.

"This is too much...I can't keep my balance..." Joanne cried out.

"SILENCE SLAVE!" shouted the master. "Silence the bitch."

And with that command, a cock was stuffed into her mouth. Joanne now had a cock in each hand, a cock in her pussy, and a cock in her mouth. She was so overly stimulated and confused that at first she didn't realize that the huge cock in her left hand had begun to convulse...until she felt the splat of his cum as it hit the side of her face...and then second and third loads of cum hit her face as she brought the first man to orgasm. The cock in her right hand began to tighten shortly after. Joanne, remembering her orders, quickly released the cock in her mouth and took on the cock in her hand...sucking him deep into her throat...and within moments he unloaded into her mouth. Prior to this entire day, Joanne had never swallowed her husband's cum, and now, here she was doing it, over and over.

As soon as the man finished milking his spent cock into her mouth, the first cock was stuffed back in, presumably to keep her quiet. In the meantime, the man fucking her had increased his pace, continuing to pinch and pull at her sore, tender nipples. Finally, he came, pulling on both nipples as he drove deep into her pelvis, unloading his tension. And then he pulled out.

Joanne was left kneeling, sucking a cock. She then felt delicate hands grab her right hand and bring it up to a moist pussy. Joanne had never felt a woman's cunt, other than her own. And even with her own, she was uncomfortable touching herself. Joanne, knowing what felt good for herself, began to lightly circle this woman's clitoris with her index finger, allowing her other three fingers to press lightly into the woman's pussy. She was wet, and her lips felt very swollen. Joanne was encouraged that she could bring this woman to orgasm. Her left hand was guided to another cock. Bigger than the first two!

"I want to cum in your mouth!" the owner of the huge cock commanded.

Now Joanne truly felt challenged. Trying to establish a rhythm with the cock in her hand, while at the same time lightly stroking the clit and pussy in her right hand. Not to mention the cock her mouth. And to make matters worse, another member was now climbing behind her...oh God, here we go again Joanne thought.

This time, the man behind Joanne, grabbed the sides of her head and began to push and pull her head on the cock in her mouth, forcing her to suck this cock deeper into her throat than she one point pushing so hard as to mash her face against the pubic bone of the man she was now deep throating. At the same time, the man controlling her head began to work his cock into her ass. Oh, not again! Joanne moaned loudly, her protests, but to no avail.

Soon, she had a cock buried deep in her throat, another buried deep in her ass, a giant cock in her left hand, and a sopping pussy in her right hand. These people were much did they think she could take, Joanne wondered. As Joanne worried about her own state, the cock in her mouth suddenly erupted, spewing its liquid deep into her throat, nearly choking Joanne. She was not expecting this cock to cum. But, with relief, the cock was withdrawn from her mouth and Joanne had a chance to recover, gasping for air and letting her head hang down. She now concentrated on the other three members attached to her body.

"When you are finished slave, you will be punished" whispered the master.

"Wh-wh-why? What have a done wrong?" Joanne was shocked...not again...she didn't want the whip any more. "You failed to recognize your own husband's cock!" Oh my God, it was John who had cum down her throat!!!

Joanne's mind was in a whirl. John was the last person she had expected to see. The thoughts raced through her head; why was he here? Had he come to rescue her? Did she actually want to be rescued? Earlier, the master had said that if she had identified John correctly, she would have the choice to continue or not. Even if she had of identified him, she was now unsure of the decision that she would have made. She had to admit to herself that, although her whole body ached and she still felt pain from her cramped muscles, the day's experiences had taught her many things about her own body and how to give pleasure. She realised, with some surprise, that she was actually fulfilling her darkest submissive fantasies.

Joanne's thoughts were broken and she was snapped out of her reverie suddenly as two masters picked up her limp, exhausted body. With a sigh of defeat, Joanne realised that she was once again being carried towards the punishment table. Her ass still smarted from the last punishment and she was sure that there must have been red welts over her buttocks and upper legs. This time however, a familiar face awaited her at the table.

With some surprise, Joanne felt herself being positioned on her back. John looked deep into her eyes as he moved both her arms above her head and held them securely. This position had the effect of stretching her out and pulling her breasts upwards. As her husband held her hands firmly, she saw another master approach. Again she heard the now familiar swish as the crop sliced through the air. As she felt the sting of the crop land on her bare breast, John lowered his mouth to hers and kissed her deeply having the effect of stifling her scream. As their tongues entwined, Joanne's body jolted every time the crop hit her sore distended nipples. The pain in her breasts was fierce, but she could also feel an underlying heat building throughout her body. Her thighs rubbed together, her toes curled with every stroke of the crop. She was sobbing into her husbands mouth as, after 6 strokes across her breasts, the punishment was finally over.

John held his sobbing wife in his arms as he comforted her. They had still not said a word to each other. Joanne could feel her swollen nipples brush against the coarse hair on his chest as he held her, causing the buds to stiffen further and creating more pain. A mistress' voice rang out "The slave must be cleansed before the initiation is complete"

Joanne felt herself being led away from the familiar feel of her husband, as May and another pretty Asian looking girl took her wrists and pulled her gently into another room.

Joanne was led into a large bathroom. In the corner was a tiled area with 4 showerheads pointing towards the centre. She could feel the dried cum and female juice covering her body and realised what a sight she must look. The 3 girls stepped into the shower and Joanne luxuriated in the warm flow of water as it cascaded over her abused body. May and her companion Julie, thoroughly washed the exhausted Joanne. They rinsed the dried cum from her face and hair, and gently bathed her swollen, abused breasts. Joanne just leaned back against the wall of the cubicle as sponges with fragrant soaps were applied to her still open pussy and ass as they washed away all traces of semen and feminine fluid. As they all stepped from the shower, Joanne could see herself in the full length mirror as May and Julie proceeded to towel her. The masters had been careful with her chastisements; although she could see small red welts across her tits, the had taken heed not to break the skin and thus to avoid scarring.

Once dry, Joanne was led back into the main room. She saw to her astonishment that a large bed had been placed in the centre of the room and at the foot of the bed a video camera on a tripod had been assembled.

As she walked towards the centre of the room, she was met by the smiling face of her husband John. He spoke for the first time.

"Hello my sweet Joanne" he breathed "I suppose you are due an explanation"

Joanne merely stared meekly into his eyes as he continued.

"I have been a member of the Ambassador club for some time now. Until recently I was unaware of your submissive needs...until the day I checked your computer. I am so pleased that you have these feelings, as now I, and all our members, can fulfill your fantasies and our own. When you leave this place you will be completely submissive and we will be able to live out our lives as master and slave together. But before you leave there is the final part of your initiation...."

John's voice trailed off as he stepped away from his wife. May and June again stepped forward and led Joanne onto the bed as a mistress approached her.

"Slave Joanne." she stated "what you see before you is a live Internet link-up. Our associate members around the world will now have a chance to see our new slave in all her glory."

As the mistress finished her short speech she flicked a switch on the video camera. As the camera whirred into life, the room lights went dim and a spotlight illuminated the bed and its single occupant. Slow soul music could now be heard from an expensive looking system as the mistress began giving Joanne her instructions. "Kneel up on the bed slave, let the camera see your breasts.... squeeze them with them".

Joanne now understood what was expected of her as she climbed to her knees and faced the camera. Carefully, so as not to cause herself too much pain, she cupped the underside of her breasts in each hand and lifted them. She squeezed them together as instructed, remembering that not so long ago a hard cock had been ploughed between them. Very gently she ran her fingers over her sore nipples, the little buds once again stiffening and standing out proud from her body.

"Pinch them harder....we want to see how much they hurt."

Joanne swallowed, her throat dry and coarse. Closing her eyes and expecting the pain she closed her finger and thumb over her lift nipple and squeezed. The pain shot through her body like an electric shock. Wave after wave pulsated through her body as ,once again, she felt that now familiar warmth start to tingle through her breasts and spread over her body.

Joanne's nipples had never felt so sensitive in her life. She looked down at the in her hands, they were a crimson red colour now standing out nearly an inch from her breasts. Every time she touched them they throbbed almost visibly, but now with a sensual heat rather than the earlier electrifying pain.

Joanne felt the bed move slightly as if more weight was upon it. She looked around and saw that two masters had now joined her. They were also completely naked, their hard erections standing proud. Joanne was still kneeling as the first man took a standing position in front of her. She could see the large bulbous head of his cock swing menacingly in front of her eyes. Gently at first his hands were in her hair, stroking and slowly guiding. Then more insistently as she felt his manhood pressed against her lips. Joanne had no need for instruction now as she gladly opened her mouth, parting her lips and taking the cock straight into her throat. The head felt velvety and soft as it slid over her tongue towards its goal. She hardly felt any gag reaction now as the head and then the thick shaft slowly entered her abused throat. The masters hands were still in her hair as he began a slow but deep thrusting motion as he fucked deep into Joanne's helpless but accepting oral orifice.

Joanne was so intent on pleasing the master in her throat, that she had nearly forgotten about the other man on the bed with them. Her attentions were brought back sharply as, once again she felt hands on her butt cheeks, spreading them, probing the valley with strong fingers. As the fingers reached ever lower and lightly grazed her clitoris, Joanne gave an involuntary shudder as yet another orgasm spread through her body. She moaned deeply against the cock in her throat, the vibration causing it to swell and then erupt into her mouth. As the master at her face wiped his cock on her face, he climbed off the bed. Joanne again saw the camera whirring and was reminded that her actions were being broadcast around the world. Joanne felt a little ashamed but then more and more excited as her latent exhibitionist instincts came to the fore.

Again, she felt weight on the bed as yet another man replaced the first at her face. Without so much as a thought, Joanne opened her lips wide to accept the engorged penis before her. Her change in personality had been gradual but effective. She pushed forward with her mouth as the penis slid over her tongue and then pushed back with her hips so as to feel the fingers in her pussy probe deeper into her body. The transformation from wife and mother to complete submissive was now almost complete.

She heard the mistress' voice as another instruction was issued.

"Present your ass slave"

Again, virtually without a thought, Joanne willingly spread her knees wide and lifted her ass into the air. She shuddered into yet another shattering orgasm as she felt a tongue dip into her open nether hole, bathing her, licking the tender skin. As the second penis spewed forth its contents into her mouth, Joanne greedily swallowed and encouraged yet another man to take his place. As another cock slid easily into her throat she felt the sharp pain in her rectum as she was entered. The pain was now not nearly as bad as before and quickly dissolved into a delicious, sensual, hot sensation as she felt the invader push deeper into her anal cavity.

Cock after cock was pushed into her throat. She was fucked and ass fucked several more times, and presented with pussy after pussy to eat before each master and mistress in the room had used her. They had used her breasts, her fingers, her feet and toes again. Her body was once again awash with male and female fluid as she finally slipped into a wonderful state of unconsciousness.

She awoke a short while later, sore and exhausted. Her transition was complete. She was now her husband's slave to do with as he pleased and she could not have been happier about it. As she opened her eyes she saw the smiling loving face of her husband and now master.

"Congratulations my sweet Joanne. The initiation is over. You are now completely mine in every sense"

The End


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