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The Apartment Complex Pt. II
by Bryan D.

Several hours later, I woke up feeling refreshed, but depressed. I knew Mrs. Bellker was gone, and I knew that Candace had split, taking a sizeable portion of my CD collection with her. Faced with no future and just enough rent money to pay for my place for two, maybe three months at the most, I was panicked.

I rolled over in my bed, and saw that Mrs. Bellker had left me a package. I opened the note, my second in as many days.


I knew it would be impossible to say goodbye to your face, so I waited until you were unconscious to leave. You have made me feel young again. I knew from the first time you entered my body that we had something special.

I haven't slept with anyone but you since that night. My husband hasn't had sex with me in almost two years, and it's not likely to change soon. You have been a special part of my life and I don't want you to forget it. Please accept this pair of panties as a way to remember me. Also, enclosed is the only set of keys to "the room." Use them wisely. The money is because you're worth every penny.

When we sold the apartment complex, we told the new owners that you and Todd worked for us and we had agreed to let you live there rent free. In the sales agreement, they signed off on allowing your unit to remain rent and utility free. I'm not sure how it slipped past them, but that bitch Sandy looked like she was going to burst a vein when she found out. Nice feeling to make someone's blood boil. You should make mine boil.

I have to go. Our flight leaves in just about two hours. It's time to say goodbye.

Love, Mrs. B.

In the package was a pair of silk-and-lace panties, $1500 cash and two keys. I put the keys in my pocket and began to feel the texture of the panties between my fingers. They were moist, slick and very satiny. I pulled the panties to my nose, a reflex since the night I met Candace. The panties smelled like Mrs. Bellker's beautiful, tart pussy, and slightly of perfume. I breathed deeply, taking in the sensual pleasures of the scent of a woman's twat. I felt myself grow faint as my cock began to swell. I reached down and imagined Mrs. Bellker's hand grabbing the shaft of my cock.


Later in the evening, when the snobby office staff provided by the new owners had all left, I crept into the laundry room, and to "the room."

Our apartment complex's laundry room was huge, and had two huge anterooms. One held several gardening tools and automotive supplies. These were for common use among residents. The other room contained Mr. and Mrs. Bellker's tribute to sexual freedom, hedonism and perversion.

It was filled with sex gadgets, whips, cuffs, and everything a person could imagine. It was like the filthiest of sex shops gone bad. There was even a two-way mirror against one wall, with a small booth on the other side. Mrs. Bellker said that she and her husband had installed it with the thought that one day, someone could watch secretly, while the other got laid. She said it had never occurred.

A large portion of the more expensive items had been removed by the Bellkers. I can't say I wasn't surprised: they had a LOT of stuff. However, the Bellkers had left a lot as well.

I grabbed an enormous black dildo, it looked like an ebony tribute to Todd's huge penis. Todd, you see, is an average sized guy. He played shortstop for his college team and then later in the minor leagues. He brags about how he was almost called up from Double-A ball to the majors, but he had injured his Anterior Cruciate Ligament right before then. I never called him on it.

Anyway, Todd's like, 5'9" and 150 lbs. But his dick is built like an elephant's trunk. I'm not proud to know this information, but I had stumbled across it (the info, not Todd's dick) the same night six months ago that my whole world had been rewritten.

Voices in the laundry room forced me to the present. I quietly set down the dildo and began to listen through the wall. Before I knew what was happening, the door to "the room" was opening. I scurried into the mirror booth just in time to see Todd enter the room with a woman I had never seen before.

She was probably 5'4" with a petite build. A pair of perky young breasts poked through her skimpy tank top and she had on a tight lycra skirt, which accentuated her firm ass. She had long brown hair with reddish-golden highlights. Judging by her skin tone, she was either well tanned, or of mixed caucasian, Pacific Islander descent. My penis immediately began to swell.

This woman was beautiful...

And she was with Todd.

I had left Todd the other key to this room, but had no idea he would use it before he moved out of state. He was a quick-acting guy. I wish I could find a drain-clog remover that would work as fast as Todd does.

He spoke to her in hushed tones, and she seemed very excited. Todd stood behind her and began to kiss the back of her neck, moving her beautiful hair out of the way as he did. His left arm wrapped around her muscular body and grabbed her right breast, tweaking her nipple. She gasped and spun around, kissing him full on the lips, jamming her tongue into his mouth. Todd dropped to his knees and pulled her tank top down her torso, effectively securing her arms, and exposing her perfectly tanned breasts. Her dark nipples stood fully, thickly erect. He began to gently suck on each nipple, licking his tongue in circles around the tits. He looked like he was having a blast. She grunted and gasped and wrapped her arms around his head, mashing his mouth into her perfectly beautiful tits.

She wrapped her lithe, muscular right leg over his shoulder, forcing him lower on her body. From my vantage point, I wasn't immediately sure what I was seeing, but the sound, half laughter, half scream erupted from her lips, telling me she was being eaten by my roommate.

I pulled my cock out of my pants and began to masturbate.

Todd flopped down on his back and unzipped his pants. That monstrous organ of his sprang out from his underwear, ready to perform his bidding. The woman gasped yet again at the size of his gargantuan stick shift.

"Oh my God," she purred. "Todd, it's huge. I'm not sure if I can take it..."

"Please, Julianne, please try," he murmured.

Julianne. Her name rolled off my tongue silently. What a beautiful name.

The sexy vixen wasted no time in trying. She stood over Todd's mammoth pole and began to lower her pussy onto it. She groaned and shuddered as the head of his cock penetrated her love hole. Inch by inch, she allowed herself to absorb the massive erection, filling her pussy to the capacity with his tool.

She shuddered again, and then began to squirm, like she was trying to get comfortable with his slab of manhood wedged into her cunt. She murmured a continuous chain of 'OhMyGods' and 'Oh...yessssssses.' Her constant movement had a strange effect on Todd. His face turned red and he (if possible) seemed to get bigger.

She began to slowly ride up and down on his pole, inch-by-inch, ounce by ounce. Her breathing became erratic, as did Todd's. And suddenly she screamed, her body trembling as orgasmic energy rippled through her so violently that I felt it in the booth, and immediately shot a load onto the wall.

Todd took another several minutes of slow fucking to finish his load. By then, I had slowly and silently cleaned up my mess. I looked out the window at the beautiful woman and thought how wonderful it would be to have her for myself.

I wondered if she was moving with Todd...

To be continued...

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