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The Ancient Prophecy
Part V - Tragedy at Gideon
by Viper

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"You... attacked our village... You won't get... away with this..." She answered.

"Ha! So who do you think will save you?" His answer was followed by laughter from the rest of the goblin bands. "Pitiful Aragon armies will be crushed under our mighty horde. You humans will never survive our wrath!"

With one quick yank, the goblin tore Jenna's clothes from her chest to her crotch. Her young breasts sprang free from their confinement. Her hands tried in vain to cover her nakedness.

"Perhaps we will let you all live... if you serve us..." he whispered under her ears.

"I'd rather die..."

"Alright, folks, GANGBANG TIME!!!"

The raiding bands turned alive once more as the goblins attacked the captured maidens. Jenna watched in horror as her friends were bound and raped by the foul creatures. The view was horrible and she tried to look away, but the goblin leader held her face firm so she was facing the scene.

"Watch, little one, for your turn will come..."

"No... please..."

The agony of the prisoners before her was unbearable. Their wrists and ankles were bound by metal shackles, and a thick leather collar was placed on their necks. Each girl was raped by at least two creatures. Their bodies were thoroughly used and violated.

"Okay, fun time is over. Now it's your turn. Prepare her!"

Four goblins grabbed her trashing body and pinned her to the ground. Metal cuffs with short chains circled her wrists and ankles. The goblins pulled the shackles to four different directions, spreading her arms and legs. At the end of each chain was a metal stake which was quickly hammered deep to the ground as soon as her body was pulled. Now she was lying spread-eagled, so open to her assailants. Her muscles were throbbing as the chains pulled her body taut.

To her horror, the goblin leader was now standing in front of her crotch. She could feel he was rubbing her panties with his filthy boots. His dark eyes were staring at her, drinking her fear. When he knelt down, Jenna knew what was going to happen.

With a loud ripping sound, her panties were no more. Her pussy was now open and accessible for her assailants. She could feel the goblin's rough hand probing her hips and crotch. Two other goblins roughly grabbed her breasts and began playing with them. Against her will, she began to feel aroused as her body betrayed her. The leader plunged his finger inside her pussy, making her yelp in pain, before drawing it out. The finger is soaked with her love juice. She looked away in shame, sobbing uncontrollably.

"Now... for the finale..." the leader pulled his filthy member out of his leather pants. Jenna's nightmare had come true.

"No... please... I'm still a virgin..." she begged.

"Then I will pop your cherry with pleasure..." He placed his member in front of her pussy. It slowly spread her pussy lips and entered her vagina. She tried to close the opening with her muscles, but was rewarded with throbbing pain as he forced his member inside. Finally, the member reached her unbroken hymen. She looked at him with her pleading eyes, but he just sneered at her. The worst was about to come.

"It's going to hurt..." he grabbed her breasts roughly. "...a lot..."



She didn't feel any pain. She even felt the member inside of her was drawn out. When she opened her eyes, the massive body of the leader fell beside her. A silver knife was stuck on his neck, gushing with blood. When the second goblin fell on her chest and smeared her body with his blood, she figured out what to do and began crying out hysterically.

Atrus dashed forward like a madman, slashing at everything that stood (assuming that all that stood on the ground were bad guys). Maya followed him closely with her combat knife ready in her hand. Adriana stood outside the scene, firing firebolts to any unlucky goblins who were still busy with their captives.

"Anna! Try to put the fire down! Maya, follow me!"

Anna ran to the burning village. It seemed too late, half of the houses had been reduced to ashes. Slowly she concentrated her power to summon the spell. Human were parts of nature. If they lived peacefully with nature, they might use the mighty power of nature to serve them. Priests of Lycra used this power to help others in need. She smiled as the power of nature enveloped her body, waiting for her order.

"I hereby call the spirits of water, banish the fire with thee power!"

As she uttered the spell, the wind blew hard from the east. Soon a group of dark clouds appeared from the eastern sea. The wind guided the clouds and put them over the burning village. To her delight, rain began to pour down, fighting the flame. Slowly the fire gave up and went out. However, the village was half-destroyed.

Still upset, Anna ran back to the battlefield. Atrus was still attacking the goblins, while Maya secured all the prisoners. Suddenly she spotted a lone goblin ran toward her with a wicked looking club in his hand. Anna didn't waste anymore time.

"Take this, bastard!" She let loose a firebolt that hit the goblin right on his chest. He growled in pain, then fell to the ground and was still. Another goblin ran to her and swung his club, but Anna dodged it easily and countered it with her firebolt attack. Slowly she made her way through the battlefield toward where Atrus was. The goblins were overwhelmed by their attack and began to disperse.

Atrus had multiple welts and cuts around his leather armor, but seemed unaffected with them. His vicious fighting style quickly spread fear among the goblins, which began to abandon the captives and run away. As Anna approached him, he was looking at the fleeing party. His breath was heavy and uncontrollable. His hand gripped the bloodstained sword tightly.

"Atrus...? Are you okay...?" Anna carefully asked. When she looked at his eyes, she could see the anger burning inside of him. He didn't answer her. An uneasy silent fell upon them despite the painful cry of the dying goblins or pitiful sob of the captives. She could recall the last time she had this kind of situation.

The forest of Labrador... a sweet yet painful memory. There, she had been on the edge of despair. In that time, she had been about to meet her ultimate fate. Also in that time, Atrus had saved her life and vowed to accompany her in her quest. However, Atrus had terribly blamed himself for putting her life at risk. He, burned with anger incited by his guilt, had defeated the bandit king in one blow. The coldness of his heart was very apparent in her nightmare. Now she felt the coldness again.

"Let them go, Atrus... They've had their lesson..." Anna said again.

"We're too late. The village..." He left his answer hanging.

"Don't blame yourself." She quickly replied "There's nothing we could have done to save the village. Those captives should thank you for saving their lives."

"I know..."

"Come... We need to check on the villagers..." She offered her hand. He didn't take it.

"You go back and help Maya with them. I will secure the surrounding..."

"No, you stay here with them." Anna answered. After thinking for a while, she continued. "I will do that."

Atrus stared at her in disbelief. "What? It's too dangerous..."

"Atrus, trust me!" Anna quickly snapped back. She took his left hand and closed it in her palms. "I'll be alright, okay...?"

Her assuring stare defeated him. He gave her a faint smile. "Okay, but get back here before dark. Don't make any contact with the creatures."

"I promise..." She lightly kissed his sweated cheek before running toward the mountainous region. Atrus watched carefully as she disappeared from sight, trying to notice any danger, but he found none. Slowly, he sheathed his sword and walked back to the village.

Adriana Freesland observed her surrounding for the fifth and last time with her eagle eye spell. The goblins were nowhere to be seen. Atrus's attack had to have scared them all like hell. She sighed in relief, then turned back to the village. The sun was setting down behind the mountains and the land grew darker. Mist came down the mountain, trying to drift her from her path, but with her spell, she wouldn't get lost. She pulled her cloak closer to her body as the mist grew cold...

...Cold...? But this was a volcanic region... Her mind raced to find the reasonable explanation. She didn't really like the result, though...

"Whoever you are! Show yourself!"

The mist around her grew thicker until she couldn't see anything but herself. The chilly air assaulted her body to the bones, and she could feel her body quivering from the cold. Her spell power began to degrade as her skin grew numb. Slowly a shadowy form shaped in front of her. It was a form of a tall young human, but she knew better.

"Lucius... the ruler of the Water Realm... I know you're him..." Anna slowly spoke up.

The shadowy form cast the mist away, revealing a figure of a man with deep blue full body armor. His face assembled a handsome and charming young man, but his blue eyes told otherwise.

"I'm amazed, Priestess Freesland... You are the first human who recognizes me..."

"You're not welcomed here, Lucius... You are our sworn enemy..."

"Yet you as my welcoming party will suffice... It seems to me that you're still looking for the man of your dream...?"

"I will find him! Then he will destroy you forever!" Anna snapped.

The man produced a hissing sound. "How pathetic... You haven't realized your effort is futile... Now you bring some friends to join your so-called holy quest... Shame on you..."

"They come with me willingly! And we will succeed in our quest!"

"Really...? You're wrong... They follow you because they have to... They have no desire to follow your ideals..."

"You're wrong! You're just trying to incite tension between us! You will not succeed!"

"Well, see for yourself..."

The mist in front of her turned glassy and a vision appeared. It was the village of Gideon. Atrus was observing the land around him. His expression was as cold as before. In the background some girls were laying on the ground, sleeping with earth as their beds and torn clothes as their blankets. Maya was among them, tending the injured villagers.

"Why are you showing me this?" Anna grew restless.

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This story was split into 7 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 7 parts for faster page loading.

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