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The Ancient Prophecy
Part V - Tragedy at Gideon
by Viper

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"You said they followed you willingly...?"

The image turned into Maya. She was patiently applying bandages on a maid, whose arm was injured by goblin's claws. The maid winced a little, then relaxed herself on the ground. She turned to Maya.

"I must thank you for saving my life. But how do you know our village was under attack?"

"We met one of your villagers..." She paused for a moment. "We found the letter..."

"But why are you here? Isn't the letter enough to scare you away?"

"No... of course not. I have no reason to be scared." Maya smiled, then turned to where Atrus stood. The two of them watched Atrus for a while.

"You like him, I suppose..." The maid broke the silence.

"More than that..." Maya blushed. "He changed my life forever. I vowed that I would follow him no matter where he goes or what danger awaits us. I'm even ready to surrender my soul just to see him live..."

The words stabbed Anna to the heart. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. It... it can't be...

"A holy quest to save humanity... What a pathetic excuse... She doesn't know what she is here for... Blind love... What a nice reason for finding the Champion of the Guardian..."

"It's a lie! This is not true!" Anna yelled.

"You are dreaming something that will not come true, Priestess Freesland..."

"What are you talking about?!"

"Your dream... your wish... your secret desire... your love... They will not come true..."

"SILENCE!!!" She couldn't hide her anger.

"Now you fear that they will leave you, true...? You fear that nobody will help you fulfill your quest... your dream... your love..."

"SHUT UP!!!"

The image flickered for a while before revealing the image of Atrus. He was sitting on a rock, looking nervously at his surrounding. His sword hung on his back. Unaffected by the darkness around him, he kept on staring at the mountainous region. Another figure approached him from behind. It was a maid from the village. Her long black hair was blown by the night wind, but Anna couldn't see her face.

"Sir, may I know what you're doing?"

Atrus didn't turn his head. "Looking at the sunset..."

"But the sun sets already..."

"I know."

The maid sat on the ground next to his feet, looking at the same direction as Atrus. A moment of silence fell upon them. The maid began to shiver from the cold. Her clothes had been reduced into shredded rags. She tried in vain to warm herself up, but the cold air had their victory. Suddenly Atrus stood up, took off his cloak, then wrapped it around the girl's prone body and embraced it lovingly.

"Sir...? What are you..."

"Your body is freezing, miss. Warm yourself up..."

"Jenna... That's... that's my name... May I know yours...?"

"Atrus, Atrus White Lion. It's nice to know you, Jenna."

"No, Sir White Lion... the pleasure is all mine. You must be Captain White Lion's son, I presume..."

"Yes. How do you know...?" Atrus asked.

"Your father's name is well respected throughout the land, Sir. No soul in this world ever hears his name and doesn't tremble."

"I know..." Then he fell silent again.

"Um... Sorry, did I offend you in any means...?" Jenna asked nervously.

"No..." Atrus smiled. "I'm just thinking... Will I ever be like my father...? I suppose that's why I'm here... I want to be like him..."

"You mean you're going to join the military?"

"No... I mean everybody praises my father's name..." He stared into the darkness. "I... I want to be praised as well, you know..."

Anna couldn't believe it. Now she knew Atrus' true intention. He was not there for her. He was not there for the sake of humanity. He was there for himself. Tears began to fill her eyes.

"Perhaps one day you will be praised more than your father, Sir. You will be praised and loved..."

"Excuse me...?" Atrus queried.

"Praised... and loved..." She grabbed Atrus' neck and planted a deep kiss on his lips. Atrus was unaware of this intrusion and unwillingly accepted the kiss. Jenna, however, refused to let go. She quickly took off her torn dress and guided Atrus' palms to her soft breasts. Involuntarily, his hands started to massage her breasts and play with her nipples. Jenna's body created an erotic dance around Atrus'. Soft moans of pleasure escaped her lips.

Then the image disappeared. Adriana just stood in place, unmoved. She was defeated. She used to have her friends to rely on. She used to have Atrus as a friend she could trust. Now she could trust nobody. In fact, now she had nobody.

"As you can see... you're alone... they deserted you..."

Anna didn't answer him. She was too much occupied by her own thought... her own pain. She hated Atrus. She hated Anna. Moreover, she hated herself.

"Now... how can YOU alone find the Champion of the Guardian, eh?"


There was no more love in her, no more compassion in her heart. Only anger and despair overflowed her feeling.

"I will do this myself! I need no help from them! I'll show them I can do this by myself! I'll show them I can defeat you by myself!"

The shadowy figure produced a silent smile. "Then... the challenge has been issued..."

The mist around them subsided, and Anna felt her power returning. She let her power flowed through her body and prepared her best spells.

"Damn you, Atrus... I'll show you what I can do..."

And the fight began...

"Stop it, Jenna."


Atrus picked her small body up and away from him. Jenna couldn't understand it. She looked at him in disbelief.

"Do... you find me unattractive, Sir...?"

"No..." Atrus answered. "You are very attractive... But the time is not right for that."

"You... you lied... You find me dirty because I was almost raped..." She was sobbing uncontrollably.

Atrus took the discarded cloak and put it back around her body. She gingerly accepted it.

"It... it's all about that girl... right...?"

"What girl?"

"That... that sorcerer... You love her..."

"What... I... I..."

"You like her because she is strong and capable, and I am weak. That's why you don't like me, right?

"No... you misunderstand..."


"I want to hear from you no more!!!" She cried after slapping him hard. Then she ran into the darkness of the night. Atrus stood alone, trying to figure out what was happening.

"Did I pinch her nipples too hard...?"

He sighed, then return his stare into the darkness. His palms rested on his sword.

"Anna... where the hell are you...?"


"Ow, mom... I don't want to go to the training today..."


"Wha... OWW!!!"

And Atrus was awoken from his childhood nightmare as his head bashed the rock underneath. When he was fully awake, he noticed that he had fallen asleep the night before, laying his head on a rock. His entire muscles were protesting, and his throat was sore. Maya was sitting next to him, looking at him merrily.

"Rise and shine, master! And sorry about the rock... I couldn't stop your head in time..."

"Never mind that..."

The morning was beautiful. The sun shone brightly up in the sky, bathing the land with its warm sunlight. The vast carpet of green welcomed his gaze. Maya was also in her usual manner, happy all the time. She held a wooden bowl of soup. Atrus couldn't recall when the last time he had any meals.

He slowly tried to recall why he had slept in the wilderness if he could have stayed warm in his tent. Then he remembered that he had been waiting for Anna to return until... Anna?!!!

"Where is Anna?"

Maya's smile disappeared. "You mean you don't know, master? I thought she was with you all the time. I noticed her tent is empty..."

"No... she hasn't returned..." Atrus answered.

"Maybe she got lost..."

"With her eagle eye spell running? I doubt it..." He thought for a while. "Unless she is..."

"...In danger." Maya finished the sentence. She didn't like the sound, but that's the only reasonable answer.

"Oh, no..." Atrus quickly put his sword on and looked at the volcanoes far ahead. "I will look for her. You wait here until I get back."

"You're not going without me, master..." Anna also put her dagger on her belt. Her face was full of defiance.

"But you need to take care of the town-people..."

"They'll be fine, master." She answered. "The town is destroyed. I believe those monsters have no interest in this area anymore."

"How do you know?" Atrus challenged.

"If you're a bandit, which do you prefer? Would you attack a well-flourished town or a ruin?"

"But those women need us!"

"Then we won't go for long. I will follow you halfway to the mountain. If we find nothing, I will leave you alone. How's that?"

"We're not in position to make deals!"

"Come on, master... If mistress Anna is in danger, I want to be there to help her as well..." She pleaded. Her hands were hugging his arm.

Atrus thought for a while. Anna might be in trouble, but these women were vulnerable if the monsters decided to counterattack. He had to make a choice, and he hated to endanger any of them. Finally he came up with an idea.

"If you can ensure me that the women will be safe, you may go with me. If you fail to do so in five minutes, I will go alone." Atrus proposed his deal.

"Okay... I'll be right back, master..." Then she ran to the group. Atrus smiled quietly, thinking that she wouldn't make it.

And he had lost the bet...

Maya had found an underground storage room in one of the tavern at the town ruin. The tavern was badly destroyed, but the storage room was intact, along with small provisions inside. Atrus had checked the building carefully and had affirmed that the room could be used for a temporary shelter for the town-people.

And now Maya walked merrily beside him. He didn't want to endanger her life, but a deal is still a deal, and he had to allow her to come. Stupid bet...!

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This story was split into 7 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 7 parts for faster page loading.

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