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The Ancient Prophecy
Part V - Tragedy at Gideon
by Viper

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Anna turned back to Atrus. "Go to hell with you, Ranger... Once you set everybody free, I want you to kill me... Or I will do that myself... I have no reason to live... My quest is over..."

"Anna... We came to save you!" Atrus insisted.

"Then why...?! TELL ME WHY, DAMN YOU!!!" Her cry was getting more violent. "Why do you come to save me if you're going to leave me afterwards?"


The entire room was shocked with the new intrusion. Near the mouth cave, a young girl stood alone...

"Jenna...? What are you doing...?" Atrus was shocked.

"I'm here to let her know how much she has been fooled by them! Whatever you're thinking, lady, you're WRONG!!!" Jenna yelled.

"SHUT UP, BITCH!!! You were teasing him that night! I've seen everything! You can't fool me!"

"Are you sure you've seen everything? Did you see how he rejected me because he was worried about YOUR safety?!!!"


"Then look at HIM!!!" She pointed at Atrus. "See that mark on his left cheek?!"

Anna was now in great confusion. She knew that deep inside she wanted to believe her, but the pain in her heart... She didn't know what to say... She didn't know what to do... She didn't know whom to trust... Atrus... that girl... or herself...

However, the intrusion was enough to annoy the demon. Lucius was enraged. He roared in anger, and his form suddenly changed. His body armor was gone, replaced by dark-blue skin. A pair of horns appeared on both sides of his now-hairless head. His eyes were now blazing with fiery-blue flame. His jaws were now filled with vicious-looking fangs. His demonic form spread terror even among his army.


He drew his sword, then threw it toward Jenna. The blue-glowing sword pierced her chest and easily went through her small body. Her figure instantly fell to the ground and stayed still. Silence swept upon the room.

The scene shocked Atrus badly. He couldn't believe his eyes. One of his friends had been killed before his eyes. The friend who had defended him... who loved him... whom he had rejected... had died for him... and he could do nothing to stop it... nothing at all... He was worthless...

Suddenly deep inside his heart he could feel a rush of feeling that swept over him. He couldn't understand what it was... He couldn't understand why... The feeling was cold... unfriendly... dangerous... deadly... but who cared... Nothing really mattered right now... He slowly let the feeling overcome him...

...And he cried like he never cried before...

Anna had been shocked by Jenna's confession. Anna had been shocked by the scene of Jenna's terrible death. Now she was shocked by what had happened to Atrus.

He cried so loud that his cry was... inhuman... more like a roar. The sound violently shook the entire cave. Suddenly a bright light came out of him with a thundering blast. His form was now engulfed with flame!

She couldn't believe what she was seeing. Atrus' body was blazing brightly with flame. The ice that trapped him quickly melted down, and he was free. His eyes were blank and his expression was empty. He slowly descended from the ice. Once he touched the ground, the battle began.

Unarmed, Atrus charged the enemies before him. The goblins, paralyzed by the scenes, were unready. Atrus viciously attacked the nearest goblin, but his fighting style was not the Ranger style. He grabbed the goblin's armor, easily tore it from his body, then thrust his palm to the creature's belly. The palm went through his body, and the goblin died in a terrible pain. Atrus discarded the body, roared again, then attacked the next creature.

Anna was stunned. Atrus' style was very... savage... She watched in horror as Atrus shredded the next victim's body. Atrus had gone berserk...! He had turned into a monster himself...!

Maya, however, quickly reacted to the situation. She kicked her paralyzed rapist, grabbed the short blade from his belt, and slit his throat. She dashed into Anna and freed her as well. Anna, however, was still stunned.

"Mistress! Let's go!"

"A... Atrus..." That was what she could muster to say.

"Master!" Maya called. "Give me some more knives, and I will help you!"

But Atrus didn't hear it. He could have heard that, but he didn't react to her request. He just leaped from one creature to another, drawing more blood.

"I can't believe it... Atrus..."

"Mistress! We must secure the villagers! Come on!"

"Uh... right!"

Anna suddenly gained her fighting spirit back. She got up, cast a protective spell on Maya and herself, and then ran toward the villagers. The orcs guarding the villagers didn't notice them coming and became preys for Anna's firebolt and Maya's blade. The rest of the orcs drew their crossbows and began pouring the villagers with arrows, but Anna deflected their shots with her magic barrier. Their attack didn't last for long, however, because suddenly Atrus appeared behind them and wreaked havoc their ranks.

Anna released several firebolts at the creatures that guarded the cave mouth. Maya quickly herded the panicked villagers out of the cave. The creatures had no more intention in stopping them anymore as they began to disperse and flee to any directions. Anna guarded the cave mouth, spitting firebolts at anybody who dared to fight her. Maya joined her later with several knives in her hands.

"The villagers were safe in the fort ruins... Oh my..."

Before them laid a pile of dead creature corpses. The stink smell of blood filled the air. Atrus, unaware of the situation, was still busy with his killing business. He killed anything before him with tremendous hatred and cruelty. His anger was the only thing that was alive in him. Until now nobody could hurt him at all.

Lucius had been a spectator to the fight so far, and he was surprised to see how his army was slaughtered. With anger, he raised his right hand and formed a big blue hall, then released it toward Atrus.

"ATRUS!!! WATCH OUT!!!" Anna screamed.

The ball erupted in contact and for some time Atrus' form was covered with blue smoke. But shortly after, the flame around his body ignited again. The flame seemed to protect him from any blows. The attack was enough to divert his attention and he turned to face Lucius. His eyes were burning with anger and hatred as he dashed toward him.

Lucius delivered a direct blow on his belly, but it did little to stop his advance. Atrus responded with his own blow on Lucius' head and hurled him across the room. Lucius stood up again, only to find Atrus standing right in front of him. The second blow struck home on his chest, creating a cracking noise and a loud groan. His demonic form crashed on the far wall of the room.

Limp from the previous blow, Lucius created another blue flaming ball, far bigger than before, and propelled it toward Atrus. To his surprise, Atrus created a similar ball of fire in his palms and propelled it toward Lucius' ball, creating a huge explosion that rocked the entire cave. After the smoke was gone, so was Lucius' ball.

"Impossible...! Nobody could have done that...! Not even the demons...!"

Atrus gave him no chance to think any further. He dashed toward the stunned demon and sent another blow on his belly. His hand tore his skin like a piece of paper, and his hand was jammed inside his belly. Lucius' roar of pain was followed by Atrus' angry wail as the blaze around him was getting bright. Suddenly smoke came out of Lucius. Atrus was creating another ball of fire, right inside Lucius' belly!

"It... it can't be... You... you... are... AAARGH!!!"

Shortly Lucius' form was incinerated from inside. With a large explosion, it was disintegrated into the thin air. Atrus stood on his place. His breathing was slow and heavy. Both Maya and Anna were shocked at the view. Was that what Atrus could do when he was angry? What he had done was terrible... He was definitely not Atrus they had known... They thought everything was over now. They were wrong...

The death of their leader made the surviving Army of Darkness panic even more. Their growls attracted Atrus' vicious nature again and he dasher toward the monsters. Both Maya and Anna had to watch the slaughter in disbelief.

"M...mistress... What happened to master...?" Maya was shivering from her fear.

"He was controlled by his anger... He will kill anybody he hates... There's nothing we can do the stop him until... he is satisfied..." Anna slowly answered.

"How... how do you know...?"

"I can feel it... I can feel his anguish... I can feel his hatred..."

A few minutes later, the last of the Army of Darkness fell to the ground. Only Atrus, Anna, and Maya were left in the cave. Around them were the corpses of the goblins and orcs that had become preys from Atrus' anger. Suddenly Atrus turned to face Anna. He grabbed a sword from a dead goblin and walked toward her.

"Mistress... He didn't recognize us... Let's get out of here!" Maya pulled her arm.

But she refused it. "You go, Maya. I will stay."

"Mistress! He will kill you!"

"If that's what he wants, let him have it. I don't mind..."

Atrus stopped just in front of her. His eyes were blazing with anger. The air around him was uncomfortably hot from the flame around his body. The grip on the sword tightened as he raised the sword over his head.

"Do it, Atrus, if that's what you want."

"Mistress! Master Atrus... Please stop this..."

Atrus didn't move or answer.

"I know you were angry at me. I know you hate me for what I've done. What are you waiting for?! KILL ME!!!" Anna cried.

Atrus roared again, then swung the sword with all his might...


... only to stop an inch before her head.

"What's wrong?! Are you not man enough to kill me?!"

Maya fell on her knees and cried, "Please master... don't kill her... She was fooled by the demon..."

"Kill me, Atrus... I have nothing to fight for..." Anna continued. Her eyes were filled with tears. "I have doubted you... I thought you betrayed me... I have accused you for things you didn't do... I... I feel so... worthless... I have betrayed you... I almost got us all killed..."

"Master... please return..."

"So kill me, Atrus... I will die without honor if I perform suicide... But I want to die in your hand... I want to die in the hand of a friend I trust most... I just want you to know that... you're my best friend... and I will never feel sorry for meeting you... Now kill me..."

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This story was split into 7 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 7 parts for faster page loading.

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