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Tucked Away in a Hotel Suite
by Mare

Again I am patiently waiting for you to cum out of work and take care of sexy in her suite , you tucked me away in.......The day has been so long without you, I thought u would never be back. I just got out of the shower and I'm standing in front of the mirror. I have on black high silk panties...they ride high up my bra...and my hair is up.. I hear the door open and close my eyes because I know it is you coming through that door. I am still in front of the mirror...I feel you behind me...Your hard cock rubbing against my ass. It feels so good. I can feel your breath on my neck. You tell me to open my eyes...When I do, through the mirror, I see you there behind me...The sight of you takes my breath away...Those eyes staring at me...You tell me how SEXY I look and u see me smile....

I feel your fingers start to run in circles on my back...As I watch them they start to move down my arms...makin me shiver...You can see my nipples harden..... and you smile. I can feel your lips on my neck...kissing me softly and I move my head to the side...leanin back on your shoulder...your hands brush over my nipples for a brief second and it makes me moan...You know I want them in your mouth but you are teasing me.....Your tongue is now on my ear...I want to move my hands to touch you, But you wont let me...I look in the mirror and I see your hands all over my body, massaging all of me slowly.....Your hands are so warm and I am so wet and turned on by the way you are touching my body, God it feels so good for you to touch me! Your lips are on my shoulders...licking me...kissing me...My hands cover yours and we move together...

It looks beautiful in the mirror...Watching each other. I want to turn around and undress you...I want to see you naked with me...I turn my body and your hand finds my ass as usual. I start to take off your shirt, letting my lips touch your chest...flicking my tongue over your nipples...back and forth...sucking on each one.... slow and easy...Your hands rub my back going down to my ass, then to the backs of my thighs. Your hands touching and feeling my ass is turning me on so bad. You hear me moaning . You know I want your fingers in my ass and as usual again, you start to slowly fuck my ass with your fingers. Why slowly... You are teasing me again. You know I don't like to be teased...I have to have it and now! And out of no where, you stop.

That was your choice but I was fine with that. I needed you, all of you!! I start to unbutton your pants and my fingers start to slide down your legs...nails running over you... I am bending down to take your pants off and as I am coming back up, I look down at you.......hum, I'll say him..... He's so hard for me already! And you know it-----its look so good to me and my mouth ummmm...I put you in front of me so I can watch you in the mirror while I am sucking that hard, fat cock ...My hands move over your shoulders and around you down your belly...moving further down, watching you...My hand finally reaches for what it wanted. I slowly start jerking that hard fat cock of yours and I see you close your eyes. I can hear your heavy breathing. My hand feels so good on you...I can feel you getting harder...I rub it up and down... slow... teasing you...You put your hand over mine while I am jerking you off and you are moaning my name out so loud...That turns me on so much....hearing you....hearing the pleasure you feel from me....You turn around and hold me in your arms and start to kiss me deeply with that pierced tongue of yours...

I'm letting my tongue move around inside your mouth tasting you... And again , my baby always taste so good...I don't ever want to stop kissing you, But you lift me up and sit me on top of the dresser. You spread my legs with your hand and start to move your fingers up and down my thighs, slowly while your tongue finds my nipple...I lean into your mouth, holding your head, playing with the back of your hair on your neck...I can feel your fingers move over me...I am so wet for you now...You know what I want baby. You move your tongue over my chest to my other nipple...I am breathing heavy and my nipples are rock hard from the steel of your earring on that tongue of yours that gives me great satisfaction....

ummm...I feel you move your fingers inside me, in and out while your moving farther down by body...You start rubbing my clit...slowly small circles as it enlarges...I'm thrusting into you...wanting to feel the intense pleasure u give me...Then my baby rams his tongue deep inside my wet pussy and fucks me (the way he knows how I like it) I am moaning so loud. You know I need the taste of my hot pussy. You lift up your head and look at me...I see your fingers come up toward my mouth...You trace my lips with them and tell me to taste myself...I put out my tongue and slowly start to lick your finger. You follow me with your eyes and I tell you to lick it with me.

Our tongues meet...they touch... and it tastes so good... You move my ass further up towards the end of the dresser, as your face starts to go back down , I know what is coming, again, but you love to please me and with that wild tongue of yours.ummmm He knows how to please me!!!!! Again , I feel you push apart my lips with your fingers and then I feel your tongue on my clit moving so slowly...teasing me this time!!! Making me move my hips into your face. As I hold on to the end of the dresser with my hands.. Your tongue feels so good on me. My clit is so hard and I am so wet for u....You fuck me with your tongue just to the point , I am about to orgasm and I tell you to stop. (Don't know why, this time, just by chance )

I don't want to cum yet. I want to taste you... I move off the dresser and I am standing in front of you. Letting my hands move all over you....I kiss you and can taste myself in your mouth...Again I am getting wetter. I move my tongue down you all the way down, kneeling in front of you, I put my hands on your ass and I start to lick you, starting with your balls...teasing you, letting my tongue slide over you. My one hand moves around to your throbbing cock and I wrap my fingers around it, tightening them and start to move you up and down, while my tongue starts to run over you. Reaching the head of your cock, I circle it...slow little licks, making you move your hips into me this time.

You are looking down at me...I feel your hands move to the sides of my head and your hands wrap around my hair. You want me to take you in my mouth. I make you tell me to do it...I hear you tell me...Put me in your mouth...SEXY suck on me baby, make me cum!!! And it makes me shiver to hear it....I wrap my lips around your hard fat cock and tighten them. Taking you all in, sucking harder and faster as you are watching me. You love the way my face and mouth look on your cock. Your cock going in and out of my mouth, I can feel you throbbing...want to suck on you forever... Never let it taste so good in my mouth....I can feel you getting harder... I love to feel it get harder in there....

ummmm and you cum right in my mouth just as I had wanted. As always, My Baby taste delicious! You lift up my head and lift me up in your arms and I wrap my legs around move me over to the wall with my back against it. You lift up my ass and start to slide me down on your throbbing cock...Feeling it go in deep, I start to kiss you, long deep kisses , we can hear each other moan... your cock feels so good going in my soaked hot pussy, we stay like that while we kiss, not moving, afraid to move, afraid to cum, afraid to let it end!!!! I feel your hands move my ass up slow then down hard. We start to move together. I can feel the build up. I know you want to cum inside me! I was moaning that I wanted to cum ! Make me cum, telling you I'm ready to feel you cum in me!!!!!!!

I want to feel your hot load going up and you want it too!!! I feel you start to shake...Then I hear you tellin me you are cumming...I tell you I am cumming, please dont stop! . I then feel it going up. It feels so hot, so good and the feeling is driving me out of my mind!!!!!!! I cum hard on can feel pussy tightning up on your hard cock as you are releasing that load I had wanted so bad...The cum just keeps rushing out from my soaked pusssy.. My legs are tighter on your waist, holding you so tight. You dont leave me, you stay inside. We can feel each other throbbing and again it feels so good !! And there we stayed, your hard, fat cock inside my throbbing pussy and we just stared at each other with two big smiles on our face!!! I Luv You Baby... Sexy

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