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TomBoy's Awakening Pt. II
by Wilrun

The rest of the afternoon, Missy followed me around like a puppy dog, wanting to get close or next to me wherever I went. Not that I minded as my cock was now definitely ruling my mind.

We had finished supper and the night air was cooling down and a full moon would make it light outside almost all night. The boys had all taken showers and were getting ready for bed as Missy took her shower. When she came out of the shower, I noticed her in a different light for the first time. She was wearing a short cotton nightie that just barely covered her little panties. Her dark nipples pushed out against the soft fabric and she noticed me watching her and smiled to herself.

Jacob always wants me to read a book to him as he goes to sleep and tonight was no exception. Justin had jumped up into the top bunk and was almost instantly asleep. Missy had crawled into the bunk opposite Jacob and was quietly lying there as I read the book. It wasn't long and I could tell that Jacob was also asleep. I got up to leave and a hand reached out and rubbed my leg, it was Missy. I reached over turned the light off and leaned down close to her to see what she wanted. She didn't have to say a word; she just lifted the bed sheet and beckoned me to crawl in with her. My heart started pounding again as I anticipated what I was about to do.

I crawled in beside her and could feel the warm soft flesh lying next to me. I just lay there waiting to see what would happen next. Missy reached over, took my hand and lifted the top edge of her panties, placing my hand down between her legs. Then for the first time she took her hand reached across and placed it directly on my cock, which was now at full attention to what was happening. She was new at this and didn't quite know what to do, so I helped her feel my cock and than she felt my soft balls with her fingers, gently massaging them. I knew that things were going to progress further and didn't want it to happen there in the bunkroom. So I gently kissed Missy on the lips and told her I was going upstairs to bed and she could follow if she wanted.

I left her bed and went upstairs to mine, trying to rationalize what might happen next. She was definitely of age so there wasn't any legal problems with what I was doing; it was that I had always thought of Missy as a boy and not a girl. Boy was I wrong on that one. Anyway as I lay there she must of known what she wanted, because I could hear the stairs creak as she made her way up to my bed. I lifted the sheets for her and she crawled in next to me snuggling up close. The moon was bright and lit up the room so you didn't need any lights to see clearly. I looked into her face and asked her if this was what she wanted? She nodded, smiled and said make me feel good again.

I leaned over kissed her on the neck and then kissed her on the mouth and let my tongue explore her sweet young mouth. With my hand, I slid down between her thighs and found her panties waiting for me. The surface of her cotton panties was already getting wet in anticipation of things to come. As we kissed I could feel her hand starting to explore on her own, seeking out my cock and rubbing it through my pajamas.

I kissed my way down and over each of her breasts moving the short nightie up and over her head, leaving only those little panties covering the last part of this girl. As I kissed and sucked on her breasts, my hand were kneading and massaging those outer lips of her cunt. I could feel the blood engorging its way into the lips making them pout and swell. I reached up and started to slide her panties off and she lifted her hips so I could slide them down and off her ankles. Now she lay there completely naked to my view and exploration. I inserted one of my fingers in between her pussy lips and gently explored up and down finding her little clitoris. When I brushed against it, it sent a shock wave through her and she jerked in response. I then moved my finger in and out, finger fucking her.

She started to moan and respond with her hips starting to move in rhythm. I didn't want her first climax to come by my finger, so I pulled out and quickly replaced it with my tongue. The nectar that was oozing out tasted oh so sweet. My tongue moved in and out like a small cock and I could feel how tight her cunt muscles were. As my tongue picked up the pace so did her hips and moaning. She said oh oh do it some more, don't stop. With that she grabbed my head and pulled me closer into her pussy. Her cunt muscles tried to grip my tongue as it would a cock in the same place. Missy finally went over the edge and washed cum all over my face. I gently feasted on her now wet cunt as she slowly started to subside from her first real orgasm. After she slowed down, I could feel her reach over and start to massage my cock again, which by now was thinking it had been completely neglected.

My cock was now standing straight up pushing my pajamas out like a tent. I lifted my hips and Missy tugged my pajamas down exposing my cock to her view. I just lay there as she explored my cock and played with my balls. She got down real close to my cock and quickly took her tongue and tasted the head of my cock. Having decided it wasn't to bad she went back to my cock and her tongue started to lick all over the head. Precum started to ooze out of the head and I could tell she liked the taste. Then she started to suck over the whole cock trying to get as much as she could into her mouth. I didn't want to come in her mouth but would rather shoot my load into that tight little cunt of hers. I wasn't afraid of getting her pregnant as I have had a Vasectomy after Jacob was born.

So I pulled out of her mouth and she looked a little astonished. She wanted to know if something was wrong and I smiled and said no, she was very good. Then I asked her if she would like both of us to come together for her first time. She smiled nodded her head in approval, but looked a little worried. I told her it was going to hurt the first time, but I would be as gentle as I could. She then lay back down; smiled once more and spread her legs wide apart and reached out to pull me down on top of her. I slowly moved my cock up and down over the entrance to her perfect little cunt, making sure the head of my cock was well lubricated before I pushed further into her. The head of my cock slowly worked itself into this very tight pussy and I slowly moved in and out so she would get used to having a cock in there.

As I pushed further in I finally found the protection of her hymen, blocking the way to further penetration. At this point I could sense the tension and pain that was developing. I moved my mouth over Missy's mouth and gently kissed her as I pushed forward breaking through the final passage. With a stifled scream from Missy I pushed my cock all the way in, with my balls tight against her ass. I just lay there waiting for Missy to get used to the feel of a full cock resting in her most precious treasure house. As the pain subsided I could feel Missy's muscles contracting around my cock. I started to move in and out slowly. Her cunt was very tight around my cock and stuck like glue as I tried to move in and out.

As our momentum started to build, I could tell she was approaching another orgasm. We both started moving in unison with pleasure building between us. As my cock started moving faster and faster, I felt my balls tightening, as my load of cum was about to shoot deep into this precious cunt. As I went over the edge Missy wrapped her legs around my waist and shot forward as another massive orgasm shot through her body. My cock shot a huge load of cum into her and I could feel her cunt squeeze every drop from my balls. As Missy slowed down and my cock shrank once more, it finally slipped out of her cunt and we both relaxed. The next thing I knew, I could see the sun rising over the mountain and there was a warm cuddly Missy, that was no longer a Tom Boy, laying sound asleep next to me. I gently woke her up and helped her put back on her panties and nightie. With that I sent her back down to her own bed, before the boys woke up. As Missy goes off to college I will wonder if she will remember the time when she was awakened from being a Tom Boy.

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