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The Adventures Of Betty
The Archie Series
Chapter I - House Sitting

by IndianAsian

The phone rang, as she had expected, at noon. The Klines were leaving for a couple of days and they had asked her to stay at and take care of their house and to keep an eye on their fifteen year old, adopted son, Jughead. He was old enough to stay by himself, but they felt better knowing that someone was there with him. Betty had eagerly accepted the invitation because she needed the money for college. She started next fall and had been earning as much as she could during her senior year. Jughead's sister, Veronica, who was seventeen hadn't wanted the responsibility of looking out for her brother. Veronica and Betty had been best friends for three years so Veronica's parents knew that Betty could be trusted.

Betty answered the phone, "Hello?"

"Hi, Betty," said the voice of Mr. Kline. "You can come over now. We're ready to leave."

"I'll be right there. 'Bye," she replied and hung up the phone. She arrived at their house in five minutes. Trying to decide what she would do for evening entertainment while she was keeping an eye on the house was something she had not considered. Jughead was usually asleep by ten. That meant that he would be out of Betty's way relatively early, but also that he would not be a source of activity for her either.

Veronica was another matter. She would more than likely stay out late. She was a popular girl and very attractive. She had matured early into a young woman that was average in height, but well endowed with a slim, curvaceous figure and slightly large, firm tits. She never had to worry about dates, though lately she had been seeing one boy, Reggie, regularly. Her shoulder length, blonde hair and blue eyes were added bonuses to her already beautiful attributes.

Betty reached the door of the Klines' house just as they were leaving. They gave her the keys to the house and told everyone good-bye. As they drove down the street, the children waved to their parents. They were alone for the next two days. Jughead and Veronica had made important plans that required their parents' absence. Betty would understand if she found out, however.

At nine thirty, Jughead went to his room. Veronica had gone out with Reggie at six and wasn't due back for at least another two hours. Betty was alone with nothing to do. She decided that she would watch a movie to pass the time. As usual, there was nothing on television she wanted to watch so she searched through the Klines' video collection.

During her futile search for an interesting movie, she accidentally opened a hidden cabinet. As she started to close the door, she looked inside and stared at its contents surprised. Before her was a collection of amateur and professional adult videos that must have numbered over a hundred. She looked through the assorted titles and subjects. There were tapes with straight couples, homosexuals, bisexuals, and solo men and women performing masturbation, anal sex, oral sex, vaginal sex, double penetration, and orgies.

She was overwhelmed by the diversity of the pleasures offered by the tapes. She had had sex with a few guys from school and she had really enjoyed it, but she was unfamiliar with any of the other sexual experiences that she pondered watching. Her interest in lesbian lovemaking finally drew her to one title and she inserted it in the VCR.

Some of the action was threesomes, a man and two women, but it offered many lesbian couples exchanging loving licks. After watching the movie for an hour, Betty was getting really turned on. She soon shed her silk teddy and began masturbating as she watched the actresses bury their faces between each other's legs. With each lick, she slid her finger inside her own wet pussy and rubbed the palm of her hand against her hard clit. She was lying on the couch out of view of the front door as she enjoyed herself.

The sound of Veronica and Reggie coming into the house went unnoticed as she moaned out loud. Veronica and Reggie looked into the living room and saw a scene with a man's cock sliding in and out of one woman's dripping cunt while she was eating the cunt of another woman. "That looks like fun," whispered Reggie. Kissing him on the lips as she felt the bulge in his jeans with a wandering hand, Veronica replied, "It sure does, but I had another combination in mind for tonight." She took his hand and led him up the stairs to her room.

Betty had heard Reggie's whispered comment, but had managed to keep moaning so they didn't know she had. She had also heard Veronica's response and had become doubly excited. Up the stairs she went, to see the live performance that was about to take place. When she got to the door, she could hear the muffled sounds of moaning as the teenagers tried to undress each other awkwardly while they kissed and fondled each other. Betty opened the bedroom door enough so she could see the double bed. Veronica was nude now and Betty was mesmerized momentarily by her friend's mature, young body.

After watching all of the lesbian sex on the tape, she was becoming very aroused by her very sexy figure. Veronica's nipples were standing erect with excitement and her pussy was already dripping wet with her juices. Betty wished she could taste that sweetness, but she resisted the urge as she noticed Reggie. He had finished undressing while Betty was admiring Veronica. She was impressed by his young, muscular form. He was a tall, black haired, brown eyed, junior football player. The plays he was making now with his thick, semi-erect cock were more outstanding to watch for Betty than any he could make on the field.

As she watched his organ grow to a final erect length of seven inches, she began fingering herself again. As she looked in the room at the two teens, she thought she noticed a movement just out of her view. She didn't take much interest in it as Veronica looked appreciatively at the thick cock that stood at rigid attention before her. She kissed Reggie on the lips, then on the cheek, then on the neck, working her way down to his towering spire of manly flesh. What seemed like hours to Betty were minutes as she saw Veronica kiss the tip of the throbbing cock. It twitched at this stimulation so she did it again and achieved the same result. Betty begged in her mind for Veronica to take Reggie in her mouth.

Her silent yearnings were soon fulfilled as Veronica covered the tip of his cock with her lips. She slowly descended its length, engulfing the entire seven inches by the time she stopped. As she ascended and sucked on his pole, he tensed and moaned loudly. After each successive pump, his moaning grew louder and louder and he tensed even more. Veronica raised long enough to look over where Betty had noticed the movement earlier and said, "Come over hear and eat my pussy while I do this, Jughead."

The shock of what she had just heard almost made Betty gasp out loud. Jughead! Even if they were siblings by adoption, the idea of them fucking each other was exciting to Betty. She was soon graced with a full view of Jughead's lean, young body. He was not much larger than most boys his age in most respects, but as Betty's eyes roamed down from his short, dark hair to his waist she was awe struck at the size of his dick. It had to be eight inches long and five inches around the shaft. As Veronica went back to sucking Reggie off, Jughead knelt behind her and began eating her pussy.

From the way Jughead was going at it, Betty was sure that he had eaten his sister's pussy before. He knew just where to place his tongue to drive her wild. She could hardly keep her rhythm steady on Reggie's cock because of the attention her cunt was receiving. It was obvious to Betty, after a short while, that Reggie wouldn't last much longer, but she didn't dare interrupt them. Veronica had also noticed how close he was to exploding and stopped her oral efforts. She turned and took Jughead's sagging member in her mouth as Reggie took over eating her pussy. Veronica sucked on her brother's cock hungrily for several minutes. As she did, Reggie's tongue coaxed a small orgasm from deep inside her. She arched her back slightly as her love fluids flowed down into Reggie's mouth. She was so distracted by her own pleasure that she wasn't aware of how close to cumming Jughead was. She managed to stop in time to prevent a major explosion and licked up the little bit of his sweet cum that had been released.

"Your cum tastes as sweet as ever, Jughead," Veronica said. "You guys suck on my tits now." Veronica laid on her back. Her nipples were standing up straight with excitement. Each of the boys leaned over her body and took a tit in his mouth. As they nibbled and sucked on her breasts, she moaned encouragements at them. For a long time, Veronica was content to let them feast on her chest. Eventually, she said, "I want the two of you to fuck me now." Reggie took Veronica's place on the bed. When he was settled, Veronica straddled his waist. Jughead took Reggie's cock and guided it into Veronica's pussy as she lowered herself. With every inch that impaled her, she moaned and gasped loudly. Finally, Reggie's entire cock was in her love-box.

As Veronica began riding Reggie's cock, Jughead stepped out of Betty's view again. Before long, he returned, stroking his well oiled cock. Betty wasn't sure what he was going to do since Veronica's pussy was filled with Reggie's cock. She watched Jughead climb onto the bed behind Veronica and spread her ass-cheeks apart. Betty almost gasped too loudly as she watched Jughead poke the tip of his cock into Veronica's ass hole. Veronica stopped riding Reggie to let Jughead fill her ass.

"God! I knew a cock up my ass would feel great. Stuff that monster all the way in and fuck my butt, Jughead!" Jughead did as she requested. With one quick thrust, his cock slid easily all the way into her ass. She screamed at the suddenness of the intrusion, but soon started riding the two cocks with extra enthusiasm. Her moans turned into screams of ecstasy. Betty became so excited by watching her friend being double fucked that she came on her fingers.

Veronica started screaming, "God! Oh, God! I'm going to cum. I'm going to cum." Her stomach tightened and her back arched as her orgasm exploded strongly inside her. She almost collapsed from the intensity, but she managed to keep riding the boys' cocks. Veronica's orgasm had excited the boys so much that they couldn't hold in their own ejaculations any longer.

Simultaneously, Reggie and Jughead let out moans as their stomachs tensed and they lost their rhythms. Betty imagined what it would feel like to have warm cum being shot up her ass as she watched Veronica enjoying the real feeling. The three of them collapsed on each other, the boys still inside Veronica.

Reggie finally asked, "Did you like that as much as it sounded you did?"

"Oh, yes. You guys are great," Veronica replied, "but I would still like to watch the two you do each other some time."

"Now you know I don't touch other guys, Veronica," Jughead said.

"Yeah. You just don't know what you're missing," Veronica chuckled.

"Do you think Betty would like to join you and me, Veronica," Reggie asked, "She really seemed to be enjoying that video."

"I'll ask her about it. Maybe we could do it prom night."

"I would like that."

"Well," Jughead interrupted, "you two can make your plans later. Let's get some sleep."

"Okay, spoil sport," Veronica said with a grin, "but you guys keep your cocks inside me." The three young people fell asleep entangled. Betty decided that if they were going to sleep with each other she would sleep in Jughead's room. She spread herself on the bed and went to sleep. She dreamt pleasant dreams of being fucked by Veronica, Reggie and Jughead. Betty woke up the next morning slowly. As she gained consciousness, she realized that she was not alone in the bed. She rolled over to find Jughead next to her watching her sleep. When she looked down, she saw that he was still naked from the last night's activities.

"I hope there was a reason you slept in my bed last night," Jughead said.

"Not really. After I saw," she started to say, but then hesitated.

"So you did see us fucking," Jughead said before she could continue, "I assume you enjoyed it."

"Yes, I did," she answered, "but I was a little jealous of Veronica. How long have you and her been fucking each other?"

"About a year. I accidentally walked into the bathroom to take a shower while she was shaving her pussy. We were both surprised by the other's attractive body and before we knew it we were screwing on the counter. She really loves big dicks. What do you think of my cock?"

Betty looked down at the large phallus that was standing straight up at her and licked her lips slightly as she responded, "I think that you could use some help handling that load you're carrying for me."

"Use that beautiful mouth on me," he said as he kissed her. Betty moved down his body until her face was at his waist. She grasped his cock and began stroking it slowly. As she jacked him off, she licked and sucked his balls. She licked up the length of his cock to its swollen head. As Betty kissed and sucked on the tip of his dick, Jughead asked, "Do you think you can take it all?"

Betty looked up and smiled mischievously, "I'm sure going to try." She took his cock and in one quick motion engulfed his entire cock. She slurped noisily at his pipe as she squeezed his ass. Jughead was moaning loudly from Betty's oral efforts. He grabbed her by the back of her head and encouraged her progress. Before long, he tensed. Betty tried to raise her head, but Jughead wanted to shoot his cum into her mouth. She soon felt a surge through his organ and a gush of warm, sweet cum flow into her mouth. Greedily, she swallowed every last drop of his love- juices.

"You give good head, Betty," Jughead complimented as he pulled her up to his face and kissed her nipples.

"I was hoping you would shoot me in the pussy," Betty gasped passionately. "I will," Jughead reassured her as he moved down to her pussy, "but I'm going to eat you first." His tongue flicked out at her clit and gave it a loving lick. Betty convulsed with pleasure and let out a little scream. She had let other guys eat her pussy before, but Jughead had obviously pleased his sister long enough to know exactly how to stimulate a woman's clit.

She writhed under the activities of his tongue for several minutes. She then felt the added stimulation of Jughead's finger being inserted into her pussy. She moaned as he slid one finger at a time until three of them were working there magic inside her. Then she felt another finger touch the rim of her asshole. She had never had anything up her ass, but after watching Veronica get fucked in the ass she was eager to have that finger pleasure her there.

"Slide that finger in my ass," she begged. Jughead circled the rim of her asshole several times, opening it slightly more with each circle. When he had it in up to the first knuckle, he shoved it the rest of the way in suddenly. Betty screamed loudly at the penetration and continued as he pumped the fingers in and out of her pussy and ass. Several minutes later, Betty's stomach muscles tensed and her body shuddered under the force of her powerful orgasm. She screamed louder as she experienced the strongest orgasm in her life. She flooded Jughead's mouth with her cum and he gladly drank all that she offered.

Betty sat up and saw Veronica standing in the doorway. Veronica grinned, "You were making so much noise I had to come see what you were doing. Quite a good show."

"Do you want to join us," Jughead asked hopefully.

"No," Veronica responded. "As much as I would like to, I'll just watch you fuck her. I'll get my turn at her with Reggie on prom night."

"If you say so." Betty got on her hands and knees. Veronica sat at her head, just out of reach and began masturbating with a vibrator. Jughead knelt behind Betty and rubbed his rejuvenated cock in her slit. Slowly, he guided his probe into her cunt. Inch by inch he drove it deeper into her until she had taken him up to the hilt.

"Pound her pussy with that beautiful cock, Jughead. Fuck her hard," Veronica urged. Jughead followed the advise with enthusiasm. With ever increasing speed, he rammed his man-meat in and out of Betty's love-tunnel. The two of them moaned in rhythm with each thrust. Veronica reached climax first. She turned the vibrator up to full power and shoved it in her sex-box. Her cum soon ran out from between her legs as she exploded in climax. As Veronica experienced her satisfaction, Jughead and Betty both reached their own fulfillment. They came simultaneously in several intense bursts. Betty felt the collisions of her and Jughead's juices. The two of them collapsed at the end of the eruptions.

Betty looked wishfully at Veronica's dripping pussy. Veronica noticed her attention and moved closer to Betty's face. "I guess I can let you clean me, but we're not going to fuck until prom night," she said. Betty licked hungrily at her friend's wet cunt. The taste of her juices was even more sweet than she had imagined. She had tasted her own cum many times, but found Veronica's much more pleasing. It wasn't long before Veronica was clean. "I can hardly wait until prom night," Betty said finally. "Me, too," agreed Veronica, "I know it's going to be fun. Reggie ought to be pleased with us."

End Chapter I
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