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The Adventures Of Betty
The Archie Series
Chapter II - Prom Night

by IndianAsian

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

"Are you ready to go?" Veronica asked as she saw Betty reappear.

"I guess so," Betty answered. "What happened? I saw Archie leave in a hurry," Veronica inquired. "Nothing special. He was just late for work." Ron left with the two girls. Ron and Veronica wanted to take a drive by the lake. Betty was feeling tired so she crawled in the back seat and took a nap. Betty woke an hour later. The car was parked, but it was moving.

The moans from the front seat told Betty immediately what was happening. She peaked over the seat and saw Veronica's naked body lying under Ron's. He was ramming his spear deep inside her pussy and nibbling on her tits. He suddenly tensed and groaned as his hot cum shot into her womb. Betty laid down and pretended to still be asleep as the two lovers got dressed.

Veronica drove Ron home. Once he was gone and Veronica was headed for home, Betty climbed into the front seat. She didn't realize that the buttons of her dress had come unfastened. As she straddled the seat, the dress fell wide open and down around her waist. Veronica glanced over to say something to Betty and nearly ran the car off the road in her shock over seeing her gorgeous friend's naked body. "You went to the prom in a dress that only had three buttons and you didn't wear anything under it either?" Veronica asked as she regained control of the car and her composure.

"Don't tell me you don't like it or what you see under it," Betty said as she slipped the dress off completely.

"I'm not complaining," Veronica chuckled. "I guess you made Archie's night. How was he?"

"You'll have to try him some time to find out. How was Ron?"

"You were spying on me again?" she said in mock surprise.

"Of course. It's fun watching you fuck guys."

"I bet you would find it more enjoyable to fuck me yourself though. Wouldn't you?"

"Yes, I would," Betty said eagerly, "but what about Reggie?"

"I guess we can wait to share him. I don't think I can wait for you any longer. The last two weeks dreaming about what your pussy and clit would taste like has been murder on me. I've masturbated every night thinking about you." Veronica pulled onto the shoulder of the road and stopped the car. She slipped out of her dress, revealing her sheer, bikini underwear clad body. She took off her underwear and walked to the front of the car. She stood in the headlight beams that she had left on, rubbing her tits with one hand and her pussy with the other.

Betty followed her. Veronica and Betty embraced and began French-kissing. Their tongues probed deeply into their mouths, sliding in and out like two warm, soft, and firm dicks. Their tits were pressed tightly together like four fleshy water balloons that wouldn't burst. Veronica broke the embrace and had Betty lean her ass against the hood of the car. She slid her tongue down to Betty's erect breasts. Slowly she licked around the sensitive nipples, making them pucker. Then she placed her lips over one nipple and sucked gently.

Betty wretched slightly and moaned softly in appreciation. Veronica moved to the other nipple and provided the same service. Betty again made her pleasure known quietly. Veronica started nibbling on Betty's nipples with slow, thoughtful bites. Betty gasped at each nip. Veronica could tell Betty was enjoying the tit eating, but she was eager to taste her friend's cunt. She wanted to wait until after Betty had loved her tits though. They switched positions and Betty went to work on Veronica's boobs.

Veronica became so excited by Betty's feasting that she forgot about her desire to eat her pussy. Betty reminded her with a kiss on the neck and whispered, "Let's eat each other now." Veronica laid on the hood of the car on her back. Betty climbed up after her and straddled her head. Veronica reached up and grabbed Betty's waist and guided her twat down to her hungry mouth. As Betty felt the first movements of Veronica's tongue on er hot clit, she leaned over to bury her face between Veronica's legs.

Taking in the smells of her friend's pussy, she was amazed at how much she liked the aroma. Actually doing what she had seen in those movies was exciting, but the smells she hadn't been able to imagine and they added a whole new dimension to the experience. Betty placed her lips over her friend's clit and sucked as she licked its firmness. Veronica was super sensitive and writhed under her body. Knowing she had found the spot to drive Veronica wild, Betty continued working on her clit. Betty suddenly felt the pressure of a finger being slid in her pussy while

Veronica continued sucking her clit. It felt like a little dick and her vaginal muscles grasped its length. Veronica inserted another finger momentarily and began fucking Betty with them. Betty repeated these actions to Veronica's pussy. She then had a great idea. Remembering how turned on Veronica had gotten while being double fucked, Betty pressed her other two fingers against Veronica's tight asshole. Her anus constricted at the slight intrusion, but Betty slid the fingers in easily with one thrust. Veronica tensed and screamed in Betty's pussy, but didn't miss a suck or stroke.

Betty soon felt a pressure at her own anus as she pumped her fingers in and out of Veronica's twin holes. She relaxed at the anticipation of what she knew was coming. Just as Veronica's stom- ach churned with her orgasm, she slammed her fingers deep into Betty's ass. The suddenness of the thrust and the taste of Veronica's cum in her mouth brought Betty to her own climax. The two young women laid entangled, licking each other's crotch clean. Betty turned and laid next to Veronica. They kissed and held each other for a while as they restored their energy. A bright light suddenly fell upon their bodies and a dark form appeared behind the beam.

The girls sat up in shock, grabbing for something to cover themselves, but finding nothing. "What have we here?" said the voice of the police officer as he lowered the light to examine the young bodies. "Two beautiful, young ladies lying on the hood of a car on a street in the middle of nowhere naked as jay birds."

Veronica managed to speak first, "We just stopped to," but she couldn't continue her explanation.

"Fuck each other," Betty said cautiously, trying to determine how much trouble they were in.

"I see," said the officer. "I could take you in for indecent exposure and public lewdness for what you were doing out here."

Veronica pleaded, "Please, don't do that. We weren't doing any harm and no one was around to see us. If my parents found out, they would kill me."

"I need a better reason than that," said the officer in a firm voice that gave away a hint of anticipation.

Betty decided to try something. She stood and whispered, "We're both spent, but we could give you a blow job you wouldn't soon forget."

The officer looked at her, admiring her body, and said, "Are you trying to bribe an officer of the law with sexual favors, Miss?"

Veronica stood and followed Betty's lead, "Yes, we are. Is it going to work?" Betty stepped up to the officer and rubbed the bulge in his uniform.

"I think this officer is going to draw his gun and shoot us, Veronica," she said playfully. She unzipped his pants as he removed his gun belt. Betty pulled down his pants and underwear. When she looked back at his cock, she couldn't believe the size of it.

Veronica stepped behind Betty and took a look at his dong and exclaimed, "My, God! That thing must be twelve inches long." Betty had never believed there was a cock as big as Mr. Martin's had been, much less the monstrous size of this man's.

"That's why the guys call me Horse," said the officer. "Well, we'll do our best to break you, Horse," said Betty as she kissed the head of his cannon. Veronica knelt next to Betty and helped her lick up and down his dick. They squeezed his hairy balls and fingered his ass as they licked and kissed lovingly on the incredible phallus.

Betty was the first to try swallowing it. She placed her lips around the head and slowly descended the shaft. She got half of it down before she had to stop. Veronica took her turn and managed eight inches. She was anxious to take the whole thing so Betty licked on his balls while her friend continued trying. The next time she took nine inches, then ten, but she couldn't take any more than that. Betty tried again and got up to nine inches down before she relinquished the massive pecker to her friend again. He was getting close to shooting his load as Veronica finally managed to get the whole twelve inches in her throat.

Having accomplished that feat, Betty took over one last time and managed to inhale ten inches. As she sucked up his rigid tube, a giant surge lifted from his waist. Betty quickly let Veronica place her lips next to her own on the glans just as several sweet, hot, sticky wads of cum shot out. The girls swallowed every drop that he surrendered to them. The officer slowly dressed himself.

He looked at the girls and said, "You girls better get home. Have a nice night." He turned and went back to his car. The girls jumped in their car and drove home. They were both thinking as they left the officer behind, "We already have had a nice night."

End Chapter II

This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

This story was born out of fantasies sent to me.
So for newer stories send me u r deepest fantasies.
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