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The Adventures Of Betty
The Archie Series
Chapter III - Detention

by IndianAsian

Betty wore a leather mini-skirt and tight T-shirt to school Monday. She turned the heads of all the guys and most of the girls. Today was going to end with a bang and she wanted to hint to everyone what she was in school for that day. No one would ever guess, of course, but they would enjoy watching her flaunt her sexy, young body.

The bell rang at the end of the day and the halls emptied quickly. Betty entered Mr. Martin's office alone. Mrs. Grundy, Mr. Martin's secretary, was sitting at her desk. She was a beautiful woman, and for a woman of forty she was extremely well built and in great shape. Mrs. Grundy stood and said, "You must be Betty."

"Yes," Betty replied simply.

"Mr. Martin has been waiting anxiously for you. Follow me." Betty followed the woman to Mr. Martin's office. Her ass swayed gently with each stride and Betty found herself mesmerized by its motions. Through the thin material of her clothes, Betty could tell that she wore no panties or bra. Mrs. Grundy was a woman that Betty would like to have sex with some time.

Mrs. Grundy knocked on the door and opened it without waiting for a response. She introduced unnecessarily, "Betty is here, Wayne."

"Thank you, Julie. Close and lock the door, please," he requested as he turned to face Betty, "Come here, honey." As Betty walked around the desk, Mr. Martin took off his shirt, exposing his broad, muscular chest. She noticed that he had already removed his pants and was now sitting in his chair totally nude. His monstrous prick was standing at attention.

Betty knelt to take him in her mouth, but he stopped her. "Not yet. You and Julie are going to fuck on my desk first," he said smiling. Betty turned and saw that Mrs. Grundy had not left the office. She was just finishing undressing. Her tits stood out proudly. Her pussy lips puckered hungrily. She sat on the desk in front of Betty and spread her legs apart to give her a good view of the treasures that waited to be plundered. As Betty took Mrs. Grundy' tits in her mouth and sucked them gently, Wayne stripped her from behind. When she was totally naked, she sat next to Julie on the desk.

She stretched out over the desk seductively. "You really got a hot one, Wayne," Mrs. Grundy commented, "She's ready, willing, and able to please."

"You both look a little hungry," Mr. Martin smiled, "Why don't you eat each other?" Mrs. Grundy straddled Betty's head and lowered her pussy. Betty thrust her tongue out as it came closer, anxious to taste the older woman's snatch. As her lips covered Mrs. Grundy' hard clit, Betty felt the firmness of Mrs. Grundy' tongue probing deep inside her cunt. The two women ate ravenously at each other's mound until they both came in powerful orgasms. Mrs. Grundy got off the desk. She walked over to a cabinet on the other side of the room.

When she returned, Betty noticed that she was holding a thin, wooden yardstick and a strap-on dildo. "Since you were caught fucking in the restroom, Betty, I am going to have to punish you," announced Mr. Martin taking the yardstick from Mrs. Grundy, "You will be struck with this stick on your bare ass until you beg us to stop. Julie, turn her over and hold her down." Before she knew it, Mrs. Grundy had flipped her onto her stomach and was sitting on her shoulders so she couldn't escape.

Suddenly, Betty felt the sharp sting of the yardstick as it cracked against her butt. A burning sensation shot through her entire pelvic area. Though the whipping hurt, the fire that shot between her legs was exciting and pleasurable. Mr. Martin struck her several more times, each fueling the blaze between her legs more. She was in pain, but her ecstasy kept her from screaming.

Mrs. Grundy turned and looked at Betty. She said, "Wayne, I don't think you're making an impression on her. Her eyes aren't even wet yet." The next three strikes were harder than any spanking she had ever received for being bad. The pleasure stopped and real pain and anguish started. She could feel welts rising on her smooth ass from the blows. Tears filled her eyes and she let out a scream. Mr. Martin laughed, "That's more like it, darling. We must get the message clear." He struck her three more times very hard before dropping the stick. Betty was crying loudly from the whipping. She was forced to sit up as Mrs. Grundy put on the dildo. She laid on the desk next to Betty.

"Punishment is over," reassured Mr. Martin, "Now we get to enjoy ourselves." Mrs. Grundy coaxed Betty to straddle her and take the dildo inside her aching pussy. Most of the pain had subsided from her butt, but her pussy was still throbbing. As the firm plastic slid deep into her wet cunt, she forgot the soreness. She began rocking up and down on the artificial cock. Betty felt Mr. Martin's hands around her waist and was expecting him to shove his prick up her ass. She wasn't sure she was ready for that yet.

When she realized that he had impaled Mrs. Grundy' cunt instead, she was grateful, but a little disappointed, too. She timed her rocking so that her down stroke made her ass slam into Mr. Martin's thrusting stomach. Mrs. Grundy had been really turned on by Betty's spanking. Within five minutes, she arched her back and gasped with her second orgasm. Betty admired the woman's ability to have such powerful orgasms at her age. She had always thought that intensity diminished with age, but Mrs. Grundy was proving her wrong.

Betty continued to ride the fake dong joyously. She could feel a vague tingling from deep within her signaling the coming of her orgasm. It was still a few minutes away, but it was becoming very noticeable. Just then, Betty felt a quick spreading of her ass and a sharp pain as she felt her bunghole being filled. It took her a second to realize what had happened. The thrusting of Mr. Martin's cock made it clear very shortly. He had pulled out of Mrs. Grundy and quickly stabbed Betty in the ass with his mighty sword. The surprise of the attack had let him impale her to the hilt in one swift thrust. Mrs. Grundy' cum had lubricated his pole well and it slid effortlessly in Betty's ass. The tightness of Betty's anus brought Mr. Martin to a quick conclusion after only five strokes. The unexpected intru-sion had also brought Betty to the brink of climax. As Betty arched her back and felt her warm cum flood her love canal, she felt the gush of Mr. Martin's hot prick juice fill her anus.

The three stood and cleaned off with some towels that were in the cabinet. They got dressed, Betty trying not to irritate her sore butt. The cool leather had a soothing effect once it was snug against the swollen flesh.

"Thank you for your assistance, Julie," Mr. Martin said.

"My pleasure," replied Mrs. Grundy as she left the office. "I hope I don't see you in this office again, Betty. You may leave now."

Just as Betty reached the door she turned and asked, "Mr. Martin, does that mean you would like to see me outside of your office some time?"

Mr. Martin grinned at her and said, "Go home, Betty." Betty returned the smile and left. When she walked into the outer office, Betty noticed that Mrs. Grundy was talking to a junior boy and appeared to be quite flustered. Betty recognized the boy as Archie, her prom date. Not wanting him to see her coming from Mr. Martin's office, she ducked into a small closet and watched them through the crack she left open.

As she watched, Mrs. Grundy looked nervous. Archie could be overheard saying, "If you don't want your husband to find out, you're going to have do something to keep me quiet."

"What?" Mrs. Grundy asked.

"Take me to Mr. Martin's office first," he instructed. Perplexed, Mrs. Grundy led Archie past Betty's hiding place to Mr. Martin's office. Betty heard the door open, but couldn't hear what was said. She decided that she would risk taking a look to see what was happening.

Just as she looked down the short hall, Mrs. Grundy closed the door. She had seen Betty and motioned for her to go to the door before she shut it. Betty hurried to the door and listened.

"He threatened to tell my husband about what happened," Mrs. Grundy was explaining, "because he heard us fucking through the door."

"What will it take to keep you quiet?" asked Mr. Martin. "All I want from you is the name of the girl that was in here," Archie said, "and I want to fuck her and Mrs. James like you were doing."

"I can't do that and you know it," said Mr. Martin. "You don't have a choice. It's either tell me her name or you lose your job and Mrs. Grundy loses her marriage."

"I'll be happy to fuck you if you won't tell my husband," begged Mrs. Grundy.

"I'm glad you're so willing, but there's no deal without the girl," insisted Archie.

"I can't, but I'll help you fuck Julie," offered Mr. Martin.

"Are you kidding!" exclaimed Archie. "I don't touch other guys!"

"I said I was going to help you fuck Julie, not fuck you."

"Still no deal," said Archie in a tone that signified that he wasn't going to change his position. Betty decided on a plan that would get Mrs. Grundy and Mr. Martin out of their predicaments and teach Archie a lesson about trying to blackmail people. She stripped off her clothes quickly and quietly tried to open the door. Mrs. Grundy hadn't locked it this time. She looked in and smiled to herself. Betty slipped in the door and dropped her clothes on the floor. She closed the door loudly and locked it. The three turned in surprise at the entrance of the naked beauty.

Betty walked over seductively to Archie and began stripping him as she said, "I believe you wanted me for something." As Archie stood nude with Betty caressing his body, Mrs. Grundy started undressing. During her passionate embrace, Betty motioned for Mr. Martin to undress also. Archie kissed her, slowly darting his tongue between her lips, and she returned it willing- ly. Archie broke the kiss first and pushed Betty down. She trailed her tongue down his chest and stomach to his erect cock.

As she began the slow, loving blow job, Mrs. Grundy moved next to him and let him kiss and suck on her tits. Mr. Martin quietly stroked his own stiff pipe as he watched the trio. After several minutes, Archie had Betty stop. He laid on the desk and pulled Betty towards his head and Mrs. James towards his waist. Betty knew what he wanted. She could tell that he had been very close to climaxing from her blow job and he was anxious to finish in Mrs. Grundy now. Mrs. Grundy climbed onto the table and straddled Archie's waist.

When Betty was positioned over his head, they both lowered themselves. Betty felt the strong, warm tongue caress her clit as she watched Mrs. Grundy guide Archie's big cock up her pussy. Mrs. Grundy began riding him excitedly, moaning with pleasure. Betty was really getting thrilled by the tongue fucking she was receiving, too. She leaned over and took one of Mrs. Grundy' tits in her mouth and began sucking on it.

Within five minutes, Archie tensed and shot a load of hot cum into Mrs. Grundy' snatch. The two women waited for him to finish before they moved. Mrs. Grundy, despite the circumstances, seemed to be thoroughly enjoying herself. The women spent several minutes cleaning his cum soaked dick with their mouths. Archie stayed in his position as he recovered. Betty and Mrs. Grundy switched positions. Betty turned her back towards Archie's head.

The two women again lowered themselves to their intended targets. Betty could hear Mrs. James' gasps of pleasure behind her as Archie ate her pussy. Betty began pumping his cock inside her tight pussy. Betty looked over at Mr. Martin, who was still stroking his huge, oiled erection, and motioned for him. He walked to her with a questioning look. When he reached her, he leaned close to her.

Betty whispered, "Spread his legs and start playing with my clit. When I tell you, slide your cock up his ass. That ought to teach him not to blackmail people." Mr. Martin nodded and smiled. He reached down and stared rubbing Betty's clit as she continued to ride Archie. To keep his own dick hard, he stroked it, though much slower. Mrs. Grundy soon shrieked in ecstasy as she exploded in orgasm. Archie noisily slurped all of her cum from her pussy. Betty felt that she and Archie were both close to finishing so she nodded to Mr. Martin.

With one swift thrust, Mr. Martin's cock disappeared into Archie's dark, tight asshole. In surprise and pain, Archie screamed. At hearing this, Betty became so excited that she came. The pain didn't last long and Betty kept riding him. He soon shot his second load into her from the added stimulation of his prostate. The tightness of Archie's ass, brought Mr. Martin to his climax at the same time. The four of them slumped together on top of the desk satisfied, but Archie soon jumped up in disgust as he realized fully what had just happened to him.

"You fag!" Archie screamed. "You just got yourself fired. I'm telling about everything that's happened here today."

"No," cried Mrs. Grundy. Betty looked casually at Archie and grinned. "I don't think you want to do that," she said. "And why not?" challenged Archie.

"Because if you told, the story would go around that you blackmailed Mr. Martin into fucking you in the ass and that you really enjoyed it. What do you think everyone would say about you then?" countered Betty smoothly.

Archie knew. He lowered his head in defeat. "Now, nobody is going to say anything about the very pleasant activities that have occurred here. Right?" Betty said.

"Right," replied Mrs. Grundy, relieved.

"Right," answered Mr. Martin.

"Okay," said Archie. They all got dressed and left the school. Betty was surprised that her butt hadn't hurt her through the whole ordeal and wasn't sore now. She guessed she hadn't been hit as hard as she had thought and that the cool leather had helped soothe her flesh. She went home with a smile of victory and satisfaction on her face.

End Chapter III
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