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The Adventures Of Betty
The Archie Series
Chapter IV - Graduation

by IndianAsian

Graduation night finally arrived. Betty had been so involved in studying for final exams that she had hardly seen or talked to Veronica since prom night. Now that school was over she hoped that they could get together with Reggie to have sex like they had planned for that night. She desperately wanted to try him and to taste Veronica's sweet juices again. Betty's parents got her there just in time for the graduation ceremony. Veronica was sitting in the back of the audi- torium. She motioned for Betty to sit next to her.

As she sat down, Veronica leaned over and whispered, "Would you like to join Reggie and me tonight?" Betty smiled and answered, "I was hoping you would ask." As she looked at Veronica's robe clad body, she noticed that the small bumps of Veronica's nipples were showing through the material. She couldn't believe that Veronica would actually be so revealing in such a public place with all of their parents watching. Veronica, noticing Betty's attention, grinned mischievously and whispered, "That's not all that's not covered." She lifted her robe just enough so Betty could see that she wasn't wearing anything under it. Betty blushed. She was astonished at how much of an exhibitionist Veronica was being. She was getting really turned on by the display and it was obvious that Veronica was getting excited by showing off.

The ceremony seemed to drag on forever. The speakers spoke too long, it took too long for the students to walk up and get their diplomas, and it took too long for everyone to leave the auditorium. Much time was spent hugging each other and saying goodbyes. Betty enjoyed watching the boys hug Veronica. When each realized that she was nude under her robe, they reached down and squeezed her ass. Finally, Veronica, Betty, and Reggie, who had been sitting patiently through the ceremony, were the last ones in the auditorium. Veronica walked onto the stage and spoke into the microphone in a soft, seductive voice, "Would you come up here, Betty?" Betty walked onto the stage next to Veronica. They walked to the large table behind the podium where the speakers had sat.

Betty grinned and asked, "Did you enjoy all of the attention your ass got?"

Veronica smiled back and answered, "Let's say my social life won't be dull for a very long time. Shall we put on a show for Reggie before we fuck him?"

"What kind of show?"

"A striptease. You'll have to do most of the teasing since you're the one wearing all the clothes."

"Where are we going to go?"


"You mean we're going to fuck right here in the auditorium? What if someone comes back?"

"They'll get one hell of a performance." Betty hesitated momentarily, trying to decide if this was really such a good idea. She looked down at Reggie who was sitting casually in the first row now. She wanted him so much she could hardly stand to wait.

"Does he know about this?" Betty asked finally.

"About doing it here? No. But he does want to fuck you," Veronica answered. Betty licked her lips in anticipation of what would happen. She didn't say anything else to Veronica. Her hand reached for the zipper of her robe and by the time she was standing at the front of the stage the robe was lying on the floor. Under it, she had worn a nice dress that didn't show off any of her body from her knees to her neck. The tiny buttons down the front made it easy to get out of in a seductive manner. Slowly she unfastened the buttons that let the front of the dress fall open to expose her lace bra.

Reggie was surprised that Betty was stripping, but wasn't going to complain as she let the dress fall to the floor. He looked up at her beautiful body that was covered only by the slightest of lace bra and panties. He stood and walked to the edge of the stage, unable to take his eyes off her. She smiled as she kicked off her shoes and asked, "Do you like me?" He nodded slightly. "Would you like to see more?" He nodded again. "Would you like to do the honors?"

Finally, he spoke, "Oh, yes." Without waiting for ap- proval, he climbed onto the stage and embraced her. His tongue thrust into her mouth frantically. As they kissed, his hands fumbled with the bra hooks, but he eventually unfastened them. The look of satisfaction on his face as he dropped her bra and stared at her marvelous tits sent waves of excitement through Betty's body.

"Come suck on my tits," she almost begged as she led him to the table. She laid down and let Reggie caress her entire body before he lowered his head at her chest and sent excitingly chilling sensations up her spine with his tongue on her nipples. Out of the corner of her eyes she could see Veronica dropping her robe and approaching them. Veronica laid down next to Betty and began gently licking and sucking her other tit. Betty loved the feel of the two tongues lapping at her twin peaks. After a long while, Veronica rolled over on her back and pulled Betty towards her.

They exchanged a long passionate kiss before Veronica pushed Betty's head down to her tits. Reggie soon followed and joined Betty's efforts. He obviously enjoyed tit sucking the two gorgeous, young women. Betty suddenly realized that Reggie hadn't even gotten undressed yet. She left Veronica's breasts to remedy the situation. She slowly unbuttoned his shirt and unfastened his belt and pants. The shirt came off easily to expose his muscular, young torso. Betty took a moment to massage his upper body. She gently kissed his nipples and she could hear his muffled moans of pleasure. Her ultimate goal, however, remained covered.

Eager to see his spire of meat she pulled his pants and underwear off, taking his pants and shoes in the process. His prick was stand- ing fully erect and waiting to be sucked. Veronica sat up before Betty could move to take him in her mouth and spread her legs wide for Betty. Betty, slightly disappointed, but wanting to make this last as long as possible, leaned over, placing her mouth at Veronica's cunt. She gave it a few quick licks before she kissed and sucked hard on her clit.

Veronica moaned loudly and said to Reggie, "Keep sucking on my tits while Betty eats me." Veronica's muscles tightened as Betty slipped her tongue into her vagina. The quick thrusts were obviously driving her wild. Betty felt a strong shudder race through Veronica's body as she took another hard suck on her clit. The flow of her friend's cum soon followed and she eagerly drank it all. Reggie raised his head and looked at Betty with hungry eyes. She knew what he wanted and she couldn't wait to give it to him. She took Veronica's place. Veronica pulled off Betty's soaked panties as Reggie knelt in position.

When the way was clear, he spread her legs and took a long lick that started at Betty's asshole and ended at her erect clit. She squirmed at the sensation of his tongue probing every inch of her crotch. The pleasure was almost unbearable, but finally the relief of her orgasm exploded within her and she felt his strong tongue licking her cunt clean. Veronica was ready for some more action and, despite her climax, Betty was too. They got in the 69 position and began hungrily eating each other out. Reggie started stroking his stiff rod, but Veronica noticed and warned in a gasping voice, "Let us do that in a little bit. Just watch us."

She immediately buried her face in Betty's cunt again without waiting to see if he complied. Reggie watched, trying hard to keep his hands away from his straining cock. The two women bucked frantically on the table and their muffled cries of passion could be heard echoing through the auditorium. Finally, both of them screamed and tensed as they shared their love juices with each other. Their slurping only stopped when they were both thoroughly cleaned. Having been satisfied for the moment, the women pulled Reggie onto the table with them.

Veronica took his cock in her hand and licked its bulbed tip. As she took his length slowly into her mouth, Betty sucked his balls into her mouth and pushed them around with her tongue. They grew firm in her mouth as they made the cum she so desperately wanted to taste. After several minutes, Veronica and Betty traded jobs. Betty took the tip of his cock in her mouth. She let her tongue caress it as she enjoyed its fullness in her mouth. Then she suddenly sucked his entire length down her throat. The action surprised him and he let out a groan. She felt his hand on the back of her head, almost forcing her up and down on his pole. She felt him tense slightly and knew that he wouldn't last if she continued.

She raised her head, but Reggie was determined to shoot his load in her mouth right then. With two more thrusts, she felt his cock surge in her mouth. His warm, salty cum flooded her mouth in several large spurts. She couldn't keep up with him and his cum leaked down her chin in a flood. Veronica licked up the excess jism and kissed Betty around Reggie's wet cock. Betty sat up and said in a slightly disappointed tone, "I wanted to make you last longer."

Veronica responded before Reggie could open his mouth, "Don't worry. He's good for two more loads that size. I haven't let him fuck anybody or anything since just before the prom. I wanted him to be well rested and well stocked for tonight's fun."

Reggie happily added, "And speaking of fun, I think I'm ready to pump my cock in one of those tight pussies. Who's first?" Veronica looked at Betty and said, "You go ahead. I know you both have been dying to do this. I'll just watch and catch any fallout." Betty hadn't known if Veronica would let Reggie shoot off inside of her or not. She was glad when Veronica said that. She really wanted to feel his cum shooting up through her body. The only thing she liked more than taking someone's cum in her mouth was letting a guy drop his load deep inside her cunt.

Betty knelt on her hands and knees on the stage floor. Reggie knelt behind her and placed his hands on her ass. As he spread her ass open, she could feel the tip of his cock press against her clit. Veronica crawled under Betty with her head below her cunt. As Reggie penetrated Betty's pussy, Veronica gasped, "God, this is beautiful. Fuck her good, Reggie." With that encouragement, Reggie began slowly rocking back and forth. The feel of his big cock slowly filling her and then slowly leaving her empty excited and soothed Betty at the same time. She rocked with his rhythm, not wanting to rush to the climax, but wanting to share in the approach to it.

Little by little, Reggie increased the pace of his thrusts and Betty matched each one trying to keep pace with him. After about ten minutes, they lost all rhythm and just began thrashing wildly. Betty screamed when she felt the surge of her orgasm rising in her. She heard with satisfaction as Reggie yelled, "I'm gonna cum. Oh, God, I'm...cumming." As soon as he spoke, Betty felt a sudden warmness fill her vagina as her juices splashed against his. They both let out wild screams as they filled her with jism. Veronica was honored with a smooth flow of their mixed cum dripping from Betty's pussy. She raised her head and licked Reggie's cock as he contin- ued to pump in and out of Betty. They all sat down on the floor to rest for a few minutes.

Veronica smiled at Betty and said, "That was great to watch. And your mixed cum was delicious. I've never done that before." Betty said, "Well, Reggie is about the best fuck I've ever had. He really knows how to drive a girl crazy." Reggie blushed a little and said sheepishly, "You give a guy a lot of inspiration." Betty asked, "Well, you said he was good for three loads. We've used two so far and I've gotten both of them so I guess the last one is all yours, Veronica. How are you going to take it?" Veronica thought for a minute looking at Reggie's cock as it began to twitch back to life again.

Finally, she grinned and said, "Well, I want him up my ass." She stood and walked to her purse across the stage. She came back and dropped a large strap on dildo in Betty's lap. "And I want you in my pussy." Betty remembered how much Veronica had enjoyed Reggie and Jughead double fucking her and how good it had felt being double fucked by Mr. Martin and Mrs. Grundy. She stood and put the dildo on, imagining what it felt like to be on the giving end of it. Betty laid on her back on the table so that her ass was hanging over the edge. Veronica straddled her and lowered herself slowly onto the dildo.

Once she had taken the whole thing, Reggie spread her ass wide and stuffed his dick up her asshole. Unlike Jughead, the fit was very tight for him. Veronica let out little whimpers as he inched his way into her bowels. When he was finally all the way in her, she lay still for a minute to let her ass adjust to his presence. Veronica slowly began rocking her body on Betty. She obviously liked controlling the rhythm and the amount of penetration she received. Betty had just been double fucked, but Veronica was actually doing the fucking now. That always seemed to make a difference in the pleasure she received during sex so Betty knew that she would have to try this technique sometime.

Betty realized suddenly that Veronica was quickening her pace rapidly. None of them had been touching themselves during their rest, but the thought of being double fucked had apparently made Veronica very aroused. Betty looked over Veronica's shoulder and saw that Reggie too was increasing his pace. Veronica's tight ass was bringing him off quickly. At that moment, Reggie heaved three times into Veronica's ass and let out a loud moan as the muscles in his stomach tensed. At the same time, Betty could feel the muscles in Veronica's stomach tighten. Before Reggie was through climaxing, Veronica let out her own scream and bounced erratically on Betty.

Once they finished, Reggie pulled out of Veronica as she collapsed on Betty. Betty brushed her fingers through Veronica's hair gently. Veronica raised and kissed her tenderly on the lips. The two women stayed there, enjoying the other's tongue in her mouth. "Oh, shit," Reggie said with a slight giggle. The girls looked at him and followed his eyes. Just off stage, they saw one of the janitors standing with his pants pulled down. He was a mildly attractive, middle aged, Oriental man. His cock was not large, but it was fully erect as he stroked its length. When he realized he had been noticed, he backed up to run away, but tripped on his pants and fell to the floor. Betty and Veronica ran over to him. As they approached, he tried to pull his pants up and crawl away at the same time.

He was embarrassed at having been caught and scared since he couldn't get away. The two girls looked at each other and grinned in agreement without speaking a word. Veronica put her hand on his shoulder to help him up as she said in a soft, calm voice, "Don't worry. We don't mind that you watched." He jumped at her touch. He didn't seem to understand what she was saying. He mumbled something in his language with a worried look on his face. Betty tried a more direct approach to get him to understand what they were offering. She pointed to Veronica and then to herself. She smiled as he calmed down to see what she was trying to say. He watched her carefully as she pointed to Veronica and herself again and then placed her hands around his swollen cock and gave it a few gentle strokes. He looked at the two girls and smiled slowly as he nodded his head.

They helped him up and led him to the table. He laid on his back on the table. Betty pointed to herself, then to Veronica, and then to his cock. He seemed to understand and after looking the two of them over he pointed to Veronica. Veronica straddled his waist and guided his dick into her cunt. Surprisingly, the man said something as he pointed to Betty, specifically at the dildo she was still wearing, and then towards his waist.

Veronica grinned, "I think he wants you to fuck his ass while I ride him." Betty moved between his spread legs and said, "If that's what he wants, I'll be more than happy to give it to him." She worked the dildo all the way up his ass. Before the two girls could start pumping, the man started saying something else as he pointed at Reggie. Veronica looked at Reggie and was surprised to see that he had another erection. She looked down at the man who was now pointing at his mouth. Realizing what he wanted, she smiled devilishly and asked Reggie, "Would you help us take care of him. I think he wants every hole filled."

Reggie looked apprehensively at Veronica and said, "I don't know that I'm ready to fuck another guy yet, Veronica." She said encouragingly, "You know how I want to see you with a guy. He doesn't even want you to butt fuck him. He only wants to give you a blow job while we fuck him." He thought a minute. Finally, he shrugged and straddled the man's head facing Veronica. Veronica leaned next to his ear and whispered, "Thanks, honey. Would you do me another favor?" He nodded suspiciously. "I don't want him to cum inside of me. When he's ready to shoot his load, will you take him in your mouth and drink his cum? I think he might like that."

Knowing he couldn't avoid it, he nodded again. Veronica kissed his cheek and whispered, "Thank you. You'll like it. Trust me." The man reached around Reggie's waist and pulled his cock down to his mouth. Reggie turned up his nose at Veronica as he felt his cock being swallowed by the man. Veronica just smiled at him as she raised and lowered herself on the man's cock. Seeing how much she was enjoying the show, he let himself relax and began to actually like the situation. Over Veronica's shoulders, Reggie could see Betty pumping the artificial cock in the man's ass. She too was smiling at him.

As the man's oral efforts began to have some effect, Reggie started moaning quietly. The girls had become really excited again as they were trying to make the man understand that they were willing to fuck him so it didn't take long for Veronica to orgasm. She tensed and howled as her cum rained down on the man's cock in a final flood. Spent, she turned to Betty and asked, "Want to trade places?" Without a pause, Betty unfastened the dildo and took Veronica's place. As Betty lowered herself on the man's rod, Veronica strapped on the dildo and began pumping. She whispered in Betty's ear, "When he's ready to cum, let Reggie take it in his mouth." Betty smiled widely at Reggie and said coyly, "My, we're adventurous tonight."

Reggie was too distracted by the man's tongue on his own cock to respond with anything other than a louder moan. Betty enjoyed watching Reggie's pleasure as she road the man's cock. She had been finger fucking herself while she was butt fucking him so she was close to her own climax. She could feel that he was almost ready too. She slowed her pace and made several strong thrusts on his pole. When she was on the brink, she rapidly pounded him into her cunt. With four strokes, she exploded in her last orgasm for the evening. As she finished, she realized that the man was ready to cum too.

Betty jumped off the man's cock and pushed Reggie's face to it as she moved to one side so Veronica could watch. Without any thought, Reggie engulfed the man's cock and began sucking it furi- ously. Seconds later, both men's stomachs wretched and their throats began working to drink the other's cum. Neither lost a drop. Veronica pulled the soiled dildo out and threw it to one side as Reggie rolled off of the man.

She hugged him as she said gleefully, "Thank you for doing that for me. It was great."

"Yeah. It was good. I think I would like to try some other stuff with guys while you watch," he replied.

"You're the best," Veronica said as she kissed him. The man jumped off the table and pulled up his pants. Fully dressed, he said something to the three young people as he bowed. Betty didn't know exactly what he was saying, but she thought she got the general meaning. When he raised, she leaned over and kissed him on the cheek and said softly, "You're welcome." He nodded slightly and left them alone on the stage. Reggie stood and started gathering his clothes. Veronica and Betty followed his lead. They were all spent from the night's activities.

Once they were dressed they left the auditorium. In the car on the way home, Veronica asked, "Betty, what are you going to do now that we're out of school?" Betty shrugged and answered, "I don't know. I thought I might do some traveling. Hitchhike across the country or something like that. How about you two?"

Reggie said lightly, "We're going to stick around here for a year so I can finish school. Besides, I've got to let Veronica fulfill all of the male and some of the female graduates' sexual fantasies. After that, we'll probably go to California so I can fulfill all of those bikini clad beach bunnies' sexual fantasies."

"Sounds like fun," Betty said. "Maybe I'll meet you there."

End Chapter IV
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