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The Adventures Of Betty
The Archie Series
Chapter V - On The Road

by IndianAsian

A week after graduation, Betty left town. She had packed a backpack with her clothes and essentials. Her long cross country journey was beginning. She stopped by Veronica's house on the way out of town to say goodbye. Reggie was there with her.

"So you decided it was time to hit the road," Reggie said.

"Just stay in touch so we can arrange to meet in California in a year," Veronica said. Betty kissed both of them long and passionately.

"Don't worry. I will. I can hardly wait. I know we're going to have a lot of fun," she assured. At last she was out of her home town. It was five hours walking distance to the main highway. She traveled at a leisurely pace most of the way, enjoying the smell of the fresh breeze as it blew through the woods. Once she reached the highway, she headed west. About two hours down the road, she met two very lovely young girls hitchhiking together. They looked over her body that was clad in a tube top and tight jeans as she approached them. They smiled at her a little more than kindly after glancing at each other.

"Hello, my name is Devon," greeted the shorter girl. She had shoulder length auburn hair and hazel eyes. Her miniskirt was just able to cover her full ass and her unrestrained tits were straining to burst from her white, cotton blouse.

"And I'm Angel," said the other. She had long black hair that reached the middle of her back and brown eyes. She wore a pair of extremely short cutoffs and a white bikini top covered by an opened white blouse. The bikini top was obviously a size or two too small for her ample breasts. They walked together as they talked. Betty discovered that the girls were sixteen year old twin sisters and she noticed that despite the differences of hair and eye colors the two girls looked remarkably alike. Both of their parents had died seven years ago. They had been shuffled from one foster home to the next since then. The families were either too poor to keep them long or one of the members was abusive towards them. Reports of abuse fell on deaf ears so the girls finally decided to run away the year earlier.

They had been hitchhiking across the country since then with no particular destination in mind. When night started to fall, the three girls were getting really tired from their long walk. Traffic on the highway was sparse now. Just down the road they could see a sign for a roadside inn. Glad for the place to sleep, the three girls headed there. The three beauties walked to the door of the motel lobby. There was a middle-aged man, who Betty thought was very attrac- tive, standing behind the counter. He didn't notice them standing outside. Betty started to dig in her purse for some money to help pay for the room, but Devon grabbed her arm and pulled her around the corner of the building.

"We won't need any money," she said matter of factly as she unbuttoned her blouse. Betty looked at Angel, who had slipped around the corner before them. She was standing before them wearing only a string bikini. The bottoms fit like the top did. The lips of her pussy were just covered and only a string ran up the crack of her ass so that her entire ass was visible. Betty returned her atten- tion to Devon and saw that she had opened her blouse to let her tits be seen easily.

"You don't need to come in if you don't want to, Betty," said Angel, as she noticed the surprised look on Betty's face. "Yeah, we've done this lots of times," added Devon. Betty didn't know if she was ready to help in such a venture so she graciously accepted there offer to remain outside. She watched from the lobby door as the two sisters entered the office. The man looked up and looked at them suspiciously. Betty opened the door so she could hear what was being said without being seen.

"Good evening, ladies," said the manager.

"Hi," said Angel. "We would like a room for the night."

"I'll need to see some identification," he said plainly.

"Why?" asked Devon. "It's illegal to rent rooms to minors that aren't accompanied by a person over the age of eighteen," stated the manager.

"Isn't there anything we can do to bypass that?" asked Devon suggestively spreading her blouse even wider open.

"Absolutely not. The last thing I need is to get busted for having sex with minors," he responded. He at least knew what they wanted, but there was no way he was going to accept their offer as it was. Betty made a quick decision. She stripped off all of her clothes and walked into the office carrying her purse. The manager's eyes froze on her naked figure as she approached them. The two girls stared at her in a very appreciative manner.

"Are we having a problem about not having any money, girls?" asked Betty innocently.

Catching on, Angel said, "We hadn't mentioned that yet."

"Then what's the problem?" "We can't rent the room without an adult."

"That's no problem," assured Betty as she pulled out her driver's license and handed it to the manager. He nodded, not really looking at the license before he handed it back to her.

"What are you planning on paying with?" he asked hoarsely. Betty stepped back from the counter to let him see her body fully again.

"Will this about cover it?" she asked as she slid her hands down her side seductively. Without answering, he pulled out a key and handed it to Angel.\

Betty winked at him and said, "I'll be ready to pay you after we get settled." "I'll give you fifteen minutes," said the man as the three girls left. They picked up there things and walked to their room. When they entered the room, Betty excused herself to take a quick shower. She returned five minutes later to find Devon and Angel lying on the king size bed together. They were pressing their naked bodies together as they French kissed. They looked up when Betty gasped from the surprise of seeing the sisters fondling each other. The girls parted and left an opening wide enough for Betty between them.

"Sorry about that," said Angel. "We should have told you that we like to indulge in sisterly incest. I hope that doesn't offend you."

"Not at all," assured Betty once she recovered from the initial shock.

"You just surprised me. I actually find it very exciting." Before Betty could join them on the bed, someone knocked. Betty looked through the peephole and saw the manager pacing nervously in front of the door. She opened the door and let him enter the room after Angel turned out all the lights, making the room almost pitch black. Without a word, the manager ripped off his clothes and embraced Betty. He thrust his tongue between her lips and sucked her saliva into his mouth. As he squeezed her ass with his hands, he pushed her stomach against his so she could feel his rigid staff, which seemed to be of average size, press against her skin.

Betty broke away and laid in the middle of the bed. The two girls, she noticed, had moved into the shadows by the bed. The manager followed her and placed his muscular body on top of hers. She allowed him to suck on her erect tits for several minutes. He sent bolts of electricity through her as he nibbled and kissed her hard nipples. Finally, Betty had him get on his back. She needed to feel his cock inside her cunt and she could tell that the sisters were anxious to get into the act. She straddled his waist and took his prick in her hands.

"Wait! I want to eat your pussy first," the man begged. Before Betty could answer, Angel turned on the light and jumped onto the bed.

Straddling his head facing Betty, she said, "You can eat my pussy while she fucks you." "But you're a minor," protested the man nervously.

"I'm not tonight," replied Angel sternly as she lowered her pussy into his gaping mouth. Betty, realizing by the muffled sounds coming from Angel's crotch and the look of ecstasy on her face that he would offer no more protests about having sex with the two sisters, slowly lowered herself on the man's cock. She noticed that it filled her more than she thought it would. She knew it must have grown another three inches after the embrace at the door.

As Betty bounced up and down on the manager's cock, she felt Devon touch her hips and kiss the back of her neck. The kisses trailed down her back before she felt a sudden jerk of the manager's hips. She turned to see that Devon had sucked his balls into her mouth. They didn't stay there long as Devon continued her journey downward towards his asshole. Betty was going to watch Devon's work, but she was suddenly distracted by a sucking on her tits. Angel was leaning over and biting her nipples gently. Betty reached under Angel and began squeezing her tits in return.

Betty then felt a slight pressure at her asshole and encouraged Devon, "Oh, yes. Fuck me with your fingers. Stick those fingers up my ass." As Devon pushed her finger into Betty's tight bunghole, Angel tensed and flooded the manager's mouth with her cum. The surprise butt fuck quickly brought Betty over the edge too. She felt her juices cover his cock inside her. When the two girls finished cumming, Devon raised from her work and said urgently, "Move, Betty. I want to take him in the mouth." Betty jumped to one side just in time.

As Devon inhaled the manager's cock, he tensed and shot a huge load of white, sticky cum down her throat. After four thrusts, Devon licked up the remaining cum and sat up. Licking her lips as she laid on her back, Devon said, "That was good cum, mister. Are you ready to sixty-nine me, Angel?" Without answering, Angel climbed over Devon and lowered her cunt to her sister's waiting lips. As she felt Devon's tongue stab at her pussy, she buried her own face in Devon's pussy. Betty and the manager watched as the sisters bucked and screamed on the bed next to them.

After watching for a while, the manager's cock started rising again. He unconsciously started stroking it lazily. As he watched Devon and Angel tense and orgasm into each other's mouth, he pulled Betty towards him as he laid on his back. "That looked like fun," he hinted. Betty agreed. She straddled his head and lowered her pussy to his opened mouth. A sharp, chilling sensation shot up her back as he sucked hard on her clit. She lowered herself to his waiting cock. She licked its length as her pussy fought with his tongue.

As she gave the man the blow job of his life, Betty felt several fingers with long nails caressing her ass. She looked back and saw Devon probing at her asshole again. She obviously loved anal activity. Suddenly inspired by all of the oral activities, Betty said gasping, "You seem to like my ass so much, Devon, why don't you use that expert tongue of yours and lick it." That was all the encouragement Devon needed. She placed her lips around Betty's tight anus and, with the ease of an expert, thrust her powerful tongue into its darkness. She moaned with joy as she worked on Betty's ass.

As Betty continued her cock sucking, Angel lowered her face to the manager's asshole. Betty watched as the girl's tongue disappeared repeatedly in and out of his puckering anus. Angel obviously liked what she was doing though she didn't seem to be as assertive about it as her sister. Before long Betty and the manager were bucking wildly, approaching their orgasms. Angel raised her head so her face was level with Betty's. "Mind if I share some of that hot cum he's about to deliver?" she asked. Betty nodded and raised her lips to the top of the man's dick. Angel placed her lips right next to Betty's.

The two girls began kissing each other passionately with the tip of his cock in their mouths. Betty jerked him off with her hands as Angel slipped her fingers up his ass. Betty came first. She felt a gush of her cum flood into the manager's open mouth. He eagerly licked it all out of her as he moaned his approval. Angel and Betty then felt the surge of his own orgasm rising in his loins. They sucked hard on his cock. His cum shot into the girls' mouths as they passed it back and forth during their kissing.

His load was so large that they almost couldn't hold it all in their mouths even though they were both working feverishly to do the job. When the girls finished cleaning him, he stood and got dressed. "I've got to get back to work before my employees start getting suspicious," he said. Before he left, he dug in his pockets and pulled out a wad of money. He handed each girl one hundred dollars and said, "That was a great fuck girls, but it's not the safest way to get a place to sleep. Try using this next time."

Alone in the room, the three girls looked at each other satisfied with themselves, but not quite sexually satisfied. Angel asked, "Are you two still as horny as I am?" Devon and Betty nodded at her. "Let's eat each other out in a triangle," she suggested. Betty had never seen three women having sex together so she didn't know what Angel was talking about. It soon became clear as Devon and Angel laid on there sides. Devon placed her face in Angel's crotch and began eating her sister out again. Betty took her place in the formation. As she buried her face in Devon's pussy, she felt Angel licking her clit. The trio of girls sucked and slurped at each other until they all came in several massive multiple orgasm.

They switched positions several times so that each one got to have a mouthful of the other two girls' cum. After nearly half an hour of this, the girls finally started getting tired. Betty was thirsty, but no one had bothered getting any ice before they paid their rent. She took the bucket at the sink and opened the front door. Since it was so late and there was only one other guest's car at the motel, Betty figured it was safe to walk to the ice machine on the back side of the motel without putting on her clothes.

She filled her bucket with ice and closed the machine's door without hearing the man behind her. She jumped when she turned around and bumped into him. She started to scream as she tried futilely to cover herself with the ice bucket. Motioning her to be quiet, he whispered, "I'm sorry I startled you. I saw you walk by my window and had to be sure I wasn't dreaming." Betty looked the stranger over curiously. He was barely more dressed than she was. All he wore was a pair of men's bikini briefs. She could see the large bulge growing at his crotch. He didn't seem to care that she stared at it.

"My name's Bill Tate. My wife and I are on our way home to California from our honeymoon. We were continuing to consummate our marriage when I saw you," he explained.

"And you just had to follow me," Betty added with a grin, letting him have a full view of her body.

"I told her I needed to take a walk and regain my strength before we continued."

"But you really didn't need to rest at all?"


"Well, I guess it would be rude of me if I didn't give the new groom a nice wedding present," offered Betty as she set the bucket of ice on the machine. When she turned back towards Bill, he had pulled off his underwear. His nine inch pole stood waving at her.

"I can only stay gone for a few minutes or she'll come looking for me so we'll have to make this a quick fuck," he said in a tone that made it clear that he wished he could spend some time to do the job right.

"That's all right, Bill," Betty reassured as he embraced her. "I've been busy tonight and could probably only last one round anyway." With that said he kissed her fully on the lips and thrust his big cock into her cunt. She fell against the ice machine under the force of the action. He drove faster and faster, squeezing her tits as he did. The thought of fucking this newly married man had excited Betty as much as Bill's thought of fucking this beautiful stranger had aroused him. They both came at the same time, filling Betty's pussy with their white potion.

Bill kept his cock inside Betty for a few minutes as they talked. "What's your name?" he asked.

"Betty Thompson. I wish we had more time."

"So do I. Where are you headed?" "I was going to meet some friends in California in about a year. I thought I might go there and have a look around while I wait for them. Where are you going to be?"

"We live in Long Beach. We have a nice house on the beach. Maybe you could look us up when you get there. I'm sure I can manage to sneak out for a while there."

"If we get caught, I'll just have to convince your wife of how irresistible I am."

Looking a little shocked, Bill said, "You mean you would fuck my wife? That I would love to see."

"Come up with a plan and we'll show her a really good time."

"All right. I better get back though. She's probably wondering what happened to me," he said as he put his underwear back on.

"If I were her, I would worry too. I don't think I could wait long between nice long fucks with you. Keep her happy with that cock until I can get hold of her."

"I will," he said as he kissed her again.

"See you around." Betty watched him disappear around the corner. She took her ice and walked back to her room. When she entered, Angel and Devon were just climaxing in a sixty-nine again. She thought it was amazing how much the sisters liked eating each other's pussy.

Angel looked up when they were finished and asked, "Did you have to freeze the water yourself?"

"Yeah, what took you so long?" Devon added.

"I had to deliver a wedding present to someone," Betty answered simply. Angel and Devon saw the cum dripping from her cunt and grinned. Betty climbed into bed between the sisters and they all fell asleep after Betty was cleaned by two cum hungry tongues.

End Chapter V
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