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The Anguish of Counselor Troi
by Darksoul

Counselor Troi was on this unknown plant for the 5th day since her crash here. She was in her Starfleet uniform walking through a jungle of some kind that felt like a forest on earth that she had visited as a young kid. She was out of her short term rations and her communications on the crashed shuttle was broke and nothing electronic would work including phasers or lights, so she was forced to use fire and rocks and sticks for hunting and defense.

"Why did I decide to take a vacation and not tell anyone where I was going just so I could be alone for a month with no worries since the war with the dominion". She said out loud when something grabbed her leg, the counselor looked down and saw a leafy branch entwine her left leg tightly. Troi pulled her leg and fell over and then tried to use the stick she uses to try and stab the branch when another grabbed her other leg and pulled it out from her body where she was sitting with her legs in a V shape.

At this point Troi was scared and in the middle of a grass clearing about 7ft. by 5ft. and was pulling with her legs and hands to break free. When another branch vine circled around her right wrist and pulled her back and then got the left wrist and now the counselor was laying spread eagle on her back on the ground. When another vine with what looked like an eye came down and moved over her whole body looking her up and down, Diana could not sense anything like a mind from this thing and was scared for her life and trying to pull and break free of this thing.

When a new vine comes down with what looked like a one fingered claw on it the claw catches the sleeve of her uniform and then starts to slide down her left arm, their is the sound of ripping cloth as the thing cuts through her uniform. and this keeps up till her uniform is in shreds and other smaller vines come along and take away the pieces of clothe the used to be her uniform and then another vine pulls of each boot and takes them away. Now laying in her one-piece black lace satin negligée.

When the vines pull up on her arms pulling her to stand and then pull her arms behind her and another wraps around her arms pulling her elbows together behind her causing her to arch her back and stick out her chest. Then the vines pull her up in the air and over to a large tree, and then two small vines take opposite sides of her underwear and pull it off her body and down her legs leaving Troi naked. With her legs spread in a wide V shape wider than her shoulders length apart she was lowered to a rounded branch sticking up from a the tree.

Struggling the counselor had things that looked like tulips that attached to her tits and she felt a sharp stick to her nipples than a warm felling through them and then they started to get tight and heavy. Then the tulips started sucking hard on her tits. A few minutes later she noticed that her breast had gone from about a 36C to the size of about 34D in size and that she was lactating from them, so that prick started her lactation process from her tits. This plant was milking her like some kind of cow for its milk.

Then before she knew what was happening another vine was pushed into her mouth and it started to ooze some kind of salty thick liquid into her mouth. She tried to pull away but could not shake it lose or block it with her tongue at all. So she just drank it since she could not stop it. Later she noticed that the sun had set and it had been morning when this started so she had been sucking down this thick salty stuff and stomach was getting full and she had been milked for about 2 hrs. straight so far. Her arms were starting to hurt from being held like that.

Then she was lowered about an inch above the rounded thing sticking up from the tree. The counselor tried to wiggle and move to keep the thing from impaling her but to no avail. She was lowered onto the phallus-like object and it slid into her cunt inch by inch till what felt like 8 inches was in her and it was at least 4 inches around, with its own lubricant to it so that it was not dry going in. Than she was raised till about an 1 inch was in her and then lowered to the hilt on the thing. and then again and up and then down and then up and then down on and on this went till she felt the beginings of sexual pleasure. She started to moan around the thing in her mouth and before she new it she exploded in please as her body shook and her abdomen quivered in pleasure.

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