The Best Erotic Stories.

The Adventures of the
Designated Slut Pt. III

by Samuari

At the close of our last segment, Cat was passed out on the bed in our motel room, exhausted from nearly two hours of practically non-stop sex.

I showered and went out to explore the motel's facilities. It was a pretty normal arrangement, with rooms on three sides; lobby, café, and bar on the fourth; and pool, hot tub, and fitness gym in the center. An interesting feature was that the cafe and bar both had open walls to extend their spaces outside. The bar had a poster announcing that "The Village Express" would be appearing nightly at 8:00. A municipal golf course was adjacent to the parking lot.

I went to the car to get my clubs, and walked over to the clubhouse where I bought a bucket of balls and went to the driving range. I worked my way through my bag, hitting several balls with each club until it felt right, then hitting another bucket with just my woods. I finished up on the practice greens until satisfied with my stroke with the putter. I went into the clubhouse and reserved a tee time of 2:00pm the next day. It was now after six, time to wake Cat and dress for dinner.

Coming into our room, Cat was just as I'd left her, curled into a fetal position. I kissed her and flicked her nipples, until she smiled at me. "Time to get up, sleepy head! How do you feel?"

"Um, a little horny I guess."

"Well. I guess we'll have to fix that tonight."

"Sounds like fun, do we have to wait?"

"Yeah, but you'll like it. Let's start out with the call girl gig. I'll wait for you in the bar."

"Just one drink, Designated Driver."

"OK". Cat got up and went into the Bath to shower, and I changed into slacks and a blazer. I walked to the bar, and ordered a vodka martini to nurse while I waited for my girl.

In about 45 minutes, a dream walked in. Cat had on a red silk halter top sundress that was cut so low in the back that it seemed that the crack of her ass should be showing! Her makeup was flawless, four-inch high heels and a string of pearls that reached to her breasts and stretched the silk (showing her nipples standing at attention,) completed the outfit.

She had everyone's attention when she stopped at the first man that she came to and asked "Mr. Smith?"

"No, I'm sorry."

She went to a guy at the bar. " Mr. Sam Smith?"

"No, but I could pretend to be if you want."

She smiled, and said "NO", and came to me. "Are YOU Sam Smith?"

"Yep, I am."

She lowered her voice, "I wish the agency would get better descriptions of my clients."

"This should help you overcome your embarrassment." I said as I passed an envelope to her.

She opened it, "Oh, my yes! I think that we're going to be just fine all night long. Whatever you want!"

The waitress arrived and Cat ordered a double scotch and water.

"Just call me 'Cat'"

"I'm Sam."

"So, what are we going to do tonight?"

"Well I thought that we would have dinner, and then come back here for drinks and dancing. There is a live band at 8:00."

"Is the band any good?"

"I have no idea. But if they aren't, we can go find some good music, if we have to use a radio."

"You don't sound like you are used to letting problems causing you to not get what you want."

" Yeah, well sometimes you have make your luck."

Cat finished her drink, and said, "Let's eat". I got up, and offered her my hand. She took it and when she was up, took my elbow, and pulled my arm into her breast, as we walked to the café. Cat spent dinner flirting with me, our waitress, the busboy, and just about any body in sight. She has the ability to turn a meal into foreplay: leaning forward so that her dress gaped open, showing her tits, sucking down oysters on the half shell while commenting on how much they taste like my come, siting with her legs spread, so that the tops of her thigh highs and garter straps are showing, from the right angle her red thong is on display. She is the perfect trophy date, into playing the part to the hilt. As we had desert, she slipped off her four- inch heel and put her foot in my crotch, rubbing my cock, and making sure that her whole audience saw it. I had to have an extra cup of coffee so that my erection would go down and we could make a graceful exit to the bar.

We took a table outside, on the deck for the pool. It was at the edge of darkness, and not too far from the small dance floor. Cat stayed with her double scotches and waters, I ordered ginger ale; and found to my delight that designated driver's drinks were free! The Village Express was setting up. It was a four-member band with both male and female vocalists. They started out with ZZ Top's "She's got legs", a tune that is close to my heart. I led Cat on to the dance floor, where her bouncing tits made her nipples grow and there was no doubt that she had nothing but natural boobs under her dress. The next song was Alanna Myles' "Black Velvet", a slow song that I could pull Cat in close and feel those hard nipples against my chest. It also gave me the opportunity to slip my hand down her back, inside her dress, and play with the crack of her ass. Why does it always feel better to fondle in public? It really does!

"That was outrageous, and so much fun!" Cat smiled. "What's next?"

"Do you want me to decide for you?"

"Yeah, I'm the designated slut, and you're the designated driver; so drive!"

"Cat, lose your thong".


"Right here, go throw it away into the fireplace."

"Everybody will see me."


Cat stood up and did it. Making a show of disposing of her thong in the fire that was burning for atmosphere. There were several raised eyebrows in the bar, especially a young guy that was sitting at the bar. We danced some sing numbers that flared her dress out, so that there was no doubt that my Cat had shaved her pubes. All the time, the young stud's eyes never were far from Cat.

As midnight approached, I told her, "Cat, at the next slow song, go to that guy sitting on the end of the bar and ask him to dance. While you are dancing, bring him in close and tell him that you have to give him a blowjob. If he asks why, tell him that your owner demands it. But make sure that you come back with his cum on your breath." Cat looked at me, as if to say "are you sure?" I patted her hand, and said, "I'll never be far away. You'll be safe."

When the next slow song started, she swayed her way up to the bar, and tapped the stud on the shoulder. When he turned around, he had a look of being very pleasantly surprised. Cat took his hand and pulled him out to the dance floor. She put her arms around his neck. His started at her waist, but as they danced, Cat kept wiggling in closer, and his hands dropped to her butt. Just as the song was ending, she brought one hand to his crotch, and pulled him down to whisper in his ear. His eyes got huge, and Cat led him off the floor. She licked her lips as they went by me, and he raised his eyebrows. I gave them thumbs up, waited a minute, and followed them.

Cat took him out to the golf course, where she started kissing him. She kept one hand on his belt, dropping down to massage his cock through his jeans. He unsnapped the halter behind her neck, to free her tits, which he began to rub and pull. I found a spot in the shadows about ten feet away, where I could see and hear everything.

"So, why are you doing this?"

"My owner requires it. He told me to come back with your come on my breath." Cat knelt on the grass, and unbuckled his belt. "I can't wait to see if you're really as big as you felt! Oh, it's beautiful!" She pulled out a cock that was really pretty average. (Cat knows that the way to any man's heart is to tell him that he's big)

She wrapped her right hand around his shaft, and cupped his balls with the other. Cat began to lick him in long, wet strokes, making lots of slurping noises, pausing every now and again to pay extra attention to his pee hole. The stud had to lean back against the wall for support. Now that it was very wet Cat began to work it into her mouth, using her hand as an extension to her lips. She kept eyes locked on his, as she began to bob up and down, twisting her head occasionally. He started gasping for air, and Cat's hand left his balls, and reached his ass where a finger went in to massage his prostrate. He came for five minutes, and Cat's mouth never left his shaft riding his orgasm to completion. When she finally pulled back, he was soft and happy.

" Get me hard again, so that I can fuck you."

"No, we're done. You could help a girl to her feet."

"Please, I want to make you feel this good."

"The lady said that you were done", I said as started for them.

"Fuck you!" he walked off, leaving a topless Cat kneeling in the grass.

Cat smiled up at me; "Did you like that, Sam?"

"Oh my, yes!" I said as I lifted her to her feet, and kissed her deeply

"Can you smell him on me?"

"Yep, and see him, too." I pointed to small dribble that had landed on the slope of her breast. No leave it there. Wear it with pride. I brushed off her knees, while she snapped her halter back together. We stopped at our room so Cat could repair her make-up. If you looked real close, you could just make out the drying cum between her tits. It was so sexy.

The band announced that it was beginning its last set as we walked back in.


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