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The Ancient Prophecy
by Viper

The universe is divided into two worlds,
The human world and the nether world,
Humans, plants, and animals rule the first,
Demons and ghouls inhabit the other.

Once in a millenium,
The gate to the evil will open,
Darkness will lurk upon the land,
And both worlds will be one.

One man will rise from the shadow,
With royal blood he will rule,
He appears in all modesty,
And nobody will hear and heed.

But he will banish the dark,
With his sword he slays the evil,
Until one day people will know him,
As the Champion of the Guardian.

The silence of the night sang in the dark. There will be no more night lullaby; no more peaceful night. The darkness filled the sky as if it's trying to engulf the tiny earth with its mighty hands. The air was thin and uncomfortably hot. The mighty storm was coming, but this time, it was not an ordinary storm. It was the beginning of the Dark Age...

The Crystal Tower stood proud in the Northern Continent, as it was watching the Land of Lore. The amorphous pink crystal wall stayed erect despite the strong wind. The Kingdom of Aragon could no longer be seen because of the dark mist. For thousands of years the building had been the protector of the land. Now it was the main source of the disaster.

Goddess Gaea stood in front of the window, watching the wind. The room was getting chilly from the wind that made contact with the tower wall. She slowly wrapped herself in her thin robe that circled her slim body. A small star-shaped pendant kept the robe together in front of her chest, and a long white satin dress covered her body to her feet. A diamond-centered tiara rested on her long golden hair. Sometimes her own natural beauty amazed her.

But soon it will be useless. Her beauty would help her not. As the protector of the land, she was responsible to watch over the Dark Portal, the gate to the savage Nether world. For many years she had kept the gate in one piece, despite the attempts of the demons to leave their lair.

She always blamed herself for accepting the task from the Guardian, the highest God of the Realm. She would have been having fun in Heaven by now if she had rejected the offer, but she accepted her late mother's task. She had been staying in the Crystal Tower for years, alone, away from all civilization, but she accepted it anyway. The guardian of the tower received great honor among the Gods.

Honor and beauty... They would all be useless now, she thought. She knew everything would be over soon. The Dark Age was coming. The ancient prophecy about it had been spread across the land, and she knew the time had come. The Dark Portal was collapsing, and once everything was done, the mighty army of darkness would enter the human world, and the nightmare would begin. A big war would rage, and thousands would be killed, regardless their ranks or races. And she knew that she would be the very first victim.

The Guardian had said nothing, and the Gods had urged her to leave her place. But she had refused. She couldn't know why. She knew the risk of facing the army of darkness herself would be death, but she refused to flee. Perhaps she was sure that the Gate was her responsibility. Perhaps she knew it was her destiny. But it was too late to regret her decision. She was going to face it.

The air was getting colder and colder. The time had come, she thought. She walked slowly from her room to the main chamber. Her footsteps rang through the hallway, breaking the silence. The main chamber was a great room with crystal walls forming a huge cube. The crystal was clear, and she could see the starless night sky. In the middle of the room was a huge blue stone arc; the Dark Portal. Sculptures were carved nicely on the surface of the arc, and a large red gem stood on top of the gate; the Titan gem, stone of the Gods, the seal of the door that kept the demons from entering the human world. In the middle of the arc a large black swirling hole floated there; the doorway to the Nether Land. Gaea just stood there, enjoying the dark red gleam of the gem for the last time.

Then suddenly darkness covered the room. Gaea could no longer see the walls. She could not even feel the floor at her feet. Everything was dark. She could see only herself and the Portal right in front of her, with the hole turning to blood red. The cold mist had turned into phantoms of the dead, circling her body. She could hear the dying breath of the invisible specters around her, and sharp smell stung her nose; the smell of the rotten flesh. Fear began to envelop her, as the sensation grew stronger. Her hands unwillingly trembled behind her long sleeve. She, a god and the protector of the Portal, had tasted the world of the dead.

Then in a split second, the Titan gem shattered into pieces. Gaea thought her heart would leap and popped out of her chest. Instead, she just stood there watching the pieces of the seal of the Portal as they fell into the darkness below her. And then suddenly her body grew numb. She couldn't move a muscle. Even breathing was difficult as the air grew uncomfortably hot and the smell grew stronger. She felt that her power was being drained from her. She closed her blue eyes, tried to focus her feeling. She had to face it. She prayed that she would be able to handle this... or get over it quickly.

Then she slowly opened her eyes again. This time the specters had turned into real ghouls flying all over the place. They were filling her with their dying spirit, slowly draining her life and feeding her with fear. And then a huge black ball came through the Portal, followed with noisy cheers from the hole; the cheer from the army of darkness... so this had to be the leader, she thought. The ball slowly turned into a shape of a tall man, with dark long cloak covering his body. The man floated in front of her, examining her, while she was fighting to stop herself trembling.

"Greetings, Gaea. You are truly as beautiful as the Lord of Darkness told me."

His deep voice rocked her pride like an earthquake. She suddenly found herself slowly stepping backwards. However, the dark man seemed unmoved.

"There is no escape, my princess."

His words made her guts fall apart. That's a normal taunt in battle, but this time it was different. It was real.

"Perhaps my hasty approach startled you, my dear. My name is Daemon, Commander Daemon. I'm the supreme leader of the army of darkness, and I serve directly under Lord of Darkness. I must say it was an honor to have a beautiful goddess to be our... welcoming guest."

"You will not escape this..." she suddenly found herself saying. Her voice symbolized fear rather than a threat.

"But I will not escape from you, my princess. I have traveled through the dangerous inter-dimension portal to see you, my dear..."

"I am not your dear!" she began to get a hold of herself. Slowly she felt her power returning.

"Impressive." The dark man said. "I have been well known as the most ruthless warlord in the underworld, but you dare to challenge me. Do you know that nobody can stand against my wrath?"

"I won't let you take over the human world!"

Gaea lifted her hands and began enchanting her spells. She could feel her already-weakened power flowing through her fingers. It's now or never, she thought, so she used all of her available power for her spell. A blue bubble appeared in front of her, covering her with its protective shield. Then slowly she opened her eyes. The dark man was still there, unmoved.

"BANISH EVIL!!!" she cried and drained all her power. A wave of blue rays shot from her opened hands to the dark man.

Nothing happened. The spells just passed through the dark general, as if he was not there. His expression didn't even change. The spell had no effect o0n him. She felt her fear rising again. Her weakened body began to tremble.

"Nice shot, my lady, you hit me. Too bad you picked the wrong bullet."

He set his cloak aside, revealing a huge black shiny body armor. His body was very human. He lifted his gloved hand and opened his palm, revealing a small blue bubble.

"Your inexperienced power is very easy to be contained, even in my palm. Also remember where you are, my lady. This is not heaven. The human world and nether world are one once more. Your pathetic power doesn't work here anymore. I am in charge right now."

He closed his eyes and enchanted his own spells. Suddenly the darkness disappeared. Gaea found herself standing on the cold tower floor. But this time, they were not alone. The main chamber was now filled with ghouls, rotten zombies, orcs, goblins, and other condemned creatures. The army of darkness had arrived. And she was there, right in the middle of the crowds. The once-quiet room was filled with grunts of the creatures, rattle of the bones of the skeletons, and the clang of swords, axes, and clubs from the entire audience. This entire army could spread chaos to the entire land, she thought. Then she realized that there would be no escape for her in this matter.

A loud laughter came from the dark general. This time his eyes were blazing red. "I will have pleasure by drinking your fear, my little princess. But I will remove the barrier between us, so we could get to know each other better."

Suddenly, four pairs of tentacles appeared from the ground around Gaea and her magical shield. The tentacles were deep blue and had stink yellowish goo covering them. One of the tentacles in front of her whipped itself into the shield. The barrier deflected the attack, but she felt a severe blow to her power. Then in turn, the tentacles attacked with their slim bodies. Her power was quickly drained, and she began to get weakened.

With her helpless cry, the shield gave up, and a tentacle whipped her left leg, bending her to her knees. Another tentacle grabbed her right wrist and pulled it up, lifting her body by one hand. Three whips from the tentacles effectively ruined her robe. One tentacle slipped under her garment then tore it out, revealing her well-shaped breasts. Her long dress was torn the same way. She was now hanging on one bound hand, with ruined clothes still hanging on her prone body and her private parts revealed.

Then the other tentacles began whipping her bare back, not strong enough to create permanent welts, but enough to cause pain. Her cry rang through the now-quiet main chamber, as the entire army of darkness watched her being tortured and humiliated. There she was, a goddess and the protector of human world, for now she was nothing but a plaything for the foul folks. With her remaining power, she tried in vain to cover her naked body. With a final blow, she cried out loud, and the tentacle released her hand. She fell on her stomach, panting and sobbing. Tears fell from her tightly closed eyes, giving essential addition to her humiliated face.

"I suppose you have now understood our roles here. I rule; you heed. Look at yourself. You are nothing but a pathetic slut in front of our mighty000 forms. And I can assure you, that you will watch how our mighty army crushed the pathetic humans to the bones." His voice was calm and without expression, but his tones indicated that he meant what he just said.

But she opened her eyes, lifted her head, and stared at her enemy. "I'm not ready to give up yet, Daemon! I still have one more surprise..."

She reached for her pendant on her torn robe, and chanted her spell with her very remaining power. The star pendant shone brightly, blinding the crowds. Then the pendant shot blisteringly to the sky, through the tower ceiling, and headed directly to the mainland. Then the sky shone brightly as the pendant made its way through the dark sky, before the darkness began to take control of the sky once more.

"The pendant will find his master, who will become the greatest man in the history. He will slay the demons and bring peace across the land. And then according to the prophecy, he will be known as the Champion of the Guardian!"

Then she fell silent. She knew she had made her last mistake, but this time she would not regret it. Now she understood the prophecy. The Guardian had planned all this. And she was proud. She had become part of it. No more burdens were left in her heart. She had done her task; she had done it really well.

Suddenly the dark general lost his expressionless face. Anger rose in her figure, and his eyes were now burning with hellish hatred. His fists were clenched tightly. He stared at his helpless victim.

"YOU BITCH!!! Don't ever think you have defeated the power of darkness! The Champion of the Guardian will not succeed, and I can assure you that! Moreover, I will ensure you witness everything!"

He floated closer until his feet almost touched her face. "You will live, slut! I will not let you die. I'll make you wish you were dead. You will become the first slut for the army of darkness, and nobody will come and rescue you, for your fate has been sealed. You will provide the best breeding for the horde, and you will see how your children destroyed the creatures you're supposed to protect. I'll make you suffer FOREVER!!!"

He grabbed her head and lifted it by her neck, until she was facing his face and fighting for her breath. "And your pathetic hero will not make it. I will kill him before he realized that he is the chosen one. I will tear him limb to limb, and use his blood to decorate my brand new throne room!"

Then he turned to his men and ordered, "Trace the pendant! I want the baby that is born with the pendant die! Kill the baby, and bring the corpse to me! If you can't find the baby, kill every human you find! If we have to wipe out the entire race to find the baby, then be it! Do you understand me?!!"

The roar of the foul folks rang through the room. Then he returned to the gasping prisoner. "And for you, my little slut, we have a game to play. It's simple. You become a woman, I become a man, and we acted like ones!"

He softly chanted his spell and his armor was gone. Gaea stared in horror at his crotch. His enormous cock stood proud and was semi hard. The dark man jammed his two fingers into her cheeks to force her mouth open, then rammed his cock inside her mouth until it reached the back of her throat. He kept it there for a while, making her gag and choke. A pair of tentacles pulled her arms and tied her wrists together behind her back. Another pair did the same to her ankles, but they spread them open. Then tentacles lifted her arms so that her mouth and throat formed a straight line. Then Daemon began his assault on the poor goddess' throat. Gaea could only moan and groan as her mouth was fucked by the demon lord. She didn't know how long he tortured her with his oral assault, but with a loud roar, the demon lord shot his seeds deep into her throat. She had no choice hut to swallow them, or she could not breathe. Daemon pulled her cock out and shot his load to her face and hair. The poor goddess could not evade the assault, for her arms and legs were well secured by the tentacles. She could only sob and accept everything in complete humiliation.

Then Daemon took one step behind, admiring his work. The once-pretty goddess was now at his mercy, degraded and humiliated. Her beautiful figure was now ruined by her torn clothes and soaked hair. The tentacles turned her prone body around to reveal her pussy. She had no desire to protest; her hope to escape had vanished. The dark general slapped her buttocks several times until they are burning-red. Only moans came from her mouth, as her power was completely drained. Without warning, Daemon jammed his cock inside Gaea's dry pussy, passed the lips and tore the hymen. A loud wail came throughout the room as she felt a sharp pain stroke her. Her virginity, and also her dignity, had gone. She had been claimed completely by the demon.

Without giving chance for her to get used to the pain, Daemon began to mercilessly fuck her dry pussy. Her cunt was aching, but she could do nothing but wail and groan. Fresh tears came from her eyes. She could see the faces of the foul folks as they enjoyed the horrible view of her being fucked. Daemon was right. Now she had no desire to live; she wished she had been dead. But she was powerless. She had no choice to endure all these tortures.

The fucking went for a long time; she could not tell how long. Her lower part of her body had grown numb, but the pain was still there. She wondered why she had not fainted. Finally, Daemon cried his last triumphant cry and shot his load inside her womb, filling her with his devilish seeds. Her humiliation was now complete. She was no longer a goddess; she was now the demons' sex slave.

"I will make you a proud mama by bearing by child. And I will ensure you that my child will kill your Champion of the Guardian!" His voice was full with hatred.

Gaea had no power to counter that. She didn't even have the wish to do so. His hand grabbed her soaked hair and he pulled her face close to his.

"My little slut... I will fuck you! YOU WILL BE OUR SLAVE... FOREVER!!!"

His laughter rang through the room, joined by the laughter of the army of darkness. Their laughter filled the dark night sky, as they had fun all night long with their new slave...

End of Part 1

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