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The Actual Story
by Dave Lifestream

I'd always told myself that people in war acted with a good amount of honor. I always thought that the US army was just and didn't hurt innocents or take people. I always thought that people respected others, even in war. I was very, very wrong.

It was twelve years ago, in 2019, when WWIII started, that I was drafted. I knew it was going to happen, but I didn't know when. The war had already been going on for three years, and millions had died already. I expected a spot behind the front lines, since I was only ninteen years old. But I got placed on the front lines.

I was part of a group of eight other men and six women who were to try to weaken the defenses around Britain, which was occupied by Germany and Russia. I knew it would be a hard mission, but I had to do it. The war was already favoring the commies at that point, so we had to do as much as we could to stop them. The Britan raid was necessary.

We were dropped on the outskirts of the country, and we were to make our way inward. It was a miracle we made it across the ocean, even though our jet was stealth. The terrain was rough, but we fared well, for a while.

We had been traveling for almost a month when things changed suddenly. Two men in our group had been killed, as had one woman. All three were killed in the same raid we had attempted. Unfortunately, those three were the senior officers. We were left without a command since ten days before the one month mark.

I was the next highest ranked officer by some fluke, since during training I was a good fighter and tactition. So they looked to me for command. I wasn't quite sure what to do, but I did know one thing -- there was a job to be done.

We noticed a little town on the map which, at the last report, was surrounded only by light German protection. It was decided we would attack it with our remaining eleven people.

It took two days to get there, and when we did, we coordinated our attack perfectly. The group was divided into four different sections, with three people in three sections, and myself and my newest friend, Sara, forming the fourth group. Each section had a part that they were to take over. I am still not sure as to exactly what happened with the other groups, but I do know what happened with us.

Sara and I creapt up on seven men who had a semi-automatic machine gun a piece. Guns blaring, we leapt up and shot as many as we could with the standard auto-rifles. We managed to kill four, but the other three were smart and ducked. Blood splattered all around.

We dropped back down and prepared for the retaliation, and it came quickly. The four men were heard just around our cover, and, luckily, we had clean shots at their legs. We shot each one three times in the leg, sending them all down. Quickly, we leapt up and shot them each in the head twice, killing them. And then, from behind a stone wall, bullets ripped out. The slammed into my shoulder, throwing me backwards. Blood skipped to my face and arms and I was propelled backwards into the dirt. Sara dropped down an instant later, by my side.

This was the first time I really looked at her. She was beautiful. She had long, flowing black hair, an amazing face, a perfect chest and body... she was utterly amazing. Not only that, but she was the nicest person I had ever met.

And now she was looking down on me with tears in her eyes. I must've been pretty bad, for she leaned down on top of me. Even though I was amazingly hurt, she turned me on. Slowly, I kissed her face, over and over again, until I found her mouth, and we kissed pationatly. Soon, we were in an all-out kissing frenzy, dispite the blood flowing from my shoulder and arm. I wrapped my right arm, the good one, around her and held her close to me. Slowly, I began to remove her clothes. Everything around us -- The bullets and the yelling -- all were forgotten. It was just she and I.

Her clothes slid off easily, and the one-piece military uniform was stripped off quickly. She began to undress me, and my cock grew. It was close to full-erection. Sara closed in even closer on me and hugged me even tighter as she removed the clothes. In a minute, both of us lay there, her on top of me, her breasts pressed up against me, with only our underwear on. My boxers were raising up to their peak, and she moved even more on top of me. Slowly, she pulled off the boxers to expose my fully erect, seven inch, thick cock. I had never used it before in my life in sex, although I was good looking and had had numerous girlfriends. Sara removed the boxers from my legs, and tossed them away. I undid her bra strap, my hands shaking with anticipation. She stopped kissing me and slowly slid down my body, her breasts bare and exposed against my warm chest and stomach. She slid sensually down until finally her chest collided with my penis.

Carefully, she grabbed it and placed it between her perfect breasts. My prick began to throb wildly, and I was already on the verge of cumming. She squeezed her breasts around my cock and I felt her rub up and down along it. My cock was pounding and I was loving it so much that I didn't even realize the blood had clotted and stopped flowing from my open wound.

She was looking up at me patiently, and it was then that I erupted. Since it was the first time ever, and I never jacked off or looked at porn, I came quickly. It caught her by surprise, and it shot up. My cock throbbed as the last of the cum shot from my balls. She crawled back up to me and kissed me some more, all the time holding my semi-erect penis in her hands. It was then that I caught myself and the pain hit me. I yelled in pain, causing her to jump and squeeze hard. That added to the agony. She threw on her clothes, then quickly dressed me as well, leaving the shirt off to access the wound. She wrapped some cloth around it and made sure it was tight enough to stop the blood.

Sara helped me up to a sitting position and leaned me against the stones and barrels. We sat there. The guns had stopped, but we couldn't know who had won the fight, or if it was even over yet. Then, from around the barrel, on of our men, James, came. He had a grin on his face. "We've won, sir. No casualties!"

I smiled to myself, knowing that I had won the battle while having sex. I looked at Sara, who looked me straight in the eyes. I knew she wanted more, and I could barely wait.

"Oh," continued James, "Sir, we've captured a girl. She seems to be a whore."

My eyes shot up.

Oh shit, I thought....

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