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The African Safari
by Kip Carson

Matthew, Jennifer and Katie were all going to Africa for a safari. They had rented a jeep and brought along all of the video equipment they could haul. Matthew was a photographer for an amateur photography magazine and excitedly accepted the job. Jennifer was his finance. They had been together for 2 years, and were getting married next month. Katie was her younger sister, she was very good with camera's and video equipment, so Matt suggested they bring her along.

The map they had wasn't the best in the world. They fueled up the jeep and made sure they had all of their equipment packed, and headed for the African bush country. They had driven for a few hours, and were lost. They couldn't make hide nor hair of the map. They decided the best bet would be to settle down and make camp for the night. Matt built a nice fire, and pitched the huge tent. Jennifer fixed them all a nice supper. After eating, they all sat around and shared a bottle of wine, and listened to the noises of the exotic animals all around them.

After they got good and buzzed, they were all pretty tired, and decided to get some sleep so they could get an early start in the morning. They fell asleep quickly. Matt was awoken by noises outside of their tent. He could see the figures as they moved around the tent. It was almost as if it were people, walking around, checking things out. He slowly, and quietly unzipped the flap to the tent a little. He freaked when he saw the natives, in their loin cloths, walking around the camp site. He quietly closed the flap, and suddenly he could see a black hand grip the zipper and pull the flap open.

"Wake up girls, I think we have trouble!" Matt yelled. Jennifer and Katie opened their eyes and saw the native's shaved head peeking through the open tent flap.

"Oh, my God, what do they want?" Jennifer asked.

"I'm not sure" Matt replied. "Hello, we are friends" Matt said to the man. The man chatted in some unknown language, and the other men began looking into the tent. The first man stepped into the large tent and grabbed Katie by her long blonde hair. He pulled her fiercely by her hair, dragging her towards the opening of the tent.

Katie screamed loudly, kicking and fighting. Matthew tried to hold her, but the native was much too strong. Matt, and Jennifer watched as Katie was pulled out of the tent. "Help her, do something!" Jennifer yelled. "What, do you want me to do?" Matt replied. Moments later another man grabbed Jennifer by her curly strawberry blonde hair and began pulling her out of the tent. Matt followed them. Matt felt the sharp spear press against his back. He followed the group of men, still dragging the 2 girls. They traveled probably a mile or so, and entered a small village.

Matt was tied to a pole in the midst of the grass huts. His mouth was gagged, and he couldn't move at all. There were probably eight or nine of the native men. They were all pawing at the 2 white girls. Matt watched as his fiancée's clothing was literally ripped from her firm body. Her 22-year-old breasts were full and firm. Her nipples were huge, and quite erect at the moment. The men all took turns pinching her nipples and squeezing her tits. She screamed and tried to fight them off, but to no avail. Katie was stripped quickly also. Her 18-year-old breasts were smaller than her sisters. They were very pout and stood straight out. They were quite beautiful. One of the natives began sucking on Katie's tiny erect nipples.

Another native soon joined him, and her breasts were being licked and sucked by the 2 black men, while a third began stroking her pussy. His long black fingers pressed against her blonde pussy hair. The contrast of the 2 colors made it an interesting sight. His long middle finger slid into her very wet pussy. She moaned. He smiled. His cock began to grow as he fingered the young lady. It pressed against his loin cloth. Suddenly it was hanging way below the loin cloth. It must've been a good 15 inches long. It was very black and hard. The look in her eyes was a mixture of fear and lust combined.

He grabbed her soft white hand and placed it on the huge head of his monster black cock. She softly gripped the foot and a half long cock and began to stroke it. It grew very thick in it's diameter. The pre cum oozed from the monstrous black head. Jennifer watched as her little sister stroked the huge black cock. Suddenly one of the men knelt between Jennifer's legs. He pushed her legs widely apart and began to lick her pussy. His long tongue slid against her wet, swollen clit. Jennifer tossed her head back and moaned as he ate her pussy. He removed his tiny loin cloth, and out flopped a gigantic black dick. It wasn't quite as long as the first guys, but still a good 13 inches long.

He stroked his cock as he ate her sweet pussy. He delicately licked up and down her pretty pink slit. Matt could see her pussy juices flowing across the native's black face. Katie was now lying on the ground with her legs spread widely apart. There were 4 or 5 men sitting there with their faces inches from her pretty blonde pussy. Her pink lips were spread widely apart, and you could see the wet pussy hole. The native who had been fingering Katie's wet pussy was now pressing the head of his quite abnormal black cock against the open pussy. Katie grunted as he slid into her. He began to slowly fuck her.

He worked his long, thick cock into her tiny pussy slowly. He would press and an inch or so would disappear into her. It took him a good 10 minutes to work all of that enormous black cock into her little pink pussy. Katie squealed as he began to fuck her. She had her legs wrapped around his back, and was thrusting wildly against the native as he slammed his huge cock into her. Katie moaned loudly, "Oh my GOD, it's the biggest dick I've ever seen, oh, yes fuck me baby, slam your hard black cock into my pretty white pussy" The man didn't understand the words, but it was quite clear, he understood the message. He fucked her hard and fast. As he pumped wildly into her pussy, another man lowered him self above her face.

He pressed the head of his huge black cock against her lips. Katie responded by opening her mouth widely. She took his thick black cock into her hot mouth. He grunted as she began to take him deeper and deeper into her mouth. He held her long, blonde hair in his large black hands and began to slowly fuck her pretty mouth. The other native was tearing her pussy up. He grunted, and removed his long, thick black cock, and began to stroke it. A huge gusher of white cum squirted from the huge black head. Katie moaned as she felt the hot fluid erupt across her stomach. The man in her mouth was quite huge, and hard now. She gagged slightly as he violently shoved it into her throat. Another native was between her legs, and she felt his hard, thick cock slam into her pussy. Katie thrust against him, and took him all the way inside of her now stretched pussy.

The man in her mouth moaned, and removed his cock, his cum shot across her lips, and almost covered her entire pretty face with the white sticky fluid. Matt didn't understand why, but he was very hard. As he remained tied to the pole his cock was pressed tightly against his shorts. He heard the sound of female voices as they giggled. He turned his head and could see 2 native girls standing there, pointing at the bulge between his legs. They had no shirts on, and their huge black breasts were bouncing freely. Both had dark, cocoa nipples which were quite erect. The girls walked towards him. One of them began tugging at his shorts. She quickly slid them down and his 9 inch throbbing cock popped out. They stood looking with great fascination at his pretty white cock.

One of them bent forward and took him into her mouth. Matt moaned softly through the gag, as she expertly deep throated his cock. He watched his hard cock disappear into her black mouth. It was quite thrilling as she began to take him into her warm, wet throat. The second girl began to suck and lick his balls. Matt felt incredible. Jennifer was positioned on her hands and knees. One native was thrusting his long dark hose into her hot pussy doggy style. She was sucking another while jacking off two more. Each time the man thrust into her from behind, she would deeply take the cock into her throat. Her hands moved up and down the 2 black cocks rapidly. She could see the slick pre cum as it oozed from both of the huge black cock heads.

Katie was bucking beneath the black stallion sized cock as it rammed her tight pussy. Another man was pressing his cock head against her mouth. She greedily accepted him, and expertly sucked his huge cock. He didn't last long, he grunted and she felt his wonderful hot cum erupt into her mouth. He came a huge amount, much more than she could swallow. Huge drops of cum dribbled from the corners of her mouth. He began to rub his swollen cock head across her pretty face, covering it with yet more white, sticky cum. Matt was still tied up and getting blown by the 2 black girls. One of them quickly cut the ropes and pushed him to the ground.

Matt lay on his back, with one of the girls hungrily gobbling his white cock with her thick black lips. The second girl straddled his face, and pressed her hairy black pussy against his mouth. Matt thrust his tongue against her very swollen dark colored clit. He began to lick her wet clit ,and she moaned. She ground her pussy against his mouth. He fucked her pussy with his wet tongue. The other girl mounted his hard cock. Her black pussy was very tight. She moaned as she slid onto his rigid cock. He thrust upward entering her fully. She fucked him magnificantly, gyrating and twisting her hips. His cock throbbed and pulsated inside of her wildly. Jennifer moaned, and the man fucking her filled her pussy with his thick hot cum. It felt as if he had cum a gallon inside of her.

The man in her mouth grunted, and shot his load. It squirted straight down her throat. She greedily gulped his jism as it splashed inside of her mouth. When he finished cumming, he withdrew his cock from her mouth. One of the cocks she was stroking quicky replaced it. She felt the cock pulsate wildly, and it erupted as soon as she licked it with her wet tongue. She hungrily swallowed all of the hot cum. He too, removed his cock, and the third man grunted and his cum erupted into her hand as she still stroked him rapidly. His cum erupted a good 2 feet or so. She watched with fascination as his cum shot far into the air. The man fucking her groaned and his cum shot into her hot pussy. She moaned, and came hard as she felt his cum totally fill her hot pussy. Matt was close to cumming, his cock pulsated wildly inside of the black native girl's hot pussy. The one riding his face moaned loudly, and her felt her juices gush from her sweet pussy. He made loud slurping noises as he gulped her juices into his mouth. He grunted and his cum erupted into the hot black girl riding his cock. She moaned and her pussy tightened around his large cock.

He shot his cum deep against the inner walls of her hot pussy. She bucked and thrashed about wildly. He continued filling her black pussy with his cum. As they all moaned and groaned from their hot orgasms, the night air was filled with their animalistic sounds. They were much louder than all of the animals in the bush around them. As all came down from their sexual high, Matt realized that they were still lost, and had no way of getting directions from these natives. "Guess what girls, he said to Jen and Katie, we are still lost, and now, we don't even know where the jeep or tent are" he stated. "Camp over there", one of the native men said pointing towards the bush. "You lost, where you need to go?" he asked. "You speak English" Matt replied excitedly. "Yes, white man come here, all of the time, and we fuckee fuckee with white women, and our women suckee fuckee with white men" he said, laughing. "I take pictures of animals" Matt said to him.

"Zoolah know where you get good pictures, in morning" the native replied. "Good, take us to camp" Matt said. "Why don't we just stay her, Jennifer stated, as she still held one of the rock hard long black dicks in her soft hand. "We can just spend the night here, and they can show you where to take your pictures in the morning" she added, right before she began to take the hard black cock into her mouth. "Sounds good to me" Katie replied as she stroked Zoolah's monstrous cock back to an enormous erection. "Yes, stay here" Zoolah said. Matt started to argue, but his mind quickly changed as the black girls began to lick his cock. He felt both of their tongues as they licked up each side of his growing cock. "Ok, what the hell, let's spend the night here" he added, his cock disappeared into one of the girls mouth. He moaned softly and watched as Jen and Katie began licking Zoolah's huge cock. Both of them licked up and dwon his enormous black shaft. "God, let's stay here". Matt shot his cum into the girls mouth, the other girl joined her and they shared his cum. Both of their wet tongues swirling around his swollen cock head.

Zoolah moaned and his cum splattered across Jennifer and Katies faces. Both were covered with his thick white jism. More people began to come out of the small grass huts, and soon there were 25 or 30 black men and women, parading naked in front of them. IT turned out to be an all night orgy. When morning came, Jenn and Katie were both way too sore to walk. Matt's cock was also very sore. They spent the day recovering from the all night sex adventure. "Oh, well, maybe we can take some pictures tomorrow" Matt said. He was tired and as he rolled over to go to sleep he felt a familiar sensation. He looked as one of the native teen girls began to suck his cock. He moaned and held her as she sucked him deeply into her mouth. Jenn and Katie looked on as Matt received head from the pretty native teen. Her tiny black ass was raised high in the air. Jennifer looked at her pretty pussy as she wiggled her ass around. Jennifer crawled behind her, and slid her tongue against the black girls swollen clit.

The girl moaned, and wiggled her hips, her pussy was grinding against Jennifer's probing tongue. Jennifer had never tasted pussy before, but she just had the urge. Matt watched as his fiance hungrily sucked the girl's pussy. He moaned and shot his cum into the girls hot mouth. She swallowed his load. Jennifer licked hungrily at her clit, and began fucking her with a couple of her fingers. The black girl moaned, and came. Her pussy juices flowed from the dark pussy lips, and poured onto Jennifer's face. Jennifer hungrily licked and sucked all of the sweet pussy juice. Katie watched as her sister ate the black girl. It made her horny. Her sister's pussy was open, and waiting. She took it as an invitation and began licking at her sister's pussy with her tongue. Jennifer moaned as her little sister sucked on her wet pink pussy. Jennifer came quickly. Katie loved the taste of her sister's hot pussy nectar as it poured into her mouth. "Oh GOD, eat me Katie" she moaned. Katie furiously licked her sister to yet another incredible orgasm.

When Katie had finished, all of the natives applauded, and hooted and hollered. Katie stood, and with Jennifer's pussy juices dripping from her mouth, looked at the crowd, and yelled "who's next?" They will never forget their African Safari. They did wind up with some good photos a day or two later. Matthew also got some very good photos of Jen and Katie sucking, fucking, and eating each other. Next year they might go to The Philippines. All 3 think they might enjoy the taste of some hot Asian pussy...

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