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Tara And Sally
by Wet_n_Waiting

Hiya! My name is Tara, I am 5'5 and 130lbs. My breasts are 36c's and I have a shaved pussy! It is lovely and it yearns to be licked and touched!

I was 19 yrs old and goin through a rough divorce. my friends had called me and asked me to come and stay the night with them. they were a married a couple and great people to spend time with. I accepted their offer and went over.

We sat and talked for a while and Gary went to bed. That left Sally and I to sit and have "girl talk", actually it was listen to Tara cry. I was on the couch and Sally was in the floor. We were watchin some movie and I was braidin Sally's hair. Her hair got twisted around my finger and it pulled and she let out the sweetest moan ever. At that time she reached up and pulled me into teh floor with her and gave me a kiss. I was stunned I didn't know what to do or what to say or anything! I used my best judgement and said I am gonna go to bed. As I went to bed she followed me into the bedroom.

It was waaaaaaaaaaaaaay in the back of the house so no matter who was awake or who was up they would never hear a thing. I was taking off my clothes so i could go to bed. I laid down in bed and she sat on the side. She asked me if i had ever been with a woman. Of course i hadn't so i said no. That is when it all started. I guess in this bedroom that i was stayin in must have been their "dungeon" kinda thing. I dunno but to say the least i liked stayin there.

As soon as i said no she pushed my hands up over my head and tied me to the bed. I had never been tied up before so i was kinda scared. I trusted her she had been my friend for years so I knew she wouldnt hurt me. my legs were tied too. Seeins how i had never been with a woman i didnt know what to do. Trust me i learned fast.

After being tied to the bed she started lickin up my body. oooooooooh it felt so good. she reached my pussy and barely licked me and i about came right there. she moved on up my body and was suckign and licking on my tits while she was fingering my pussy. OH MY GOD i was on cloud 9. i had never had these feelings before it was better than my soon to be ex had ever been. the more she licked and sucked my tits and fingered my pussy the louder i got. she asked me if i enjoyed it i would of been lieing if i had said no. she asked me if i liked being beat and how well i handle pain. well i dont handle pain well but i said i did. and in a way i wish i didnt. about that time she drew her hand back and smacked my pussy so hard i thought it was bleeding. it felt good in a way though so begged her to do it again. she saw the tears in my eyes and refused. i was disappointed but she kissed them away and starting lickin my she was lickin my pussy and fingreing my asshole (which i had never had done before) i was rubbing my tits. I didn't think life could get any better.

BOY WAS I WRONG. I had already came about 10 times with all the excitement and she was dripping wet i could feel it dripping on my legs. i wanted to taste a woman so bad i didnt know what to do or how to even attempt it. i asked her if she would let me lick her hot and cunt and she said later right now i have a surprise for you. she said if you liked me beating your pussy then i need to make a phone call to a really good friend of mine who loves to beat her preigh. She picked up the phone and called her friend. told her that she had a newby at her house tied up and ready to get beat and have her horizons broadened. Her friend must have said she would be right over because when she hung up she had the biggest grin on her face and said i will be back in 10 minutes with your surprise. she told me to be a good little girl and i wont get hurt to bad. I of course nodded and wanted more.

This has been the longest 10min in my life i thought as the door to the bedroom was opened. There stood sally with my "surprise". the woman was a lot taller than me i swear she must have been 6'6 she was huge adn not very attractive if you ask me but she sure knew what she was doing. she grabbed sally by her hair and demanded her to take her clothes off. sally never once hesitated and took her friends clothes off of her......her friends name was Jo. when jo was completely nekkie she walked over to me with something in her hand. she said you must the new girl. i said yes and she hit me across the tits.

She said you use your manners with me. when i ask a question you answer with yes mam do you understand? i said yes again like a dumbass. and *thwap* there it went again right across my tits. my tits are now starting to burn and they need some major attention but all they are getting is being beat. she asked another question and i got the answer right......yes mam i would love for you to eat my pussy! not to hard to answer i just had to remember to say mam after every yes or no. here i am spread eagle goin through a divorce horny as hell and 2 women who can do what they want with me and all i get is questions. pretty depressing huh? just when i thought my fun time was over it started pickin up again. jo demanded for sally to lick her pussy and without a doubt she went at like she hadnt had anything to eat in her life.

It was the most amazing sight. a girl (my closest friend) lickin some other girl's pussy. i was shocked to realize it was turning me on. i wanted to finger myself so bad but my hands were tied. i asked jo if i could be set free to finger myself and she hollared back with a no, told me i would be taken care of soon! woo hoo i get to be taken care of. as soon as jo got off it was my turn. i didnt know what to expect. but at this point i didnt care i just wanted some attention. jo drew back her hand and slapped the snot out of my hot pussy. since it was wet it hurt and stung really bad. but she was nice and licked and sucked all the pain away. her tongue was sliding in and out of my hot cunt so smoothly damn it felt so good. i wanted more. she ordered sally to finger my ass hole and smack my tits while she ate me. sally did and it felt great although there were tears runnin down my cheeks i LOVED it. i asked if i was gonna get the opportunity to taste a pussy and with that question jo turned her body around and let me lick her. pussy tasted kinda funny to me nothing like a guys come at all at least i didnt think so. but it was tasty. i wanted more. i was moaning and groaning and she was moanin and groanin poor ole sally wasnt gettin nuttin. just when i thought i couldnt get off anymore sally shoved her whole hand up my ass and i had the biggest orgasm a woman could ever imagine. it was huge it shook my whole body. i was out of breathe but i still had to get jo off and have her flood my mouth with her juices.

Boy did she ever come. man oh man i couldnt swallow half of her juices. adn i got punished for it too. but it was a nice punishment. she made me lick sally's pussy. her pussy was nice. it was better than jo's but i wasnt goin to say that and get hit anymore. i loved lickin and suckin on her pussy and her clit. she was straddling my face while jo was shoving a vibrator up her ass. man i was just in awwwwww bout what was goin on. i loved every minute of it. i was beat and made 2 women come all over my face and i had bout 20 orgasms that night. my life was great. needless to say i stayed with sally more than ever now. before leaving her house the next day she and i had a couple more orgasms for the road.

those are more stories and there are more and better stories to come. :) all comments that you want to send to me you can. I am lookin for a loving cyber sex female who will do with me what she wants!!! wet_n_waiting :)

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