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The Adult Theater
by Kip Carson

Matt had passed by the adult store thousands of times on his way home from work. He had never stopped there. Tonight his wife was at her mothers and wouldn't be home until really late. He decided to check it out and see what was inside. He entered the tinted glass door and a man behind a counter told him he must buy some tokens. Matt gave the man $5.00 and entered. He wandered past the many booths and could hear the faint sound of porn movies blaring from inside.

He saw a big sign that said "Theater Entrance". He walked inside and noticed it looked like a normal movie theater in a way, but there was some serious porno on the screen. He chose a seat towards the back of the room. He began watching the screen. There were two men and a woman, and one of the men was sucking the other, while the other ate her pussy. Matt watched the bisexual scene, and his cock became very hard. He had on a thin pair of gym shorts, and his big bulge was very noticeable. He really didn't have much of a way to conceal his large erection.

Suddenly an elderly gentleman sat in the seat next to him. Matt became very subconscious about the huge bulge in his shorts. The elderly man, briefly brushed his hand against Matt's huge erection. Matt felt very awkward. Again the man brushed his hand against Matt's crotch. This time, he didn't move his hand, but actually put his hand around Matt's cock, through his shorts. Matt didn't know what to do. He started to say something, but didn't feel like causing a scene. The man then slid his hand up the loose fitting leg of the shorts and began squeezing Matt's swollen cock head.

Matt's cock was quite huge, and the head was completely poking above the waistband of his briefs. The man began sliding Matt's shorts and briefs downward. Matt raised his ass and allowed the man to completely remove them. The man grabbed Matt's 11 inch cock in his hand and began to softly stroke it. Matt couldn't believe it, but he was actually enjoying this new sensation.

The man lowered his head between Matt's legs and began sucking his cock head into his mouth. Matt closed his eyes and slid further down in the seat. The man began going deeper and deeper, taking more of Matt's big fat cock into his mouth. The man swallowed Matt all the way to his balls. It felt incredible. Matt opened his eyes and looked around the room, feeling rather paranoid. He then noticed there were many men in the room, and many of them were obviously jacking off. He then saw another man a few rows away getting a blowjob from another man. He began to relax a little, realizing this was going on all over the theater.

As the man expertly sucked Matt's hard throbbing cock, Matt didn't notice that another man had taken the seat next to him. As Matt opened his eyes, he noticed the man. He had his pants around his ankles and was stroking his very large hard cock. Matt felt uncomfortable, yet it was quite hot. He was receiving an expert blowjob from a total stranger, and there was another total stranger jacking himself off next to him. Matt began watching the man as he stroked his hard 10 inch cock.

It looked so nice, Matt wondered what it would be like to touch it. Without even giving it a thought, Matt's right hand reached over and touched the swollen purple head. The man smiled and grabbed Matt's hand and placed it around the big shaft. Matt began to stroke the erect cock, and it really turned him on. The elderly man was still sucking his cock. Matt became so aroused, that he felt his load building up, and he moaned as his cum erupted into the man's mouth. The man began to swallow Matt's sticky cum, while spurt after spurt shot forth. Matt stroked the stranger's large cock faster and faster as he came.

The elderly man arose from between Matt's legs, and smiled. He then walked away. Matt was still stroking the huge cock and could feel the slick precum as it oozed from the massive head. The man stood up and placed the head against Matt's mouth. Matt opened widely and accepted the huge cock. Matt began licking the purplish swollen head and tasted the pre cum. Matt enjoyed the taste alot. He began taking more and more of the cock inside of his mouth. As Matt sucked the stranger's large erection, someone else sat in the next seat. Matt felt the hard cock rubbing against his face. He looked around an noticed the man standing there masturbating right next to him. He already had a cock in his mouth, and there was no way he could suck two.

He reached for the cock and began stroking it while sucking the other. He hungrily devoured the huge cock in his mouth. His mouth sucked as his tongue swirled all around the sensitive head. The man began furiously pumping in and out of Matt's mouth. Matt could feel the huge cock pulsate and throb wildly. Suddenly, Matt felt the hot liquid as it shot into his mouth. It took him by surprise, but he was greedily swallowing every drop. He milked the cum from the throbbing cock until it went limp. He then began to suck the other cock.

It was smaller, about 7 and 1/2 inches, but it was very thick, and it was oozing massive amounts of precum. As Matt began going deeply down on the cock, the man moaned and erupted into his mouth. The cum was sweeter than the other man's and he hungrily ate all of the white cream as it shot into his throat. Matt's own cock was again very very hard. His shorts were still around his ankles. The man he had just sucked began to suck him. Matt once again sat back in his seat, as a stranger sucked his cock.

The man literally let Matt fuck his mouth. Matt thrust into the man's wet throat and rapidly fucked his hot mouth. Matt didn't last long, and rewarded the man with a huge amount of his hot sticky cum. The man swallowed every drop. Once Matt began to go limp the man allowed his cock to fall from his mouth. The man pulled his pants on and walked away. Matt pulled his shorts on and also left. What a day. Maybe he would have to stop here more often.

He went home and later that evening he told his wife. She agreed it would be ok, but could she go with him next time? Matt smiled, and wondered what would it be like watching her suck a few dicks. "Sure, he told her, that would be nice."

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