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Trudy and Tommy
by Richard Janice

Trudy lived in a nice middle class neighborhood with her brother, Tommy. He was one year older than her and had seen Trudy in various stages on undress many times. Often, he would masturbate as he stood next to her bed and watched her as she slept. Trudy would often sleep in just her panties, providing Tommy frequent opportunities to see her budding beauty.

Finally, it happened that Trudy woke up while Tommy was masturbating next to her bed. After the initial shock of seeing her brother whacking off next to her, she invited him into her bed. They made love for the first time that night. Lying next to each other, they promised to keep this newfound pleasure a secret between them.

In the next few afternoons, Trudy and Tommy spent plenty of time in bed together. They experimented, learning different ways to please themselves and each other. Sometimes they fucked hard, and sometimes they fucked tenderly. But always they fucked with one ear open, ever alert for their mother.

As they grew more comfortable with their newfound sexuality, Trudy relaxed enough to confide in her brother her excitement when it came to watching other people fuck. Tommy was thrilled, and relieved that Trudy did not hold his voyeuristic tendencies against him. So, each pleased that the other enjoyed watching, they decided to go out together one night and see what sexy scenes they could discover in their neighborhood.

They devised a plan where Tommy would tell their mother that he had to go over to a friend's house one evening to work on a school project. That same evening, Trudy agreed to leave her piano lessons a bit early, telling her teacher she had to get home to help her mother. The plan went off without a hitch and the two met just as it was getting dark in an alley not far from their house.

"We'll try the house on Pine Lane first," Tommy suggested, leading his sister down the back passageway.

"They like to have a quick evening fuck once in a while."

"You mean you've watched them before?" Trudy asked, trying to walk quietly.

"Sure! Did you think that I just started, like you?"

"Well, no," Trudy replied. "But I didn't know you knew so much about what other people do."

"I don't really know much at all," Tommy laughed. "I just know who likes to fuck. And when, and who doesn't close their curtains. Now come on!"

They hurried down one block, and up the next. Ahead of her, Trudy could see one brightly lit window and she felt her stomach tighten when she realized it was their goal. Tommy's hunch had been right. There were people in that room!

"What'd I tell you?" Tommy giggled. "Those people can't keep their hands off each other!"

Brother and sister moved around the trashcans across the alley from the back bedroom window, covering themselves as best they could. Arriving, they crouched down and Trudy's eyes went wide when she got her first good look at two people actually fucking.

"I can't believe it," she sighed. "Look at them go! How can she take it?"

"I don't know," Tommy mumbled. "But I know I can't. Feel this!"

He took her hand and guided it to the front of his pants. Without taking her eyes off the hot sight in front of her, Trudy felt his erection pounding against the fly of his jeans. She gave it a casual little squeeze and then let it go. Watching other people fucking was such a tremendous new experience, it took all of her concentration.

Inside the sparsely furnished bedroom, an older man and a young girl were both naked on the bed. The girl, her face turned slightly away from Trudy and Tommy, was on her hands and knees and the man was taking her from behind with long, powerful strokes. The short dark curls on the girl's head bounced when he rammed his cock into her, but she seemed to enjoy it. She held her body tightly and absorbed his pounding by slamming her ass back at him each time he filled her with his cock.

As if from a distance, Trudy heard her brother slide his zipper down. Then she sensed as much as heard him start to stroke his rigid prick. Trudy was getting plenty hot herself. The idea of spying on other people while they fucked had excited her but not nearly as much as actually doing it did. She could feel her cunt getting all soft and squishy and she shifted around, rubbing herself against the crotch of her panties.

"Turns you on, huh?" Tommy whispered, his hands moving on his cock while he grinned at his obviously excited sister.

"Yeah," Trudy's voice cracked. "Even more than I thought it would."

Tommy chuckled, a low and dirty sound. "You getting wet?" he asked.

Trudy didn't have to answer because her brother reached over and cupped the crotch of her panties under her short skirt. Trudy knew her cunt was very juicy and from the way her brother sighed, she knew too that her juices had soaked the crotch of her panties.

"Running like a river," Tommy sighed, massaging her wet crotch and feeling it become even wetter.

In her crouched position, Trudy opened up her thighs and balanced herself on just her tiptoes. With one hand, she held onto a nearby trashcan to keep from falling. She pushed her pussy back against her brothers' groping hand and began to pant, his fingers thrilling her through the silky covering of her panties . "Wait a minute," she finally sighed, pulling away from Tommy.

His hand again free, Tommy went back to jacking on his cock while Trudy pulled her panties down around her ankles. Then she crouched back down beside him, her naked cunt giving off a musk odor in the night air.

"Yeah," Tommy sighed, guiding her one hand to his cock and then going back to work on her pussy, "this is gonna work out just fine."

Trudy whimpered her agreement as her fingers closed around the swollen shaft of his prick and his hand pressed against her soaking pussy. She felt a gob of her juice ooze out and smeared his palm.

Tommy's cock was cool against her fingers, but after just a few quick strokes, it grew hotter and straighter than ever. She glanced down at it briefly and noticed the sexy way that it stuck out from the open crotch of his pants. Then her eyes flicked back to the horny couple in the bedroom.

The young girl, Trudy was sure that she was even younger than she was herself, was down on her elbows with the man still giving it to her from behind. Her back was arched sharply and her naked ass quivered each time she took all of his hard cock. Sometimes her face was pressed down against her arms and sometimes she tossed it back, rolling it around on her shoulders when she particularly liked the way the older man fucked her.

The man's face had an expression of dominance and ecstasy. He gripped the girl around the waist, his fingers nearly reaching all the way around her. As he fucked into her with all his strength, he also pulled her toward him, making sure she got all the cock there was to be had. Occasionally, he held her ass pressed against the base of his cock and rolled his hips from side to side, wiggling his cock around in the depths of the girl's pussy.

"Incredible," Trudy sighed, her fingers automatically running up and down the length of her brother's cock.

Tommy gave another dirty laugh and then jabbed his sister's cunt with two fingers. Her pussy gripped his fingers very tightly. When he pulled them out, they were slick with her juices, and he smeared those juices across the exposed point of her swollen clit.

Trudy gasped and gave his prick a squeeze of appreciation. She was still very turned on by watching other people fucking, but as she got more used to the idea, found it easier to do two things at once, namely watching them and jerking her brother off.

She rubbed the drop of pre-cum that she knew without even looking was at the tip of his cock around his straining tip of his cock and listened with satisfaction as he sighed in pleasure. Then she gripped his cock tightly, worked the loose outer skin back, and up over the solid inner core, feeling her crouching brother wriggling with mounting passion.

"That feels great," he panted. "Do you like what I'm doing to your pussy?"

"Yes," Trudy sighed, thrusting her pelvis out and opening her cunt up. "Fuck me!"

Trudy spoke through gritted teeth, and Tommy did as she asked. He pushed his fingers deep inside of her and then opened them up like a pair of scissors, forcing them against the walls of her pussy.

"Ooh," she gasped, feeling as if he was stretching the shape of her pussy.

In response she took her hand away from his cock long enough to coat it with her saliva. Then, her eyes still on the fucking couple, she smeared the tip of his prick with her wetness and proceeded to smooth the lubricant down the sides of his prick.

"Ah," Tommy moaned, "yeah."

Trudy's hand moved faster and smoother than ever now with the layer of saliva between it and the loose skin of Tommy's erection. She relaxed her wrist and beat his meat just as he had taught her during their few but furious days of fucking.

As she massaged his cock, she made sure that her fingertips stayed against the sensitive vein that ran the length of his shaft. Trudy didn't understand why but her brother was extra sensitive on that spot and so she massaged it, wanting to please him as much as possible.

Above her own breathing, she could hear her brother's. They were turning each other on with their hands and fingers, making each other hum with arousal. Trudy had never dreamed that anything could feel so good as fingering her brother while he fingered her as they both spied on another couple fucking did.

Inside the house, the young girl was now making push-up motions with her arms. Sometimes her upper body was flat against the rumpled bed, her small tits squished beneath her. Other times she held herself up, her back straight, her tits pointing downward like two pink cones of flesh. But whatever she did seemed to excite the man more, and he fucked her with quicker strokes than ever, jarring her with his pounding cock.

Trudy found herself moving with the same rhythm as the girl who was getting fucked. As the girl took the man's cock, Trudy rocked forward and back, helping her brother fuck her with his pointed fingers. The night air was cool against the soft skin of Trudy's bare legs, but up toward her crotch she was as hot as a furnace.

With one hand tight around her brother's prick and the other bracing her up against the trashcan, Trudy could move only a little. But even that small bit of motion was enough in this sexy setting. She watched the man move his hands from the girl's waist to the soft cheeks of her ass. His fingers dug into her pliant flesh and the girl opened her mouth, obviously crying out in ecstasy. She wiggled her ass in the man's grip and Trudy felt her own pussy lurch. It was the most erotic thing she had ever witnessed, even better than the sexy photos that she and her girlfriend, Vicky had shared.

Although he was an experienced voyeur and had watched this particular couple fucking before, tonight seemed special to Tommy, too. His head bobbed as he jammed his fingers into his sister's pussy and moved with her hand, helping it jack him off. Her juices felt oily as it filled his hand and ran down to his wrist. How he wished he could fuck Trudy right now just like the man in the house was fucking the young girl.

Who was she? Tommy wondered. Was she his daughter, maybe his daughter's friend, or maybe a babysitter? Tommy's horny mind went wild with the possibilities, and he fucked Trudy's pussy with his hand all that much harder.

Trudy rocked from side to side, making Tommy's fingers move more inside of her. Sometimes he gouged at the soft inner tissues of her pussy with his fingernails and it hurt her a little bit. But her soothing juices and his unusually satisfying fingers were quick to ease her pain and she thrust out to meet him, her cunt sucking around his fingers.

"Think she's his kid?" Tommy breathed his mouth very near to his sister's ear.

The question caught Trudy off guard, and she only moaned in response.

"She can't be his wife, do you think? She doesn't look that old, and I can't see any ring," Tommy continued, his hips thrusting up through the circle of Trudy's fingers as he spoke. Trudy moaned.

"Do you know her?" he asked, quickly looking over at Trudy's flushed face.

Trudy absently shook her head.

Tommy grinned when he saw how hot she was. Her whole face was distorted with passion and her tongue hung out the corner of her mouth. It was no wonder she couldn't answer him, the boy realized.

"You're almost there, huh?" he asked, his laughing eyes now trained on Trudy.

"Uh-huh," she gasped, her eyes rolling back in her head as he rubbed his greasy fingers across her clit.

"Then let's go!"

Trudy almost lost her delicate balance as her brother tore into her cunt with a new kind of frenzy. His fingers, now three of them, filled the mouth of her pussy completely and he let them fly in and out of the fluttering opening. Then, to further her pleasant torture, he began to revolve his thumb over her clit while he fucked her with his other fingers.

"Oh Tommy!" she gasped as her fingers, too, increased their speed up and down the shaft of his prick.

For many minutes the two teenagers pleasured each other like never before. Trudy bit her bottom lip with the power of her efforts and Tommy was breathing even harder. His balls rolled around until they slipped from the confines of his jeans and dangled in the night air. As Trudy pumped his cock, his balls began to dance, jerking and jarring from her violent fucking motions.

Their eyes grew wider and wider as it became apparent that the man in the house was about to come. His strokes became frantic and then he jammed his cock into the girl completely and bent forward, over her back, gripping her hanging tits and hugging her to him. Trudy and Tommy could see the way his ass twitched and they each imagined the thick stream of cum that he was depositing far up inside the young girl.

Tommy's cock vibrated in his sisters' hand as he watched the little brunette grind her parted ass against the base of the man's cock. Her cheek was against the bed and her back sloped upward to meet the man's hairy belly. Her ass twitched back and forth just a little bit, wringing the last of his cum from his large balls.

Trudy slammed her hand from the head of his cock to the root, holding his shaft tightly in her sweaty hand. Tommy jerked his hips too, and together they brought him off just as the man in the house began to stir, picking himself up off the back of the kneeling girl.

"Yeah, Trudy!" he gasped, keeping his voice low.

Trudy's hand pumped furiously on his spewing cock and his cum flew off in every direction. Trudy took a few drops of it against her hand and a few more on her bare legs and the side of one cheek. She stuck her tongue out and tried to lick away the bits of his cream that dotted her face.

As he came, Tommy let his fingers slack off in their fucking of her. But his cum was a quick one and before the man had even pulled his soaking cock from the pussy of the young girl, Tommy's moment had passed and he again focused his efforts on bringing off his sister.

Trudy had been so close for so long that it didn't take much for Tommy to get her climax right out of her. Of course, he had some help as Trudy watched the large older man coax the girl down onto her back and then fall in between her spread thighs to lick up his own cream.

"Oh fuck!" Trudy gasped, as the combination was too much for her. "Here I come!"

"Do it baby, yeah!"

As much as he wanted to see the old man eating the young girl, Tommy wanted to watch his sister cum even more. Now, in the subdued light, he saw her face contort and her eyes roll as he felt her pussy dance around his embedded fingers. He kept his hand moving and it slid around in her juicy, climaxing pussy, instantly making the boys, cock hard as a rock again.

Trudy sighed and moaned, her knees waving apart and together around her brother's pumping hand. The knuckles of the hand that gripped the trashcan went white with the effort as Trudy swooned with pleasure and satisfaction.

Her cunt pulsed with her climax, one moment feeling very taut and the next very loose and open. Tommy kept fucking her until the last shudder passed through her body. Then he gave her a moment to recuperate before he patted her moist, naked ass and shocked her back to reality.

"Come on," he said, struggling to get his new hard-on into his pants. "We better get home before Mom has a cow."

He took Trudy's hand and helped her unsteadily to her feet. Like a zombie she pulled up her panties and ran her fingers through her hair. Then, with Tommy waiting to follow in a few minutes, she took one last look at the hot pussy eating that was going on in the house and hurried off toward her home.

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