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The Adult Theater Pt. II
by Kip Carson

Matt's wife Laura excitedly listened as her husband told her about what happened at the adult theatre. "Please, take me!" she begged.

Matt smiled brightly, and agreed. "Why don't you dress up really sexy, and slutty?" He said grinning. Laura and Matt quickly ran to their bedroom. Laura pulled on a pair of black fishnet stockings, and a black lace bra. She put on a short skirt, and a see-through top. She teased her hair, and put on a lot of makeup. "Damn, you look so hot!" he said to his wife. They excitedly got into their car, and drove towards the Adult Theatre. As they walked through the front door of the Theatre all eyes watched as sexy Laura strutted her stuff.

Matt purchased some tokens, just in case. They strolled towards the theatre part, and as they entered the dark room, Laura could smell the aroma of cum in the air. "Ooh, it smells so hot in here," she said. Matt held her hand and led her towards the middle of the theatre. They sat in their seats. Laura sat with her legs spread, and her pantiless pussy was glistening from her excitement. Matt slid his hand between her legs, and began rubbing her pussy. Laura softly moaned. She nervously looked around her, and could see the men sitting with their cocks in their hands, stroking themselves. Her pussy was soaking wet.

A tall black man began sliding towards them, seat by seat, inching his way closer. He finally sat next to Laura. Laura's eyes shifted toward his crotch, and his long thick cock was sticking through his open fly. His hand moved up and down his long thick black shaft. Laura could see the shiny precum as it oozed from the massive cockhead. She looked at her husband for approval, and he nodded a yes. Laura's hand slid over the black man's hand, and she helped him stroke his cock. The man quickly removed his hand, and Laura firmly gripped his thick throbbing cock. She excitedly slid her hand up and down the man's thick cock.

The black man slid his hand between Laura's legs, and his long finger quickly slid into her wet pussy. He slowly fingered her, as she stroked his cock. Matt removed his own cock, and began stroking himself as he watched the dark stranger and his wife play with each other. The black man stood up, and pressed his long thick cock against Laura's mouth. Laura opened her mouth widely, and quickly sucked in the ebony cockhead. Her tongue slithered across it, licking up the slick precum. The man moaned as she began taking his cock deeper into her mouth. Matt slid his hand between his wife's legs, and thrust 2 fingers deeply into her pussy.

Laura grunted, and thrust against Matt's fingers. She excitedly worked on her first black cock, moving her mouth furiously up and down the thick throbbing shaft. "Mmmm, suck it bitch," the man moaned. This talk made Laura hot, and her pussy tightly gripped Matt's fingers as they slid in and out of her tight pussy. "Mmmm, you want me to fuck you with this big black cock?" the man asked. Laura nodded her head, excitedly. She reached into her purse and pulled out a condom. She nervously tore the wrapper off, and began rolling it onto the thick black cock.

The man pulled her up from her chair, and bent her over it. He pulled her ass cheeks apart, and his cock head slid against her wet pussy slit. He slammed fast and hard, and his enormous black cock entered her tight pussy fully. "Oh GOD!" she grunted. "Mmmm, you like it don't you?" the man asked.

"Oh yes!" Laura exclaimed. Matt pressed his cockhead against his wife's mouth, and she quickly took him inside of her mouth. She hungrily sucked her husband's cock, as the black stranger fucked her hard and fast. Her pussy spasmed as she climaxed. The black man moaned loudly as her pussy tightened around his monstrous cock. "Oh God, you are so tight" he grunted.

He continued thrusting his enormous cock into her pussy, fucking her wildly. Laura climaxed again. Matt was so excited as he watched his wife getting fucked like a little slut. He grunted, and shot his cum into her mouth. Laura greedily devoured his cum as it erupted against the back of her throat. "Mmmm..." Laura moaned, as her husband's hot cum slid down her throat. The stranger was fucking her pussy mercilessly, and she came again as the big black cock stretched her tight pussy.

"Oh god," the stranger moaned. He removed his cock from her pussy, and quickly pulled the condom from it. He stroked his cock furiously, and his cum splashed all across Laura's pretty white ass cheeks. Laura moaned as she felt the hot liquid splatter across her. The stranger rubbed his cock all across her ass, smearing his cum into her white flesh.

Laura quickly spun around, and took his cock into her mouth, tasting the remaining cum as it oozed from the monstrous cock. The man softly moaned as she took him deeply into her mouth. His cock still oozed it's cum, and she savored the taste. The man quickly pulled his cock from her mouth, and quickly dressed, and left. Laura's pussy was dripping with her own juices, and she sat back in the seat. Another man was inching his way closer to her, and he wasted no time. He stood next to her, with his long throbbing cock in his hand, and Laura quickly took it into her hand. She took the swollen cockhead into her mouth, quickly swallowing him. The man moaned as her tongue slid across his cock head.

"Oh GOD" he moaned, and his cum shot into her mouth. Laura was surprised at how quickly the man had cum, but the taste really turned her on, and she quickly swallowed the man's load. It was so sweet, and she savored the flavor. His cock remained hard even after all his cum had shot from it's pulsating head. She quickly pulled another condom from her purse, and rolled it onto the man's cock. He sat in the seat, and Laura quickly sat on him. She lowered her pussy onto his cock. "Oh God" she moaned as his cock slid deeply into her. Laura wiggled her hips, sliding up and down the stranger's hard cock. Matt removed her top, and her bra, exposing her small but beautiful breasts. Her nipples were so hard, and perky. Matt began sucking her tits, as she rode the man's cock like a whore in heat.

"Oh God!" Laura grunted. Her pussy tightly gripped the man's cock, and she thrust wildly onto his cock, grunting. She could feel his cock pulsating inside of her, and he softly moaned. She could feel the hot cum splash against the tip of the condom. "Mmmm, yes baby" she moaned. She rode him, until his cock began to shrink ,and then she quickly slid off of him. The man, thanked her, and quickly dressed. Matt bent his wife over the theater seat, and spread her pussy widely apart. He thrust his cock deeply into her pussy. Laura grunted as he fucked her fast and hard. "God, baby!" Laura moaned, and she came. Matt was so excited, and his cum quickly shot from his cock. Laura moaned loudly, and her pussy gripped Matt's cock, milking his cum. He continued to fuck her until the last of his cum shot from his cock. "Oh Baby, thanks so much!" Laura said. Matt told her it was great, and they quickly dressed, and left the theatre with smiles on their faces.

Once they were home, they fucked again as they thought about their encounter at the theatre. "Mmmm, maybe next time, we could share a guy" she said to him.

"Mmmm, maybe....." Matt said, smiling.

To Be Continued...


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