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Teasing at the Lake
by Casie Richards

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Amy Bass was a sexy twenty-two year old woman who now found her-self living in a strange town and married to a twenty-eight- year old workaholic... Amy and her husband had moved to a new town a couple of month's ago when her husband took on a new sales job with a new company. Her husband just left again for another week long business trip and the five-foot three, hundred and ten pound blond found her-self lonely and bored again, so she drove over to a small lake (she had found one day while out riding around) to lay out in the sun.

Amy was stretched out on a blanket in the grassy area close to the parking lot when she notice two women drive up in a white truck.

Billie, forty-one and Janet thirty-eight were both lesbian's, and really enjoyed their job taking care of the maintenance at the small lake across the interstate from the main lake park. They also loved the scenery that come with the job in the summer time too. When Billie turned in to the parking lot that Monday morning, Janet noticed Amy sunbathing on the grassy area by the parking lot. "WOW", shouted Janet as she hit Billie on the shoulder. Billie quickly looked over at Amy, who was lying on her stomach looking out over the parking lot. "Damn what a body", shouted Billie. "Look's like lot of maintenance to be done over there today," laughed Billie".

Janet and Billie continue checking out the shapely little blond laying on the blanket as they pick up loose paper around the lot...." I got to get a closer look", said Billie to Janet as she headed over to empty the trash can close to where Amy was laying.

"Look's like it going to be a beautiful day" spoke Billie as she walked by Amy....

"I hope so", answer Amy....

Amy figured the two women must like women by the way they continued staring at her. "It was obvious they are really checking me out," Amy thought to herself.

"MMMMMMM!!! think I will have a little fun and tease them a little ," Amy giggled, as she laid stretched out on her stomach with her upper body arch just enough that her breast barely touched the blanket she was laying on as she sipped on the wine cooler she held in her hands.

Amy reach around and untied the strings on her bikini top and let it fall loosely on the blanket exposing the sides of her breast to the two women working closely by....... Amy really was enjoying this attention she was getting, sense there was very little attention at home anymore.

Billie continue messing around close by where Amy laid... It was very obvious the older woman was still checking her out, so Amy slowly rolled over on her back letting the loose top expose more of her breast to the older woman close by.

Janet looked over at her friend and quietly laugh to her-self. Janet had never seen Billie so torn up about anything in her life as she was about this sexy little blond.

"Don't get to much sun now," spoke Billie , as she walked close by where Amy was laying.

"I want", answered Amy as she watch the two ladies walk toward the small bathhouse and new they were talking about her...

Amy watched the two women cleaning up around the bathhouse for a while and then told herself," Well I guess it's time to make a trip to the bathhouse," she giggled.

Tying her top, Amy got up and walked toward the bathhouse. The two wine cooler's she had earlier, had really made her fuzzy headed as she fought to keep her balance while walking to the bathhouse.

Janet said, "Look what is headed this away"...."MMMMMMMM", said Billie.

Amy smiled at the two women as she walked by them and just couldn't resist twisting her shapely little butt a little more than usual, as she walk up the sidewalk to the bathhouse, knowing they were watching her.

"WOW this is really exciting," laughed Amy quietly to herself.

Amy was still in the bathhouse standing in front of the mirror fooling with her hair, when in walked Billie.

"Is everything all right honey", ask Billie?

Amy turned and placed her hand's on the corner's of the sink and leaned back against it and faced the woman standing behind her.

"Yes," answer Amy. That last wine cooler really hit me.

"Are you alright now Sweetie"? Billie ask.

"Yeah I think so," replied Amy.

"There is suppose to be no alcohol on these grounds", replied Billie.

"Oh I 'm sorry, I didn't know," answer Amy.

WOW,I need to get out of here Amy thought to herself, as she felt the butterflies start swimming in her stomach.

Billie walked closer to sexy little wife and place both hands on her shoulder's and said,"Don't worry, We didn't see a thing sweetie", but you need to watch out for the park guard's.

"OK", replied Amy.

Amy took a deep breath as she felt Billie hand's moving lightly over her shoulder's and down over her biceps. "You are so beautiful sweetie", whispered Billie. "Sorry for the way we kept staring at you, but you are so sexy and we don't see someone like you that often on this side of the lake", laugh Billie.

"It's ok," whisper Amy, "it feels good to have someone notice you now and then..."

Billie step closer to Amy and said,"How could anyone not notice you sweetie?"

"My husband doesn't seem to anymore", replied the sexy little blond. Amy couldn't believe what she was saying, but she was really frustrated with her husband gone all the time.

"May I do something?" asked Billie?

Amy in a tense voice answered,"Well I, I guess..."

Billie quickly leaned over and placed a short kiss on Amy's lips then step back and looked at the twenty-two year-old standing in front of her.

Amy, with a fearful look on her face, finally broke the silence between them and said,"I guess better go work on my tan some more..."

"The tan you have now looks great", spoke Billie, as the finger's of her right hand moved slowly through Amy's short blond hair.

"I need to get little darker though," mumbled Amy.

Billie took a firm grip on Amy's biceps as she felt Amy start to pull away her and quickly placed her lips firmly against Amy's again. Amy took a deep breath as she began to panic as Billie slowly move her head left to right, right to left, continuously, pressing her lips tighter to Amy's.

A soft moan eased from Amy's lips as they slowly parted to accept Billie's pursuing tongue. Amy continued to moan softly as Billie's writhing tongue dance further into her warm mouth and made contact with her own tongue. Amy had always had a curiosity about sex with another woman, but she couldn't believe she was kissing this stranger back, as she writhed her own tongue in between the warn lip's this older woman

Amy place her hand's up on the older woman's shoulders and thought how much different this was from kissing a man. The softness of this woman lips and tongue was very stimulating.

Billie's softly placed her hand's on each side of the younger woman's body as they kiss and slowly let them wonder down to her small waist and over her lower back and down to her firm buttocks.

A quick gasp escaped from Amy's lips, as Billie took both buttocks into her hands and pulled the sexy wife tighter to her pressing Amy's breast into her own.

Billie slowly pulled her lips from Amy's and placed soft kisses on the blonde's cheek ,over to her ear lobe and then down over her smooth neck.

"MMMM", moan Amy, as she closed her eye's and leaned her head over to the side as Billie's lightly brushed her lips up and down her soft neck.

"You are so beautiful," Billie softly whispered in Amy's ear as her right hand moved slowly up Amy's side and under her bikini top, taking the sexy blonde's left breast in the palm of her hand and squeeze it firmly. Amy gasp sharply and leaned against the older woman and panted as Billie's soft hand push the bikini top up over her breast. Billie leaned over and took Amy's exposed breast into her warm lips and began sucking on the nipple gently causing a soft cry to escape from the sexy little wife.

Janet quickly walked in door and shouted someone is coming.

Amy quickly pulled herself from Billie and pulled her bikini top over the exposed breast that Billie had worked free from her top.

"IT'S THAT FAT ASS SHANNON," shouted Janet.

"DAMN it," said Billie in a angry voice. "I wish she would find her a damn woman and stay the fuck away from here. THAT DAMN COUNTRY ASS DYKE NEEDS TO STAY ON THE FUCKING FARM WHERE SHE BELONGS!"

Amy turned and looked into the mirror and pretended to be fixing her hair, when in walked the other woman.

"Hi y'all!" said Shannon as she walked pass Janet and Billie. "What's up today", she said to Billie and Janet as she looked over at the little blond facing the mirror.

"Same old same old", answered Janet.

Amy turned and walked toward the door and couldn't help notice Shanon giving her the eye also as she walked by her with her top hanging so loose that it barely covered her breast. Amy was so turn on now by all this teasing and making out with Billie she didn't even think about tying it any tighter as she walked out the door.


This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by Casie Richards.

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