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The Ancient Prophecy
Part III - The Battle
by Viper

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
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The forest of Labrador was calm as usual. Bird chirps could be heard from far away. Various animals were seen in every corner. The peace was overwhelming, but not for the two companions.

They made a camp two miles away from the village. Around them were thick walls of trees of the Labrador forest. The day was pretty hot for an autumn day. Atrus looked at the surroundings to make sure they were not being watched. His instinct told him it was safe.

He returned and found that the girl had made two piles of fallen leaves for both of them to sit on. She was eating her own meal. Atrus sat on the leaves, opened his backpack and took a sandwich Sylvia had made for him. They ate in silence. The girl sometimes looked at him, but he had learnt to completely ignore her. He knew the girl knew he was mad, but he didn't care. He could feel his anger was satisfied by his behavior.

Atrus finished his meal quickly, then using his backpack as a pillow he laid down to the ground. But instead of falling asleep, he quietly listened to his guest in front of him. He could hear her slowing down her eating. She was watching him, he thought.

But then he heard the voice he wouldn't expect to hear. It was a sob, and it came from her. He opened one eye and saw that she was sobbing softly. He grew tired of this annoying girl. His anger came again, and he quickly sat erect.


But when he looked at his guest, he was startled. She was indeed crying softly. Her eyes were moist with tears. Slowly his anger faded away, replaced by regret that he had just yelled at her.

"Forgive me..." was all he could say.

Both of them were silent for while, until she spoke up with her choked small voice. "You... hate me..."

Atrus was stunned with her words. He didn't argue. He had hated her all right. He just sat there, staring at the weeping little girl.

"Why...?" She managed to say.

"Why what?" Atrus asked.

"Why would men be attracted to women just because of sex...?"

"That's not true!"

"YOU'RE LYING!" She countered.

Atrus didn't answer. Something had to have happened to this girl that made her think that way, he thought. He let her draw another breath.

"You were kind to me so I will fall for you and make love to you..." She said.

Atrus couldn't accept such accuse. "I was not! I just wanted to thank you!"

"You're lying again. You have no right to call yourself a Ranger!"

"In the name of the Guardian, I'm telling the truth!" Atrus defended himself.


She held her hands high over her head and produced a green ball of fire. Then the greenish fire shot out to Atrus' unmoved body. The fire quickly engulfed his body from head to toe.

"The holy fire will burn body and soul of liars like you! Feel the wrath of Guardian!"

Then she was shocked. Atrus just sat there, unmoved, looking at her. The fire was still burning around his body, but he didn't feel any pain. His body stayed intact. A moment later the fire disappeared. She looked at him in horror.

"It can't be... You... you're telling the truth..."

Then the little girl collapsed and fainted.

When she woke up, the forest was dark. The sun was gone, and the only light existed was the one came from the fireplace to her right. She was lying on a pile of leaves. She could feel the cold breeze touching her face, but her body was warm. Something was covering her; it was a blanket. She sat down slowly, fighting the dizziness in her head.

Then she saw him in front of her. He was sitting near the fire, cooking something. It didn't take too long until he noticed her waking up. She looked into his deep blue eyes, then the memories came back. She remembered everything she had done to him. Tears filled her eyes again. She wiped them out, hoping he didn't notice, but it was too late.

When she opened her eyes again, he was sitting right in front of her. This time he was very different. No sign of hatred existed in his eyes. His expression was calm and tender.

"You've been asleep for at least six hours. How are you feeling?"

Six hours? Had he done anything to her while she was asleep, she wondered. But she got rid of that thought immediately. She just nodded.

"Then you'll be fine. I examined your body. You were just all spent. You used up your power in your spells."

He examined her body? Again the same question arose. But he could read her mind.

"Don't worry. A Ranger won't do such thing." He stated.

She felt sorry for doubting him. She lowered her head and said, "I'm... I'm sorry, I..."

"I understand. I'm sorry for being too harsh to you."

She lifted her head and looked into his eyes. She felt no lies in his expression. She began cursing herself again for her past treatment. She wondered if he would accept her back.

"Perhaps we could start with some proper self introductions. My name is Atrus White Lion, a Ranger trainee."

He waited patiently until she spoke up. "Adriana Freesland, priestess of Lycra."

"A priestess? You're a priestess?" She heard him ask. Of course he would ask. The Lycra clan was one of the best magic users in the Land of Aragon.

A sharp pain stroked her heart as the painful memories came again. The memories that she wanted to forget. He noticed the change in her expression.

"If you don't mind, you can tell me what's wrong. I'm ready to listen."

She hesitated. Telling such story would be a disgrace for her, but she had no honor. No honor was left in her. She just lowered her head in shame.

"Very well, then, I understand." He turned away and headed back to his cooking. Her mind raced again. He might be the only one who could understand, she thought.

"W...wait... I will tell you... But please don't tell anybody..." She hated it when her voice sounded very helpless, but she couldn't control it. If she held it any longer, she's going to burst.

He smiled. "I need to look at our dinner. I'll be right back."

She waited for him in confusion. She thought about the things she was about to say, but her mind was blank. She just looked at him as he checked their meal. Five sticks with fish on the end were around the fire. Then she realized how hungry and thirsty she was. Then he returned with two well-grilled fish and a glass of water. She drank greedily, the taste of cool fresh water cleared her dry throat. He sat down in front of her, handing out her fish, then looked at her expectantly.

She slowly began her tales. "I... am no longer a priestess. I got kicked out..." She grasped for another breath. "Because... I'm no longer... a virgin..."

She waited for his reaction, but none came out. He sat there patiently, looking at her.

"I was an orphan. My mom left me in front of the door of the Lycra Shrine, North of Aragon. Then the priestesses adopted me and taught me the art of magic. However, I haven't made any friends there."

"How come?" She heard him ask.

"The Shrine head told me that I was born with bad luck in my blood. Everywhere I go and everything I do always brings trouble. That's why the priestesses hated me." Her voice was choked as she fought the tears in her eyes. "But I withstood everything... until one day..."

This time she couldn't hold again and began crying softly. She then felt his hands took her small hand and squeezed it, trying to soothe her. She regained her strength. She's not going to stop. She was going to tell him everything.

"I was sent with some priestesses to a village near the shrine to help some war refugees. I was left in a camp alone to cure some wounded soldiers. I didn't know it was going to happen..." She hesitated, her voice was getting softer, "They... they... raped..."

Before she could finish her last sentence, Atrus grabbed her slim body and pulled her close to his body. "That's enough, Adriana. I'm sorry I made you remember this again."

New tears sprang from her eyes. She began crying in his arms, this time she didn't hold back. She cried and cried like a little girl, trying to release all tensions she had been keeping for all this time. Atrus tried his best to comfort her. He now understood everything. That's way she had been so harsh to him. Her memories kept her from accepting any men because of her fear. She thought all men were liars and sex beasts. He felt sorry for her. In her cry, he could feel her loneliness, her eagerness of having a friend she could trust. Quietly he vowed that if she wanted him, he would be ready to be her friend.

It took some time until she regained her courage again. She let herself go, then sat facing the fire. Atrus hadn't paid any attention on her since she slapped him. She wore her priestess costume with green ribbon on her hair. Her green eyes reflected the firelight perfectly. Her lips were small and delicate. Her face was very pretty. She noticed that he was looking at her.

"You're the first man I ever allow to examine me thoroughly." She said.

"I'm most honored." Atrus smiled. "So tell me, what are you doing here in this forest?"

Adriana took a sip of her tea, then answered, "I have nowhere else to go. Therefor I'm going to do the thing only fools might do." She paused for a while, looking at him. "I'm going to find the Champion of the Guardian."

Atrus couldn't hide his surprise. "You mean the guy in that prophecy?"

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This story was split into 5 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 5 parts for faster page loading.

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