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The Booth
by Riley

I can still remember my very first experience. I was a freshman in college and horny as hell. One night I was lying there absently stroking my cock, when I remembered that seedy looking adult bookstore outside the hotel we d stayed at when I visited the school the year before. I threw on some clothes, grabbed my keys and headed out.

I d love to have seen the look on my face when I first opened the door and there right in front of me was a full size cut out of a porn star getting his cock sucked. I almost blew my load down my pant leg right then and there. After about 15 minutes of wandering perusing the stacks of porno tapes, adult toys, gay and straight mags I noticed the video booths tucked in the back of the place.

What the hell it's been a while since I've seen a good porno I thought as I got a few dollars in quarters and headed into the back. Just a bit embarrassed I held my head down and worked my way past the guys standing along the wall into a booth way in the back where no one would see me. I opened the booth and stepped inside.

After feeling around for the coin slot for a minute or two in the dark, I used my foot to prop the door a bit and dropped a few quarters. After the third hit the bottom of the container the door opened and an older guy, mid 40 's stepped into my booth. I guess the shocked expression on my face told him this was my first time, in more ways than one.

He looked me right in the face and said Mind if we share a booth??

Umm, no not really I stammered. Let me step back. At this point in my life, I had had a lot of homosexual fantasies, but no real encounters. I also had never been an adult bookstore before let alone the booths so I had no idea what was coming so to speak.

So we both sat down on the little bench opposite a grimy 15 inch TV screen, watching two girls go down on a monstrously hung black guy. Pretty soon, my cock was straining against my pants and my hand was idly stroking the taut fabric. I glanced next to me and saw the outline of another monster cock pressing the fabric of my booth buddy's shorts up from his leg.

Catching me peeking my friend smiled and reached over and squeezed my hand, then moved it over to his cock. My fingers hesitantly began to glide up and down this mammoth shaft. I could feel and see it pulsing inside his shorts. I almost died from the sexual excitement; my cock and balls were quivering, dieing to be touched.

Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, my friend reached down and unzipped my pants, letting my rock hard, but decidedly average cock spring free. Not to be outdone I reached up and grabbed the elastic waistband of his shorts, pulling it halfway down to his knees before the head of that gorgeous cock sprang free.

Before I even realized I was doing it, my mouth was closing over the head of that cock, my tongue licking up the drops of precum oozing from the tip. Here I was a complete novice sucking my first cock like a fiend possessed. I can remember the taste of his hot cock, the musky scent of my pubes as my face nestled into them. I dropped off the bench and knelt between his legs, my hands cupping a big set of balls while my mouth continued to try to swallow him whole.

I could hear ragged gasps from him as my head bobbed up and down on his cock. Soon his balls were twitching in my hand. I started rubbing them feeling hot that I was pleasuring a man. The first shot of cum surprised me, my mouth almost coming off his cock. The first taste of that hot sticky sweet cum had my swallowing for all I was worth as my friend fed me my first meal of hot spunk.

He had to pull my mouth off his spent and now extremely sensitive cock. Standing up he saw my cock dripping precum of its own. He turned me around, pointing my cock at the hole in the wall. He urged my forward, squeezing my ass. My cock slid through the hole only to be swallowed by a hot and eager mouth on the other side.

Here I stood, a complete man on man virgin 15 minutes ago, now with the after taste of cum in my mouth, some stranger sucking my cock through a hole in the wall and my friend rubbing my ass and fingering my butt at the same time. I was in heaven.

My asshole slowly opened to let two then three of my friends fingers inside. I tried to press my ass back against those fingers by the Hoover lock on my cock kept my in place. I glanced over my shoulder to see that my friend was completely recovered from my first BJ and was hurriedly rolling a condom down over his cock.

I almost passed out when it hit me that I was about to be fucked. My friend stood up behind me and whispered, Do you want me?

What else could I do by whisper back God yes!

At that his fingers slid out of my ass and the head of his cock pressed against my puckered asshole. Slowly he forced himself into my ass. I thought I was tearing apart. I could feel my asshole spreading wider than ever before. Then suddenly with a slight pop and a quick thrust the head was inside me. The pressure and pain relaxed a bit as my friend let me have a little bit to adjust.

Then as he started slowly thrusting, I felt lips slide back around my cock. I d almost forgotten I was being blown too!!!!!! The increasing force of my friend thrusts made me thrust my own cock into and out of the waiting mouth in the next booth.

We got a nice rhythm going eventually, my friends cock burying itself in my ass, my cock sliding down and eager throat. The pace increased quickly, I could feel my friends balls slapping against my thighs and mine slap the wall of the booth.

I couldn't believe the sensations, my knees threatened to buckle but my ever obliging friend put his arms up under mine holding me to him and keeping me upright as he drilled my ass. Soon my balls were throbbing. My other friend sucking my cock must have felt it because he sucked harder than ever. I couldn't take it thrusting my cock hard through the wall and shooting a titanic load down an obliging throat. The force of my orgasm threw my friend over the point of no return. He buried his cock up my ass and pumped another load from those magic balls. I could feel his cock in my ass throbbing with each spurt, the swelling starting at the base of the shaft then traveling up to the head and propelling the cum from the tip.

We stood there for a minute or two. His cock buried in my ass, mine being licked clean through he hole. Slowly he slid his shrinking cock out of my ass. He peeled the cum soaked condom off his cock and threw it into the corner of the booth. He handed my a few napkins and we each cleaned ourselves off the best we could. After we were both buttoned, zipped up and tucked away he gave me a kiss on the check and whispered God that was great then opened the door and left.

I went back to that place many times over the next 3 years at college, but I never saw my friend again.

Not that I didn't make other friends during that time though!!


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