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The Break-In
by AXLaws

Here is my story:

I had always wanted to see my wife get fucked by a very well hung man. Last year I posted an ad on the web looking for a well hung stud to please my wife. I had quite a few replies, but when I approached the idea to her she became enraged, so I removed the ad and did not mention it again.

About 6 weeks ago, my wife and I had the day off together, which is very unusual during the week. No kids, we talked about everything, the subject came to how much I would enjoy seeing her being pleased by another man. She was much more receptive to the idea this time, her eyes were sparkling like stars flickering in the nighttime sky. As we talked I grew very hard, I mentioned how turned on I was just talking about it. Sitting at a lunch table she removed her shoe and started to massage my engorged prick with her foot! A noticeable wet spot began to grow on the front of my trousers, as we left the restaurant I had to carefully choose my path out trying not to let it be noticeable.

When reached the hallway I mentioned to her how turned I was, we stepped into the awaiting elevator, luckily it was empty she unzipped me and whipped my dick into fresh air, now kneeling she flicked the head with her warm moist tongue, thank god the elevator wall was behind me or I would have fallen flat out from pleasure. A couple more flicks and she buried her lips to my pubic hair stroking and sucking, she wanted my seed before the doors opened, with about 3 floors to go she got it, my volcanic eruption nearly knocked me off my feet. As I busted my nut she looked up at me and smiled, I could she her swallowing my load! As we finished getting straightened up the doors opened and in walked a couple of ladies and a gentleman, as the entered the elevator, we could see their nostrils flare from the smell of our sex, it was time for us to get off.

Now as you see my wife has always been more than happy to please me just about anywhere, anytime, but she drew the line at sleeping with another man even if I approved. That is when I came up with this idea, this is our story.

Again I placed an ad on the net to try and recruit the right hunk for, I'll call her Megan, (not her real name.) Megan would have been furious if she had known, but this time SHE DIDN'T!

After a couple of interviews, weirdo's and freaks, I was about to give up, but I said one more try.

That's when I met Sam, we had dinner and discussed the situation. He seemed to pretty upfront with me, so I was with him. I wanted to give him the chance to take my wife by force if need be, but I wanted to make sure his equipment was what I was looking for. So after we ate he asked me if I wanted to see his tool, and I did. So we went to the Men's room, it was empty, we both stepped up to the urinals finished our business, I put mine up, he turned toward me to get my approval. LORD, I have never in my life seen anything like that, I asked him what his size was? His answer 11 3/4 inched long and 7 1/2 inches in diameter. It was so big it actually scared me for a moment. We returned back to our table to finish our discussion.

Now we began to talk about how it would have to be done and the safety precautions we need to take protect ourselves. First of all I had to have his personal information Name, address and drivers license number, he was a little leery but I was giving him all of mine also, this was for safety if someone was to get hurt.

Then I told him the idea I had in mind. Our 20th wedding anniversary was coming up in two weeks and we were going to spend two nights in a nice Hotel on the beach. He was to be in the restaurant around 7:00 p.m. Saturday night, so he could admire the lovely lady he was about to take, without her knowledge. He was to remove his suit jacket and place it on the back of the barstool next to him, and meander behind us when we went to our room. If not interested leave the jacket on and leave. Not surprisingly the jacket ended up on the barstool beside him. My Megan doesn't regularly drink but tonight I talked her into a strawberry daiquiri, to try and loosen her up. After dinner and drinks we headed for our room, she was a bit unsteady on her feet, she always has claimed to be an easy drunk, that what we were hoping for.

As we walked I could feel Sam not far behind, he stopped at the Ice machine area, where he was to wait until I came back for some ice. We got to our room, immediately Megan slipped into a very sexy outfit. She reached to undress me, But just a minute I begged, we need ice for later, she smiled and said I'll be ready when you get back, as I exited the room, I said I love you, she said the same in return. As I neared the ice machine I began to get nervous, Sam and I began to talk, he reassured me that no one would get hurt. After saying that he pulled pistol out of his jacket, I nearly died right there, but he handed me the weapon and said check it out it is not loaded. Inspecting the pistol closely I realized it was empty. Sam said " You wanted to make this believable right?" I said yes. He followed me back to our room as I opened the door, he waited until it was almost shut, stopped it from shutting, then bolted straight into our room. And it began!

My wife had no idea he was even in the door until she heard a man tell on the FLOOR ASSHOLE! I told Megan to stay where she was be quiet maybe he would take what he wanted and leave. Sam said GET ON THE FLOOR OR YOU ARE A DEAD MAN! By now Megan had seen the gun. She covered herself up shaking and crying. Sam told her SHUT UP BITCH! She did. If anyone tries to leave or hurt me the other one will get a bullet in the head, do what you are told and no one gets hurt, understand!! Both Megan and I agreed quickly. I was laying spread eagle on the floor, Sam told me to get up slowly, drop your pants and underwear, put your hands behind you, then he strapped plastic cuffs on me, butt-naked and cuffed I was of no threat at all. He then went to Megan, GET OUT FROM UNDER THE COVERS, NOW! She hesitated, his response was swift, Aiming the pistol right at my head, do you want to see him die and still get fucked? Megan again began to sob, Sam reached out and snatched the covers off her. He told her that he had been eyeing her earlier, now he wants her, take your clothes off.

Megan began to undress and to his delight he began to admire her beautiful body. He turned to me, Hey asshole come here, you want to see me fuck your bitch? Sam knowing full well I did. He told me to get her warmed up for him. He forced my head straight into the middle of her sweet spot, as I began to lick, the juices started flowing, my tongue probed all around and darted quickly in and out of my most treasured prize, her taste was fantastic as she came I drank down as much cum as I could. Then we were back to our present situation, "My turn" Sam said. he rolled me from between her legs to where I was laying facing my beautiful wife. Her knees closed as he began to mount her, his response was ok Bitch if you want to play hard to get I will fuck you in the ass with this, he showed her his manhood then. Her eyes widened and she said no that will kill me, Sam said spread those knees and I will put it where you need it. Slowly she spread her legs, as she finished opening up for this stranger, he spat in his hand to try and provide some more lube. He placed the head of his cock on her clit and pushed it forward to give her and idea what she was in for. He then placed the head at her entrance as he began to force the between her folds her back arched from the pressure, moans started to be released from her tongue licked lips, slowly he continued his assault on her pussy, inch by inch he stroked into her, he had about half of his enormous cock in her when she climaxed, Oh God I'm Cumming.

More lube is what Sam needed, Megan turned to me and told me to put my dick in her mouth she wanted me to! Glad to oblige! Now she was being fucked at both ends, by now Sam had buried it almost to the hilt, as he pulled out of her, he slammed that enormous cock all the way in! As it hit bottom, Megan came violently, I pulled my cock out of her mouth before her teeth went back together, she settled down and went back to sucking my cock, I began to feel my cum rising, my cock swelling, I exploded into heaven and my angel swallowed every drop. I withdrew from the competition and sat back to continue watching my lovely wife being battered by Sam. He was now slamming his cock all the way in on every stroke. With each stroke my wife would cum and cum some more. I saw Sam stiffen and new he was ready to cum, he shot his spunk into the belly of my wife. As he withdrew his weapon Megan was still shaking. Sam got up dressed, before he left he removed the cuffs. His instructions were not to call any police I know where to find you.

He then said thanks for the great fuck and goodnight.

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